Eat, Sleep, Masturbate Ch. 03

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_This is a work of fiction. This is the 3rd chapter of what I’ve mapped in my mind as a multi-part story. I think it stands on its own, but reading the prior “Eat, Sleep, Masturbate” entries will provide some context. I write for my own enjoyment, but I am grateful you’ve stopped by and perhaps chosen to spend some time with my writing._

_And the usual disclaimer: All characters are 19 years of age or older. And no animals were harmed in the creation of this story._

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

She strode buoyantly through the airport. The tropical breeze that spun through the airport’s open concourse caught the skirt of her vividly patterned sundress; her long hair, in shades of shimmery wheat, copper and cinnamon, waved behind her from beneath her flouncy, wide-brimmed hat. Her breasts shimmied autonomously under the fabric’s cover; she was braless. Her carefree smile brightened as she approached. With a small travel bag in each each hand, she held her arms out.

“Daddy!” She exclaimed in a near squeal as she set her bags and wrapped her bare arms snugly around our dad’s neck and pressed into him. She rose on to the balls of her feet in her open chunk-heeled sandals. Her stance gave her smooth calves, exposed below her hemline, sublime contours. After moments, their embrace broke. Turning to me, she arched her back, jutting her abdomen forward, and extended her welcoming arms.

“Lexi!” She said as I stepped in. “My, you’ve grown,” she commented with a down-hominess. “So. Good. To. See. You.” She punctuated each word as she held me tight, running her hand briskly along my back.

“Hey, Di,” I responded, somewhat flatly as I embraced her. With our age difference, Diana wasn’t around much as I was growing up; she was already embarking on her own life as I was coming into mine. We saw each other at the holidays when she could join us, but she was always part of the adult family while I was one of the kids. This was the first time I had seen her in some years. And the first time I was seeing her through the filter of all Dad had revealed about their family dynamic. So I strove to dismiss the feeling of her full breasts pressing into my chest.

We broke; she took my right hand in her left. Taking Dad’s left in her right, she said, “It is so good to see you two! Shall we?” She asked, indicating that we were good to leave.

“No bags?” Dad queried.

“Nope!” Diana replied brightly. “Just these! I figured I wouldn’t need much.” She paused and leaned in. “I assume house rules are in effect?” She asked under her breath. My heartbeat quickened; my cock tingled.

“Indeed, they are,” Dad confirmed.

“Good!” She said brightly. “I cannot wait to get out of this dress!” Adrenaline shot through me as I thought of being naked with her.

I grabbed her bags and made our way to the car. We stopped on our way at a small local market to pick up provisions. Knowing our drive routine, I purposely sat behind the driver’s seat for this leg of the journey.

I listened as Dad and Di gabbed, catching up. Pausing a few beats, Di gushed, “Oh, this is beautiful! No wonder you decided to settle down here, Daddy.” She leaned back in her seat and caught my eye in the rearview mirror. She said, “I can see why you came down here, Lex.”


“What do you do with your days?”

“Help Dad out with stuff around the house, but there’s are a lot of lazy time. I got a stack of books I’ve wanted to catch up on, so that’s what I look forward to.”

“Isn’t that the best!” My sister said, enamored.

“Yeah, I’m diggin’ it.”

“When did you get down here?” She continued.

“About three weeks ago, right after school got out.”

“Oh!” She swung around to look at me directly. “When are you heading back to the city?”

“Not sure, actually. I’ll probably got back about a week before school starts. Pick up stuff I need for school then head out. But otherwise I plan on staying down here.”

“Don’t you miss your friends at home?” Diana asked.

“Most of them are away themselves, so….” I trailed.

“The aspect Alex’s not disclosing,” Dad interjected, leaning toward Diana, “is he’s taken quite exuberantly to living nude at the house.”

“Oh?” Diana was piqued. “Don’t you go nude at Annie’s place?” Di inquired.

“No, not really. After she and Dad split, the mood of the house changed, and she’s not really into it. So when I go nude, I feel really awkward and self-conscious. I still sleep naked, and I go around the house naked when she’s out. But otherwise I stay dressed except when I’m alone in my room. So it’s really nice being down here. It’s way nicer being nude all the time. And Dad’s been been really encouraging about it.”

“So you two hang out naked all day?” She quipped.

“Yeah, pretty much!” I confirmed.

“Well, I hope I don’t ruin the fabulous bachelor pad mood,” my sister teased.

“Not at all, sweetie,” Dad assured. “You’re family, so you’re always welcome.”

“Well, I’m really looking forward to this week. It’ll be great to decompress and recharge. Get to let my tuzla eve gelen escort hair down and be myself.”

“Apropos of which,” Dad interjected. His statement hung in the air as he slowed in approach to the turnout. “Alex and I have discovered that there’s rarely another car on this portion of the drive home. So we take this opportunity to strip down and enjoy the rest of the journey nude,” he explained as he brought the car to a halt deep on the shoulder. “You are welcome to join us if you like.”

“Really?” Diana asked. “Are you sure?” Dad threw the car in park and began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Yeah,” I picked up. “I noticed that once we split off from the main road back there, there aren’t too many people who drive this road. So I took a chance, stripped off and drove home naked.” I whipped off my t-shirt and yanked my board shorts off.

“And how was that? Anyone see you?” Diana asked looking into the rearview.

“Nope. As I suspected, I didn’t see another car the whole drive home. And I loved driving home naked. Total rush.”

Apparently convinced, Diana tossed her hat onto the dashboard. “Well, when in Rome!” She said adventurously as she shifted her hips to pull her dress up above her waist. My cock, which was never less than semi-erect since the trip began, thickened and lengthened anticipatorily, gently bobbing with each beat of my heart, rising in harmony with the height of Di’s dress. With her hands above her head and her dress shrouding her head, I drank in the smooth, elongated curves of my sister’s torso–from her armpit down over the gentle undulations of her ribs, and the magnificence of the side of her creme left breast capped with a currant nipple that twisted and rose as it greeted the fresh air. My cock swelled uncomfortably fast. It quivered. I soon felt a droplet of precum trickle along my thigh. Unobscured by her dress, I could confirm that she was not only braless but, peering over the center console, wore no panties either.

Dad passed his clothing back to me to fold. “If you pass your dress back to Alex, he can fold it up for you,” he informed Diana as I accepted his jumbled clothing.

“Would you mind, sweetie?”

“Not at all,” I assured. As I folded her dress, I looked to check the status of my cock: bloated, thick, pointing indecorously at the back of the driver’s seat, sloppily drooling secretions on my left calf that I tucked under my right thigh on the seat. I looked back up and saw that she had not turned back. My eyes were drawn automatically to her full right breast–creamy, supple, capped with dusty dark rose areola and a dainty nipple. Catching myself, I diverted my eyes back to hers. She smiled mildly. She placed her left hand on Dad’s thigh as he put the car back into gear.

“Oh, that’s nice to see,” Diana said, her comment colored with pleased relief.

“What is?” Dad asked.

“Lexi’s erect penis,” she noted looking at Dad. “I hoped you wouldn’t be modest with me here,” she continued, turning her attention to me. “Plus it’s been awhile.”

“What’s been awhile?” I asked.

“Since I’ve had a man in my life. I miss the shapes and contours of a man’s body, and what his body can do. Makes me nostalgic for my days at home with you and mom, Daddy,” she said. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at Dad, caressing his thigh briskly. She flopped back into her seat with an air of contentment. “Oh and I see what you mean about driving around nude, Lexi! This is amazing!” Her hair fluttered wildly.

The rest of the journey was silent. I stared at my sister’s body. While all I could see were her bare arm and side, my mind spun at being in the car with nude woman. Prurient curiosity coursed through me, thinking what it was going be like with her at the house. Could I “be me”–walking in front of her in the kitchen with a morning hard-on? Could I still masturbate at the kitchen table after breakfast? Dad doesn’t mind; would she? My cock quivered and bloated at the thoughts. I took my shaft delicately in my hand. I didn’t want to cum all over the back of the car, but my cock could no longer stand being ignored.

Diana opened her eyes as we turned and ascended the driveway; I ceased my gentle stroke and uncoupled from my cock, wiping my precum on my thigh.

“Oh, Daddy! It’s charming!” My sister said as we rounded the corner at the end.

He parked and popped the trunk. I exited my side to grab her bags and the groceries from the back; Dad went ahead to open the house. As I rounded the car, I found my sister standing, long, her hat on her head, eyes closed with her face tilted to the sun. Her arms extended long, slightly away from her sides. Her nipples, warmed by the sun and serene in the setting, were flat and smooth on her supple breasts. Her mound was dressed with a full bush, delicately edged yet plush; thick chaotic strands tufted away from her body, an effect of it not being trapped for hours in underwear. Raven black, dark as hell itself, her pubic hair glinted espresso tones in the sun. She looked at peace.

I dipped into the open tuzla otele gelen escort trunk. She rounded the car to my side. “The house is pretty secluded,” she observed. “No wonder you can go nude all day.

“Yeah, being up on the rise here, we get a good amount of sun and breeze, but no one can really see into the house or onto the grounds. So, yeah, makes it really easy to live nude and natural.”

She looked at me quizzically. “That’s an interesting way of putting it.”

“Well, it’s nice just being down here with Dad. He’s made it really easy to just hang out and be a guy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I heard you mention ‘house rules’ at the airport, so he has ‘house rules’ here too: he’s made the house where if I get hard, it’s no big deal. He gets that that just happens, so it shouldn’t be hidden or downplayed. Just let it happen. Makes getting through the day a lot easier. And it opens the door to talk honestly about things like sex and body functions, just like we would anything else.”

“Isn’t that lovely! That’s how it was for me growing up with Daddy. Except I had to do it in a city apartment, not a tropical paradise!” She tousled my hair.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. And Dad talked a bit about your upbringing, which sounds pretty cool too. I wanna hear more.”

“Oh, he talked about that, did he?” Diana asked with feigned incredulity.

“A little,” I smirked, looking at her over my shoulder as I bent into the trunk.

“Well, I’m happy to. Anything you want to know, I’m an open book. No point in not being open and honest when we’re gong to be dressed like this!” she declared, acknowledging her own nakedness by stepping back and sweeping her upturned hands down the sides of her body illustratively from her breasts to her hips. I drank her body in; my cock ached and quivered.

“But speaking of being honest–” She continued.

“Geez, you sound like Dad!” I interrupted her. We both laughed. Her breasts shimmied.

“But, seriously sweetie. Since it seems Dad raised us similarly, please remember we’re family. Don’t think of me like a guest, ’cause I’m not. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in your own home. Don’t do anything differently that you have been. No shame and no judgment.”

“Geez, Dad really did raise us the same. He says the same thing to me. So at the same time, me ‘n’ Dad want you to feel at home, too, like you’re home. So let us know if you’re not comfortable or we’re not making you feel welcome.”

“Aww. You’re so sweet. Give me a hug,” she invited. I leaned in, my shoulders touching hers, my arms loosely draped across the small of her back, soft with the warm stickiness of perspiration. She stepped forward to embraced me more tightly. The head of my cock, distended and slick, collided with her pliant, smooth belly. I jolted back. A smear of precum glistened on her skin.

“Oop! Sorry,” I winced.

“Don’t be sorry, sweetie. Do you think I didn’t know you’re hard? It’s kinda hard to miss,” she teased.

“Ha! True,” I hesitantly agreed. “It’s just…” My voice trailed; I felt my cheeks flush.

“Just what, sweetie?”

“Well,” I drew a deep breath as I summoned the confidence, “frankly, I’m pretty torqued right now and I don’t wanna cum all over you. That seems rude. So….” I paused. “There,” I said in summation.

“Oh, sweetie!” She coped her hands over her heart. “You’re so sweet. You’re so polite.”

I tipped my head in courtesy.

“But if it wouldn’t have been a problem if you did,” my sister continued.

“I’m sorry–what?” I was sure my body was visibly trembling.

“Nothing new under the sun, kiddo,” she remarked with playful confidence. “I was 19, and spent time with 19 year old boys. I know what happens. And with the benefit of age, I’ve come to appreciate it.”

“Appreciate it how?” I leaned against the back of the car; the metal was startling hot against my bare ass.

“When I was 19 with boys my own age, I thought all they thought about was sex and wanting to have sex with me,” she said lightheartedly.

“And as a 19 year old, that sounds about right,” I supported. “Thinking about sex all the time, I mean.”

“I figured, sweetie. But now,” she shrugged and hesitated, “I miss that passion, the raw desire that those boys had.” She clutched her hands in fists and subtly shook them; her breasts shuddered gently reverberated. “And I don’t want to assume that you’re reacting to me, but it’s nice being around a man who’s pretty clearly aroused, and apparently comfortable being so, even if it is around his sister.” She glanced down at my steely cock. “It feels good. So…thank you.”

“Well, since we’re opening up,” I picked up, “Guess I’ll confess that I am hard because of you. You’re the first nude woman I’ve ever been around, so this whole thing is pretty overwhelming. Sorry.”

“Stop saying sorry! But ooh!” She fanned her face with her hands. “You made me feel funny in the pants.” She looked at her mound. “If I was wearing pants, of course.”

We both laughed.

“Shall we tuzla sınırsız escort go in?” I proposed.

“In a minute. May I?”


“Touch your boner?”

I chuckled fleetingly in my head at the term ‘boner’; I hadn’t heard that since seventh grade. But her request quickly supplanted the thought. My mouth went dry as I expectantly croaked, “uh…uh huh, but I wasn’t kiding.”

“I know,” she comforted. “I’m a big girl.” She cradled my turgid erection in her right hand, deftly encircling my shaft with her soft, dainty fingers. The glaze of precum that coated the underside of my length ensured that I slid frictionless in her grasp. My body jolted. “Mmmmmm,” she cooed. “It’s been awhile.” Her touch was tender, almost healing. “I forgot how powerful a man’s hard dick feels. So virile.” My cock swelled thicker in her touch in response to her words. She gently squeezed my cock; she wasn’t stroking me as much as milking me, with each finger contracting in sequence along my shaft from the base to the head. My heart pounded in my chest. Her touch, her tits, her moans, her mound. I short-circuited. My cock started quivering violently. “You’re getting thicker. Are you going to–?”

“Uh huh!” I answered desperately. “Oh, fuck.” My breathing was shallow and ragged; my legs began to tremble. My orgasm was coming to a boil deep within, building an almost excruciating pressure. My cock distended as my body pushed more blood into it. She enclosed her hand more tightly around my quaking erection, but its distending caused it to naturally extend, gliding through her grip. The stimulation was intense, unmatched by anything I ever elicited from my own stroking. My body began convulsing.

“Ngha!” My orgasm burst within me like fireworks. My cock spasmed violently, hurtling my scalding slurry at my sister. Seeing it splash across my sister’s lower abdomen only intensified my orgasm; more sparkles as more fireworks erupted inside me. I gripped the edge of the trunk to steady myself; my cock continued to jolt in my sister’s cradling hand.

“Oh my word, Lexi! Your orgasm is so strong!” I grit my teeth and clenched my eyes closed suffering through the delicious ecstasy of the best orgasm I had ever experienced.

My orgasm finally attenuated. I sank back against the trunk of the car. My sister released my cock; it deflated in relief yet pulsed sporadically with orgasmic aftershocks. My penis drained its remnant potion onto my left thigh. Bringing my eyes to focus, I could see the white and opaline essence I spattered on her; the thinner oil ran quickly down her thighs while the thicker extract slid glacially, much of it caught in the upper edge of her pubic hair. The contrast of my white cum and her dark hair was bewitchingly erotic.

“Phew!” I expressed as I looked Diana in the eye. “That was unbelievable. Uh…thank you.”

“You are very welcome, kiddo. Thank you! It had been a long time since I held a man’s boner in my hand and felt him cum. Thank you for letting me.”

“Uh…my pleasure. Believe me. I’ve never had an orgasm like that.” I jolted up. “Oh, shit! I’m sorry,” I blurted in realization, twisting toward the trunk. “Do you want a towel?”

“No, sweetie. I’m fine.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Mm hmm,” she affirmed, wiping her hand on her hip. “I like the feeling of cum on me.”

“Really!” I said, intrigued.

“Mm hmm,” she said, nodding. “Absolutely. I think it’s so beautiful. It’s such an amazing fluid that’s only made at special times. Thinking how a man’s body makes it and what it means when he shares it … mm!” She shook her head appreciatively. “It deserves more respect than winding up in a tissue or on a towel. And if I participated in it or even just caused it in any way, that’s an honor … and really sexy. It’s something tangible that connects me to the man that made it. So I like having it on me.” She traced her index finger through the glob above her pubic patch. “I let my skin drink it in. Thank you for sharing yours with me and letting me enjoy it. But, good grief, sweetie!” She exclaimed, looking down. “That load was huge!”

“Yeah, sorry,” I replied sheepishly. “I didn’t get a chance to cum this morning.”

“When was the last time you did?” She asked astounded.

“Last night.”

“Last night?! Have mercy, sweetie, how often do you jerk off?!”

“2-3 times a day.”

“2-3 times. You boys amaze me sometimes. I can’t believe that’s just what you made overnight.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Everything OK out here?” Dad called from the entry path, cigarette in hand.

“Yup! Just having a chat,” I replied broadly.

“Some sibling bonding time,” Diana added.

“Seems quite the conversation. What was the topic?” Dad asked when he reached us, seeing my semen on his daughter’s belly.

“Well, I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t going to be any awkwardness between us because of me visiting,” Diana started explaining. “I don’t want to be treated like a guest; I want to be considered family and not have you change up anything because I’m here. And we talked about how you raised both of us with the ‘No judgment, no shame’ motto. And then Lexi mentioned that he didn’t have a chance to masturbate this morning, and I mentioned that it’s been some time since I last held a man’s erection. So he was nice enough to let me hold his, but he did end up ejaculating on me.”

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