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Group Sex

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I lay out on my stomach on the sofa my knees are bent feet in the air and I have the laptop in front of me. The sun in shining through the window, the cool breeze is fluttering the curtains. I can hear the sports commentary on the TV but I don’t bother to turn my head as I hear the crowd cheer. My attention remains fixated on the images on my monitor flickering across my creamy skin as the movie streams. I watch the pretty girl sucking enthusiastically at the number of cocks before her. I feel myself growing wet and squeeze my thighs together as I watch the scene unfold, one of the men moving behind the girl to spread her cunt wide. I hear you call out, my eyes flicker and I look up at you, sitting fixated watching the football game on TV.

You’re sitting on the edge of the other sofa, hand on your head as you watch the game progress. I let my eyes roam over your body, starting at your head I move my way down, looking at your beautiful eyes, alight with animation as you watch the sport you love. Your full lips (that I adore so much), the bottom lip in between your teeth grazing it in your complete enthusiasm. I let my eyes run over your solid jaw, to your thick broad chest. You shirt strains slightly as you raise your arms, watching the near miss of the goal. Sighing with pleasure I let my eyes continue their decent over your stomach which is for this moment concealed from me. I look at your firm thighs in your jeans, seeing the natural bulge that is formed at your groin. Pausing there, I review the buttons of your jeans, how they shift and move as you turn in your seat. I feel my pussy pool with need and I start to swing my feet, enjoying the sweet torment. I let my eyes run all the way to your feet in your converse shoes, before pushing my eyes back up your length. I let my eyes follow the inseam of your jeans, until it disappears from my view at your groin.

I look back down at the images I’ve been watching, the girl is now being double penetrated, and as I watch the man on top pulls out, spreading her arse wide before pounding back in. I shiver with delight, imagining your cock fucking my arse this way. Licking my dry lips, I watch in fascination as the shift the camera so that the girl still sucking enthusiastically is shown, her mouth is stretched as she gobbles that cock, the mans hand is twisted in her hair, keeping her head in place as he takes ambitious thrusts. I bite back a moan as he thrusts hard into her mouth, holding her in place before releasing her, then feel a smile tug at my lips as after taking a few deep breaths she is eagerly returning her attentions to his cock.

I raise my head again, letting a wicked smile spread on my lips as I see your total absorption into the game, you seem to have no idea that I’m aching and soaking my panties meters from you. Suddenly the ads flick up on the TV and you notice me looking at you, your eyes glide over my face and pause at my lips, before flicking back to my eyes.

“Have I been missing something my sweet?” you ask as you lean back in the chair.

Your hand naturally coming to rest on your upper thigh, inches from your cock. My eyes seem unable to stop themselves as they follow your movements, before transferring to your cock then back to your hand. I breathe deeply and force myself to look up at you again. Your eyes speak of amusement as you cock your head to one side slightly, raising an eyebrow in question. I smile, closing my laptop with a slight click, I roll and climb off the house of the dragon izle sofa, stepping carefully over your outstretched legs I sit on the sofa to your left. You move slightly, spreading your legs a fraction wider so it brushes mine. I smile as I feel the warmth of your skin through your jeans. Boldly I lean forward, bringing my lips inches from yours as I run my open palm along your thigh.

“Not missing darling, more like… preparation” I smile as my hand cups your thickening cock.

You smile back at me, the corner of your eyes crinkling slightly, pleased to find me happy to oblige. I start to caress your length, tracing the tip of your cock through your jeans. You mummer your approval and I squeeze softly, enjoying the heat I am already starting to feel. With a touch of remorse I release your cock, leaning back against the arm of the chair. I see your eyes flicker from me to the TV behind me. I tut, while thinking how easily you are distracted. I look down at your cock again, now straining lightly in its confines.

I catch the hem of my loose t shirt, crossing my arms, I drag it up over my stomach, catching my ample breasts so they can bounce free and up over my head. As I clear my face I find your attention firmly on my full breasts, my nipples hardening under your intense gaze. Dropping my shirt to the floor I bring my small hands up and I push my breasts together softly, feeling the heavy weight in my hands. I let my hands slip forward and brush my nipples, encouraging their hardness. I then squeeze them, pulling them hard a few times, until they are aching and tingling. I can hear your moans as you watch me twist and pull my nipples, feeling myself getting slicker at the feeling of displaying myself to you, for your pleasure. I look back up at you, finding you rubbing your cock through your jeans as you watch me play. Leaning forward I brace myself on the back of the sofa as I come up onto my knees. I let my breasts hang forward their heavy weight emphasizing their size. I kiss you teasingly, nipping your lip softly before we part, licking my lips I grin down at you.

“Fancy a taste my love?” I ask arching my back so my breasts are directly in front of your face.

I hear you mumble softly before you catch my nipple with your lips, sucking it deeply into your mouth. I lean closer to you, giving you better access. You clasp my nipple between your teeth, giving it a slight bite before flicking it with your tongue. I groan happily as I feel your hands snake around, grabbing my arse. You massage the flesh, spreading and releasing my arse cheeks as your suck. I feel my pussy lips being spread and closed with every moment, my wet pussy lips moving against one another. All the while the feel of your mouth on my nipples is sending direct pleasure to my clit. I squirm and you release my nipple, now a dark pink from your sucking. I tilt to the side, and your catch my other nipple, greedily sucking it into your mouth and nipping it harder this time. I moan, bringing my knees up beside your hips, so I can sit astride. You guide me into place with your hands, grinding me down on your cock. You bite harder on my nipple looking up at me as I look down watching you.

Suddenly you raise one of your hands, and bring it down sharply on my arse cheek, I groan feeling the vibrations in my hungry pussy. You smile around my nipple as you watch my head drop back grinding more aggressively on your cock. You raise your how i caught my killer izle hand again, spanking me hard as I groan appreciatively. Your full lips circling my nipple as you suck relentlessly, I pull my chest back and you continue to suck, so I get one final pull as I come free from your mouth. You run one hand up my spine and cup the nap of my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. Your tongue thrusts aggressively into my mouth, taking and claiming in time to your hips as they buck under me, I break the kiss, pulling back and sitting on your lap. I smile at you, watching your eyes pool with desire.

I slip back planting my feet on the ground. I continue to move backwards, easily coming to my knees between yours. Putting my hands on your knees, I look up at you, to see you reclining back, a lazy smile pulling at your lips as you get comfortable for the pleasure you’re about to receive. Giving you a cheeky smile I place my hands on either of your knees. I give each a slight squeeze and run my hands up your thighs until they are resting on either side of your cock. I spread my fingers out letting my index and thumb of each hand run over your length. I spider walk my hands up nibbling undoing the buttons of your jeans. I grasp them pulling the fly wide open. You moan softly and raise your hips, freeing your jeans so I can pull them down.

I moan and bite my bottom lip as my look upon your cock, straining against your boxers. Cupping firmly I squeeze enjoying the feeling of your hot flesh under my hand. You shiver, my fingers nails grazing your sensitive skin through your boxers. I hook my fingers into the waist and pull them forward, letting your cock become free of its restraints. I sigh softly as I look at your cock, the cherry head ripe to be consumed. The shaft thick and strong, throbbing invitingly. I lean forward, kissing the tip of your cock, licking greedily at your pre-cum and savoring the taste. The salty tang filling my mouth, making me hungry for more, I lean forward again softly resting my lips against the head of your cock. Feeling the hot skin against my soft lips, slowly coating them with your pre-cum so thick and creamy.

I close my eyes, and ever so slowly push forward. Taking the head of your cock into my mouth. I moan, feeling the smoothness of the head against my tongue as I start to roll my tongue against the head of your cock, sucking softly at you at first. You bring your hands up to my head, playing with my hair as I start to suck a little bit harder, taking a little bit more into my mouth. I feel your thickness stretching my mouth, parting my jaw as I take more of you in.

“mmm yes baby..” you murmur softly as I take a yet more of you in, finally reaching the back of my throat. I groan as I feel the familiar pressure, pushing against the back of my throat, I gag slightly, tears springing to my eyes. I then pull back, again pushing forward, more pressure on my throat. I then bob a few short thrusts, before pressing hard, feeling the mounding pressure before the release as you slide into my throat. I relax my throat making sure I don’t gag as I start to fuck my own throat with your cock. Time and again I impale myself forcing you down my throat.

You moans become louder as I continue to take you deeply. My hand comes up to cup your balls, rolling them in my hand. You buck into my throat and I almost gag taking you so your pubic bone is pressed to my nose. My eyelashes are coated in my how we roll izle tears that I blink back. I pull back almost to the point where you leave my mouth then I thrust forward taking all of you right to the hilt. My throat contracts around you, while I suck hard.

“Mmm you feel so good deep in my throat” I think to myself as I impale myself again on your cock.

I slowly drag you out again and drag the tip of your cock across my lips, back and forth coating my lips in your pre cum and my thick saliva. You watch me worshiping your cock, the TV forgotten.

I lean back letting your cock drag over my lips, chin and throat until you rest between my breasts. I let you snuggle into the valley of my breasts before bringing my hands up and squeeze them around your thick cock, my saliva and your pre-cum creating a thick lubricant. I start to jerk you with my breasts, pale against your red heat. I look down watching your cock head peek out with every down thrust. Faster I move fucking you with my breasts. I then release you; unable to resist I duck down so I can suck your beautiful cock, take it deep in my mouth lavishing attention on it with my tongue. Bobbing up and down a few moments before returning you to the valley of my breasts. I push you forward a little bit so you are total swallowed by my breasts. Easily pushing though my soft flesh. Suddenly I feel your hands in my hair, you cling tightly to it.

“Mmm… I want that beautiful mouth my sweet….” you growl as you pull me back lining my lips up with the head of your cock.

You pull me down, filling my mouth with your cock. Gripping my hair tightly you pump me up and down your cock, pushing it quickly into my throat again and again. I’m gasping for breath I feel you fuck my throat harder, faster.

“Yes baby… fuck! God you feel so good, so hot….so good…” You start to mumble as you thrust.

I feel your cock swelling in my mouth and you pull out, releasing my head with one hand you jerk your cock, I capture the head of your cock in my mouth, you jerk faster your hand a blur before my eyes as I suck aggressively on the head of your cock. I feel your body starts to stiffen – you’re so close. I reach for your balls, squeezing them softly your body jerks suddenly and my mouth is filled with your cum. You shoot thick wads into my mouth and I feel it bathe my tongue in its musky flavor. You slip from my lips sighing brokenly as I look up at you.

I put my hands to the sides of my breasts. Pushing them together to create a generous cleavage, I then look you straight in the eye and push your cum past my lips it dribbles down my chin and onto my breasts. Looking down at the creamy goodness then back at you I rub my breasts against one another making it smear into the valley of my breasts. I then capture your cock again still sensitive from your orgasm and jerk you with my slick skin. You shudder as your cock comes into contact with my cum covered flesh. Pushing me back slightly, you suck in deep breaths, trying to grain control. You look down at me, to find my head tilted to one side, my eyes fixated hungrily at your now cum coated cock. Grinning you take my hand helping me raise so I can sit astride in your lap. Your eyes sharpen and you stare intently at my breasts as you see me teasing my cum covered nipples. I smile at you as I start to rub your cum into my breasts, paying particular attention to my aching nipples. I then bring my sticky fingers to my lips and suck them clean.

“Can’t waste a single drop my love..” I mummer.

You smile at me, before flicking your eyes to the TV and a slight frown creases your brow and you sigh.

“Oh, the game is over…” I shake my head climbing off your lap.

Letting my slick pussy lips ride along your strong thigh as I stand slowly. I hold my hand out to you in invitation.

“Oh? I thought it had just started…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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