English for Sinners Ch. 04

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All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!


Of all the sensations in the world, few compare to that of waking up with a beautiful, naked, woman by your side. After a considerable dry spell, I was looking forward to feeling Vanessa lying on top of me, her considerable breasts pressed into my chest and spilling out to the sides. Before I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if she would be aroused when I awoke, perhaps even throughout our slumber, be it through the sensation of heat or moisture felt below. Regardless, I knew that waking up to a busty, naked, teen, albeit one of my students and the source of much internal conflict in my life, would somehow make it all better.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. Having wished for it prior to drifting off into a nap, I was immediately aware of the lack of weight on my chest. The air in my home was cold, biting into my bare chest, my PJ shirt having been unbuttoned so Vanessa could enjoy some kisses on my person before she too fell asleep. I did, however, awaken to have my senses, other than touch, alerted.

Before my eyes could adjust to the light on the ceiling, I could hear the distinct sound of flesh being hit. A smacking sound rather than a violent thud, so either someone was being slapped or spanked, and since Vanessa was clearly not on my person as I expected, I suspected she was involved. That just begged the question – who else was now in my home?

Answered almost immediately after being asked, a new sound was heard, that of a woman clearing her throat. For whatever reason, this alerted me to sit up more than the sound of someone being hit, either for pleasure or punishment, and with my eyes dilated I could clearly see who else was in the room with me.

Standing at the end of the couch where my feet lay, Val glared at me with crossed arms over her humble chest. Unlike Vanessa who had clearly changed up her outfit from the day prior, Val had on the same clothes, or at least the same kind of outfit: her green jersey pulled up into a knot under her breasts, exposing her taut and firm tummy, and a pair of dark green track shorts that exposed her legs until they vanished behind the arm rest of the couch.

Valentina looked mad, but then in the short time I had known her she always looked mad. Certainly I should have something, least of all to address her attitude but more so to address what she was doing in my house. Yet the words didn’t come. Even with her comparatively diminutive height and mass, her piercing green eyes were able to paralyze me. I didn’t know what I had done to warrant such ire from her, but she was certainly not adverse to being open with it, and soon she became vocal of it too.

“You hear that?” she sharply asked, one hand moving to her wide hip and the other reaching back to point down the hall to the source of the slapping sound. “That’s your fault! You should know better!” she scolded. She wasn’t wrong, I don’t think, but it was still surreal to be lectured on behavior by the same girl who yesterday was grinding into my lap to completion.

Her yelling, brief as it was, alerted the other parties down the hall and caused the smacking of skin to stop. Emerging from my bedroom came Vivika and Vanessa, one clearly holding dominating power over the other. Vivika was wearing what can only be described as an S&M dominatrix outfit. Black corset, panties stockings, garter belt, high heels, and elbow-length gloves – all shiny and form hugging. Vanessa hadn’t been given a chance to dress after our romp, and in fact was wearing even less, but still not nothing. Clasped around her neck was a black choker that was linked to a thin black leash carried by Vivika, leading her along while Vanessa crawled on hands and knees.

“Nonsense, Val, he didn’t know,” Vivika corrected, Val having already turned around when she heard the commotion in the back stop. My focus was torn between the dom and her sub coming down the short hallway and Val’s impeccable ass, ready to rip free of her thin shorts. “This was Vanessa’s fault, and we all know it.”

I knew the event the must have been talking about, namely Vanessa coming to my home hours earlier and seducing me, and while she played no small part in the exchange, I wasn’t innocent either, and yet Vivika’s tone made it sound like I was a naive child and shouldn’t be held accountable for my misdeeds. Finally in the room, Vivika stopped to stand beside Val, Vanessa still on her knees but was now at least sitting up some, but not sitting. Her makeup was runny, pulled down by her tears which left her eyes puffy and red. I felt bad for her, I truly did.

“Bullshit!” Val objected. “He could have turned her away! He could have stopped it!” She interior design masters izle was right, 100% right. What assurance I had that I was moving in the right direction was completely shattered when Valentina stated the obvious. And then Vivika did what she could to piece it back together.

“Come now, would you be able to say ‘no’ to this face?” she queried, leaning down and holding Vanessa by the chin and lifting her face, all pouty and red, to Val. “Besides, Vanessa knows the rules,” she added with a finishing tone, ending the debate then and there, although Val didn’t seem terribly pleased with the outcome. “But if you still feel the scales of justice are unbalanced, why not take your frustrations out on Mr. Harper?”

As if the prospect of being a punching bag wasn’t alarming enough, Val’s vindicated and delighted face struck true fear into my heart. I had no idea what she intended to do, but her approach told me it would be in my best interest to put a stop to this right now.

“Now hold o-” I started, but the wind was knocked out of me when Val leaped the remaining distance between us and landed squarely on my stomach, her left knee landing at the center of my chest but was moved to my right so she could be straddling me proper. Before I could recover, Val grabbed my wrists and placed them at the small of my back, using her weight pressed onto my torso to pin them there.

“Oh shut up, Mr. Harper,” she rudely said, yet politely addressed me as Mr. Harper. “You’ll enjoy this, you perverted dog,” she added with a wicked smile, and the first smile I had seen her with. It was enough to make me wish she still looked angry with me.

While sitting on my belly, Val undid the knot of her shirt and then removed it entirely, immediately exposing her unburdened breasts. As I had deduced on our first meeting, hers were not the largest, certainly not amongst her gothic trio here, but they could easily fill my hands (were they free to do so). Her skin was so gorgeous and flawless, pulled tight against the muscles gained through her athletic pursuits, and seemed to glow around her rounded and sweet tits. Sure enough, her love for piercings at her face and belly button continued to her nipples, and between each dark pebble was a silver barbell. Along with her piercings were many tattoos. Most were up her arms in the form of sleeves, but a few were found just at the undersides of her perky breasts. Before I could accurately tell what each was, she started moving again on top of me, and that stole most of my attention.

Val was doing her best to keep me pinned but also work her shorts off her body. A difficult task, made all the more so challenging given the backing of the couch eliminating some range of motion for her left leg. Still, this just meant she was grinding, inadvertently (I assumed), against my bare chest and stomach, and I’d be lying if I said I hated that. While she busied herself with that chore, through the corner of my eye I saw Vivika was finally moving, relocating to the large arm chair that complimented the sofa opposite its location.

Vivika’s copper eyes never left my sight. Her movements were so confident and exact she didn’t even need to look where she was going or reaching to be certain she would achieve her goals, both minor and major. Those creamy thighs parted, flashing that black triangle of fabric and daring me to throw Val off of me so I could rush over to her and ravish her body. The view as blocked, however, when Vanessa’s leash was tugged and the blonde crawled between her master’s legs; so not necessarily a decrease in pleasurable sights, especially when I saw Van’s reddened and plump ass rise up slightly when her hands ran up along Vivika’s thighs. Yet still my viewing pleasure was not a choice I was permitted for long.

Val had managed to work her shorts, and possibly her panties (I hadn’t bothered to look if she was wearing anything before she started to ascend my body), and was now moving to sit elsewhere – specifically my face. Before doing so, she came to rest her ass on the arm rest at my head, and peered down at me while she kept me pinned with her incredibly strong legs and feet still in sneakers. She said nothing, at least not with words, but spoke volumes with her sinister smile and wave of her hand saying “farewell,” and then just like that she slid off of the arm rest and came to rest her crotch and ass on my head.

Like Vanessa before her, Val had a heavenly scent, though one uniquely all her own. I hesitate to say it was “spicy,” but there was definitely a quality of sharpness. Keeping me pinned with her hands on my stomach, Van seemed to be leaning forward down the length of my body, better positioning herself so her bare pussy was completely on my face. There was no firm grip of her, so her flattened palms would slide down my abdomen while she rocked against my head, using my facial features like stimulating iyi adamin 10 günü izle toys. Several times her digits would slip into the hem of my pants, but as soon as that happened she pulled back and planted her hands back just below my rib cage. My cock stirred throughout this oral session, and twice it managed to pop free of the loose slit at the front of my pants, and both times Val demonstrated her disinterest in returning the pleasure I was seemingly giving to her and tucked it away to be hidden again.

The Latina terror was moaning loud enough for me to hear even with her thighs pressed against my ears, yet her pleasure was derived purely from her own actions as I had done nothing to move my mouth against her. In an act of defiance I had kept my lips sealed, although her scent and juices forming on my lips and nose were tempting me to coax more out of her. “Get to work, puta! Vamanos!” she ordered, lifting her hips off of my head just enough to make sure I heard her. I also heard Vivika, in the middle of her own moans, scold Val for her rude comment, to which she growled and corrected herself with “Fine, get to work, Mr. Harper.” I did my best to turn my head to see Vivika, her own pleasure sounding so enticing I desperately wanted to see more, but what little I could turn my head did me no favors with Val’s thick and powerful thighs blocking my view, and soon her bare crotch did the same.

Still I resisted the urge to increase her pleasure with my mouth, but when her verbal demands didn’t convince me, she pinched one of my nipples. I’m sure in another situation, with better control, that might actually feel good, but when Val started to twist it, still managing to keep my pinned with her other hand against my center mass, I was forced to open my mouth in protest. Without missing a beat, Val pressed herself more firmly against my face, and once her pussy lips met my tongue she relented on my chest.

Resigned to my fate, I decided to play along, as I was already in the thick of it and reminded myself that a few hours ago I had done far more under far less convincing, so why back out now? Certainly there were a myriad of reasons as to why I should continue to resist, to back out, but none of them could speak over the volume of my screaming-for-touch cock, and in the back of my mind I must have thought that if I got her off she would return the favor.

Exploring her lips with my mouth was an enlightening experience. Still more piercings were found, this time one seemed to be in her clit, or possibly just the hood, but certainly in that area as when I finally found it (working upside down does make it harder, y’know) the unmistakable texture of smooth metal was there, too.

Now she was gaining far more enjoyment from our encounter, her hips twisting and rolling on my head, pressing it further into the couch cushions without any regard for my own comfort and, possibly, safety. The fiery punk was offering no moment to catch my breath, so I had to seize any opportunity to gain a quick inhale of fresh air (albeit laced with the scent of sex), specifically when her gyrations moved her hips off of my face just enough to do so.

Perhaps if my hands were free, I could use them to throw her off and re-establish some control of the situation. Yet, with my sex-addled mind, certainly I would just grab two handfuls of her tight posterior and drive her crotch more aggressively against my face. There was pain, to be sure, but it felt necessary to acquire the enjoyment I was feeling, and so it was ignored, at least, or at most it was transferred into more pleasure. The wildness of it all, the feral feeling of such aggressive sexuality went hand-in-hand with pain and so to have none of that would seem odd. Discomfort came, of course. As skilled as Val was, she wasn’t showing concern for keeping me comfortable; so my ears reddened when her thighs squeezed against them, my nose was bent left and right when she rocked her hips, and my jaw was growing sore from all the work she was putting me through. At one point I thought I might lose consciousness from the little oxygen I was getting, which was only being nullified by the juices flowing into my mouth, nearly choking me.

In the thrill and intensity of it all, I can’t quite explain how she maneuvered herself to now be sitting forward, her ass at my chin and my eyes now free to look up the long expanse of her muscular stomach, past her perky tits, and to her glowing face. From the outside I’m sure it looked like a UFC move; so quick and exact, twisting her body around while never once pulling her skin off of mine. Continuing her wrestling maneuver, she locked her legs behind my head, first lifting it up so it was snug between her thighs. Her ankles locked against one another at my back lifted my torso up some, just enough so my hands were free. If there was any plan of escape that involved my hands being freed, it wouldn’t have accounted jungle izle for this change in position, and I genuinely feared she could knocked me out with a deliberate flexing of her thigh muscles.

Val peered down at me, her lips and eyebrows twisted to give her a look of curiosity, her body making no movement. Then I realized I had stopped moving my lips and tongue against her nethers, and testing the theory I started up again to see if she would start moving. Sure enough, she had been waiting for me to bring her to another orgasm, a second or third I wasn’t sure as my mind was focused on staying alive rather than analyzing her body spasms.

It was easier to see her pleasure now that I could see her face. Once I resumed my oral examination of her pussy, she chewed on her lower lip, careful not to catch her lip piercing between her teeth, and as I grew bolder her pouty tiers parted entirely and a throaty moan eased up her throat and past her pierced tongue, which was dragged along her upper lip before she started to lean back.

I found her hands on my stomach again when she leaned her body back, still keeping my head secure between her strong legs. I lost sight of her face now, unfortunately. Mixing with her own, I could hear Vivika moaning over to my left, still enthralled with whatever it was Vanessa was doing to her. I did my best to turn my attention to her, struggling to get at least a peripheral view of the scene, but when my head moved too far against one of Val’s thighs, she snapped me back to attention with that deliberate flexing of her muscles I previously feared could knock me out, and with no desire to test that theory I relented to keep my focus on Val’s privates.

With my hands free, I clasped them at her hips, keeping them steady so she wouldn’t spasm and knock my neck out of sorts. I could feel her stomach muscles tensing and relaxing while she writhed on top of me. Wanting to explore more, my hands slid up the expanse of her tummy, tracing every valley and mountain of her muscles as the shifted against her taunt and dark skin. Continuing forward, they soon got that handful of her breasts I had wondered about, and delighted in feeling the contrast of her real flesh with the metal of her piercings. She was keeping herself steady with her own hands, so she couldn’t bat away my own or urge them on with her touch, but her moans told me she was enjoying the friendly touch.

As wonderful as her perky tits were, I wanted desperately now to feel that amazing ass that swayed into my classroom days ago. Dragging my digits down her back, I slipped my palms under her ass, lifting if from resting on my throat and chest. Heavenly, that’s how it felt. Just as Vanessa’s breasts had been something divine in their creation, Val’s ass was something out of a fantasy. Soft, pliable, and yet firm and strong. Large, yet not overbearing of the rest of her body.

There wasn’t much I could do to appreciate her ass at this awkward angle. Squeezing it was difficult, but not impossible. Spanking, however, was not going to happen, much to my dismay, but barring some event that took this girls out of my lives I was certain there would be another opportunity to do just that. I was losing myself to the thought of keeping this girls in my life, not changing at all this relationship they had forged with me. I was constantly ping-ponging between continuing this adventure or cutting it short, yet as time went on I found myself more and more in the former camp, visiting the notion of this being wrong less and less.

When she came, I learned for certain I hadn’t really made her cum before; perhaps a mini-orgasm, but nothing like what I had witnessed then. I watched as her body shook and all her toned muscles stiffened and locked, flexing against her flesh when her body stiffened. Prior to this, she had been panting and moaning more heavily and quite frequently, losing all control she might have been trying to hold onto. I also learned that Val was a squirter, a fact she made me quite familiar with when she started to rapidly manipulate her pierced clit and blasted my mouth and jaw with copious amounts of juices. As if I wasn’t worried about drowning in her fluids before, I was now. Thankfully, once her high ended, she relaxed her entire body, dropping herself to lay across my body and release my head from her thigh prison. I coughed up my fair share of fluids, and breathed heavily the now copious amount of air I was privileged to. Val didn’t seem to care, she was too busy smiling blissfully in her post-climax stupor.

In no rush to wake her up, rather enjoying not having Val being so rough and aggressive for once, I looked over to see the scene with Vivika and Vanessa, but saw that I had missed their show as well. Vivika was still sitting on the chair, but now Van had joined her, sitting in her lap and making out with the dominating redhead. My mouth went agape when I saw Viv reach down between her legs, Van’s legs obstructing my view, and brought her clearly wet fingers up to Van’s lips, soon sharing in the process of cleaning them off with their mouths. God I envied Vanessa.

Breaking the spell, Vivika caught my stare and penetrated my vision with her own dominating glare. Smiling, she kept Vanessa on her lap and directed her to continue her loving kissing but now at her neck so she could speak.

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