Enticed Pt. 24 – White Slave Sunday

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This is part twenty-four of my adventures in the early nineties with a gay man about fifteen years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.


After spending an entire night and day as the slave of someone other than Blaise I felt like I understood the life of a true sex slave. My master had “loaned” me to his old friend, Bill, for an entire weekend. I was Bill’s property, his slave, for a solid forty-eight hours. 

I went from excitement to reticence when I first arrived. But, after my African Master and I had shared a very hot night Friday I felt much more comfortable. Then that was followed by a long, naked, cum-filled Saturday as I found myself sucking and fucking four very horny black men all day. 

By Sunday morning I was worn out, stretched out, and sore. But, I still had a few hours left to serve my master.

Master’s ten-inch-plus friend Jamal had slept over with him while I spent the night in the spare bedroom. I woke up about 8 a.m. and took a quick shower. By 9:30 they both started to shift in bed as I waited on my knees.

I didn’t see him open his eyes since I was staring at the floor. But, I heard Master moan a little.

“I see you’re still ready to go,” he said. “Well, we’ll let Jamal wake up and then you can bathe us both.”

Master then rolled over and I heard rubbing and kissing. Within a couple minutes I could tell Jamal was waking and moving around.

“Come bathe us, Slave,” Master said after a few minutes of kissing.

I lathered, caressed, and rinsed both men as they stood in the tub in front of me. Once their lower bodies were clean, as is my standard procedure, I began caressing and working their dark cocks.

I literally was salivating while I worked Master Jamal’s amazing piece of meat to the closest thing to an erection it would ever get. It was so long there was no way he could fill it with enough blood to make it as rock hard as more normal-sized cocks.

It took no time to force Master’s black cock to curve toward the ceiling. Master Jamal took longer. But eventually, he reminded me of huge porn stars who really never seemed to get completely hard. His meat was harder and denser. But, there was no way this cock was going to point straight out or up.

I spent a minute or two on Master’s curved cock. But, I went quickly to Master Jamal’s slab of chocolate meat. I wasted no time pushing him into my mouth, tasting his sweetness and swallowing him as far down my throat as I could while on my knees beside the bathtub.

I could feel him filling my throat and pushing all the way down to my chest.

Master Jamal all but screamed as I swallowed him beyond my larynx and continued my swallowing motion undulating against his enormous human sausage.

Without realizing it, I was bouncing on my knees up and down to fuck Jamal’s long cock in and out of my chest, up and down my throat.

Within just a minute or so, I felt his pleasure pulsing down the length of his brown meat. 

When I knew he was close, I pulled his head back up into my mouth and pumped his hot cum onto my tongue until he was doubled over, panting and empty.

Then I grabbed Master’s bent cock and swallowed him hungrily.

After watching me service his friend, it took no time for Master to blow his bitter cum against the roof of my mouth.

I swallowed him as eagerly as I’d swallowed Master Jamal’s sperm. I didn’t lose a drop of either man’s gift.

Finally, Master turned off the water and grabbed a towel.

“Go take a shower and get dressed, Slave,” Master said.

I looked up at him sharply.

“Your service is almost over,” he said. “My final command is that you let me take you to lunch before you go back to Blaise.”

I rose and went to follow his orders. 

When I headed back to the living room a bit later, istanbul travesti Master Jamal apparently had left. I dropped to the floor before Master wearing jeans and a polo – and the collar.

“Your slave waits.”

“You didn’t need to put the collar back on,” Master said.

I remained silent with my face turned to the floor.

“Why are you still wearing the collar?”

“It is forbidden for a slave to remove the collar, except for bathing. And even then it must be replaced immediately thereafter,” I answered. “And, while the collar is on this slave, you are my master and owner and your slave must follow the Slave’s Creed and Master’s rules and commands.”

“Goddamn!” Master exclaimed. “To the hilt! You ain’t half-assing this shit are you?”

“I am yours, Master,” I said. “Until you remove the collar – either by hand or by command, your slave waits.”

Master leaned down and unbuckled the collar. I stood up and he wrapped his huge hands around my torso and pulled me tight.

“You are the best,” he said.

When I turned to face him he handed me the red collar.

“You should keep this,” I said, finally as an equal. “We both know they aren’t cheap. And, it’s only been used once.”

“No. This is yours,” he said. “No one else could ever live up to your performance this weekend. And, you need to get the rest. It’s a matched set.

“If I get another slave, I’ll just have to get another collar — in a different color. This one is retired. You earned it!”

We headed to the same restaurant as the day before and sat in the same booth. He asked me to sit beside him and I obliged.

“So, how old are the twins, exactly?” I asked. “How many laws did I break yesterday, not counting crimes against nature?”

“They are legal,” Bill said. “But, just barely. They just turned 18 a few months ago. They’ve been hanging around the scene for a couple years now pretending. A few guys took a chance with them. But, most of us knew to stay away.

“They’re legal now. That’s all that matters.”

Andre — of course — came over to take our order and asked how yesterday went.

“I almost got full,” I said, winking. “If only I’d had one more cock.”

“Oh, don’t you start,” he said. “I dreamed about the shit you were doing yesterday. Don’t get me going again.”

“If you ask my master nicely,” I said, “he might order me to make you feel like a real man.”

“Damnit! Tell me what you want to eat before I rape somebody up in here,” Andre said.

We both ordered food that day since Bill had agreed to give my ass the day off.

“I really enjoyed this,” I said as Bill stroked my thigh under the table. “I learned a lot about servitude.

“I love that I got to live a porn movie.”

“If we’d gotten yesterday on tape, you’d be a triple-X star in a hot minute,” Bill said. “You could easily make it big in gay porn.

“This has been an amazing weekend!”

“But, don’t tell me you learned something,” he added. “You taught me everything! I was just posturing and pretending until you showed up. I know now there’s more to the master-slave relationship than just one person bossing the other one around.

“I know I’ve said it a dozen times. But, you are amazing! I would literally pay money to find someone like you.”

“You are paying money for someone like me,” I said.

“No. I mean, I wish I could find a companion, a lover like you,” he said. His hand moved up to find my cock and balls in my jeans. “I wish I could find someone so generous, so giving, so talented as you. And I mean just as a lover or a partner, not as a slave.

“Blaise has no idea what a treasure he has in you!”

“Thank you,” I said. I felt myself blush as I shifted to give him more access to my groin. “This has been an interesting weekend. I really got a lot out of it.”

“I was a little surprised at how much you really like black guys,” Bill said. 

“Me istanbul travestileri too,” I admitted. “I never imagined there would be much of a difference until I met my friend Ezekiel — and then his friend James — and then you.

“Now, I guess, I’ve got a real taste for it, if you know what I mean.” 

I winked and smiled, feeling my cock twitching to life ever so slightly.

“Have you ever had a blowjob in a parking lot?” Bill whispered into my ear.

“As a matter of fact, I made Ezekiel blow me in the parking lot of the school where he teaches,” I said openly, not trying to hide our conversation. “And, Blaise likes it in his truck in his driveway at lunch. Sometimes that’s where we spend our lunch hour.

“But, you can suck me anywhere you like.”

“Damn! That’s hot!,” Bill said. “Now I really want to do you in the car!

“The back lot here is kind of a popular spot. It’s surrounded by trees and pretty secluded — kind of intentionally.

“Everybody I know’s had or given a blowjob out there.”

“Guess it’s my turn,” I said.

“But, y’know, I’d suck you dry right here.” I squeezed his already growing cock through his pants.

When we finished eating, Bill pulled around the building.

I had undone my belt and pushed my jeans down on the way. I was half-hard and all ready.

His mouth was on my cock almost before his car was in Park. I just sat and watched his balding head bounce up and down as my cock moved in and out of his hot, wet mouth. 

It was a hot, fast, aggressive blowjob. All Bill wanted was to make me cum. And, I was in no position to disagree.

I shot my sticky load into his throat within two minutes. I gave him a large, heavy load. I had cum many times over the last two days. But, very few of those had been through real stimulation. Now that I was really getting worked over, I had a lot to give.

Finally, we both leaned back breathing heavily in the bucket seats of his little Toyota. My hand automatically dropped into his lap and found his stiff cock.

“You’ve done enough,” he panted. “You don’t have to do anything. This was just for you.”

“No. Get out,” I said. “I want to suck you outside the car on my knees like a proper slave.”

A couple seconds later his hard brown cock, already wet with precum, was banging against the roof of my mouth. I was on my knees before my African master as he leaned back on his car in the parking lot of a cheap diner on the seedy side of town. This was the height of cheap, slave, slutty cum-whore abandon. I was as turned on as I’d ever been.

I gave him everything I had and he gave me everything he had within ninety seconds. Still, I spent several minutes more swirling my tongue around his softening meat, making him jump and twitch until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

We both zipped up our limp, spent cocks. We were in the car before our breathing calmed down. But, Bill didn’t start the car.

“This really was a fun weekend,” he said.

“Please, feel free to come see me — us — again,” I cut him off. “With or without the dominance, I’d like to spend more time with you. I really liked the way your cock felt — at least, when you were on top. It was weird from behind. Not bad, just weird.”

Bill laughed.

“Yeah, I know it’s a little different,” he said.

“No, you’re a little bit bigger than James so, at this point you’re the biggest cock I’ve had in my ass,” I admitted. “I liked that feeling. And, Jamal was the biggest cock I’ve had in my throat — and chest.

“Like you said, you haven’t experienced me as an equal. I’d kill to do the two of you without the chains.”

“You are one of the best I’ve ever had,” Bill finally admitted. “Jamal is a special friend — a lot like you and Blaise. But, I’ve never had anyone who owned me like you did even with chains on. You’re absolutely amazing.”

“Please, feel free to visit,” travesti istanbul I said again, my hand rubbing over his groin. “I love being owned by you! I’d be happy to be your slave for free, African Master. Please order me to fuck and suck you again.”

When Bill finally took us home I started toward the bathroom.

“Do you want me in costume again, African Master?” I asked him, turning to face him.

“No,” he said. “You’re done. You can go home. I think we both need some rest before we go back to work tomorrow.”

A couple minutes later I dropped my bags by the door. Bill leaned in and kissed me. I felt myself blush again as he handed me a thick envelope. I opened it to see a stack of bills. I wasn’t going to count it, but I could see there were hundreds and there were a lot more than ten of them.

“This has to be too much,” I protested.

“Like I said, you earned the collar, the whole outfit, the cash and much more than I’ll ever be able to pay,” Bill said as he opened the door. “I can’t thank you enough for this experience! Tell Blaise I said to never let you go.”

Without a word I dropped to my knees before him, unzipped his pants and swallowed his limp cock. A few seconds later he was hard and I was bobbing up and down on his curved cock.

He ran his fingers through my hair as I licked, swallowed and throated his brown cock to one more thick cum that I ate like a starving man.

“We’ve got to do this again, Bill,” I breathed as I rose and kissed him, my lips still a little sticky.

I wanted to go straight to Blaise’s house to tell him everything that happened. But, it was Sunday and he would be with his mother and brother until well after I got home.

At the Lodge I set Bill’s leather set aside. I thought I might get a shadow box in which to display it with pride. But, after some consideration, I decided I would use it for my shows. I would immortalize this weekend every time I performed my bondage show. But, I realized I would need a costume that matched.

When I finally opened his envelope I discovered Bill had paid me not one, but two thousand dollars! I literally was speechless. I felt the blood rush from my face and I dropped heavily into a chair.


I waited until the next morning at work to bring Blaise up to speed.

“Well, that was a weekend,” I said.

“Yeah,” Blaise said sheepishly. “Bill called me last night and told me all about it. We talked for two hours.

“You made quite the impression on him. His praise was so glowing, he actually made me tear up a little. I really am proud to call you my friend.”

“Friend? That’s the most ridiculous understatement I’ve ever heard.”


Over lunch I explained how I almost felt ashamed of the reservations I had when I first got to Bill’s and thought I might have made a mistake. It was obvious he started off a little rough. And, I got the impression he felt like he had a score to settle with someone and I was the perfect scapegoat. But, I think I broke him by meeting and exceeding his challenge and showing him that there was a certain logic and emotion behind dominance and submission.

Blaise agreed. Bill told him he probably was looking to take out some misplaced animosity on me. My humility and quiet submission made him realize I wasn’t his enemy. He actually was the one in the wrong by treating me much worse than was really necessary.

“Frankly, he said he was just impressed by what a great guy you are,” Blaise said. “I guess, you just won him over like you do everyone.”

“What do you mean, ‘like I do everyone?'”

“You’re so personable and lovable and sexy and generous,” Blaise said, “you just own everyone who spends more than a few minutes with you.”

“I don’t know about that.” I could feel myself blushing.

“I do. I’ve talked to other people about it. There’s a reason you’re so popular with everyone who comes to your shows or meets you or who does work for you.

“You just have this charm about you,” he said. 

“I guess that’s why he paid me so much,” I said.

“He didn’t tell me how much he gave you.”

“He paid me twice what you asked for — in cash.”

Blaise literally dropped his fork.

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