Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 3. 16 years old

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Double Penetration

Erica at 16. (Back to the airport)

Erica had gotten taller. Probably 5’7″ now and about 135 pounds. She had grown into a full “B” cup, almost a “C”. Her butt was no longer cute and pudgy, but had matured into a sleek, smooth beautiful ass worthy of any model. She no longer looked like a teenager passing for an older woman, she looked like she was 22 or 23. She carried herself like an adult and was treated like one. In one of her letters, she described having to drive her fellow interns home after a night out.

Today as she walked into the terminal she had a large suitcase, carrying a lot of clothes. Planning on a long stay. I notice her stetson is old and could be replaced. She still wears her first one. She looks so good in jeans and boots, it seems natural for her.

I meet her at the terminal gate.

“Hey, Uncle” she says through a huge smile, and kisses me on the lips like a wife would.

She hugs me and we embrace. “I’ve missed you” she says. “been thinking about you for the last several weeks, just can’t tell you how happy I am to be back, you know ? she squeaked, almost crying.

“I’m glad to see you too, honey” I say. “You look great”.

We drive towards home and she unloads both barrels. She tells me she hasn’t been very truthful with me and I almost panic. She says she can’t really express herself in her letters because it’s not the same. Her life has always been complicated and has gotten notably worse since her last visit. Her step-dad and mom are separated. step-dad got caught with some “irregular” billing from his firm and is being investigated by the government. I knew this, but didn’t realize that it had been so hard on Erica. Step-dad got himself a loft downtown and supposedly already has a new girlfriend. Erica quit as an intern at his firm, after she was offered a job, not an internship, at another. She worked there after school for the last 8 months. They offered her a job as an attorney once she has her JD.

“I moved out of the house into the residential dorms at school” she said. “It sucks, but it’s better than all the strife at home”, she added.

“I’m sorry to dump this on you all at once, but I can’t seem to spill my guts in a letter, it’s just not the same”. she said through the sniffles.

“I missed you so much” she cried. And the water works started. She had pretty much lost it. A full year of stress, beyond which anyone of her age should be asked to handle, that she was holding in and afraid to unload. Until now. I pulled the truck off the highway into a rest stop. I turned to Erica, still sobbing and held her to me. She wrapped her arms around me and held on for dear life. Erica cried hard for several more minutes and then calmed down. Regaining her composure, we restarted our trip home.

“I’m disappointed, Erica” I said.

“Why” she asked urgently. Her turn to panic.

“Well, first thing, I want to be kept up with you and what’s going on. I love You and NEED to know how you are” I said. “If you have problems, then I have problems, that’s how it works”.

“Second thing, Even if it’s over the phone, email or letter, you are a mess and you need to talk to ME or SOMEBODY about what’s bothering you.” “I don’t care who it is, you need to confide in someone.” I told her. “You bottle all this up for months and months and let it fester, then it blows up all at once”. “You don’t need to keep all that stress and şişli bayan escort tension inside you, life is hard enough without making it worse for yourself.” I added.

“I haven’t been with anybody else” Erica said, out of the blue. Good to know, but it’s not what I’m talking about.

“Erica, I gave you permission to date, hook-up, screw, pretty much anything you wanted to do, sweetheart”. “Why haven’t you found someone else ? I asked.

“All I could think about was you” she said.

“Erica, I only want you to be happy”. “With me, fine”. “With somebody else, that’s OK too”. I said.

“I tried a few times, I really did, but I kept comparing them to you”. “And it made me miss you that much more” she said. “I new you couldn’t come see me, and I wasn’t done with school yet…” she faded out.

“I knew it would bother you to know about my problems, and not be able to do anything about it, so I kept it to myself” Erica said. Sniffles again.

“Face it, you old pervert, I’m in love with you” she said with a big smile, wiping her eyes.

I picked her hand up in mine and kissed the back of her hand. She smiled. I felt good inside, concerned for Erica, but good.

“Hey, Turn around”. “Lets eat out and go dancing or something”. Erica said enthusiastically.

“That sounds like a hell of an idea” I said. With that, I wheeled the truck back towards Laramie.

After dinner at steak ‘n ale, we walked to the western club and got a table. “Erica, there’s people here that know us” I said.

“Mkay, it’s cool” she said.

Code words for “everybody here knows you’re my niece, don’t tongue kiss me”. Nobody would think twice about a man dancing with his daughter or niece at a club.

The waitress took our order, a beer for me and to my surprise, Erica ordered a cape cod.

“Vodka ? I asked.

“Oops, sorry, I meant to order a shirley temple, but forgot” she said, eyeing me sarcastically.

“As long as you don’t turn into a sloppy drunk and puke all over everything” I said.

“Naw, I’ve been there, done that” she answered.

True to her word she was able to maintain. She switched to ice water after her second drink. We danced a few fast numbers and then a slow one. While she had her head on my chest she spoke softly.

“You know I’m drinking cranberry juice so I’m ready for you” she said.

“What ? I asked. Sometimes I don’t know what the fuck she is talking about, but I’ve learned to be patient and have her explain it to me. She can do it without hurting my feelings. She probably has lots of practice, I think she has to explain a lot of her thoughts to a lot of people. She really is on a different level.

“It’ll acidify my urine, so I don’t get a urinary tract infection again, you know ? Erica had gotten an infection after our first time. Could have been the pond water or just the luck of the draw. It was a minor inconvenience, nothing serious. I gave her some antibiotics I had gotten for something else and never used. But after that experience, she was always careful. She would start her birth control pills a month before she arrived, so they were at potency while she was here. She thinks of this, not me. Thank God someone does.

“Yep, cranberry for you and vodka for me” she said and laughed as we danced.

“How did you discover cape cods ? I asked.

“One of the interns tried to get me drunk at an şişli escort office party once” she said.

“Oh” I said. “And did you get drunk ? I asked.

“A little, but nothing I couldn’t handle” she added. I don’t doubt it.

“Anyway, I just like the way they taste, I’ve never tried anything else” she said.

“How are you doing” I asked.

“Tired…lets bounce” she said.


Arriving at the ranch, lights out. Felt our way into the house and turned on the lights. Moved Erica’s heavy-assed suitcase into her room. Even though we sleep together, she has “her room”, in case of company, or family dropping by.

She stopped me in the hallway. “I’ve got something for you” she said with a sly smile. A smile that I knew from experience meant I usually would enjoy whatever-it-was she had planned.

I smiled back. “What, sweety ?

“You’ll like it” she said as she started to undo the buttons on her shirt. Very slowly and teasingly, she was doing a strip tease, even though I’m sure she probably hadn’t ever seen one before. She peeled her top off and revealed a very pretty lacy silk bra in light pink. She had her shirt off and threw it into the floor and turned away from me to dim one of the two lights in the room.

She sauntered back to me, now in the soft light, placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down into the sofa. She wanted and audience for this and I was honored to be it. She swayed her hips as she pushed her boobs up with her hands and sang soft words to a song only she heard. She unbuckled her belt and slowly loosened her pants, one button at a time. She pulled her jeans down revealing her matching pink silk panties, but only the very top. She turned away from me and leaned forward, pushing her butt into my face, teasing me with her slowly dancing, gyrating hips. She stood and turned to me again, she had her bra off, but still held in place to cover her breasts. She held her arms out to me and placed her hands on both sides of my face. This allowed the bra to fall off her shoulders and down her arms to my face. Her boobs were free and hung there gloriously. She was about the same size as last year, but her taller stature and ladylike development had made her go from “cute” to “beautiful”.

“I’m not worthy” I said, only half-joking. She smiled.

She danced for me a bit, then started to wrap the bra around my head and face. “Close your eyes” she said.

I did. She continued dancing to her rhythm, keeping her hands on my face and head. I could smell her scent on the bra.

“Breath through your nose” she said. As I did, she pulled me closer to her. She pulled me into her half unzipped jeans and gently pushed my nose into her crotch. I could smell her scent, womanly, fresh, pretty. Like pussy mixed with expensive perfume. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her in more, enjoying her tease and her sexuality. I was aware of her hips and her rocking, smooth ass. She knows me so well.

I put my hands on her butt and moved her to her beat, inhaling to the point of hyperventilating. I turned her around by her hips and kept my nose close to her. I stuck my nose in her butt and continued inhaling her scent. Different now, more sweat than pussy and some sweet ass scent as well. My dick started to swell.

“You know what you like” she observed.

“Good thing I like it too” she added.

She stopped dancing for a mecidiyeköy escort second and leaned forward, slowly pushing her jeans down her slender legs. Revealing her ass to my nose, I pulled the bra away from my face to see a little of the show. She had the most beautiful butt I’ve ever seen. She was bent over kicking her jeans off, with her ass in my face. Pretty, feminine, silk panties met my gaze. I pulled the very top of her pink silk panties down revealing her sweet ass crack, the one I dream about. I folded her panties down to hold themselves at half mast and licked her crack all the way to the small of her back, she stood up and breathed audibly deep and groaned. I gave her butt a tender kiss.

She gave up on the pants, and turned to face me. The delicate panties framed her little pussy. Her lips and pubes were visible through the delicate fabric.

“I’ve been wearing these all day” she said. “My ass wrapped in tight denim, 1200 miles, from two different planes to dinner, dancing and here”. she added. “I bought them at victoria’s secret yesterday, planning this and wanting a surprise for you”. “I’m giving these to you, you old pervert, I only wore them once and now they’re yours”.

My dick was about to tear a hole my jeans.

Erica kicked her boot off and pulled a leg free of the bunched up jeans. She freed a leg from her pretty pink panties and threw two pillows off the sofa. She pushed my shoulders down and I complied, laying on the sofa, face up.

Erica unzipped my pants and freed my raging cock. She pulled my boxers loose and slid them down. With one hand on my cock, she slowly started to rub it and stroke it.

She then straddled my head with her delicate little ass and sat on my face. Her taint was squarely over my mouth. I knew what to do. I could taste her flavor, her pussy, her ass. The sweat from her back that ran down her ass and stayed there. Her asshole scent, not feces, but sweat from different glands that contain pheromones. Her pretty pussy scent and the salty, sweaty taste of her vaginal secretions caked into her pussy lips. The sweat from her pubic hair that had a similar pheromone scent and taste. Like a starving man at a smorgasbord, I didn’t know where to go first.

Erica was going to town on my cock. Alternately sucking, licking the shaft and the head, then stroking it tenderly. I grabbed her supple hips and guided them where they needed to be. I licked and sucked her pussy hole, clit, taint and asshole like I’d never seen one before. Erica would moan when I hit the right spot. I settled on her clit with an occasional trip to her cute, crinkled butthole. I massaged her pretty ass cheeks and kneaded them as I ate her out. She started to moan in earnest and lose her concentration on my cock. I kept at it and she came like a volcano. Moaning loudly and spasming her legs and pussy hole as I tried to continue to eat her out from behind. She calmed down and I lowered the tempo as she recovered.

She quickly restarted her oral technique on my raging dick. It wasn’t too long after that, I blew deep in her throat. I heard her gag little, the first time since I’d seen her this trip, as she struggled to keep my load in her mouth. She swallowed it and gasped a little afterward. She promptly dismounted and laid on top of me. Her naked boobs and her painfully erect nipples in my chest and her half-clothed, sweaty body atop mine. She pulled a soft saddle blanket off the sofa-back, down onto the both of us and settled in. We kissed and swapped each others flavor for the rest of the evening and went on to blissful sleep.

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