Erica’s Journey of Discovery Ch. 02

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This is a sequel to “Erica’s Awakening”. I want to thank my editor “Navaura” because she convinced me that we couldn’t let Erica’s story end with her awakening. All the characters in the previous story return along with a new bad guy that tries to make his fortune by using Erica.

If you haven’t read that “Erica’s Awakening”, it’s not necessary but everything will make a lot more sense if you do. Once again I want to thank Navaura. I’ve monopolized her time with all my stories and she never once complained, she is the best friend a writer could have.

Chapter 2 – The Virgin Ass

As Alan started talking to Mr. Hanson Erica twisted in his lap so that she was facing the phone and then grabbed Alan’s arms and wrapped them tightly around her. As much as Erica wanted to do this, the idea of actually going through with it scared her very much. Only Alan’s arms around her kept the fear at bay. The conversation was relatively short because neither had all the information they needed.

They agreed to meet in three days to exchange information, go over a potential contract that included a payment schedule and any other expectations and finally a test photo shoot. Alan also demanded something from Playboy, a potential schedule for any shoots and any appearances; an executive document explaining what they expected from Erica;. He also mentioned long-term arrangements that may include modeling contracts and any long-term demands on Erica’s time. Mr. Hanson explained that any questions or concerns would be answered the next day at lunch and that they were not sure yet as to what extent Erica would be shot. After all this was a preliminary shoot they were going to shoot and any arrangements would be made by the head of play boy.

As they finished a phone call, Erica pulled Alan’s arms even tighter around her as she whispered to herself. “Can I really do this and would they like me.”

“Of course they will like you, I have no doubt you’ll blow them and their millions of readers away. Baby if you stay who you are and if they can capture your sultry innocent beauty, I have no doubt you could become one of the most popular Playmates of all time. I love you Baby and I have no doubt when people see your photographs everyone will love you too. That’s what scares me, having to share you with their millions of readers. I don’t want to share. I want you as mine “

Erica twisted in his lap and snuggled deep into his arms as she gave him a deep passionate and loving kiss, then looked into his eyes with deep loving emotion and said. “All of the readers may get pictures of me, but you’re the one I love and I’m not sharing you with anyone. None of this would be possible without you. Your love has made me beautiful and everything I am is because of you and your unwavering love for me. Alan I love you so very much, thank you for saving my heart and helping become you fantasy girl.”

“Baby we have three days to think about this and get all your stuff together. Now, we have lots of things to do today. First we’re going to go get tattoos together and then after that we have to start shopping for your Caribbean wedding trousseau, as well as swimsuits and other casual outfits for playing on the beach.” Alan said.

“Tattoos? Is that your surprise claiming of me?” She excitedly ask.

“Yes, You are getting a tattoo that says I belong to Alan, and I’m getting one that says I belong to Erica. Both in kanji. I was thinking about our arms, what do you think?” He asked.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him into a loving kiss and then said. “Yes I love it, but I think I might like a piercing too, maybe my navel.”

Alan gave her a broad smile and said. “That is a great idea.”

“After that we have lots of shopping. You are going to need a new wedding dress as well as bikinis and lots of skimpy sun outfits for the wedding and honeymoon in St. Barts. So why don’t we go get on some clothes and then we will get the tattoos, do a little shopping and then get all the stuff you need for Playboy.”

They went into the bedroom with Alan putting on jeans and a polo shirt, then Erica came out in a tiny crop top and a small pair of skintight hotpants, damn she was staggeringly sexy. Once again Alan just looked at her with loving awe while Erica giggled and danced over to him saying. “You’re giving me that look again, that turns me on so much. The one that shows me how much you love me and makes me feel so beautiful and sexy.”

Alan pulled her into his arms with his hands roaming over her vast expanse of naked flesh scintillating displayed in this outfit and nibbled on her ear as he whispered. “That’s because you are beautiful and sexy.”

Alan kissed over her cheek to her mouth to give her a gentle but loving kiss. When he pulled back and looked into her luminous eyes, he was once again amazed with the amount and depth and love she was showing him through her beautiful green eyes. They stood staring into each other eyes for a few moments as their love for each other washed junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle over the both of them and then Alan said, “We had better get going before I strip that outfit from you and really show you how much I love you.”

Alan kissed her and then dropped his arms expecting her to step back, but Erica didn’t do that, instead she clung to him and whispered. “I’m not in any hurry.”

“Are you trying to seduce me my beautiful, sexy siren?” Alan ask with a mock incredulous tone.

Erica stepped back, striking a coquettish pose and then said. “Could be. Is it working?”

“You know it is. Baby you don’t even have to try, every time I see you, I want to show you how you make me feel and if we didn’t have an appointment I would take you up on that seduction. As it is, it will have to wait until we get home later.” Alan said as he scooped her in his arms and began walking out the front door.

Erica giggled excitedly as he scooped her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began nibbling on his neck and ear until he reluctantly set her in the passenger side of the car. As they drove to the tattoo parlor Erica kept her eyes on the man she loved so much and thought of something she wanted to do.

As they went in, Alan explained to the tattoo artist what they wanted and Alan had drawn up the kanji characters for the artist to use. For the next hour the tattoo artist worked on Erica and then on Alan and when he was finished they did a quick piercing of the hood to Erica’s naval. They put a small hanging diamond through the hole so that it on centered in the middle of her naval. While he thought this looked good Alan decided to go to a jewelry store and get something much more elegant later.

As they were finishing up Erica said she had a special request and asked Alan if he could leave her for about an hour with the artist. As she looked up at him with those gorgeous eyes pleading with him, he couldn’t say no, so he left to go get some coffee and promised to come back within an hour. When Alan came into the tattoo parlor, Erica shyly showed him her special request.

She explained that Alan’s tattoos were a public declaration of their love. She wanted something that privately showed her feelings for Alan, so she had a tattoo placed behind her right ear in her hairline. She placed it there because this was her intimate testament to her love for Alan. It was the outline of two hearts intimately intertwined, with one heart having an A and the other an E, with the word unconditional written below the two hearts.

As she showed him the tattoo Erica looked at Alan nervously waiting for his reaction. She hoped he liked it and understood the love behind it. After Alan saw the tattoo he looked into Erica’s eyes, choked with emotion as love for her swelled in his chest and held out his arms for her to come to him because the lump in his throat wouldn’t allow him to tell her how he felt. As she came to him, Alan gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply, passionately, full of love and promise, his tongue thrusting between her lips and dominating her mouth.

Erica felt her knees weaken as she succumb to the love Alan was pouring into her mouth. As she sagged against him, Alan’s hands begin to roam over her naked skin. His hands strayed over her taut belly, rising until he captured one of her breasts and when he tweaked one of her nipples with his finger and thumb, her knees gave out and she sagged in his arms. Her head fell back breaking the kiss as she gave a deep and throaty moan. Alan’s lips slid down her throat capturing her pulsing veins in his mouth.

Alan gathered himself and pulled his lips from her neck. As Erica opened her eyes, she saw Alan looking at her with the same deep and committed love that she felt for him. She wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest as he whispered into her ear. “I love the tattoo baby, almost as much as I love you. When you do things like this, my love for you overwhelms me to a point where lose track of everything except you. I love you baby and you make me so happy.”

Erica tightened her arms around him and snuggled deeper into his grasp and whispered. “I love you so much baby and your my whole life, without you I can’t exist anymore. But, if you kiss me like that again to shopping trip ends and you take me somewhere to finish what you started.”

Alan gave throaty chuckle and said. “It would be my pleasure to finish what we started.”

Alan kept Erica wrapped in his arms as he settled the bill with the tattoo artist and then guided her out to the car. The rest of the afternoon they went down to the beach and first had lunch but then meandered through all the boutique bikini shops from Santa Monica to Carmel. There wasn’t a shop they didn’t visit. Erica had almost two dozen swimsuits by the end of the day, that ranged from microscopic monokinis kaçış izle to some sexy yet elegant bikinis and every one of them looked fabulous on Erica.

That night they gathered up Erica’s passport, birth certificate, Social Security card and all the documentation necessary to prove her citizenship and that she was beyond the age of consent. Alan also spent a while taking some pictures, dressed and undressed to present to Playboy as part of the initial application. That night they fell into an exhausted sleep cuddled in each others arms.

The next day Alan and Erica spent the entire day shopping for clothes for their upcoming renewal of vows and honeymoon. Although many of her California outfits could suffice for a trip to the Caribbean, she really wanted some newer sexier outfits that showed off her new found sexuality. In addition, Erica wanted a really nice gown for their wedding, since this was their second time around an actual wedding gown wouldn’t be needed. At the end of the day, they went to the Bridal department in a high end department store and to Erica’s estimation found the perfect dress. However, with Erica being so tiny, there were going to be extensive alterations that would take a minimum of three weeks, which was cutting it close, because that was when we were scheduled to leave for St. Barts.

That night Erica was very fidgety. She and Alan stayed in that night trying to watch a movie, but Erica kept jumping up and down the entire night, nervous about tomorrow’s meeting with Playboy, wondering what it would be like. Alan gave up trying to watch the movie and stood, taking Erica back to the bedroom with him. She looked questioningly at him as he stripped off all her clothes and then laid her face down in the middle of the bed, stretched out her arms and legs and then went and grabbed a bottle of massage oil, spending the next hour and a half relaxing her tight, stressed filled muscles. By the time he was finished, Erica was lying limp like a Rag Doll, her body in a blissful exhausted state in the middle of the bed drifting in and out of sleep.

Alan stripped and pulled Erica under the covers with him. Erica spent the night contentedly in Alan’s arms. Alan woke with sunlight beaming in the window, his face covered with both soft hair and soft loving kisses. He wrapped his arms around her soft, tight little body and captured her roaming lips in a soft loving kiss.

Erica comfortably fitted herself into his grasp, laid her head on his chest and gazed softly into his eyes asking innocently. “Why do you love me so much, and why are you so good to me.”

Alan looked at her, not knowing what brought this up, but he assumed it was because he gave her that massage last night to ease her agitation. He looked at her, caressing her face and said.

“I’m so good to you because I love you, and when I see you agitated or in pain, I’m going to do my best to alleviate any pain or problems in your life. I love seeing you happy and I will sacrifice anything to see delight and joy on your face. Baby, you have a very expressive face and whenever I see you happy my heart sings. When you feel happy, beautiful or sexy, I’m the recipient of your feelings and all my troubles go away, there is just you and our love.”

“As to why I love you, there is probably a thousand reasons, but mostly because you fill my heart and my life with enchantment. I love your innocent giving heart, the way the room lights up when you smile, when my heart beats faster every time I see you. I love you because you’re part of me, you make me whole and without you I feel empty and worthless.”

“It’s not because you think I’m beautiful?” she ask naively.

“Baby you are incredibly beautiful, stunningly so, but that’s not why I love you, that’s just an incredible little bonus. My love for you is spiritual; I feel you deep in my heart and I cherish every moment we’re together. You inspire me to be a better man, to be a better provider, a better lover and a better friend. When I look into your eyes I know I’m home where I belong. The last few weeks I feel like our love has grown and most of that is because of you. You’re finally free to love me back and free to accept all the love I have wanted to show you. You’re lodged in my heart and you will stay there forever.” He responded.

Erica looked to Alan with her eyes full of tears and lovingly whispered. “All those years I never knew how deeply you loved me, but more importantly I never knew how deeply I loved to you. Now I believe in us. That we do beat with one heart and breathe the same air; that our hearts and our souls are joined for eternity and only death will break the bond we have. I know you feel it as deeply as I do; every time we make love, every time I feel our hearts touch and our souls recommit to each other. Alan, I never knew it could be like this. However, you’re wrong, it’s not me. You’ve always been there with me even when I thought I didn’t want you there. Your love saved me, brought kaleidoscope izle me out of the darkness and helped me become the love that you deserve.”

Erica twisted around so that she was looking at his proud, thick 7-inch cock. She lovingly picked it up with a soft hand and began to kiss all around his shaft. Alan felt each one of her soft, sensuous, loving kisses as her lips made love to his cock. When she had coated every inch of his cock at least twice, she put the head in her mouth, sucking on it gently with her tongue. As her tongue and lips made love to his hard engorged cock, she began to bob up and down, taking more of his cock into her mouth and then down her throat.

Alan felt her gag reflex a couple of times, but she kept going until her nose was buried in his balls and his cock was completely buried in her throat. She pulled back off of his cock, took a breath and took it back to her throat and began a slow seductive throat fuck. Alan’s hands were caressing Erica’s tight little ass, but now he slid his hand down between her thighs and slowly slid his fore finger into her brown star; His middle two fingers went into her womanly slot. As he began to slowly slide his fingers in and out of her two holes, he felt vibrations of her moans around his cock.

Neither were in any hurry this morning and this was a slow luxurious affirmation of their love. Erica’s erotic throat fuck was sending chills up and down Alan spine. It was a rare occasion when Erica was the instigator and when she made love to Alan, it made it even more special. Erica felt the same way because she loved the spirituality of feeling the man she loved buried inside her. Just the thought of having him inside her made her tingle from her toes to her scalp and her heart swelled inside her chest. It didn’t matter where he was, her throat or her pussy, she still tingled from the top of her scalp to the tips of her toes.

The slow luxurious lovemaking had reached its limit and Erica wanted him in her pussy, so she twisted around, threw her leg over him and slid the tip his cock into her soaking wet steamy twat. Erica teased herself and Alan as she slowly sank down on his shaft, feeling every bump, ridge and vein as it slid inside her. As the head of his cock nudged against her cervix, Erica’s whole body quivered. Nothing in her life ever felt as agonizingly wonderful as having Alan inside her and it was the spiritual and physical zenith of their hearts joining.

Erica lifted herself so his cock was just inside her pussy lips and then let go, slamming his cock inside her and crushing her clit between them. She felt her whole body shake as the fire inside her grew hotter and more demanding. She lifted and dropped herself onto his cock, crushing her clit against him until she exploded around him and sat frozen for several seconds as tremors of excruciating bliss wracked her body.

Her head was thrown back with her open mouth in gulping breaths punctuated by deep rapturous moans. Her breasts were shaking and wobbling as she arched her back, thrusting her engorged nipples towards the man she loved. Her belly was sunken with her tight stomach muscles bunched, trying to control her shuttering and rocking hips. These few seconds of exquisite rapture were seared in Erica’s mind and heart at the physical manifestation of her love for the man who loved, saved and took care of her.

Erica let her body slump forward until she was lying on Alan’s chest with her mouth stopping just as their lips touched. Erica’s tongue came out and she began to trace Alan’s lips with the tip of her tongue then teasing a dip it between his lips. Alan would lunge for her mouth, trying to capture the teasing tongue, but Erica dodged away only to return with loving little kisses on his face and more teasing from her tongue. Meanwhile her hips were rocking back and forth, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her and her hard nipples digging erotically into his chest. Erica was driving herself crazy with this teasing, but she knew she was driving Alan just as mad.

Finally Alan had enough and with a roar, he wrapped his arms around her and rolled over so that she was underneath him and as Erica felt him thrust deep within her, she bowed her back and with her head rolled back she ardently moaned. “Oh yes, Oh my God yes, Oh Baby … Now … Take me now.”

Alan’s lips traveled from her ear down to her presented neck and as he pulled his cock back to her pussy lips he thought “now it’s my time to tease.” He rocked the tip of his cock in and out of the lips of her pussy while his lips were teasing and nipping on her arched neck. Erica’s arms and legs wrapped around him frantically trying to pull him inside her, but Alan resisted with his cock teasing the lips of her pussy and every once in a while he would drive hard and deep into her quim, causing her to moan, gasp, and shudder in his arms.

His teasing had taken its toll and Erica was quivering, twisting and begging him to take her. She frantically clawed his back and pulled at him with her legs. Alan had reached his limit too and grabbed her legs in his arms, folding her in half as he began to thrust hard, deep and fast into her succulent pussy as it was driving him mad. All the teasing had Erica hanging on the edge of another orgasm and within a few of his hard, deep strokes every muscle in Erica’s body tightened in muscle quivering cramps as she exploded in an orgasmic fireball.

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