Everyday Screw: The Mallrat

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Aidra Fox

**Don’t miss the rest of the series, and don’t forget to vote! Thanks to destinie21 and RenzaJones for giving me their time to edit this story. As always, it’s appreciated. Both authors have some really amazingly hot stories and both in my favorites. Looking for something else after this? Try them!**

It was the first real day I’d had off in weeks. I was tired of getting home after everything was closed except the bars and I was sick of seeing only my own four walls and my cubical. Even the bar scenes were boring to me; the same people, the same music, the same fights. So, I hit out to the ultimate experience in humanity at it’s finest and I went to the mall.

Fortunately, the town mall is the largest one for about 400 miles. It’s got a couple floors in it, some real restaurants, a fountain in the middle, and probably 1000 stores or more. Needless to say that on Saturdays, the place is packed.

I got there early. I had some stuff I wanted to get and I was looking forward to stretching my legs and wandering around. I could have gotten the exercise outside; the weather had been good enough for that, but something about the controlled climate of the mall just appealed to me. That, and the view was usually pretty good in the mall. It held everything from the posh shopping for the latest fashions in the area to the little mall rats that were here whether it was the weekend or not.

I got a decent parking place and walked inside. The day was already getting warm and I could feel the humidity creeping up, making me very glad that I had picked air-conditioning over the slight breeze of the mid-west. The mall was likewise fairly busy already, and the piped in musak could barely be heard over the roaring murmur of the gathering crowd.

I stopped in at the local movie store and looked around the place, trying to find something that was a little funny or something with a lot of action, or both if I could find it. While I was in here, I was checking out the sales staff as well. There was a guy in here, not my type, I don’t swing that way, but he looked to be in pretty good shape. After listening to him, he seemed to be a little more than a dork. The other two salespeople were girls, one looked like a tired housewife in her late thirties, wearing her graying hair like a badge of honor. The other looked like a high school girl, her face breaking out in acne, trying to cover it up with make-up as if it was a badge of shame. I mentally crossed both of them off my list; the older one wasn’t my type and the other was probably going to get me arrested.

My gaze switched to the patrons and I saw a group three girls come in. They looked like college-aged riff-raff. The one that caught my eye was a redhead, her was hair almost a foot and a half long in the front, tapering back to about 6 inches in the back, framing her head and shoulders beautifully. The first inch of hair on either side of her face was dyed silver, and she took amazing care of it; it shimmered in the light so beautifully. She was wearing a shredded black tank top, and a red satin bra could be seen under it prominently. A black leather choker was around her neck with a silver medallion of some sort in the center. Black wristbands adorned both her wrists with some sort of red star emblem on the top. Her skin stood out in stark contrast, being white as the driven snow. I moved around the store, trying to get a better look at her; the shelves kept blocking my view of the rest. After trying to not look conspicuous, I finally got a full view of her.

Her legs were straight and skinny, clad in tight black denim and leather pants with zippers laced through out their length. Most of them were open, exposing more white flesh beneath. They were slung incredibly low on her hips, and I couldn’t figure out (and still can’t) how they managed to stay up. An unbelievably sexy amount of belly was showing between the top of her pants and the bottom of that red bra. The tank top more or less ended at the base of that bra, with some shreds dangling further down her back. A few more tattoos adorned her ribs and were around her belly button, looking like a cross between tribal and Asian designs. All of them were jet black with silver ink outlining them. There was one right above the top of her jeans, and it was pink in color, but I couldn’t make out what it was.

One of her friends caught me staring at her. I was spotted and pointed out. She said something to the other friend and they both turned and half-scowled at me, but the redhead only turned to see me and looked away. A second later she turned around again and brushed that platinum and red hair out of her face, showing me one eye and a cocky smile. That made me happy.

I had gotten in shape in college and in the couple years since then I was working in an office and had gotten a little soft. Last year my friends signed my up for a gym membership for my 24th birthday and lockwood co izle I had worked and worked to get my body toned back up again. I didn’t turn into a huge-armed monstrous freak, but I got to be well muscled and very toned. It made me happy to see that someone actually appreciated it. But, figuring I was probably not going to get anywhere because of the goon squad accompanying her, I bought my movie and took off.

I wandered around the mall for a little, making the rounds in the multi-winged temple to capitalism, and found a bookstore. I checked around for my favorite authors and a few of the magazines that I pick up when I see them, and I was about to leave when I saw the redhead wander in and her friends kept moving. They broke apart after saying something, but I was too far away to hear it and I never did learn to read lips. She came in and wandered over to the horror section and dipped below the shelves. I walked over to her aisle and cleared my throat. She turned and looked at my boots, her head slowly turning up my six-foot frame, but pausing at my crotch and my chest before settling on my face. Her eyes narrowed a little and she stood up slowly. I could hear the leather in her pants creak and she cocked her hips, putting her hands on the bare flesh of her waist. “I’m beginning to get the feeling you’re following me,” I said, and gave her a slow look up and down.

“That’s funny,” she said lowly. Her voice had a husky sexiness to it that reminded me of the lounge singers and swing music of the 30’s and 40’s. I could see her green eyes light up and then narrow a little. “You’re not some sick fucker trying to stalk me, are you?”

I smiled and looked through the store, hoping her goons weren’t coming in. I didn’t see them and locked my blue eyes on her smoldering emerald eyes. “No. I’m not trying to stalk you.”

“Oh, so you’re a sick fucker then,” she said, her words both playful and venomous. My smile widened.

“Maybe,” I said and gave her a look up and down, catching a good look at her tattoo above her pants. It looked like it was a cat, completely shaved, covered in sweat, and panting. “What’s the tattoo?”

“That’s my hot, wet, bald pussy,” she said, with a wiry smile.

“Is it?” I asked, my cock quickly hardening in my pants. She put her hands in her pockets and exposed all of her bald little pussy, the tail still arching gracefully down under her pants. The very top of the cleft of her sex could be seen as a tiny little shadow. She pulled her pants back up an inch, covering half of the tattoo up again and she walked out of the store, swishing her little ass behind her. I decided I’d play, but I’d give her a head start; she was fairly tall for a girl and that blood crimson hair of hers would be easy to spot in the growing ocean of people flowing gently through the building. I bought my book and moved through the crowd, gaining slowly. She ducked into Industrial Light, an arcade, and her head turned in my direction. I could see a smile cross her lips and I felt myself smile in response. I headed for the arcade.

Industrial Light was dark enough that I couldn’t really see much of anything except the blinding glare of the video screens. The back of the arcade had one of those old photo booths in it and a couple of pool tables huddled under low lights. The place was also packed. College students, high school students, and mall rats were thick through the room. I couldn’t see the redhead and I didn’t have much hope of finding her before she slipped out the door again. I tried anyway.

I pushed through the crush of video game players and moved back toward the pool tables. I didn’t see her, and I was straining my eyes very hard trying to. I started moving down another row of games and I felt brush of flesh against my elbow and hot breath on my ear. “Tag, you’re it,” she whispered. Her tongue ran down my neck and a shiver ran up my spine. “No touch backs,” she taunted. I turned around to face her and took in her beauty, half of her face being lit by the pool table lights, the other being lit up by the flashing video games on her left.

“But I want to touch back,” I said, moving my hand to her ribs and tickling my fingers softly down them, across her waist, over her hips and to the center of her lean abs and then back up. She shivered lightly in response, the muscles galloping under her skin as she tried to maintain her composure. “You want me to, too. Don’t you.” I said confidently. My fingers teased down her belly to her tattoo, the fingertip teasing the raised skin on her ink. I could feel the heat of her cunt boiling through her belly already.

“Your little pussy is bald,” I whispered. The look in her eyes shifted from predatory to disarmed. “It is hot,” I continued and started stroking the outline of the tattoo. I followed the raised outline down along side her slit, feeling her heat grow. loki izle The outline began to curl and lead directly to her clit. Her sparkling green eyes went from docile to glazed. My finger teased her still heating pussy lips nestled in her cleft and I pushed inside, her pussy feeling like the most humid of jungles and positively dripping. I leaned in and licked her neck and I felt her knees buckle. “And you pussy is definitely wet.” I pulled my eyes back to hers and they had gone from glazed to burning pits of lust. She breathed deep and bit her lower lip as I moved my finger slowly through her pussy, circling and teasing the rim of her hole, moving back up and slowly circling and flicking her clit. All the while, I could feel her wetness growing and her flesh heating.

Her head turned slowly to the back of the arcade, her platinum trimmed curtain of flame red hair glistening in the flashing lights punching through the darkness of the arcade. My eyes followed hers and saw she was staring at the photo booth. I stuck my finger in her pussy up to the second knuckle and she barely stifled a moan. I felt a rush of her juice run down over my finger and saw her whole body tense as she tried to maintain her balance.

“Over there,” she breathed huskily. A devilish look crossed her face, boiling over the mask of lust she was just wearing. “Got a couple bucks?” she asked. I smiled immediately and pulled my finger from her melting crotch and went for my wallet. She grabbed my hand quickly and popped the finger in her mouth that had just been playing her pussy like a well-tuned orchestra. Her lips closed around it and her tongue immediately went to work, circling, teasing, and sucking all at once. It was my turn to shiver and I pulled my finger out. I looked at the machine and saw that it was 5 pictures for 5 bucks or 12 pictures for 10. I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and pulled a 10-dollar bill out. My eyes shifted around the arcade to see if anyone had noticed me fingering this hot little bitch out and didn’t see that anyone was the wiser. She had started walking that way and she had the curtain pulled aside and she was inside by the time I fed the bill to the machine and got in myself.

The curtain wasn’t even in place before what was left of her tank top was off and the front clasp of her bra was open. She turned quickly to the screen in front of us and pushed her well-shaped tits together and stuck her tongue out. The light in the booth flashed and a little timer started going in the screen. We had 20 seconds before the next picture. I pulled my pants down and popped my hard dick out. She pushed some buttons under the screen and lowered the camera. When my cock was in full view, she stuck her mouth around it and tucked her long hair behind her ears. She started sucking my head and whirling her tongue all around the sensitive flesh with a vigor. Her little tongue curled up and licked my piss slit and she swallowed about three inches of my meat. My head rolled back and my eyes closed. She had definitely done this before and she was very good. Every moment of her tongue made me want to shoot right then and there and her mouth stroking my meat was absolute heaven. Even through my closed eyes I saw the flash erupt. Her mouth left my dick and I opened my eyes.

Her pants came off her ass and down her legs. She had some trouble with it, being cramped in the booth, but she managed. We had three seconds left on the timer when she stradled my cock. She didn’t put it all inside her, but just let the head part those drippingly hot pussy lips of hers. I wanted to thrust up so bad, but the timer hit zero and the flash went off. She sunk down on my 8 inches of cock and her pussy squished juice out. She leaned forward, bracing herself against the sides of the screen, keeping our sex in view. She started riding my dick like she was in a rodeo, and she squeezed my cock hard with her cunt every time she bottomed out. The timer on the screen hit two and she pulled up so that just the tip of my dick was in her. The flash lit up the booth and I saw my dick, glistening with her juice in her pussy.

She was panting and so hard that I was afraid someone would come check, but that made it that much better. Her breath was coming in ragged, short gasps, but she started riding away again, a low moan starting in her throat and turning into almost a growl. Her ass started slapping wetly into my lap and the timer ticked down. This time she had half of my cock in her pussy, the little pearl of her clit showing proudly at the top of her slit as it stuck out from its hood. The flash went off and she slid slowly down my dick, taking all its length inside her.

“Oooh, God do you feel good,” she moaned out. She started rocking her hips in a slow circle, moving my dick inside her. She started moaning a little louder and I put my hand over her mouth. That seemed to excite her more, lol chi ride e fuori izle and she leaned back and really started squeezing my dick, almost rhythmically from bottom to top, as if she was trying to coax me to cum. The timer hit zero and the light flashed for the camera, the image of her pussy consuming my dick showing in the screen; my balls were visible in the shot, glistening with her cum, nestled under her spread pussy lips.

She started to rise up, but I pushed her back down. I kept one hand on her mouth to cover her moans and moved my left to her clit. I started rubbing it furiously, trying to keep as much of that tattoo in the shot as I could and still stoke her off. Her pussy started to almost vibrate on my dick as she started to cum, her wetness growing with each second. The timer clicked down and her stomach was convulsing with humming bird quickness. The flash lit up and we saw her pussy contracting around my dick and my finger on her clit the flower of her pussy wide open. She stood up a little, my cock popping free from her pussy, strings of her cunt juice leaving juicy trails between us. She moved forward a little and leaned back, putting my dick against her ass with one hand and opening her pussy with her left. She held one side open and started flicking her clit, while I held the other side open, flicking the entrance to her pussy for everything I could. She started moaning louder and whimpering with each breath. About half of my cock head slipped into her ass and the flash went off.

The redhead’s knees buckled in her pleasure and my cock slid up her ass. She tried to catch it and make it penetrate a little slower, but with all the lube she had leaked out on my dick, it didn’t matter much. She almost screamed around my finger and sucked one into her mouth. Her tongue started teasing and tormenting it, batting against the pad of my fingertip while she sucked it in and pushed it out of her mouth, teasing it with her teeth as well. She slowly started pumping herself up and down on my rod, letting it come almost all the way out of her ass before slowly sliding back down. Her finger was still on her clit and mine was sticking further up her pussy, both of us going faster with each stroke. She bottomed out on her third stroke and rotated her hips. The camera flashed and her wet pussy was seen drooling her hot cum, her hole wide open, her clit exposed, and my entire length buried in her ass.

She rose up again and I stuck my entire finger in her, tickling her g-spot as fast as I could. She came. She screamed around my fingers and I did everything I could to quiet her, but I didn’t stop flicking her g-spot. Her fingers stopped on her clit so I started teasing it with my thumb. She screamed again, this time biting down on my finger. Her hips started rocking, and the pain from her teeth was quickly over-ridden by her tight hot ass trying to coax my spunk from my balls. She screamed a third time and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and I felt a shot of cum erupt from her pussy. I looked in the screen and saw a second powerful jet come out of her just as the camera took another picture.

She kept humping me with her cum literally dripping out of her, sometimes with a small jet or two followed by a full body shudder. She rose up as much as she could, leaning back forward and just rode my head with her ass, just bobbing it in and out of her hot, tight, and thoroughly lubricated back door.

“Cum!” she hissed between her panting breaths. “Cum in my ass!” she hissed again. She started swirling her hips in a belly dance, her pussy still drooling. The timer ticked down to zero and the flash went off with my cock sticking half way out of her, still glistening with her juice. I was about to blow my load, but I had an idea. I pulled her off my dick and sat her next to me. I grabbed a fist full of hair and pushed her lips down to my aching meat. She sucked it into her lips immediately and I groaned, probably louder than I should have. I started shooting almost immediately, and she kept right on sucking. When I was spent, I pulled her head off.

“Smile for the camera,” I said. She turned her head to the screen, getting as close as she could and opened her mouth, displaying my white spunk pooling around her tongue and a small run of it escaping from the corner of her mouth. The light flashed and the word “Complete” flashed across the screen.

She started putting her clothes back on after swallowing my load. I pulled my pants up and started getting out. She wasn’t far behind me and we waited for the pictures to come out of the machine. It seemed that no one even heard us over the noise of the kids, the machines, and the music. We looked a little disheveled, but no one looked twice at us. The photo booth spit out the 12 photos in two different sections. She pulled a pen out of her pocket and wrote something on the second string, smiled, and walked away. I didn’t even get a chance to say anything, being still out of breath and still pretty high from my orgasm. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her that she still had some cum on her chin.

I looked at what she wrote and all said was “Bring a friend,” her phone number, and a little picture of a smiling cat.

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