Everytime She Comes Home

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She came home after being away. Black sundress with white flowers, hair over her left shoulder. Breathtaking. He kisses her long and deep and whispers, “Good morning, beautiful. I’ve been waiting for you.”

His smile turns mischievous and spins her around, pressing her against the door. He tugs on her hair, pulling her head back and kissing her neck. Pressing his weight against her, he begins his exploration of her body. The body he’s longed for all week. His hands wander across her stomach, sliding over her dress and feeling her skin beneath.

His hands diverge in their paths over her body. As one goes lower to rest on her hip and caress her there, the other slides further up and begins to enjoy itself with her breasts.

She begins to squirm, but his arm shoots up through the valley of her breasts and grabs her throat. His other hand swings back and arcs down, swatting her left asscheek. Instead of silencing her, it only brings out a tortured moan with her hips grinding back against him. He let his hand fly again. Again. Again. Moans each time and her ass begins grinding backwards in circles, trying to find his cock.

Still with his hand on her neck, he thrusts his hips forward to trap her against the wall, bringing his other hand up to begin to pull the dress off.

He pauses when he gets to the hem. Instead, he flips her around with her back to the wall, her hands coming up to hold his wrist at her neck. Her eyes wild and flashing at him in defiance and lust.

Breathing heavily through gritted teeth, he growls, “You’re wearing too many clothes. Take them off. Now.”

She reaches down and begins to lean almanbahis forward to take the hem, but his arm doesn’t move. Her eyebrow cocks up in question and he motions with his eyes saying, “Don’t you move. Use your hands.”

She slowly pulls it up and over her hips, revealing her beautiful pussy. As her flat, toned stomach gets passed by the fabric, he suddenly realizes how hungry he is for her.

Lust fills him as she lifts it above her breasts. Taking his hand from her throat he reaches for her breast. But as soon as his hold loosens, she ducks past him and scampers away and into the living room. He recovers quickly and chases after her, barely missing her arm as she darts past the couch and into the bedroom.

He enjoys this part. Watching her breasts giggle and her butt dance. She’s breathing hard and running out of places to go, cornered in the bedroom. She tries to pass by him, but he’s too quick for her. An arm hooking her hip and suddenly she is falling face down towards the bed. They both enjoy this part the best.

He falls on top of her as she struggles and tries to get away, but all she does is grind her ass into his hard cock. He flips her over and puts a knee between her legs, trapping her leg with his foot. The knee snugs up to her pussy and, in her struggles, she finds that she is only rubbing her clit on his leg. Suddenly, she realizes how wet she is and lets out a moan- rubbing her pelvis into his leg.

Meanwhile, he is busy flowing over each shoulder with kisses and licks and nips. But once he gets to her breasts, he goes a little nuts, switching from left to right, not knowing which almanbahis giriş to give more attention. He flips her over onto her stomach, putting his weight on top of her laying his cock between her butt cheeks, letting her feel it hard. knowing that she is to blame. His hands reach to cup, squeeze, and fondle her breasts firmly.

Pulling her hair back, he grunts into her ear, “Do you feel this cock on your ass?” She nods.

“Do you know who is responsible for it?” She moans.

He spanks her sharply. She howls in pain and pleasure. He moves his hand to her neck, keeping her head pulled back.

“Do you feel this?” He spanks her again. A guttural moan escapes her throat as her butt comes off the bed, asking for more, this movement rubs her clit on his leg more, increasing the pleasure in the midst of the wonderful pain.

Pausing to listen to her moans of desperation, he rubs her ass and whispers, “You know I love your ass, your butt is mine. It’s perfect. I love how it feels in my hands.”

Spank. Moan. Rub. “Do you know that?”

Spank. Moan. Rub. “Do you?”

She nods.

He turns her over and kisses down from her lips to her breasts through her stomach and teases her thighs. His hands go to the back of his head, tangling in his hair. He slowly moves up to her pussy and gives her little licks and nips with his lips and tongue. She starts to get fairly desperate to feel him and begins to put pressure on the back of his head. All of a sudden he dives in, eating her out. One hand fondling her breasts and the other coming in to tease the entrance of her wet pussy with his fingers. One almanbahis yeni giriş finger sneaking in, curling up to massage her insides. Her hips come off the bed and moans begin spilling out of her mouth. Practically singing in pleasure. A most pleasant torture ensues as he feasts on her, hands roaming her entire body, letting every nook and cranny know that he missed her. Her pleasure peaks in a scream of pleasure, body shaking with release. She lays there dazed.

As she recovers, he positions her at the edge of the bed and takes her mouth with his cock, claiming it as his. Letting her bathe him with her mouth. All the while fondling her breasts and stroking her wet pussy with his fingers. Slowly easing his cock into her mouth, steadily thrusting deeper into her throat. She takes it like she should, breathing and moaning when she could.

Then when he feels that it’s time, he flips her around to claim her pussy with his cock. Taking her again and again as she moans and screams. But in this neighborhood, no one can hear her.

So he fucks her as she moans, grasping at his back. Her hands going to his butt, pulling him into her deeper, harder.

“Fuck! Fucking fuck me harder babe! Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please fuck me harder! You’re so deeeep. Oh my god, I’m going to cum. How the— FUCK I’m cumming!!!”

She cums, he fucks her relentlessly as she cums and then again until he finds his release deep inside her. Her inner walls massaging his cock as she revels in the feeling of his cum flowing into her. As he groans his pleasure into her ear, her legs lock around him, holding him inside.

Breathless, they collapsed next to each other tangling in each other’s limbs chest to chest, face to face. They came together in a deep, loving kiss. Their passion sated for now, he reached up and cupped her face in his hand and smiled, “Welcome home, how was your trip?”

“I missed you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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