Extra Curricular Delivery

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This is a true story which happened to me several years ago. It still makes me smile and although I see this special lady occasionally it has not happened again.


I had a short term job working for a training firm in my home town. People had applied for the training to make themselves more employable in an upcoming job fair. As the students filed in one afternoon I saw a few people I knew including Leena a beautiful brunette I had known all my life. She was divorced now and living in a small house in town. We chatted for a while until the instructor came in and got started. My job was to set up the classroom and ensure all the manuals and training materials were in place. From time to time I had to get additional materials as the class was overbooked. Finally, the class ended and all the students left with a nod or a wave.

As I was cleaning up I noticed that Leena had forgotten to take her manuals home with her. They were absolutely necessary for the job fair and I was somewhat surprised but noted that she had written her name address and telephone number inside the cover. I called her and informed her that she had left her training materials in the classroom.

“Damn” she said. “I got a lift from a friend and my car is in the shop until tomorrow. Do you think you could drop them off on your way home tonight?”

“Ok” I said “but I am working till 5:30 or so, is that OK?”

She said that would be fine and she’d see me then.

When work was over I gathered up my stuff magarsus izle and her books and headed to her house which was not too far away. I parked my car and knocked on her back door. She called for me to come through the porch and into the kitchen. She was waiting for me inside the kitchen door wearing a pair of tight shiny black yoga pants and an equally tight white spaghetti strapped top which left no doubt that she was not wearing a bra and was apparently happy to see me.

“Here are your books” I said stupidly.

She took them from me, tossed them on the table and wrapped her arms around me and French kissed me like I had never been kissed before. This woman could really kiss- I mean she was a world class kisser and I instantly got hard and kissed her right back, my hands finding her back & smooth and slippery buttocks as our hips ground against each other. We both stood there for several minutes kissing and fondling until I thought I had to say something, but all that came out was “Wow!”

She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and said “I have been watching you all afternoon in those jeans and I just have to have you.”

Who was I to argue? I took her hand and we went upstairs to her room where I was told to undress and I quickly did so.

“Wait, I forgot to lock the door!” she said. I took off down the stairs in my underwear and shot the bolt.

When I returned she was still fully dressed but told me to take off my bikini manifest izle briefs and lay on the bed. As I did so she wrapped a silk scarf around my right wrist and leaning over me tied it to the headboard while I nuzzled her neck and breasts. She then repeated the process with my remaining wrist. She did a pretty good job, I was not going anywhere. Then she got a pillow and telling me to arch my back she slid it under my butt. My cock was waving in the air like a flagpole and she had not even touched it yet. I had nearly forgotten that we talked about my little bondage fetish years previously while we were drinking.

Then she started kissing me again while running her fingernails up and down my body and lightly brushing my cock. She also kissed my throat and nipples and brushed those lovely soft lips over my cock but did not suck on it. I was straining like crazy and she seemed to enjoy that. She sat astride me and pulled her top down to her waist and fed me her breasts alternately and I licked & sucked at her beautiful boobs as best I could while tied firmly to the headboard.

I wanted her to plant her pussy on my face, but no one could argue with those kisses. After many minutes of hot kissing she backed off to look at me tied to her bed and ran her fingers up and down my ribs and all around my pubes and over my thighs, but did not linger on my most sensitive part.

She said “I wonder what I should do next? Maybe I’ll go and make some coffee…” She manifesto of a serial killer izle grinned looking down at me stretched on her bed.

Eventually after watching me strain against the bonds and writhe like a snake while trying to hump against her she rose off the bed and took off her pants. She then climbed back up on top of me grabbed my cock and in one motion slid her slippery hot pussy down on my hard cock.

She was so wonderfully hot and tight that I was in heaven. But the best thing was the look on her face, she looked like she was in heaven and she arched her back to meet my attempts to thrust into her in my restraints. I was glad she had not tied my ankles as with the still free I could get some leverage to push into her. Then she would return to my lips with those wonderful kisses and feed me her breasts and hold them against my face.

As you can imagine, my orgasm was not long in coming and I told her so. She said she was ready and I could not hold back. She came with me and we corkscrewed into each other and then she collapsed on me, nuzzling my neck and I hers. With loud sighs we lay together totally contented. I wanted to feel her ass and boobs with my hands in the worst way but her knots held me tight.

Eventually she rose and went to the bathroom for a wash cloth and cleaned both she and I and then laid back down with a leg draped across me and her face on my shoulder. We dozed off for a short while and then she got up and replaced her top and pants and then undid my wrists. By now my shoulders were getting a bit sore but I was not complaining.

“That was amazing” I said.

She replied “Oh what a feeling! Don’t expect that every time we meet.” With many hugs and lingering kisses we parted. I hoped that there would be a next time and I surely hoped that she did as well…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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