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Listening to Alicia Keys, Fallin’. I can feel the heat wash over my body in a pink flush. My hand drifts over my neck, then down my rosy skin, freshly damp from the shower.

I glance over at you, your chest is bare and I can feel that tightness between my thighs. You’re sitting up against pillows, and I’m wondering how aware you are that, naked you combined with this song effects me as much as it does. I move over to you and grab the edge of the covers. You don’t seem to be paying much attention to me. I rip the covers off of your body, and you finally look up at me with a startled glance.

A naughty grin slides over your face as you take in my state of undress. Hair wrapped in a towel, tiny beads of water on my skin, and a pair of the flimsiest silky pale pink panties you’ve ever seen. I feel my nipples harden with excitement maternal izle as you peruse my body, hearing the strains of that Fallin’ song in the background..”how can you bring me so much pleasure when you bring me so much pain”.

With a lusty growl I straddle you in an instant. Damn, baby, you’re hard for me already. I lean up on my knees and rock my throbbing clit against the underside of your cock. You can feel it through my panties.

I can feel your hands on my hips, fingertips grazing so lightly over the edges of my panties. You’re looking up at me with such a gentle look. I see deeply intense longing in them, then a spark of lust. I watch as your eyes get that gleam, that animal urgency, that heat I love. I feel your thumbs hook inside the sides of my panties. My hips jerk as method izle you rip my panties off of me. You can hear me gasp as you bury your cock in my wet pussy in one harsh thrust.

You grin devilishly as your realize I’m so turned on by you, by your hunger. You whisper to me, saying how you like my naughty little pussy all wet for you. I grab the headboard behind you, my hand wrapping around the bar. I can hear the beat of that song, the heavy base, and I rock my hips, hard, pulling onto your cock, squeezing. This song makes me want to fuck. God you make me want to ride you for hours. How is your cock so thick and this hard?

I can feel your cock push up into me My thighs tensing as I bounce up and down your cock, ,faster, rhythmically. My whimpering moans climbing higher on the scale as milf manor izle I circle my hips grinding you against that spot, completely using your cock to quench my need. Taking pleasure from it, riding you towards that peak, I pull my feet under me, crying out for you to suck on my bouncing tits…I feel your lips wrap around one, sucking, biting. The shock of your teeth sends electric current to my clit.

You know my body and slide slick fingers over my clit as you urge me to fuck you. You call me your wanton bitch, and hear me moan, panting at your naughty words of lust. I reach behind me and toy with your heavy full balls, tugging the skin slightly, squeezing my pussy muscles around you.

Then my body is jerking, my thighs shuddering. You can feel my whole body tense. You thrust into me faster, your fingers digging into my ass, riding me through my orgasm. You can feel my cum flood over your cock onto your thighs. My ass is sliding against you. I feel your cock swell, and jerk again into me, spurting your cum deep inside me. I hear the end of the song as I collapse panting against your chest…Fallin’…..Fallin’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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