Falling For Daddy Ch. 04

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Note: this story contains scenes of father-son incest.


Oliver woke up to the feeling of his father’s hard cock pressed against his asshole. He was lying on his side, wrapped in his father’s arms. Although he wasn’t quite awake yet, he could feel his dad kissing the back of his neck, running his hands up and down his arm.

Oliver stretched his body, breathing in as he slowly came back to consciousness.

Knowing that his son was now awake, Noah reached over to Oliver’s head and tilted it back, leaning down to kiss him on the lips. He kissed his son softly, running his hand down to Oliver’s chest and squeezing it.

Oliver reached up and touched his father’s face. Was there any better way to wake up? He couldn’t count all of the mornings he’d woken up in his big empty bed feeling lonely but not knowing what for.

To wake up in the arms of his father…

Oliver could now feel his dad’s cock rubbing up against his ass as he kissed him. Without a word, Oliver reached down and lifted his cheek to let him in. His father took his meaning and began to push his cock inside of Oliver, penetrating him as they laid on their sides.

Oliver moaned as his father’s cock slid inside him. He could feel his dad’s cock easily slide right in thanks to the cum that was still in there from the night before. Despite the beating that his hole had taken last night, Oliver was desperate to feel his father filling him up again. It was like he was addicted. Ever since he’d first gotten a taste of his father’s cock, he felt this need to be filled at all times.

His father was only too happy to oblige, moaning deeply as he joined his son in an early morning fuck.

Noah held his son in his arms, pumping in and out of him as he fucked him from the side. Morning sex was something he’d missed so much since his wife had died, and to get to experience that with his son was fucking incredible.

Oliver could feel his dad’s arm wrapped around his neck, holding him tightly. Sure, it was slightly impacting his ability to breathe, but this only added to Oliver’s feeling of pleasure. He held on tightly to his dad’s arm, enjoying the incredible pounding his prostate was receiving from his dad’s thickness.

Noah quickly deposited a second load inside his son as the sun began to peek through the shades. He held him close as he grunted, filling Oliver once more. Oliver leaned back to kiss his father, running his fingers through his dad’s hair as he felt his dad’s deflated cock slide out of him.

“You’re amazing,” said Noah, panting as he kissed his son’s shoulder.

“I love having you inside me,” whispered Oliver.

His dad laughed. “That makes two of us,” he said.

Oliver rolled over to face his father. He lifted his fingers up to his dad’s cheek, running it along the 5 o’clock shadow that had already regrown.

“This is so weird,” he said. “I mean, not like, bad weird. Just different.”

His dad kissed his fingers. “It’s different for me, too.”

“What was it like before mom? You know, when you were… fucking other guys.”

His dad took a deep breath in, pondering. “It was a different time back then. I mean, when I was your age it was the early 90s, so people weren’t nearly as accepting about the whole gay thing. But it was also freer in a way.”

“Were you always the one doing the fucking?”

Noah laughed. “Why, you interested in topping?”

Oliver blushed. “I was just wondering.”

Noah smiled. “I’ve tried everything, Ollie. And I’d be willing to show you whatever you like. You should have every bit as much freedom to explore yourself as I did when I was your age.”

He laid back, his hand resting against his chest. “I don’t know, maybe I’m speaking as an old man looking back on his youth, but… I just felt like I had the whole world at my fingertips. I took a gap year before college, you know, just to sort of get my feel of the city, sew my wild oats.”

“Is that when you met mom?” asked Oliver.

Noah smiled. “No, your mom and I met when I was in law school. She was working as a secretary at Boston University when I was there. God, she was so smart. She was just a secretary but it was like she knew more than all of the guys in my year combined. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.”

Oliver frowned.

Noah looked at him. “What is it, Ollie?”

Oliver laid back, rubbing his eyes. “Don’t you think she’d be upset? About us?”

Noah ran his fingers along Oliver’s arm.

“Baby, no. She loved us both so much. She would want us to be happy.”

“But THIS can’t be what she had in mind.”

Noah smiled. “Well, no, I’m sure she didn’t see this coming. But then again, neither did I.” He looked down at Oliver. “She did know about you, though.”

Oliver looked at him in shock. “She knew I was gay?”

Noah nodded. “She thought you might be. As early as three, actually.”

Oliver’s jaw dropped. “Three?” he asked incredulously.

Noah chuckled. “You were quite an enthusiastic little Çankaya Escort boy.”

Oliver covered his face, groaning.

“Hey,” said Noah, touching Oliver’s arm. Oliver looked at him.

“She loved you more than anything in the world. She loved me too, and I loved her with everything I had. I didn’t think I would feel that kind of love again after she died. But I do, Ollie. I feel it with you. And I can’t apologize for it, I won’t. No matter what the world says.”

Oliver bit his lip. “Are you gonna tell people about us?”

Noah furrowed his brow. “Do you want to?”

“I don’t know,” said Oliver. “I’m still kind of getting used to the idea, myself. I don’t know how I feel about other people knowing. I mean, except Ashley, of course.”

Noah laughed. “Yeah, the cat’s kind of out of the bag on that one.”

“What about you? Do you want to tell people?” Oliver asked.

Noah smiled. “OIlie, I would be proud to tell anyone that you’re mine. But I do think we have to be careful. Incest may be legal between consenting adults in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who wouldn’t raise hell if they found out.”

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked.

“Well, I could lose my job, for one,” said Noah.

Oliver’s eyes widened.

“Relax! That’s not going to happen. We just have to be careful about who we tell. We decide together who knows and who doesn’t. That way, we can have people we trust who we can be ourselves around without feeling like we have to hide what we have.”

“Dad… what DO we have?” Oliver asked. “I mean, I know I’m attracted to you. And I like having sex with you, but… I mean, are we boyfriends? How does that work?”

Noah kissed his son on the lips. “All in due time,” he said. “For now, let’s just… enjoy the honeymoon period.”

Oliver nodded. “Okay, daddy,” he said, hugging his father tightly.

Noah kissed Oliver’s head, holding his boy in his arms.

“I think I wanna tell Manny,” Oliver said quietly.

His father looked at him. “Yeah?”

Oliver nodded. “Things have been so weird between us since we hooked up. I mean, I’ve been weird. I’ve been avoiding him because… I don’t know, this is a lot for me. I didn’t know what to say after we… you know…”

Noah cleared his throat. “Do you… do you wanna do it again with him, or…?”

Oliver sat up, wide-eyed.

“No!” he exclaimed. “No, I mean, it was nice and all for my first time, but…”

He looked up at his dad shyly. “It was different with you. It was like, when you were inside me… we were something greater than just us, you know?”

His father smiled.

“But I do wanna tell him,” Oliver continued. “He’s one of my best friends and I really feel like he’ll understand. Plus, I just think I’ll go crazy if I don’t have anybody to talk to about this.”

Noah reached down and stroked his son’s leg. “Okay, baby. You can tell him.”

“Yeah?” asked Oliver, smiling.

Noah kissed him on the lips, then pinned him against the bed and started tickling him.

“But your ass is mine from now on!”

“Dad, stop it!” Oliver said, giggling. The two men laughed as they wrestled back and forth on the bed, each trying to pin the other down.


Tony was not having a good day. He’d shelled out so much fucking money for that hotel room that he was forced to take the bus back from the city to Montclair. He sat in the back row, trying to ignore the dull ache in his head from his colossal hangover.

By the time he got to his brother-in-law’s house and walked through the door, he was about ready to go in his room and sleep the rest of his hangover off. As he walked towards the staircase, ready to jump into bed, he could hear sounds of laughter coming from the kitchen.

“Tony. Come join us,” he heard his brother-in-law say.

Tony scowled. He turned and walked into the kitchen, putting a smile on his face.

Noah and Oliver sat at the table eating breakfast.

“How’s it going, little man?” he asked Oliver, ruffling Oliver’s hair.

Oliver gave him a half smile, then went back to his oats.

“So, Tony,” said Noah. “How’s the job hunt going?”

Tony shrugged. “It’s going. Got a few prospects lined up, gonna check them out this week.” He grabbed a box of cereal off the counter and poured himself a bowl.

“I know that La Rocca is hiring. If you wanted to stay in Montclair,” said Noah.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m not really looking for something in the service industry.”

“Well sure, but at this point shouldn’t you take what you can get?” asked Noah.

“You know, that’s a great point, Noah. Why don’t you quit your fancy lawyer job and come down and join me? We can bus tables together, just two humble guys making ends meet.”

Noah glared at him. “We missed you at the swim meet yesterday, Tony. Oliver was really looking forward to having you there,” he said.

Tony grimaced. He turned to Oliver and Keçiören Escort said, “Aw, I’m sorry, Oliver. I wanted to be there, I just, you know this job search and all has kept me really busy-“

“It’s okay, Uncle Tony.”

“How’d you do?”

“He got first place in the 200 freestyle. He was brilliant,” said Noah, smiling at his son.

Oliver grinned at him.

Tony gave him a congratulatory punch on the shoulder. “Well look at that! I’d say we gotta celebrate!”

Noah rolled his eyes. “Are you gonna take us to the theater?”

Tony smiled sarcastically at him. “Well, you know, Noah, you’re his dad. I should think you’d be the one taking him out to celebrate.” His smile dropped away as he said, “Or are you just here to judge me while you don’t do jack shit yourself?”

Noah stood up, his hand curling into a fist. “The fuck did you say to me?”

Oliver stood up and got in between his father and his uncle.

“Dad, it’s okay,” he said, putting his hands on his father’s chest.

“It’s not okay,” Noah said angrily. “I invite this punk into our home out of the goodness of my heart, give him my hard-earned money, I expect a little goddamn respect-“

“Oh, THANK you for opening up your beautiful home to me,” said Tony. “I feel so welcome here, truly-“

“Stop it, you guys!” yelled Oliver. “Everybody just sit down.”

Tony and Noah took a seat, still glaring at each other.

“I think you’re right, Uncle Tony,” said Oliver. “We should go out to celebrate. What about mini-golf?”

“Don’t expect this guy to pay. He still doesn’t have a job,” said Noah, scoffing.

“I’ll pay,” said Oliver. “What do you say Uncle Tony? Do you want to play some mini-golf?”

Tony smirked at Noah. “Yeah, kid. Mini-golf sounds fun.”

Oliver clapped his hands together excitedly. “Perfect!”

“I think I’m gonna go upstairs and take a shower before we go,” said Tony. He leaned down and kissed Oliver on the head, still staring at Noah. “Get ready to get your ass kicked, Ollie!” he said as he walked upstairs.

Noah frowned. Nobody called his son Ollie but him.

“I’m really glad we’re doing this,” said Oliver excitedly. “It’s been ages since we’ve done mini-golf. Mom used to take us out all the time and it was so much fun.”

Noah smiled, his face softening at his son’s innocent excitement. “I’m just happy to be spending time with you,” he said. “I’ll take all the time I can get before you leave for college.”

Oliver’s face fell. “Oh,” he said. “I hadn’t even thought of that.”

Noah rubbed his arm. “It’s okay, we’ll figure it out.”

“No, I mean, I really hadn’t even considered what would happen when I… I mean, we just started this and now-“

“Like I said, we’ll figure it out. In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy the time we do have together. Once we don’t have to worry about your uncle anymore. Why did you invite him anyway?”

Oliver shrugged. “I don’t know, I felt bad. I mean, he’s like, all alone here. I don’t know what he was doing last night but he looks terrible.”

Noah raised an eyebrow. “Ollie, come on. Can’t you smell the alcohol on his breath?”

Oliver looked confused. “You think he’s drinking?”

“He’s hardly drawn a sober breath since he came into our home. Where do you think he goes every night? And he sleeps till noon, it’s pathetic.”

Oliver frowned. “I think that’s sad,” he said. “I wish we could help him.”

Noah sighed. “You’re a better man than I am, Oliver.” He put his arms around his son. “You always see the good in people. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you.”

Oliver blushed. “You’re in love with me?”

Noah smiled. “Of course I am, Ollie. What did you think, I just wanted to fuck you?”

Oliver smiled shyly. “Of course not, I guess I just… I love you too.”

Noah beamed. He leaned in to kiss Oliver, then pulled him in to hug him.

They hugged tightly, with Oliver wrapped up in his father’s arms in a big bear hug. Oliver giggled as he felt his dad give him a quick butt squeeze.

Neither of them noticed Tony standing at the foot of the stairs, his eyes wide in confusion.

“What the fuck?” thought Tony as he retreated back up the stairs. “What the hell was that?”

He’d gone downstairs to grab a fresh towel, but that hardly seemed to matter anymore. He may still be hungover from the night before (and he may have had a few drinks this morning to deal with the hangover), but his vision was just fine. Did he just see his brother-in-law grab his nephew’s ass?

“Maybe it was just a fatherly butt squeeze,” he thought to himself. “No, that’s ridiculous. There’s no such thing as a fatherly butt squeeze!”

Tony walked back into his room, his mind still spinning. Surely he’d just imagined it. But he’d seen the way his nephew looked at his brother-in-law. He knew that there was something there.

Something was going on between them, and Tony was going to get to the bottom of it.


Noah Etimesgut Escort went to work on Monday morning feeling on top of the world. He had a skip in his step that hadn’t been there for years. His coworker Brian, who normally annoyed the fuck out of him with his constant whining about how no women ever wanted to sleep with him, didn’t even raise his blood pressure in the slightest as he recounted his lonely weekend spent striking out at the bars.

Noah was on some new shit, and that new shit was hot, incestuous sex with his son.

He felt giddy, the way you always do when you’re in a new relationship with someone. It was that feeling where you spend all of your time thinking about the other person, where everything reminds you of them, where all you want to do when you’re around them is rip their clothes off and fuck the absolute everloving shit out of them.

Ever since the night when he and Oliver had kissed for the first time, it was like a magnet was drawing the two of them together. They spent most of the next few days trying to keep their hands off of each other while Tony was in the house. Still, they found every opportunity they could to sneak off whenever they could. All the sneaking around made him feel like he was a teenager again. It was almost like Oliver was his secret boyfriend he had to keep hidden.

Noah smiled. It still tickled him to think of his son like that. His little boy, all grown up into a handsome young man. HIS handsome young man. He only wished that he could shout his love for his son from the rooftops. But he knew that wasn’t the way the world worked. They would have to keep their burgeoning love a secret, carefully exposing it to just enough light to let it grow without flaming it out before it even really began.

As he settled into his desk to go over the client’s files for their upcoming trial, he found his mind wandering back to the early morning delight he’d shared with his son before he left for work. They’d decided that it was too dangerous to share a bed at night while Tony was staying with them, but Noah had snuck into his son’s room for a good morning kiss before heading off to work.

One thing led to another and pretty soon his tongue was halfway up Oliver’s ass, his boy’s moaning muffled by the pillow as he shoved his face into it. Throughout his entire career as a lover, Noah loved eating people out more than anything. Men, women, it didn’t matter. He had a tongue and he knew how to use it to bring his partner pleasure. The muffled screams of his boy were all the reinforcement he needed as he ate his ass with an insatiable hunger.

After a quick and dirty orgasm that ended with both of them eating the other’s loads, Noah kissed his son goodbye, cleaned himself up, and headed out the door to work. He couldn’t wait until the end of the month when Tony left and they had the house all to themselves. Only two more weeks to go.

Tony, on the other hand, was not feeling quite so on top of the world. He sat at a diner, slipping a bit of Bailey’s into his morning coffee as he tried to shove some breakfast into his stomach to quell his hangover. He was quickly running out of cash. The gig with the band had been a bust and none of his other prospects were looking particularly enticing. He may have been pretty desperate, but he wasn’t going to stoop to being a fucking dishwasher.

To be honest, despite his immediate and pressing financial concerns, he couldn’t get out of his head what he thought he’d seen the other day. He’d kept his eye out during mini-golf for anything suspicious, but of course he knew they wouldn’t try anything in public. At least not with him around. If he was going to catch them, he would have to do some digging.

He tried to think back to before he went to prison. Had he ever noticed anything off about Noah and Oliver’s relationship? Not that he could remember. To be honest, he’d always been annoyed at his sister’s family. They just seemed so fucking perfect. Sure, Evie had always been kind to him, even when he was going through shit or asking her for money. But a part of him always resented having to ask her for help. Why did she get the perfect life while he got all the shit? She got the husband and the kid and all Tony ever got was rehab and tough love.

Well, if Tony was right about what he thought was going on, then it looked like her life wasn’t so fucking perfect after all. All he needed to do was prove it. He figured that should be easy enough. If they were really fucking, there was no way they could go the next two weeks without doing it again. And when they did, Tony would be there to catch them.

Tony spent the next few nights with his ear glued against the bedroom wall, trying to listen for the sounds of incestuous sex coming from his brother-in-law’s room. But he heard nothing.

Unfortunately for Tony, he usually gave up pretty early in the night, turning instead to a bottle of vodka around midnight and drinking himself into oblivion. Perhaps if he’d been a little more perceptive he would have caught his brother-in-law sneaking past his door in the early morning hours to slip into his son’s room for a little early morning buggering.

On Friday morning, Noah crept past his brother-in-law’s room just before dawn. He looked in to see Tony sprawled across his bed, an empty vodka bottle sitting next to him on the bed.

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