Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 5 Re-Issued

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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 5. Re-Issued by xnxx gregorthegrant
True Story, Cheating
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Continuation of Family Beach Party Turned X Rated
Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 5.Re-Issued

I had showered and shaved before I went back to Sandra and my bedroom to get dressed for the day. It was going to be another hot, dry day so I decided to wear jockey underwear, jean shorts, white T-shirt, and sandals. As I walked out of our bedroom and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I smelt the aroma of perked coffee, bacon and eggs as I entered the kitchen.

Sandra was in front of the stove wearing a bikini like top, tight white short shorts and sandals. Sitting at the table was my sons Matt and Chuck wearing gym shorts, tight white t-shirts and sandals. Len and Steve wore jean shorts, white shirts and sandals.

Breakfast was great. I ate everything on my plate. For some reason I had been really hungry. The boys ate everything on their plates also. When we had finished eating I helped Sandra with the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I lined the back sack with plastic and put some cold ice packs inside. Sandra had made some sandwiches and potato salad. I packed the sandwiches, potato salad and cold drinks in the back sack put one over my shoulder and on my back ready to set out on our hike.

The six of us, Sandra, myself, Matt, Chuck, Steve and Len walked out into the bright sun closing the door behind us. I led the way, choosing to go in the same direction I had walked the day before. We walked for a good hour before deciding to sit down and eat lunch. It was hot so I suggested we sit under one of the big trees for shade. “This is beautiful.” I said. “Nice landscape, nice cool shade.”
I knew my two sons Matt and Chuck previously had hard core sex with their mother, my wife after the soccer game. It had started with a number of accidents and ended up with Chuck’s seven inch cock in my wife, his mother’s mouth and Matt’s cock head in his mother’s pussy. I know it all had started with a number of accidents but they didn’t stop once they got started. Chuck had pushed his entire seven inch cock down his mother’s throat over and over again until he shot his load. His brother Matt had ended up fucking his mother’s pussy and asshole until he also came.

Sandra hadn’t backed away or tried to escape. Instead Sandra had forgotten all about me and moaned like a two bit whore. Matt and Chuck both had called her a whore, slut, bitch in heat and she moaned even more. She had sounded like she was in lust, yelling for my son’s to fuck her harder. I had gotten so hot watching I had actually pulled my own shorts down, jacked off and had the biggest orgasm I had for quite şişli bayan escort a long time. Sandra and the boys had changed, gone to town. I had gone for a walk ending up lying down and falling asleep. I had remembered the strangest dream of Sandra being in a gym getting gang banged by a large group of tall muscular, extremely well hung black men.

That wasn’t the half of it. Last night I could swear I hadn’t dreamed Steve and Len fucking my wife and swore Matt had pushed his thick seven inch cock down my throat the same time his brother Chuck had fucked my ass. It had to be a dream though. It just had to have been a dream, but it had been so vivid. This morning when I woke up I had that funny taste as well my ass hole was sore. Waking up in the morning with a salty, musky taste in my mouth and my ass hole feeling sore wasn’t unusual. I had I had been waking up each morning for years and years with the taste in my mouth and sore ass and having a big shit. I remember the first morning I had woke up with the taste in my mouth and sore asshole pooping the thick white shit. It had been the morning after Sandra gave me the hot chocolate to help me sleep. I had had a lot of trouble falling asleep all my life. On our wedding night Sandra had made the hot chocolate after we had our first sex and I fell sound asleep. Nine months later our Sandra gave birth to our first son, Matt. I don’t know why all those thoughts ran through my head as I sat looking out over the lake while Sandra unpacked the back sack.

Sandra unpacked the sandwiches and the drinks. Sandra the boys and I ate the sandwiches, potato chips and drank our drinks washed up in the lake and headed back to the cabin. The six of us, Sandra, my son’s Matt and Chuck as well as their two new friends Steve and Len walked back to the cabin.

Once we got back to the cabin I started the barbecue and cooked, steak and potatoes cooked in the coals. Matt, Chuck, Len, Steve and I cleaned everything up and did the dishes. Sandra had already gone in the cabin. It was getting late by the time the boys and I had washed the barbecue and cleaned everything up. The boys and I went in the cabin after everything had been washed and put away. I had thought about not drinking the chocolate, but when Sandra asked if I wanted my hot chocolate I didn’t think twice of saying yes.

Sandra had changed her clothes and was wearing a short, low cut summer dress. I was surprised how low cut her dress was. Most of her large breasts were out and the part of her breasts inside her dress was pressed hard against the tight transparent material. Sandra handed me the cup of hot chocolate and walked into the living room. Sandra, Chuck, Matt, Steve and Len followed me into the living room. I sat down in the big comfortable chair. Sandra sat in the şişli escort center of the couch in front of me. Matt walked over the couch sitting on her left and Chuck sat down on her right. I was surprised when Matt and Chuck’s new friends Steve and Len didn’t sit on the other two chairs in the living room. The six of us talked about the lovely day we had hiking and I sipped my hot chocolate. I put the empty cup on the table beside my chair and sat back.

I started to feel sleepy and began to yawn. I felt my eye lids slowly close and opened them again. I was a bit surprised what I saw when I opened my eyes. Matt had his hand down holding the bottom of his mother’s dress in his hand. On the other side Chuck was holding the bottom of the other side of her short dress. At the same time Matt and Chuck were holding the bottom of their mother’s short dress, Steve hand his hand firmly on Sandra’s right knee and pulling it toward him while on the other side Len was pulling her other knee toward him. Just then Matt and Chuck tugged the bottom of her short skirt and it rose to her waist. At the same time Steve and Matt had pulled her legs apart spreading her legs open. What really surprised me she wasn’t wearing any panties and her clit was hard and dripping wet.
I know I should have jumped up and did something, but what would I do or say. Also I felt glued to the chair and couldn’t move. I felt my eye lids closing again and forced myself to open them. I looked up and saw Sandra undoing the buttons of her dress. Sandra’s large breasts burst out. Matt sat facing his mother and put both hands on one of her large breasts and began massaging one of her large hard nipples. At the same time Chuck turned facing his mother, took her other large breast in his hands and began massaging that nipple. Chuck looked over at me and pulled his tight T-shirt up his muscular, smooth hairless stomach, his muscular chest came into view then he pulled it over his head and tossed it on the floor. On the other side Matt was tossing his T-shirt on the floor. In front of Sandra still sitting on the floor both Steve and Len had taken their T-shirts off, had the front of their jean shorts open and pulling them down their muscular legs. Once more I felt my eyes closing again and I must have again fallen asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but when I was being carried. I opened my eyes and in a blur I could see the floor and knew I was over a strong pair of shoulders. I was being carried down the hall into Sandra’s and my bedroom. I managed to open my eyes and felt myself being pulled from the strong shoulders and dropped to my bed.

No sooner than I felt the bed below me when my eyelids closing and fell asleep. The next thing I opened my eyes again and felt like my legs being stretched and pushed up and over mecidiyeköy escort my head until my feet were dangling on each side of my body. Someone was behind my head pulling my head back and forcing my mouth open. Some thing was pushing my mouth wide open over my tongue and down my throat. That’s when I realized I had a cock in my mouth, his huge balls slapped my nose as he drove his entire cock down my throat. I looked up and suddenly felt this rush of lust filling my entire body and I heard Chuck. “Fuck I love this looser swallowing my cock mom. The fucking looser doesn’t even know I’m not even his son. Damn he’s stupid.” Chuck moaned ramming his thick long dark cock down my throat. I felt the guy that had pushed my spread legs back on top of me with his big cock head pushing into my ass hole. Suddenly his cock popped into my ass hole. I heard myself groan around Chuck’s thick cock. I looked up and saw it was my son Matt pushing his big cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I wanted to yell. “Fuck me son. Push that big cock in my ass hard. It was unbelievable that my sons were ramming their big cocks into me from both ends, my mouth and ass.

“Take my cock down your throat bitch.” I heard Steve moaning beside me. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw my wife’s mouth wide open as she swallowed Steve’s entire cock his balls resting on her bottom lip. The guy is stupid thinking he’s your dad Chuck. The first time I saw you beside his best friend I knew Antonio was your dad.”

I also heard Len groaning. “Fuck your pussy is hot as ever slut. What’s even dumber is the guy thinking he’s Matt’s dad. Anyone can see Matt’s part black and neither your dad nor mom are black.

“I’m Cumming bitch. Swallow my, cum slut.” I heard Steve moaning. I looked over and saw my wife’s throat expand even more. I watched Steve pulling his cock out of her mouth and saw a stream of thick, white cum, splash over her face.

I saw Len’s muscular ass cheeks pumping up and down and knew he was fucking my wife’s pussy hard. “Fuck me stud, fuck my pussy. Oh yes stud.”

I felt as Steve pushed his big cock down my throat and not pull it out. I couldn’t breathe and tried to struggle to push Steve so he would pull his big cock out enough for me to take a breath. I felt myself blacking out.

The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes I felt a sheet pulled up to my neck and looked around. The sun was shining through the window and I was alone in bed. I had a salty, musky taste in my mouth that felt stretched out of shape. My ass hole was sore and I realized just how sore I was. I pushed the sheet back ready to pull the sheets off me put on my house coat and walked to the washroom.

I took a shower after taking my usual shit and walked out to the kitchen. Sandy was sitting at the kitchen table along with Matt, Chuck, Steve and Len. They were sitting talking about what to do today. “Good morning everyone.” I greeted.

End of Part 5.

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