Family Wedding Ch. 2

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I walk into the Rehearsal dinner and greet my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. I congratulate my cousin Therese and meet her fiance, Georg. Georg introduces me to his parents and his brothers and sisters. All of this social stuff gets to me so after a few minutes I excuse myself and move over to the bar to get an Absolut and tonic. I look around the room and see my parents, so I head over and greet them. They ask me 1000 questions and I faithfully answer all of them. I spend some more time talking to my mother and assure her that I am really taking care of myself. I look over by the bar and see Jacqueline getting a drink.

I excuse myself and tell my Mom I will see her later. I move over by Jacqueline and put my arm around her waist and say, “Hi roomie, how you doing”. She looks startled for a second, but then smiles at me. She introduces me to three other woman, two of whom are also bridesmaids and the third girl who it turns out attends the same college as Jacqueline. The girls are talking about meeting in the hotel club after the dinner and hanging out and dancing. Jacqueline turns to me and asks if I would like to join them and I agree. We chat some more until my uncle comes over and asks us to take a seat. I end up sitting between two of Georg’s friends.

Dinner passes quickly since I spend the entire meal shamelessly flirting with the guy on my left who is drop dead cute. His name is Daniel. Daniel is very attentive and I have a great time talking with him. He will be one of Georg’s ushers and is a great guy. I tell him that some of the girls are heading to the club to dance after dinner is completed and invite him to join us. He tells me that he and some of the other guys are taking Georg out for a few drinks but he will stick his head in afterwards to see if we are still there.

After dinner, seven of us head into the club. Besides Jacqueline and myself five other girls join us. Three of the girls are bridesmaids, one is the maid of honor, the bride to be and Jacqueline’s roommate, the girl I met during the rehearsal dinner. We pull three small tables together right by the dance floor. The club is mostly empty so we have a lot of space. The DJ tries to entice us onto the dance floor. Two girls get up and begin to dance. I turn to one of the bridesmaids and ask her how she knows Therese. It turns out she is Georg’s sister.

With that information, I tell her I sat next to Daniel. She immediately starts telling me how cute he is and what a great guy he is. Jaqueline is sitting near us and joins in the conversation by offering that it seemed I was attracted to Daniel. I replied that he was a doll and we had a great time meeting. I looked over at Jacqueline and smiled. I sense that istanbul escort Jacqueline is unhappy with this conversation, so I stood up and pulled her onto the dance floor. As we begin to dance, I lean over and tell Jacqueline to relax and not make a scene. She apologizes and tells me she was just feeling jealous. I assure her I have full intentions of taking her back to our room and continuing what we had started. Jacqueline whispers in my ear that she is really looking forward to that.

We spend the next several hours dancing and flirting shamelessly with the guys who come over and ask us to dance. Therese announces at 10:30 that she is leaving to get some sleep since she has a busy day planned tomorrow. We all kiss her and tell her to get a good night’s sleep. Two of the bridesmaids leave since they have early hair appointments. The remaining four of us party on.

The club is now pretty crowded, and the DJ is playing some great dance music so we spend most of the time out on the dance floor. I look over at one point and find Daniel and two other guys standing at the edge of the dance floor. I go over and pull them out to join us. Finally, I need to sit down and take a break. Daniel and I sit down. We have lost most of our space as the club fills up. When the other two guys join us, we are short two seats. Daniel introduces me to Peter and Louis. The guys offer to go get drinks. As they head off, Bernadette confesses that she thinks Daniel is cute but she can tell he has eyes for me.

She continues by saying that she is going to make a move on Peter. When the guys return, Bernadette stands up and offers her chair to Peter. When he sits down, she hops on his lap. Daniel is standing behind me and he rests his hands on my shoulder. I am having a good time. Jacqueline comes over and tells me she is heading back to the room since she has a 10:00 hair appointment. I am torn between staying and joining her. I tell her I am having a good time and I may stay for a while. Her pout at my response tells me that I need to leave. I stand up, turn and kiss Daniel on the cheek and tell him I hope to see him tomorrow at the wedding. Daniel expresses disappointment that I am leaving so early and I promise him I will dance with him whenever he asks tomorrow. He accepts my response and gallantly replies that he will look forward to it. I embrace him a final time and then join Jacqueline.

When we get in the elevator, Jacqueline asks me if I am attracted to Daniel. I reply honestly that I am. She sulks a little until I tell her that I coming back with her and she should stop sulking. She asks me if I like men. I assure her that I like men as much as girls and I find Daniel very cute. Jacqueline ataköy escort replies that she thinks Daniel is very cute also. She reaches out and grabs my hand. Holding hands, we get off the elevator on our floor and head to our room. It is 11:30 when we get to our room. I lift my dress over my head and put it back on the hanger.

Jacqueline expresses surprise that I am not wearing a bra. I tell her that I was feeling very sexy after our encounter and wanted the feeling of my cotton dress rubbing my nipples during dinner. She then comments on my sexy g-string. I pirouette for her and tell her that she is welcome to help me take it off. She hesitantly walks over and I raise my hands over my head and tell her in my sexiest voice to take off my panties. My mind races as wicked thoughts race through my head. Jacqueline reaches down and slides her fingers into my panties by my hips.

As I wiggle my hips, she slides the strings down off my hips and to the floor. As she stands up I wrap my arms around her neck and pull her close to me and kiss her slightly parted lips. It takes her by surprise but after a moment I feel her relax and begin to respond to my kiss. I am much taller than she, so I step out of my heels which reduces our height difference. My naked body touching her clothed body sends shivers down to my pussy. I break our kiss and tell her it is my turn to help her undress. I begin to unbutton her blouse as she pulls the bottom out of her skirt. I quickly open the buttons and she pushes it down her arms and it falls onto the floor. I move closer and reach behind her to find the zipper to her skirt.

I find it and slide the zipper down and push the skirt off her hips. I stand up again and move my lips near hers. She is ready and initiates a kiss as our bodies meet. Her silky bra rubs against my naked breasts and the feel arouses my nipples. As our tongues tentatively meet, I rub my larger breasts against her as my hard nipples rub against the cups of her bra. Jacqueline breathlessly breaks our kiss and steps back to remove her bra and panties. I tell her she looks very sexy as we move to the bed. We lie down and turn to each other and continue to kiss. My hands make their way to her breasts and I cup her bosom as my fingers surround and begin to caress her breasts. Jacqueline moans into my mouth as her nipples harden against my touch.

I break our kiss and look down at my hand caressing her breasts. Her tiny nipple is hard. As I continue to caress her she moans and implores me to caress her other breast. As my hands move to her other breast, I tell her that I love her little tits and nipples. She looks at me and tells me she has always been embarrasses avcılar escort by her small chest. I assure her that they are fine with me and she has nothing to be ashamed of. Her hand reaches up and touches one of my breasts. I encourage her to caress my breast and tell her how I like to be caressed. Jacqueline listens to me and quickly has my breast heaving as I respond to her caresses.

We continue to caress each other breasts until I ask her to suck on my hard nipples. I roll over onto my back as Jacqueline moves over and takes a breast into her mouth. Her warm mouth begins to suck on my nipple. It feels wonderful. I pull her up onto me and slither a hand down to her pussy. My fingers begin to slide along her slit, separating her outer lips. My fingers find her already wet and I dip my fingers inside her before sliding them up to her clit. Jacqueline moans around my breast. My hard nipples are sending sparks down to my pussy and it is time for my pussy to get some attention. I moan to Jacqueline that I need her to touch my pussy. I am crazy with passion as I feel her fingers reach between my thighs and begin to slide along my pussy. Her hands unconsciously mimic mine so I begin to caress her the way I need to be caressed.

Woman instinctively knows how to caress a pussy (it really makes sense since we have spent years playing with ourselves). I encourage Jacqueline by telling her how great she is making me feel. Her fingers are touching me in all the right places. I kiss her and our tongue’s slide against each other mimicking our fingers. Jacqueline is moaning as our passion continues to grow. I imagine how her tongue would feel down between my legs. I shiver as that thought causes my pussy to begin to spasm and my orgasm begins. I can only moan as Jacqueline’s tongue continues to thrust into my mouth.

My orgasm spurs me to a higher level of passion. My fingers rhythmically slide into her as the pad of my hand and thumb begins to caress her clit. I push her over onto her back as her hips begin to thrust up into my hand. I lean forward and suck on her breast. Within minutes, Jacqueline moans and I feel her pussy lock around my fingers as her hips spasmodically thrust against my hand.

I continue to rub her clit until her orgasm passes. I reverse myself by climbing over her and move my tongue into her pussy as I begin to run my tongue against her pussy. I eagerly slurp up her tasty juices as I lower my pussy down towards her face. My efforts are rewarded as I feel her wet tongue begin to caress my pussy. For the next half-hour we continue to suck and tongue each other’s pussies through several orgasms each. Jacqueline finally grabs my hair and pulls my face away from her tender pussy. She begs me to take a break. I move off her and collapse next to her. I lick my juices from her face enjoying the taste of my pussy on her. She returns the favor. I whisper to her that I really enjoyed our mutual efforts. We pass out in each other’s arms.

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