Family Wedding Ch. 3

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I wake up slowly. After I figure out where I am I turn over to find my lover Jacqueline sound asleep next to me. I gently slide the covers off her and drink in her feminine form. I can’t resist and I watch as my hand moves toward her small breast and begins to caress her. I watch her face waiting for a reaction but there is none. I continue to caress her breast for several moments until with a moan, she rolls over onto her back.

I slide closer to her and continue my caresses. Her nipples are hard and I decide to move my hand down between her thighs to see how aroused she is. My fingers glide down her stomach, through her pubic hair and slide between her slightly parted thighs. When my finger brushes her clit I see her eyeballs twitch beneath her closed lids. My fingers slowly slide the length of her pussy separating her outer lips. Her pussy is starting to lubricate and leak out of her channel. I linger by her opening, making sure my two fingers are wet. As they circle her opening, Jacqueline lets out a soft moan and spreads her legs further. I can’t believe she is still asleep but I continue to caress her pussy with my fingers. My caresses must start getting to her because her lids start to flutter more frequently.

Finally, her eyelids part and with a moan she looks up to see my face close by. Her hand closes on mine as it continues to play with her pussy. She moans and reaches up to caress my face. I tell her good morning and announce that I am her special wake up service. She smiles at my pun and tells me she is very happy so far with the service. She asks what time it is and I assure her we have ample time before she needs to worry. She reminds me that she has a hair appointment at 10:00 and relaxes when I tell her it is not yet 8:00. My fingers continue to caress her. We kiss and exchange wet tongues between ourselves. Her passion is overwhelming and her hips begin to dance thrusting herself against my fingers. Her hands move down and begin to caress my breasts but her efforts are distracted. I continue to work her to a very nice climax. She wants to return the favor and I watch as she moves between my parted thighs. I put two pillows under my head so I can watch her lick me. This is very arousing for my already dripping pussy. Like a seasoned performer, Jacqueline’s tongue works its magic bringing me to a very nice climax.

We move into a sixty-nine and lovingly caress each other to another wonderful climax. I introduce a wet finger into Jacqueline’s backside as her climax begins and this action triggers a loud, moaning climax as her hips alternate between pushing back against my finger and pushing back onto my tongue. I climb off her and move back up next to her. I tell her she must have really liked my finger in her butt and she nods her head in agreement and tells me that the sensation really added to her climax. I chuckle and tell her I have many more tricks up my sleeve. It is now 9:15 and Jacqueline reluctantly gets up to shower. After a moment or two I follow her into the bathroom and join her in the shower.

We clean off in the crowded space helping each other and giggling as our hands and mouths touch sensitive body parts. Jacqueline pushes me away and tells me if we continue she will never make her hair appointment. Not willing to let her escape so easily, I remove the shower-head from the bracket and move it down between her legs pointing the spray at her pussy. Her eyes widen as the spray begins to touch her clit. I squat down and continue to direct the spray. My lover doesn’t disappoint me as her moans indicate that she is enjoying my attention. Her eyes close and she grabs the door and the wall as her back arcs. My spraying friend continues to drive Jacqueline to another orgasm. Her cries indicate her climax as her body shakes. Her knees buckle before her arms catch her fall. I stand up and kiss her slack mouth. I reach around her and return the shower-head to the bracket and turn off the water. I open the door, step out and grab a towel.

After several minutes, Jacqueline steps out of the shower and begins to towel off. She tells me that she has never felt so happy. I tell her that I am also happy. She tells me that she is not going to be able to function since her pussy is buzzing so happily. I tell her it will pass and ask her if I will see her before the wedding. She replies that after her haircut, she is meeting the other bridesmaids for breakfast and then they are getting together to dress. I tell her I will meet her at the wedding. I dress quickly, give Jacqueline a quick kiss and head down to the restaurant for some breakfast.

I walk into the restaurant and smile as I see Daniel wave to me from a table near the center of the restaurant. I stop to say good morning to my parents and then continue over to Daniel. He stands and helps seat me. This man is a gentleman. I order breakfast from the waitress; I am starving. Daniel comments that all that dancing must have made me ravenous. I smile and emek otele gelen escort think that it was sex not dancing that has made me ravenous. We chat and share some laughs as we continue to eat. Daniel was almost finished when I arrived but sat with me until I am done. As I finish, he asks what my plans are. I tell him I have none until I need to get ready for the wedding. Daniel comments that the hotel has a nice indoor pool and suggests we take a swim together.

I quickly try to think if I have a bathing suit in my suitcase and smile when I realize that I do. I agree with his suggestion and we part agreeing to meet in twenty minutes at the pool. Daniel gives me very simple directions so I can find the pool. We part when the elevator reaches my floor. I go to my room and quickly change into a cute one-piece that I have brought with me. I critically eye myself in the mirror. I decide that I look ok and wish I had packed a bikini. I hope Daniel likes how I look. I know my figure is very appealing. I head down to the pool and find Daniel waiting for me. I am happy to see that his eyes notice my figure as I remove the tee shirt that I have worn over my suit. We spend the next several hours swimming and talking. I make sure I stretch and give Daniel ample opportunity to appreciate all of my feminine charms.

When it is time to leave, I lean in and give him a kiss with just a hint of the tip of my tongue touching his parted lips, before jumping out of the elevator and telling him I look forward to dancing with him at the wedding. As I enter my room, I realize that I want to sleep with Daniel. I ponder how to do that as I realize that Jacqueline is a complicating factor. I continue to think about the upcoming wedding, Daniel, Jacqueline and how to hatch a scheme. I shower, dry off, apply my makeup, fix my hair and dress while I try to come up with a workable approach. I feel confident that Daniel is interested and would be a willing partner.

It is time for me to head down to the wedding. With final look in the mirror, I check out my hair, makeup and wardrobe. I have my hair styled up and my electric blue cocktail dress accentuates my curves. Matching four-inch heels and clutch purse complete my outfit. I briefly reconsider taking off my panties but decide to leave them on. I know that my slinky silk panties, garter belt and stockings will provide a pleasant surprise if my incomplete plan comes to fruition. I confidently head out to the wedding.

After a brief ceremony, we all move into a banquet room for the reception. I walk into the reception room with Jacqueline and we compliment each other on how we look. She hurries away to join the reception line. I catch Daniel’s eyes as he stands in the receiving line and then wait my turn to congratulate everyone. I smile brightly when Daniel whispers that I look beautiful as we exchange a quick greeting. I continue down the line ending up congratulating Georg and Therese. I move over to the bar and get a drink as the rest of the guests pass through the receiving line. After the final guest has passed, the receiving line breaks up and I watch Daniel quickly search around the room until his eyes settle on me. He walks over and joins me at the bar.

He again compliments me on how pretty I look and I use that as a pretext to kiss him on the lips, prolonging it longer than appropriate and tell him how sweet he is. I look into his eyes and decide he is getting my message. A DJ is playing music and Daniel grabs my hand and we head out to the dance floor. My purse is deposited into his tux pocket and we come together and dance to a few oldie tunes. As each song goes by, we move closer until my arms are around his shoulders with my head resting on his shoulder.

His arms are wrapped around my hips with his hands resting just above my butt. I feel very contented as we continue to dance. Finally a slow song begins and I snuggle closer to Daniel, gently rubbing my tummy against his crotch. I am grateful to feel a nice swelling in his pants. After the slow song, we agree to take a break. Daniel’s face is a little flushed from our dance and that makes me happy. He leaves me promising to return later for more dancing. I return to the bar and order a club soda. I have no intention of being to drunk to enjoy what I am hoping will happen later.

The DJ introduces the wedding party and I watch as the newlywed share their first dance. The wedding party join Georg and Therese on the dance floor. I smile as I watch little Jacqueline dancing with Daniel. As I watch them together, I notice that Jacqueline has wrapped herself around Daniel. It is obvious that Jacqueline finds Daniel attractive just like I do. The final parts of my plan come together. I am going to screw Daniel silly and let Jacqueline experience her first man. I have never met a man yet that hasn’t fantasized about being with two woman at the same time and even better if the two woman also do each emek anal yapan escort other.

After the first dance, the DJ asks us to sit down. Lunch is served and after that the DJ begins to play some dance music. I watch with amusement as Jacqueline pulls Daniel onto the dance floor. Daniel sees me watching him and smiles at me and shrugs. Watching them dance while I think about getting the three of us together naked causes my pussy to twitch. All to quickly, the party starts to wind down. Jacqueline and I monopolize Daniel’s dance card. As the DJ announces a final song, I watch as Jacqueline grabs Daniel’s hand and pulls him out. With that final song, the reception ends.

Daniel and Jacqueline return to the table we have been sitting at. We look at each other and Jacqueline expresses regret that the party is over. I ask Daniel to excuse us for a moment and ask Jacqueline to join me in the Ladies’ room. We go and powder our noses together. As we examine the results, I carefully ensure that we are alone in the room. I then look at Jacqueline and ask her if she is interested in sleeping with Daniel. Her eyes almost pop out of her head and she starts asking questions. I silence her with a wave of my hand and tell her my plan. She listens intently and then nods her head in agreement.

We return to Daniel and sit down. I turn to Daniel and invite him to join Jacqueline and myself up in our room for a more intimate party. His eyebrows rise as he looks at me and then turns to Jacqueline. With a huge grin he tells us that he would love to join us. Jacqueline claps her hands and jumps up from her chair. Daniel and I grin at each other and show a little restraint as we stand. Jacqueline jumps into Daniel’s’ arms and plants a big kiss on his lips. Daniel wraps his arms around Jacqueline and enthusiastically returns her kiss. I excuse myself for a minute and walk over and say goodbye to my parents. I tell them that I have a few days off and that I may stop over and see them before flying home. I leave them and find Jacqueline and Daniel standing in the doorway waiting for me. We head towards the elevator.

We enter an empty elevator and I grab Jacqueline with one arm and Daniel with the other and pull us all together into a triangle. I lean forward and kiss Daniel lustily. I break our kiss and then encourage Jacqueline to kiss him. Daniel leans over and I watch as they French kiss. When they finally separate, I lean over and kiss Jacqueline. As our lips open, I hear Daniel gasp as our tongues intertwine. I slide my hand down his back until I cup his ass and I give it a nice squeeze. He returns the favor and he must also grab Jacqueline’s ass because she squeaks and breaks our kiss. As we reach our floor, I slide my hand around and grab Daniel’s bulge. I am very pleasantly surprised by what I feel.

Before I can explore more, the door begins to close and we break apart and breathlessly exit the elevator. We arrive at the door to our room. Jacqueline opens the door with her room card and we enter. All restraint disappears as Daniel grabs us and pulls us back into a triangle. We begin to kiss and caress each other. I alternate my attention between Jacqueline and Daniel. Kisses and caresses become more probing and erotic. Daniel is getting frustrated trying to caress my breasts so I suggest we all take off some clothes. We all stop and catch a breath. I move behind Jacqueline and to slide the zipper down her back opening her gown.

When it is fully open, I lower the dress and help her step out of it. I move to the closet to hang it up. When I return, Daniel has managed to remove her bra and is bent over sucking on one of her breasts. Jacqueline is stroking his head. I move over and take her other breast into my mouth and suck gently on her breast. After a moment, I slide down and begin to remove her pantyhose. Daniel interrupts his caresses to step back as she steps out of her hose. I look back and offer him the pleasure of removing her panties. Jacqueline asks that we let them stay on for a while. I remark that they are already wet and I rub the wet area of her white panties. I stand up and Daniel suggests I get undressed next. That is fine with me.

Daniel moves behind me and pulls the zipper of my dress down. I hold the front up until he has pulled the zipper all the way down. When he stands back up, I lift my hands away and let my dress fall down to the floor. My naked breasts are now visible and display my arousal to all. Daniel reaches around and cups both my breasts in his hands. Jacqueline kneels down in front of me and begins removing my stockings. Daniel’s large firm hands manipulate my breasts and I lean back into him as Jacqueline rolls a stocking down my leg. I lift a foot and she removes it. She repeats the process on my other leg. Daniel continues to work my nipples and they are aching with desire. I beg him to squeeze them and he does. I moan as thrills run down to my pussy. Jacqueline’s emek escort fingers are running along my slit pushing my panties into my crack. I reach up and grab Daniel’s hands and remove them from my breasts.

My nipples are throbbing and my pussy is running. I turn around and drop to my knees. I reach for Daniel’s zipper and pull it down. I reach in and pull down his boxers and pull out his penis. Without any further preliminaries, I lean forward and take him into my mouth. I begin to slide my mouth up and down his length. His penis is already hard and nicely thick. I guess it is six inches as my nose touches his skin. I have him comfortably in my mouth. God it feels good. I look up to see Daniel looking down at me. I slide him out until only the head remains between my lips. I hold it by the base and slowly run my tongue around the head, flicking it slowly under the crown. I then slide my tongue up to the opening and push my tongue against it. My efforts are rewarded by a low growl from Daniel and a small drop of his essence. I lick that off and wait to see if there may be more.

There isn’t. I look around to find Jacqueline. She is standing next to me. I reach up and grab her arm and pull her down next to me. I slide over a little and pull her over closer to me. I point Daniel’s dick toward her and tell her to lick it. She looks at me and then tentatively moves forward. I can see that this isn’t going to work. The girl doesn’t have a clue. I let her fumble around for a minute then tell her to let go. I tell her to watch as I slide my lips over the head and slowly slide his lubricated penis into my mouth. It is wet with my saliva and easily slides down to where my fist holds him at the base. I slide it back out and until it escapes my lips. I lean over and whisper in her ear to repeat what I did.

I also tell her to let her tongue rub against the bottom of him as it slides in and out. She nods her head and then takes him into her mouth. She gets about two inches in and then slides it back out. Time for lesson two. I whisper in her ear that she should try to take it in further. She looks at me like I am crazy but moves forward and sucks him into her lips. She manages to get a little more in. I tell her she is doing great. I look up at Daniel and give him a wink. I suggest he may want to remove his clothes while we concentrate on his penis. He nods his head in agreement and starts pulling off his clothes. I return my attention to Jacqueline’s efforts. She has made a little progress but is still taking less than half of him into her mouth.

I compliment her and ask for a turn. She relinquishes her place and I slide Daniel into my mouth. Although her efforts have not been proficient, Daniel is noticeably harder and I quickly slide my mouth up and down his length for a few strokes. I again slide him out of my mouth and use my fist to stroke him. I push my tongue against his opening and watch as a large glob of his pre-cum escapes. I point to it and tell her to lick it off. She does and when she lifts off his penis and looks at me, I lean forward and kiss her, opening my lips and pushing my tongue into her mouth. I can taste Daniel’s come in her mouth and I run my tongue around her mouth. My fist continues to stroke Daniel as Jacqueline and I continue to kiss. I feel Daniel’s hand against my head as he opens his belt and push his pants and boxers down his legs. I break our kiss, ask Jacqueline to help me remove his shoes and pants. We remove his remaining clothes. Daniel is rock hard and I sense that he is close to cumming. I stand up and suggest we all climb on the bed. I put Daniel in the middle with Jacqueline and I on either side. When we are all situated, I tell Jacqueline to suck on one of Daniel’s nipples. I watch as she leans forward and when she has his nipple in her mouth, I get Daniel’s attention and I mouth that Jacqueline is a virgin. He nods his head that he understands.

After Jacqueline finishes sucking Daniel’s nipples, I tell her to move down and continue sucking Daniel. She moves down and in doing so turns so her pussy so it is pointing towards Daniel. I watch for a moment as she takes him into her mouth. I climb over Daniel until I am behind Jacqueline and lean forward and slide my tongue along her pussy. She jumps at the feel of my tongue. She looks up and sees me behind her. I tell her to continue what she is doing and to use her hand to stroke him.

I return back to her slit and begin to run my tongue along the length of her slit. I use my hand to spread her lips and find a very wet pussy for my avid tongue. I continue to lick her for a few minutes until she is leaking copiously. I move away from her pussy and announce that it is time for a change of position. I tell Jacqueline to lie down on the bed. She quickly lies down where Daniel was and looks expectantly at us. I tell Daniel to move down and lick Jacqueline. He quickly complies. I watch as his tongue begins to lick her pussy. I wait for a few minutes, pulling on my nipples until Daniel has Jacqueline moaning. I then straddle Jacqueline’s head. Daniel sees what I am about to do and watches me squat on her face. His tongue never stops licking her pussy. I feel her pointed tongue slide along my lips opening them to her tongue. God it feels good.

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