Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 01

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The following is my first attempt at erotic fiction.

I have submitted the first six chapters but there are many more.

I’ll post the rest if any of you are interested.




Gavin had been married for twenty-one years, in all that time he had been faithful. He had looked, but he had not touched. There were plenty of girls and women that he liked. Several he had seriously lusted over, but he had never done anything about it. He had never made that move. He never gave off any availability signals.

Now he was getting older, he felt he was missing out and he blamed his wife, Elaine.

She had put on weight when they had had their twin girls eight years ago; she was permanently going to do something about it but never did.

Her idea of sex was to lie down in the same spot of the bed usually in the dark and have Gavin do stuff to her, she certainly enjoyed it, but frankly, it bored him.

Elaine never refused sex but neither did she initiate it, and she hardly ever did stuff back. He believed she was very naive and unimaginative, she did not like watching porn but she did have numerous toys that she would often have him use on her. She loved to have him shoot cum into her sparsely haired cunt, only once had she given him a blowjob that had ended in him cumming in her mouth, (she had swallowed but complained it tasted of onions, very romantic).

Gavins big aim was to get her to have anal sex. She had, after several years of coaxing, finally allowed him to put a well lubricated finger or two up her bum, and it was obvious that she enjoyed that a lot, it was often what tipped her over the edge into orgasm when he was licking her cunt. He occasionally pressed the head of his cock against her arse hole ‘accidentally’ just to gauge her reaction, she would always pull away or reposition herself so that her cunt was again the target.

On an occasion recently though, she had had a few drinks and they were actually in bed with the lights on. He had managed to get her very lubricated with KY and she had cum very hard several times. She was on her hands and knees begging him to stick it in her. He kneeled behind her and pressed his cock against her little brown star. He believed she had not even noticed, so he pressed harder, she moved away as he pushed he thought the mere tip of his cock had entered her, it was hard to tell, but she was squeezing her arse shut that was for sure. “That’s far enough, it’s hurting.” Gavin had just collapsed on the sheets in sheer frustration. He simply could not face banging away at her cunt for half an hour. It was boring.

As far as Elaine was concerned, sperm went in her cunt and that was it.

Not once in their entire marriage had she given him a hand job. He would have loved to have wanked on her tits, face, or anywhere else, how about pissing on her, how about she pissed on him, how about she fist fucked his arse, how about a threesome with a prostitute, how about she just jiggled about a bit.

Gavin was bored.

He had done his bit, he’d kept in shape, not muscular but he was tall 6′ 2″, slim, many thought him to be mid thirties rather than forties. Elaine was short 5′ 4″, well overweight, in her forties and looking it. She was getting the better part of the sex deal and he had had enough.

Paula was woman who worked for him. They were potters.

Paula had been an object of his daily wanking lust for many years. So had several other women and girls but the difference was that he liked her, he really liked her. He was sure that if he let himself he could easily fall in love with her. This could not be allowed to happen. For all of his resentment and unhappiness regarding his sex life, he loved his wife and no way was he ever going to endanger that. Paula was the opposite of his wife, she was tall 5′ 10″, very slim, and blond (from a bottle). She was a girly girl, and she was funny, and outrageously flirtatious with anything that had trousers and a pulse. She was forty-one; it was obvious that she had been a real looker in her past. All the men liked Paula.

It happened that Gavins pottery company had won a rush job late on Friday for delivery on Monday, he needed help with the moulds.

Something that he really admired about Paula was that she was prepared to muck in with any part of the job. Pottery can be a very manual job, but she did it with feminine grace and charm, Gavin found this very sexy. Women in traditionally male occupations tend to be butch, but not Paula and she had long painted nails and lipstick to prove it.

Paula had volunteered to come in over the weekend and help with the job. Gavin was slightly surprised, as she usually preferred to stay home at weekends. He was also very pleased. He always enjoyed any time spent with her.

Starting early on Saturday, he had a lot of the work done by the time she turned up at about eleven o’clock. They talked while they cut clay, mixed glaze and replenished moon knight izle slip checked the hundreds of things that needed checking and loaded the kiln. Gavin asked why she had been so keen to work this weekend.

“To be with you of course,” Gavin refused to rise to her flirting.

“Well obviously, but besides that, you don’t usually like working Saturdays.”

“I wanted to spend some time with you,” Paula repeated.

“You almost sound sincere, what’s suddenly so good about spending time with me?”

Paula looked at him, she hesitated a moment, then, seeming to have made a decision she pushed the stop button on the mixing machine, it ground to a halt.

“Let’s get some coffee and sit down for a bit,” she said.

“Fine,” he wondered what was coming.

Paula retrieved two cups of coffee from the machine and carried them off towards the office. Gavin followed. Arriving in the office, she walked on through to the back room where the chairs were bigger and softer. Part of the partition wall between the two offices was made of glass and at a certain angle it acted as a mirror, as Gavin entered the room closing the door behind him he could see Paula tidying her hair with her fingers, this was obviously for his benefit and he knew she was preparing to tell him something. His heart was quickening, he did not want bad news right now.

“So, what’s up?” he said, giving her a friendly sympathetic smile.

“I had another argument with Greg the other night,” she said. Greg was her husband; she had an argument with him at least twice a week so this was hardly unusual news.

“It was about nothing as usual, and he hasn’t spoken to me since.”

“So everything’s normal there then,” Gavin quipped.

“It’s not that it was any different to any of our other rows, it’s just that afterwards I just sort of flipped, it’s like I changed channel in my mind. I think the row was the final straw, I know now that I’m not going to argue like that again, there’s just no point. I have decided for sure to leave Greg.”

“Here it comes,” Gavin thought, “she’s going to leave work and start again somewhere.”

“Where will you go?” Gavin asked.

“I don’t know, it’ll probably end up with him moving out, but that’s all a long way off.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well we can’t split up until the girls are grown up and India’s only eleven so that’ll be about seven years,” she explained. Paula had two daughters India, eleven and Fionna, eighteen.

“So you’ve decided that your husband is going to leave you in your house in seven years time?” Gavin laughed.

“It’s not funny, that’s it, I’ve had enough.”

“OK, well you have plenty of time to change your mind before then.”

“The point is that I have to mark time for seven years.”

“What do you mean?”

Paula looked down at her feet, Gavin was leaning against a desk and she stood a couple of feet to his left. The hesitation drew Gavins attention to the moment; obviously, this was what was really on her mind.

“Gav?” she said.

“yes Paula?”

“There’s no way I’m going seven years without a bloke.,” she said.

“You’ll have to go out on the prowl or you could advertise and hold interviews,” he joked.

“It’s not funny, I need a bit of stability. I need a boyfriend who doesn’t mind my husband.”

“Well that narrows it down to half the men in the country.”

“I’m serious, I need someone who’s there for me but I can’t commit to for at least seven years.”

“Darling, you need a mistress, well not a mistress, would it be a master, a gigolo perhaps, whatever the male equivalent is, that’s what you need. But then so does everyone else in the country; including me.”


“Yes, that’s what you need, an honest to goodness fuck buddy.”

“No, what you just said about everyone needing a mistress, including you?”

Gavins face flushed. The alarm bells were ringing in his head, here was a chance to make a real fool of himself. Some men would see this as a straight up proposition, others, and Gavin was one of them, would shy away from any possible form of rejection by a female.

The relationship that Gavin and Paula had was a strange one. He was her boss. Gavin found her totally captivating. They flirted mercilessly. He had no idea how she genuinely felt about him physically, he knew she liked him as a person, but the outrageous flirting masked any true feelings. He had been led to believe by office gossip, that she was no stranger to extra marital activity, he was pretty sure she had had some one night stands and at least one long term serious boyfriend who it seemed left the scene about a year ago.

Gavin figured that if he said, “No I was only kidding,” he would be slamming the door on any possibility of her offering herself. On the other hand, “Sure, but the trick is finding the right one,” would leave the door wide open and allow further talk around the subject without him committing himself.

“Sure, mrs fletcher izle the trick would be to find the right one.” he replied.

“What would make a good mistress?”

Gavin backed away from the right answer of “You would be perfect my darling Paula.”

“Well for me, female, breathing and weighing in under thirteen stone. How about you? What will your advert say?”

Paulas mind was in turmoil. Was he really not interested? She had thought that through all the flirting and occasional touching and hugging there had been some genuine attraction to her. She had been awake late into the night worrying about how she could engineer this conversation to let him express his true feelings, but it had passed over him like he really did not care. Paula, normally so loud and confident stood up. She moved to stand in front of him. She spread her feeling on the floor for him to trample on.

“Gav, I want you to be my fuck buddy.”

Gavins heart stopped.

It must have started again at some point at least long enough for him to say, “OK.”

He was scanning her every hair, gesture, sound, voice inflection for any hint of a joke or sarcasm. There was none.

“So we’re fuck buddies then?” he confirmed.

“If you want?” She intoned awkwardly.

Gavin felt numb what should he do next with his newly announced fuck buddy? What was a suitable next move? He finally decided that his response to her initial request would probably have struck her as less than enthusiastic.

“Paula, I have always wanted you. You are the most gorgeous woman I know. Your husband is a bloody fool and I’m glad because it means you are here with me. I want to take you to bed, forever.”

He had finally said something right in her opinion, because a tearful glint appeared in her eyes.

“Please kiss me,” she said.

Gavins heart was pounding he was very excited. Save for his wife she would be the first woman he had kissed in over twenty-one years.

“Paula, if I kiss you, I doubt I could control myself, I’ve wanted you for a very long time.”

Paula decided to go for it. If this was going to happen then she wanted it all, right now. She did not want any doubts creeping into his mind overnight.

“OK… Do it now,” she said.


“Sex… I want you in me.”

Gavin looked at her in disbelief, was she really going to let him do her?

“Where could we do it?” he asked,

“Right here, right now,” she replied with the merest hint of defiance breaking across her smiling lips.

This was a dream. He could not be this lucky, she was going to change her mind at any moment. Best not give her time to think.

Gavin held out his hand to her, palm side up, she did not take it. Instead, she looked into his eyes, simultaneously taking a step towards him gently bending back the fingers of his outstretched hand against her tummy. Their eyes locked upon one another, she leaned forward very slightly. His fingers were brushing against the waistband of her jeans.

He broke her gaze and looked at his hand, he wanted to simply push it down inside her jeans and grab her sex, but to be practical her jeans were very tight around her slim waist and his arm was at the wrong angle. Instead, he moved his hand to her left hip and brought his other to hold her right hip. Gavin raised his eyes to again catch hers, he gently pulled her closer and closer until their noses touched and they could feel each others breath, still they looked at each other, their breathing becoming lighter and lighter. Paula tilted her head and embraced him with her arms, her lips brushed his once, twice and a third time, Gavin stood still hardly daring to move his heart was pounding. Finally she pressed her lips to his, he opened his mouth and Paulas tongue found his, Neither of them dare break the kiss, such was the excitement each of them felt, they were actually kissing, this was her saliva on his tongue, that was his tongue exploring her mouth. They had both fantasized about this moment for so long, they wanted it to go on forever, but neither could they wait to take the next steps.

Gavin moved both of his hands from her hips up her back either side of her spine, his fingers catching momentarily on her bra strap. God. He was actually touching Paulas bra, he knew that she would allow him to remove that bra, he knew he was going to see her tits, he was going to suck on her nipples, he brought his right hand around her side and cupped the side of her breast. Paula gave a small grunt of approval and turned her torso slightly towards his hand. Gavin opened his fingers wide and placed the palm of his hand firmly over her left breast, he closed his fingers catching the tip of her very hard nipple. He opened and closed his fingers again, this time he held the nipple between his fingers. Paula moaned, her legs were trembling; her nipples were aching to be pulled. She could feel her vagina involuntarily contracting. Gavin lowered murder in big horn izle his hand from her breast only to raise it again. This time under her sweater and vest, up her side over her ribs, she could feel his fingers levering a gap under the side strap of her bra, then he moved his hand to the front, popping the cup from her breast his fingers firmly searching out and tweaking her nipple.

“I was right,” he thought as he felt the silky texture of her breast. In his fantasies he always imagined that Paulas breasts would be feathery soft, instead of firm, and that her nipples would grow long and hard. He had also imagined that her tits would sag slightly, after all she was a mother of two and in her forties, but that would simply make him feel more protective toward her, her body was past it’s prime and she would be feeling vulnerable. He did not care what her tits were like, he simply cared that they were Paulas tits, and that she was eagerly sharing them with him.

His mind again focused on what his hand was doing to her breast. It was squeezing it, very firmly, mashing the rock hard nipple through the soft flesh of her breast and against her ribs. His other arm was pulling her into him tightly.

She in turn had her arms around him, one around his back, the other she had behind his head pulling him towards her eager mouth. She was making small animalistic whimpering noises at the back of her throat and breathing heavily through her nose, she could smell his skin, soap, sweat and yesterdays aftershave, she liked the way he smelled, it was honest and trustworthy, uncomplicated, manly. She ruffled her fingers through his hair. Her thumb was behind his ear. She had always thought that he had cute ears. It had been along time since she had kissed anyone who was actually taller then her, she liked it, the man should be taller, she thought.

Paula knew, she would never be more turned on than she was right now, she was ready for sex. She was ready to be mounted. She was so ready that she could feel the slippery wetness of her vagina moistening the crotch of her knickers. Her nipples were on fire. She ached to be fucked.

She released Gavins head and moved her hand to his crotch. She had felt the lump in his jeans pushing against her own mound; it was pulsing with each squeeze of her tit. She needed to move this along, she needed to get his cock out and answer the question that had been uppermost in her fantasies. She flattened her hand against the iron tube that Gavin had inside his pants, that ca not be real she thought, Gavins cock was hard, very hard.

Gavin moaned as Paulas palm rubbed across the tip of his penis. Paula was feeling his cock. She was hungry for it. It just could not get better than this. He felt the zipper on his jeans being eased down, followed by a fumbled pop of the top button. It could get better. Paulas hand was inside his boxers, her palm against his groin, she nudged the shaft of his cock with the back of her fingers, she turned her hand around and grasped his rigid manhood, she let out a guttural moan, Gavin almost passed out with sheer excitement. He wanted her.

Paula squeezed the seven inches of hard cock, it did not feel real, it was about the same size as her husbands, but it was so hard it felt more like her battery powered best friend, she squeezed again, it pulsed in her grip. She had an immediate and desperate desire to see it.

Paula finally broke their kiss, leaving both of them with a saliva soaked ring around their mouths. She briefly looked into his eyes and then down his body.

“I’m sorry … I just have to … Do this,” she mumbled, pulling away from his grip.

Slowly she dropped to her knees. Gavins boxers had snapped back into place when she had let go of his cock, but his cock head was poking out through the waistband, his jeans were still in place but the front was open, his T shirt covered the opening.

Paula reached out and grasped his jeans at both hips and pulled down until they were at his knees. Gavin looked down at the top of her head, it was level with his crotch. He was shaking with anticipation. He grasped the hem of his T-shirt and lifted it over his head, He did not want it obscuring his view of Paula and his cock. Paula could see the tip of his cock peeping out of his waistband it looked shiny and there was a single drop of clear pre-cum on the very tip. She hurriedly pulled his boxers down out of the way, his cock hardly moved from its vertical position it was very hard.

Gavin expected her to grab it, but she didn’t, instead Paula leaned in towards his cock with her face just millimetres away from it but not touching, she looked at it, she inhaled deeply through her nose, smelling its musky aroma finally she extended her tongue to the glistening liquid on the tip and tasted Gavin. She liked the taste of Gavin, she opened her mouth and swallowed about four inches of him, she ran her tongue around his cock head and again noted how hard he was.

Gavin wanted to push. Gavin wanted to fuck her face. Gavin wanted to grab her head and shag it. This was Paula and she was getting off on sucking his cock. He had lusted after this woman for over ten years, all the flirting and double entendres and joking to cover up his/their genuine feelings were in the bin, he was going to squirt spunk on her tits, and make her scream.

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