Farmer’s Daughters

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“We don’t share our men!” Sharon said to Willy.

Willy had just made a joke, saying that Sharon and her sister Rose looked so much alike, if he were to come over to their house in the dark he would have to kiss both of them to figure out who was who.

“We don’t share our men!” Rose said, when Willy told her about the joke.

They both were right, they never shared their men. Until they did.

Willy and Utah had met while in college at a university in Virginia. They were both assigned to the same dorm as freshmen and struck up a friendship almost immediately. They both possessed the same twisted sense of humor and were both musicians and loved the same kinds of music. They roomed together for the whole four years and actually graduated together, on time.

Willy was a journalism major and Utah studied computer science, but it was the music that bonded them first and foremost. Willy played guitar and bass and Utah played keyboards and they sang and jammed together the very first night they met, and haven’t stopped since. They knew many of the same tunes and wrote some of their own and could improvise together and play off of one another as if they’d been playing together for years. It was instant karma. It didn’t take long before they started hustling gigs on and off campus for extra money.

Utah was not his real name; his real name was Ron, and that’s what everybody called him at first. He was from New Orleans, and grew up on jazz and blues. But one night a bunch of guys from the dorm were in the lounge watching an NBA game on TV, Washington versus Utah. The guys were drinking heavily and then one of them found out that Ron was from New Orleans, and didn’t the Utah Jazz used to be the New Orleans Jazz way back when before they moved to Utah? Everybody roared, yep, that’s right, and everybody started calling him Utah after that, and the nickname had stuck. For the next four years he was introduced as Utah and many people he knew never even learned his real name.

In addition to having an incredible talent and aptitude for computers and music, Utah was a human encyclopedia of music trivia, especially rock and roll. There were several bars near campus that featured deejays playing music and they would hold trivia contests where the correct answers earned free beer. The guys would go to these trivia nights and Utah would know every single answer and they’d drink all night for free. It didn’t take long before Utah was banned from the contests. But then he would just whisper the answers to his buddies and they would all take turns giving the correct answers and get the free drinks. Eventually Utah and anybody who knew him him were banned.

After college Willy and Utah continued playing music as a duo in restaurants, bars and clubs, and it provided a nice second income for both of them. Utah worked as a computer programmer in the city while Willy worked for a magazine in a town about an hour away. Being in two different towns gave them opportunities to book gigs over a wide area and be a little choosy about where they played, and they wouldn’t have to play the same places too often. They liked their jobs, but they liked playing music evenings and weekends even better. The money was good and the fringe benefits were great: the women.

After a few years Utah got married and had kids, and Willy had drifted in and out of a couple extended relationships, so they had limited their gigs mostly to weekends. They were still gigging when they were in their late twenties.

One Saturday night they were playing at a place called Murph’s, a pub in a small town about a fifteen minute drive from Willy’s house. Willy had met the owner during his travels for his day job and had managed to book the gig. It was a small room with a long L-shaped bar covering two entire walls, a few tables, an area cleared for dancing and a tiny stage barely big enough for the two of them.

It had been raining when they were setting up but then the weather turned worse, with the rain pouring in torrents and scattered thunder and lightning. There were only seven or eight people in the joint and they weren’t leaving and no one new was coming in. Willy and Utah played as they usually did and made wise cracks in between songs, joking about the weather and the crowd.

At the end of the bar closest to the stage were two young ladies who were enjoying the show. Willy was the wittier one on stage and he noticed that they laughed at all his jokes. Especially the slim brunette.

They walked over and talked to them during their first break. Their names were Sharon and Kim. Utah was married so he was just being friendly to Kim, and they exchanged business cards, but Willy was very attracted to Sharon.

Sharon had a model’s body, long and lean, with long dark, teased hair and big brown eyes, a look Willy had always been attracted to. She was dressed completely in black, from her boots to her jeans to her skin-tight sweater. Her tits were modest, her ass was fine, and her nose was on the large side and a bit crooked, national treasure edge of history izle but Willy thought that just made her more interesting. She sat on the bar stool with her legs apart and as Willy played he stared at her delicious crotch from the stage.

Willy started talking to them from the stage, including them in his banter, and they laughed along. He sent them a round of drinks. During one of Utah’s solo numbers he sat next to Sharon at the bar and they chatted as they listened. He spent his next break talking to her as well.

Sharon was friendly, but coy. She had a shy smile and a good sense of humor but was not extremely talkative, not quick to open up. She often answered questions with questions. But Willy did find out that she was twenty-five, had grown up on a nearby farm, was a college graduate and a registered nurse. She worked full time as a school nurse, and part time as a home health nurse.

Sometime during their last set the rain had stopped. Willy had gone to the restroom and then to the office to talk to the owner. When he returned to the bar Sharon and Kim were gone.

‘Shit’, Willy said to himself. He hadn’t gotten Sharon’s phone number. And he didn’t even know her last name.

About an hour later Willy and Utah were chilling in Willy’s living room drinking beer and listening to music. They talked about the gig, the lousy crowd and the two girls, and Willy lamented about missing the chance to get Sharon’s phone number.

They were listening to a mix of classic blues-rock songs from the sixties and seventies when ‘On The Road Again’ by Canned Heat came out of the speakers. Just a week or so before Willy had been reading a rock and roll book he had on his shelf right there in his living room and had learned a small fact of trivia that he’d never known before.

“You know something that I never knew until recently, Utah?” Willy said. “That ‘On The Road Again’ was a top forty hit for Canned Heat before ‘Going Up The Country’.

“No, it wasn’t,” Utah said, after a short period of thought.

“Yes, it was,” Willy said, correcting him. “‘Going Up The Country’ was the bigger hit of the two, but ‘On The Road Again’ actually came out a couple months earlier in 1968.”

There was a silence between them for a moment as they listened to the song.

“No, it didn’t,” Utah finally said.

“Yes, it did. I was surprised to learn it too, but it’s true.”

“No, it didn’t,” Utah said again.

This surprised Willy. Utah was the undisputed king of rock and roll trivia. Did he really think he would challenge him if he didn’t know he was right?

“Wanna bet?” Willy said.


“How much?” Their pockets were full of cash from the gig.

“A hundred dollars,” Utah said.

“Okay, let’s get this straight,” Willy said. “You are betting me one hundred dollars that ‘Going Up The Country’ was a a top forty hit for Canned Heat BEFORE ‘On The Road Again’. And I am saying the opposite, that ‘Going Up The Country’ was a top forty hit AFTER ‘On The Road Again’. Right?”


“Okay, Utah, you are the trivia guru. The Big Cheese, The Big Kahuna, The Top Dog, The Top of the Heap, The Pick of the Pack, The Cream of the Crop, The Swami, The King. Before I take your money, you must know that I would never bet against you on trivia unless I knew I was right, right?”


“You still wanna bet?”



Willy got up off the sofa and walked over to the bookcase not ten feet away. He picked up a book from the bottom shelf. It was an old, dogeared paperback titled ‘The Billboard Book of Top Forty Hits’. He opened the book and found what he was looking for on page 72. There it was in black and white: ‘On The Road Again’ debuted in the Top Forty in September 1968, and ‘Going Up The Country’ debuted in December later that year.

“Read ’em and weep,” Willy said, as he handed the book to Utah.

Utah’s eyes grew into round blue saucers as he stared at the page like a rabbit in the headlights. He couldn’t believe it. He kept staring at the book with a confused look on his face.

“I warned you, Utah,” Willy finally said.

“I need another beer,” Utah said, and got up and walked to the kitchen.

“Get me one too, will ya?” Willy said.

Utah returned with the beers and handed one to Willy. He sat back down with a plop and popped the top on his can.

“Hey, Utah, let me ask you a question. That girl we met tonight, Kim. You got her business card, right?”

“Yeah, I got it,” he said.

“Okay, good,” Willy said. “Tell you what. Call Kim on Monday and get Sharon’s phone number from her for me. You do that for me and we’ll call it even.”


“Yeah, really. I was going to ask her for her number but they left before I got around to it. You can help me out.”

“Really? You saying that if I get you the number then I don’t have to pay you the hundred?”

“Yes. next level chef izle That’s what I’m saying.”

“Okay, it’s a deal. But what if she won’t give it to me?”

“Then at least get her last name so I can look her up. Turn on the charm.”

“Okay. But I’m not betting anymore tonight.”

“Me neither.”

Utah came through. He called Willy on Monday night and gave him Sharon’s number.

“Kim said Sharon likes you, Bro,” Utah said. “She said they were going to come to another gig anyway. Looks like you wasted a hundred bucks!”

“Nah, money well-spent,” Willy laughed. He thanked him and they hung up.

Willy was glad to get Sharon’s number, but he was also glad for another reason. He didn’t really want to take Utah’s money; he had a wife and two kids at home and could use the extra dough.

Willy called Sharon on Tuesday night. She picked right up. He asked if Sharon was home. She said this is Sharon. He asked if she knew who it was calling. She said she thought so. He said this is Willy. She said she knew that, Kim told her to expect his call. He said he wanted to ask for her number Saturday night but she got away. She said you weren’t quick enough, once it stopped raining we made a run for it. Well, I have your number now, he said. She said, I know you do. He asked if she was happy he had her number, and she said yes, she was glad he had it.

“Kim said your friend Utah called her for you. Why didn’t you call her yourself?” Sharon asked.

“Well, Utah had talked to Kim more, I was interested in you. And he had kept her business card. And, it’s kind of a funny story…”

He told her about the trivia bet, and how he had won the bet, and how Utah was the trivia buff, not him.

“So, I won a hundred dollars, and Utah had set the amount, and I tried to let him out of it but he insisted,” Willy continued. “And I really didn’t want to take his money because he’s a great friend and has a family to support, so I told him if he called Kim and got your number for me we would call it even.”

“That was very thoughtful of you,” she said.

“Yes, it was, I’m a thoughtful guy, an incredible guy in fact, thanks for noticing. And very modest too.”

Sharon laughed. He loved her laugh. Shy but sincere.

“Sharon, I really enjoyed talking to you the other night and would like to do more of that. I’d like to ask you out. And since your phone number cost me a hundred bucks, I was hoping you’d say yes.”

Sharon burst out laughing and almost couldn’t stop.

She said yes. They talked for nearly an hour and made plans to go to dinner Thursday night.

Sharon lived on the family farm in a two bedroom bungalow she shared with her sister Rose. It used to house farm workers but the sisters had lived there together since graduating from college.

Sharon didn’t want Willy to pick her up at home, and he was glad about that because the farm was way out in the boonies and in the opposite direction from where he was planning to take her for dinner. She was reluctant to meet him at his house…she was raised to be cautious…but then agreed. Willy convinced her that his house was in a nice neighborhood and located in the middle of a safe no-axe murderer zone.

So Sharon came to his house for that first date, right on time and she looked great, as expected. Willy had said the dress was casual, and he had on a pair of Dockers and a print shirt, but Sharon was dressed simply but magnificently. She wore a blue sleeveless jumpsuit with a zipper down the front to her navel and blue pumps. It showed off her crotch and butt in a subtle way and Willy thought it was sexy as hell. She had a minimal touch of eye makeup and her lipstick and nail polish matched her brown eyes and hair, which flowed loosely down her back.

“You look great!” he said.

“Thanks, so do you,” she said, and smiled.

He also realized for the first time how tall Sharon was. She’d been seated on a stool at the bar when they’d met so it came as a surprise.

“Damn, you’re tall! What are you, five-eight, five-nine?”

“Five-ten,” she said. “Is that too tall for you?”

“Hell, no, it’s just right,” he said. “I’m six feet tall and my last girlfriend was five-three. I’m tired of dating midgets.”

Sharon burst out laughing and the ice was broken. It was a half-hour drive to the restaurant. Willy had planned it that way so they would have some time to talk and get acquainted. She had seemed quiet and shy when they met, so he wanted to give her time to relax and get comfortable so their dinner would be enjoyable without being awkward or forced.

It seemed to work out perfectly. Willy found out that when Sharon got comfortable she was not necessarily quiet or shy anymore, but had a lot to say and could talk up a blue streak. They had a drink at the bar before they were seated at their table. The conversation flowed throughout dinner and they shared many laughs. He could feel eyes night court izle on them when they left the restaurant that night.

Sharon talked almost the whole drive back to the house. She answered every question and Willy learned a lot about her. She lived with her sister Rose, who was a year younger, in a little house on the farm. The house was only about seventy-five yards from the house they grew up in, where their parents still lived, and they were talking about finding their own place. Too close for comfort, she said. She also had an older sister and an older brother, both married. She worked days as a school nurse for ten months of the year, and made house calls as a home health nurse part-time during the school year and full-time in the summer. She liked running, tennis and music, and had enjoyed the Willy and Utah show the other night.

By the time they pulled into Willy’s driveway Sharon already knew she wanted to fuck him, and she could tell he wanted to fuck her, but when he asked if she wanted to come inside for a few minutes she politely demurred. She said she had had a lovely time but she had an early morning meeting with her supervisor, and with a chuckle added that Rose would probably be waiting up for a full report.

Willy was relieved. He wanted her but this way temptation wouldn’t get the best of him and he wouldn’t blunder into a mistake of too much too soon and possibly ruin things. So they said goodnight with their lips and tongues. They made plans for a second date and Willy’s dick felt like a fence post when he walked into his house.

After their third date the kisses goodbye were getting longer and more intense. Neither said it, but they both knew they would end up in the sack the next time.

Willy had a Saturday night gig scheduled at a nearby yacht club. They would be playing in the lounge after the club held their annual installation of officers in the adjacent meeting hall. He said it was usually a fun gig, all the sailors and their wives and girlfriends and concubines got drunk and partied and tipped really well. He invited Sharon to come and bring a friend, he would get them passes.

“What’s the dress code?” she asked.

“Come as you are. You always look fabulous. But you better not wear that blue jumpsuit. I may not be able to control myself. I might have to unzip the damn thing.”

When the night came the weather was beautiful so the big glass doors of the lounge were wide open and the guys were set up outside on the covered deck. They were nearing the end of their first set when the girls showed up. Willy saw Kim first, walking toward them. Then he saw Sharon behind her, tall and elegant. And she was wearing the blue jumpsuit.

Willy pointed to a table to the right of the stage that he’d reserved for them. They were quickly waited on. Their drinks were arriving when Willy joined them at the table. He kissed Sharon and said hello to Kim.

“You are pretty brave to wear that jumpsuit,” he said to Sharon. “I might not be able to behave myself.”

“Oh, well,” she said with a sly smile, shrugged, and glanced at Kim, who had a grin on her face.

The gig was a real party. The club members were all buzzed, singing and dancing and generally raising hell. Kim found herself a sailor to flirt with and was soon dancing up a storm.

Over the course of the evening Willy noticed that the zipper on the front of Sharon’s jumpsuit was inching its way down. It was open down to her tits. Her tits were not large, so there was little cleavage. There was also no bra.

“Want to come over to my house after the gig?” Willy asked her.

“Yes,” Sharon said, and squeezed his hand tightly.

Willy was glad to learn that Kim and Sharon had planned ahead and brought two cars. After he had loaded his gear, Sharon followed him out of the lot. Kim’s car was still there. She was out partying on one of the yachts.

Willy pulled into his driveway, Sharon right behind. He locked the car and didn’t even bother to unpack his equipment. They walked up onto the breezeway between the garage and house and into the kitchen. He never used his front door.

Standing closely at the counter, Willy asked Sharon if she wanted something to drink. She said no, she was fine. Willy poured a glass of water and took a couple gulps.

“You know I’ve been undressing you with my eyes all night,” he said.

He inched closer and put his arms around her. Her brown eyes were big and round and stared into his.

“Maybe you should do it for real,” she said with a catch in her voice.

He put his mouth to hers and her lips parted instantly, welcoming his tongue into her mouth. Her arms went around him and they hugged tightly as they kissed deep and hard. They had made out heavily at the end of their last date and Sharon had felt Willy’s hands on her breasts and against her clammy crotch and she had held his hardened cock through the cotton of his pants. She’d wanted him then and almost succumbed, but Willy didn’t force things so neither did she. But she’d known that this would be the night, it was time to get horizontal with her new lover, and get her brains screwed out in the process.

Willy led her by the hand through the dining room and down the hall and into his bedroom. He flipped on a lamp to its dimmest setting and turned to face her. He ran his fingers gently through her hair and along her jaws and neck and shoulders.

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