Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 23

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Big Tits


We often have saved our shit in a large closable bucket. After about two weeks there is about 6 or 7 kilos of poo in it. Usually I shit in the bucket directly but Mieke just shits in the toilet and tells me she has dropped her contribution for the day. Then I go to the bathroom, open the bucket that sits beside the toilet and scoop out her fresh shit from the bowl with my bare hands and put it in the bucket. Day after day the smell gets heavier and heavier and that makes me hornier and hornier. Usually I first lick my dirty fingers clean and then wash them. Sometimes I smear the remnants of her crap all over my face and wait a while before I clean up. I do all this fully clothed, just to prevent me to start jerking off. That would be a waste because the explosion of cum is all the better when I wait till I can finally play with the collected shit.

Yesterday, the day has come that our new collection of our poo is ready to be played with. So I put the bucket onto the radiator to warm up just enough for comfort.

An hour later it is ready. I undress and tell Mieke what I am gonna do. I ask her to tie me up in the bathtub after I have put all of the shit on my chest. Then she will have to leave me like that for at least half an hour and then come into the shower room. By that time I will horny like crazy and can’t wait to finally bursa escort be able to shoot my load.

But first she will have to put on latex gloves and put all the shit from my chest on my face. Scoop by scoop. And then smear it hard. Wherever she wants.

So it begins. I lie in the tub with my legs over the rim so that I can lay flat on my back. I stretch my arms to the back. She gets the bondage rope and ties my hands to a towel ring behind the tub. She doesn’t bother with my legs because in this position I can’t move anyway.

She opens the bucket and immediately the heavy smell takes over the fresh air in the shower room.

She puts the lid down and puts her latex gloves on. Slowly and carefully she empties the content of the bucket on my chest. She does her best to see that no shit slides off my chest. When no more shit comes out she uses her gloved hands to clear the bucket out and put some more hands full of crap on top of the already huge pile. It feels heavy and very nice and my dick is at maximum size right now and throbbing.

Mieke takes her gloves off and tells me to enjoy and that she will see me In half an hour. Then she leaves the shower room giggling.

So I lie there in the tub breathing heavily and inhale the stench with my nose and enjoying every minute of it. Also enjoying thinking about what bursa escort bayan is to come soon.

I fantasize about what she might do to me. Usually she thinks of a few extra things to please and tease me.

When the times comes, I hear a kitchen alarm clock going, she comes in again.

This time she has the large funnel with her. My expectations are growing.

She puts on a pair of fresh latex gloves and grabs a hand full of shit from the pile on my chest. She reaches high above my face (about a meter or so) and asks if I am ready. I nod and already know what is about to happen.

Then she drops a ball of very soft shit onto my face. It lands with a big splash and on my cheeks and nose. Because my mouth is open I also catch some of it in my mouth and can taste this is something great. I don’t swallow because I don’t really trust older shit but is wonderful.

Then she takes another scoop and also drops it from high above onto my face. This is so beautiful. What a feeling this is.

Next she take the funnel and places it in my mouth. She climbs onto the rim of the tub and squats over my head and positions her pussy over the top of the funnel. Then she starts to piss. A big stream of pee flows into my mouth and I begin swallowing like crazy. I can hardly taste it but this is awesome.

No drop escapes escort bursa and I manage to drink all of it.

Then she steps off again and softly caresses my glans with het shitty gloved fingers. I am crazy with lust right now.

Then with her right hand she grabs my penis and with the other hand she scoops the shit bit by bit on my face. Her right hand is moving gently to warm up my dick for cumming later.

With her left hand she is done transporting all the shit onto my face. Then she begins to give me a hand job with shit as lubricant while she is smearing all the shit in my face very heavily with her other hand. She smears it all over. In my hair, in my ears, in my eyes, everywhere. She orders me to open my mouth and pushes as much shit as possible in my mouth. I can hardly breathe anymore but that even heightens the excitement because I am almost ready to explode.

Then she holds her open left hand near my dick and a few moments later I shoot my load into her hand. Without warning she smears het now even dirtier hand in my face and tells me to lick my sperm of her hand. When I have completed that task she keeps smearing all the shit over my entire head and really makes it very messy. It is literally everywhere.

Then she stops, removes her gloves and gets het camera out. She takes a few pictures of my unrecognizable head. The only thing that is recognizable is that it is a head fully covered in a thick layer of shit.

Later that day she posts the pictures on a scat website. Just for fun and to see how many likes or comments she will get on her post.

Oh, how I love her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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