Filipinas: Lulu

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Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

These stories are posted in the order that they happened, so if you want to read them first to last, just read the story with the oldest publish date first and then move through the stories from oldest to newest, and you will be reading them in order.

Nobody in this story was underage.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hi. I’m Pete. Living in Angeles City had a lot of advantages for a single expat. I had a special visa that allowed me to stay as long as I wanted, or I could travel to other countries whenever I wished. I was working for an American company, mostly doing sales work and company representation, but also contracting with a Philippine call center to handle sales inquiries and customer comments. That was how I met Lulu.

Lulu was working in the call center when I went for some meetings and an orientation to their business. Lulu was assigned to escort me and answer any questions that I had. She was very friendly and spoke perfect American English. This is fairly rare, as most Filipinas speak a Philippine dialect of English, which blends Filipino accents and pronunciations with American English. That often leads to many miscues and misunderstandings, but Lulu had learned her English in a private school where proper American English was taught (with no variations in accent or pronunciation).

I liked Lulu immediately, and the feeling was mutual. At the end of our first day together, I asked her to go to dinner with me and she accepted. I asked where she would like me to pick her up to go to dinner. She took one of her business cards and wrote her address and phone number on the back. I gave her a time, and she said that would be fine.

I picked Lulu up at the appointed place and time, and we went to the restaurant by taxi. The restaurant was just a short walk from my apartment, but she lived on the other side of town. When we got to the restaurant, I ordered for us and included a bottle of wine, which surprisingly came out first. Filipino restaurants will often mess up the order of service during a meal, and you often have to wait for dishes or the wrong things come out at the wrong times.

This restaurant was one of my favorites, though, because they understood these things. As we drank our wine, our conversation turned personal. I found out that Lulu was from Cebu and that she lived with several other girls in a small apartment. That is typical for single Filipinas. I learned that she had never had a boyfriend because she had always been too busy with school and then her job. She didn’t like the way Filipinos treated women, and she much preferred foreigners. That was a plus for me.

Of course, she asked me a lot of questions too. She asked why I was single, and why I didn’t have a live-in girlfriend. She wanted to know about where I was from and what I had done in my life. In short, she was interviewing a possible future husband. It was OK because I have been through many such interviews, so I know what to say and what not to say.

Lulu enjoyed the wine and the meal, and when I asked if she would like to see my apartment, she accepted. We walked the short distance to my apartment, and I let her in. We removed our shoes as we entered. There were two reasons why I did this. First, it kept my apartment cleaner, and second, it let the girl start undressing before we were even very far inside of my apartment.

I gave Lulu the short tour of my apartment, and she commented that it was bigger and nicer than the apartment she shared with five other girls. She commented that it must be the height of luxury to live there by myself, but I told her that I would prefer sharing it with someone special.

We sat on my bed and continued our conversation. She was getting comfortable and leaned back against the pillows. I took a chance and leaned in to kiss her. I thought she might jump up and run out of my apartment, but instead she looked at me through dreamy eyes and leaned back into me for a second kiss. That was a nice surprise.

For the second kiss, I moved even closer to her and gave her a more passionate kiss. She was breathing heavy when she sighed, “That was wonderful. I never imagined that my first kiss would feel so good.”

“It only gets better,” I replied.

Then, she surprised me again by saying, “Then let’s do it some more. I like this.”

I lay down next to her and rolled her over to face me as I kissed her again. This time, my hands were busy exploring her body, and surprisingly, bursa escort bayan her hands were also exploring mine. I was starting to think this girl wasn’t really a virgin, but it turned out that she just really liked me and wanted to do whatever she could to be with me, even if that meant sacrificing her virginity.

It was nice feeling her hand touching my cock through my slacks as my hands explored her breasts through her dress, though. With all of the Filipinas I had dated, Lulu was the first girl ever to do that. I found the zipper at the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down. At every step along the way, I thought she might stop things and leave, but I was surprised when she pulled my pants zipper down to match my own action.

By now, our kiss had become very passionate. She had never kissed a man before, but she allowed my tongue into her mouth and allowed me to suck her tongue into mine. My hands went to the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her waist. I guess she decided at that point that she would go all the way with me because she pulled her dress the rest of the way over her head and off.

My lips found her earlobe and sucked it into my mouth as she laid her dress on the night stand behind me. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of my lips on her earlobes and neck, and her hands were busy unbuttoning my shirt. Once it was off, her hands went to my pants. Lulu was not messing around. She had decided that I was the one, and she would do whatever she needed to in order to catch me and keep me. My pants were soon traveling down my legs assisted by her feet.

I wasn’t used to such a proactive Filipina, but I decided to just see where it led. I unhooked her bra and pulled it off. She put it on top of her dress, and then hooked her fingers in the top of her panties and pushed them down her legs by herself. The only piece of clothing left was my boxers, and they were soon on their way down my legs.

My lips found her nipples, which were standing proud on her breasts by that time. I sucked them into my mouth one at a time, giving both of them equal attention. I also found time to explore the rest of her small breasts, leaving hickeys in my lips’ wake. After suckling her nipples to my and her satisfaction, I continued my journey down to her pussy.

I licked her belly button, which made her shiver, and then crossed over her small patch of soft, smooth pubic hair to her pussy. When I got there, I licked her from her vaginal entrance to her clitoris, both spreading her natural lubrication and spreading her pleasure.

She shivered again as I licked and sucked Lulu’s labia. Juices were really starting to flow from her vaginal entrance as I licked and sucked all parts of her vulva. I was saving her clitoris for last, so I continued concentrating on just about everyplace but her clit. Her juices continued to flow and I continued to lick and suck.

At one point, I used my tongue to enter Lulu’s vaginal entrance. The tip actually slid into the tiny hole in her hymen. It stretched her hymen out, but didn’t tear it. I repeated this several times until there was a decent opening in her hymen. Then I went to work on her clitoris, strumming it with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth. It didn’t take much of that before she was squealing and moaning as her orgasm washed over her.

I moved up her body, sucked her nipples one more time, and then kissed her deeply as my cockhead found its target. I decided to try to just slowly enter her, and my cock was about two inches in before she cried out into my mouth as her hymen finally surrendered and my cock slid unimpeded until it was pressed against her cervix. I had tried to enter her without tearing her hymen, but it hadn’t worked.

I lay there kissing her (and being kissed back) for about a minute before I started thrusting and retreating in her pussy. She grimaced when I first started to move in her, but then the grimace quickly disappeared and was replaced by a smile. By my fourth stroke, she was rocking her hips to meet my thrusts.

“That feels so good,” she whispered as my hard cock slid through her pussy over and over again. Her hands were on my waist pulling me deeper into her body, wanting even more of what I was giving her. Then she whispered, “I love you, Pete.”

My thrusts were coming faster and deeper as she did her best to give as good as she got. Tiny beads of sweat were forming on her forehead as I continued to pummel her pussy. I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked up at me. Pleasure was quickly erasing whatever pain she had experienced as I entered her the first time. All she wanted now was me.

The juices were pouring out of görükle escort her pussy and coating my cock as her body lubricated our coupling. The sound of my cock sloshing through her lubrication was a turn-on in itself, but the whole picture of my cock sliding in and out of her was quickly driving me over the edge. I struggled to hold back my climax because I wanted her to experience the magic of a shared orgasm.

Finally, Lulu’s body began to shake as her orgasm overtook her, and I let myself join her in her pleasure. My seed rose up through my balls and pulse after pulse of sperm were pumped through her cervix and into her womb. I kept my cock sealed tightly to her cervix until all of my seed has found its way into her depths.

Lulu was ecstatic, and she held me tightly as she enjoyed the afterglow of orgasm together. She looked up at me and said, “You know, we are now joined. We are as one.”

I replied, “That sounds pretty good right now.” I started to roll to the side, but Lulu rolled with me to keep my cock securely inside of her pussy. She had just achieved what she wanted most in life, and she wasn’t letting go so easily. She reached up for another kiss as she slowly rolled her hips to keep me hard inside of her. We rolled until I was laying on my back and she was straddling my hips.

I wasn’t thinking much about anything at that point, as my small head had already stolen all the blood my big head needed to think. I was just concentrating on the pleasure that Lulu was giving me by sliding her pussy up and down on my cock. When she started sliding up and down my cock again, it was no longer a question as to whether or not I would get soft. It was more a question of how long it would take me to cum a second time.

Every time she sheathed my cock in her pussy, her nipples would drag across my chest, stealing what was left of my attention. “You feel so good inside of me,” she said. I want you to be inside of me for the rest of my life.” Then, she reached for her breasts and started feeding her nipples to my mouth, trading off between them to ensure equal treatment.

I think I would have agreed to anything she requested at that moment. I was totally lost in paradise. “Yes,” I hissed as I suckled one of her nipples while feeling her slick, but tight, vagina sliding up and down my cock over and over again.

I have no idea how long this went on like that. Maybe minutes. Maybe hours. However long it was, I was feeling pleasure and nothing else. Eventually, though, both of us were stimulated to the point where we could no longer hold back. Lulu’s whole body went into contractions, but I felt it mainly in my cock. It was as if her vagina had waves running down the length, massaging and milking my cock. It sent me over the edge, and I pushed up into her as deeply as I could. Long ropes of sperm were hurled through her cervix, seeking the egg that might lie somewhere in her womb or beyond.

I shot spurt after spurt of seed deep into her, each one more pleasurable than the last, until I was laying catatonic on my back, unable to move in any way, spent, exhausted. Lulu must have felt much the same as she collapsed onto my body, ending up as a quivering mass of female flesh. I guess we were one at that point.

I have no idea how long we lay there because both of us fell asleep. When I woke, she was laying next to me with her head on my shoulder and her body tucked in between my body and my arm. She was sleeping so peacefully that I didn’t want to wake her. When I realized that the next day was Saturday, and that neither of us had to be anywhere, I relaxed and allowed sleep to overtake me again.

It had been years since I had snuck around in Laos, spying on the NVA, but I still had nightmares regularly. The only time I didn’t have nightmares was when a Filipina was snuggled up against me as I slept. Needless to say, I slept well that night. I woke in the morning to Lulu once again straddling my hips. I have no idea how long she had been preparing me, but my cock was fully hard and starting to slide up into her pussy when I woke.

“What a wonderful way to wake up,” I declared.

She had been concentrating on my cock, but looked up at my face when I spoke. “So, you are awake now. I was wondering how long you would sleep. I’m glad you like this because I don’t think I can live without feeling your cock inside of me ever again.”

Then she asked, “Are you mine now? Can I move in with you?”

“Yes, and yes,” I replied. A huge smile spread across her face as she continued to hump my cock. Her eyes were still full of lust, but her facial expression was one of contentment. I had no idea how long this would last, bursa escort bayan but I was certainly enjoying Lulu’s company at that point. If things changed, if she started to get jealous or bossy, or if she didn’t remain loyal, then my attitude toward her might change too, but for now I was happy to have her in my life.

Her movements sped up until we were once again enjoying our orgasms together. After we recovered, I suggested that we take a shower together. When is a shower just a shower? When you are too spent to move. We washed each other’s bodies and then dried each other with fluffy towels.

It was time to go to Lulu’s apartment to tell her roommates that she was moving out, and to collect her clothes and belongings. Lulu had a lot more clothes that other girls I had moved into my apartment, and it took a few trips to get everything moved. Once her stuff was all there, we went to a furniture store to get a dresser/wardrobe to put all of her clothes in. There was just too much stuff to fit into my existing furniture.

I suggested that we go to lunch, but she asked if there was food in the apartment that she could cook. I showed her my small stash of food (I normally ate at restaurants), and she decided that we should go out to eat but then stop for groceries before returning home. She said she thought it was important that she cook for me, so that she would be more than just a lover to me. I have to say that my apartment had never been so clean, my food bill so low and my life so organized as it was with Lulu.

After Lulu moved in, she showered me in affection. I wasn’t used to having a beautiful woman around all of the time who was willing to do whatever I wished. Part of that was that she was willing to try anything sexual that I suggested. I kept a copy of the Kama Sutra on my bookshelf, and after she found it, she wanted to try every position. Some were fun and others were just awkward. She learned how to give blowjobs and learned to accept anal. However, neither of those were my favorites, so we didn’t try them many times. Besides, Lulu thought they were a waste of good sperm.

We have sex at least two or three times every night, and I kept her womb filled at all times with my sperm. I knew that my sperm was fertile, since other girls had gotten pregnant from our couplings, but for some reason, Lulu never got pregnant. She went to an OB/GYN to see if maybe there was something wrong with her, and it turned out that she was not capable of having children. It broke her heart, and I think it finally broke our relationship.

I told her that it didn’t matter to me whether or not we had children, but her whole attitude toward sex changed after she found out she was barren. She couldn’t see the point in having sex if there was no possibility that she would get pregnant. Our relationship suffered and her work at the call center suffered as well. She had lost something in her life that was very important to her … her ability to be a mother.

Pretty soon, she was refusing to have sex or finding excuses why we couldn’t. I was willing to work through this problem with her, but instead of drawing closer to me in search of support, she pulled away. She stopped having casual conversations with me or asking me questions.

At work, her bosses noticed that her stats were suffering and warned her about it. Of course, that only increased our problems because she started blaming me for her reduced productivity at work. Nothing could have been further from the truth. We started having arguments (I don’t call them fights because I never have and never will hit a woman). We were growing apart. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when she was released from her contract (a polite way of saying she was fired).

She decided that she needed to move back to Cebu to get herself straight again. There was nothing I could say to change her mind. She bought a couple of large suitcases and packed her things to leave. She got a taxi to the airport while I was away for work. All I got was a note on my kitchen counter saying that she was leaving and that I shouldn’t try to get her back. It was basically a ‘Dear Pete’ letter.

I mourned for about a week before I decided to get on with my life. There has never been a shortage of available girls in the Philippines, so I knew I would have no problem replacing her in my bed. The other ways she had filled my life might be more difficult to rectify, but there was no shortage of girls who were willing to try.

As a side note, years later, when I moved to Cebu, I met her working in another call center I worked with. I had no idea that she was there until I saw her in a meeting. We talked. She apologized for the way she left me, but she had gotten her life back together and was married, so there could never be anything between us again. We saw each other from time to time in connection with work, but never had any social relationship other than saying, “Hi.”

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