First Day in the Caribbean – DiveShop 02

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Rick Leaned a sheet of pegboard against the storefront and poked his head through the dive shop door. The whole place was filled with boxes and crates. “You here?” He called out.


He waded through the boxes, an anxious look on his face.

Karen was unhurt, seated on the floor surrounded by dive masks. She had on another spaghetti-strap silk top, one strap fallen off her shoulder. She looked up at him. “Inventory is starting to arrive. Help me get this stuff sorted and displayed.”

“Sure! I was worried you were hurt; I’m glad my worry was unfounded. Is this all of it?”

“Should be getting stuff all week. But your worry is not entirely unfounded. I’m tired and grouchy and some of this stuff is heavy and it just came in and I can’t decide where some of it goes. At least the place is clean and ready. Look at the ceiling. I need some moral support. And help. Maybe some immoral support, too,” she pouted and looked sly at the same time.

Rick waded through the debris, helped her up, and gave her a resounding kiss. “Hope you don’t mind a smooch from a dirty furriner. But I’m ready to help. I brought some leftover lunch. Want it? We can talk inventory and layout while you eat.”

“Gimme. You didn’t look at the ceiling.”

Rick looked up. He saw finned feet entering the water next to the bottom of a small boat. “Impressive! Makes me want to hold my breath.”

They cleared a space and she started in on a sandwich. “Where ‘oo get ‘iss?”

“Lunch wagon rolls by the shop about noon. I was so excited about last night I couldn’t eat.” He snickered. “Consider the sandwich a small token of my gratitude.”

“Hmf. I plan to give you more to be thankful about later. If you can stand it.” She finished the sandwich. “Now. Inventory. I’m thinking masks, then snorkels, then fins along that wall. Wet suits over there, maybe; tanks lined up under the window, weights by the shop door, maybe hung on the doorframe. Whaddya think?”

“Sounds good to me.”

They got to work. Both took ample opportunities to bump into or brush against each other. Rick especially liked the way she brushed against him. He was too timid to be as forward as she was. “Y’know, those old guys yesterday warned me that you were a flirt, and to be careful not to get hurt.”

“Oh, I’m flirting all right, but unless you do something really dastardly, you got nuthin to worry about. I want to keep you.” She looked at him sideways. “So far.”

Rick smiled and blew her a kiss. They got back to work. After half an hour or so, Rick suddenly said, “Oof I forgot the pegboard!” And hurried out the door to get it. He almost ran headlong into the guy from next door, who had apparently been watching through the door. Rick was strongly tempted to do the monster routine, but he didn’t. “Oh! Hi! Say, I hope I didn’t scare you the other day. I came on kind of strong as a joke. It’s a way of taking advantage of my tattoos.” Rick gave him a boyish grin.

The man looked as if he was going to faint at first, or wet his pants, but he recovered enough to stammer, “uh, uh, no it’s okay. I was just trying to be neighborly. Quite all right. Sorry if I interrupted anything.”

Rick chuckled, “huh, if you had stayed any longer, I’d have put you to some slave labor getting the place ready. But I figured you had a store to run, so I didn’t chase after you.” This time he made a wicked grin.

“Heh, well, I’m right next door. Let me know if you ever need an extra hand,” and he beat a hasty retreat.

Karen was grinning when he came in with the pegboard. “I heard that. Have I ever told you you are magnificent? Intimidating but friendly. I think you should get another thank-you kiss.”

Rick set the pegboard behind him so it blocked the view from the front door and took her in his arms. He slipped his hands under her top as he pulled her into him, and she pressed her hips against him. Their kisses lasted several minutes, and Karen could feel Rick responding.

“Mm I see you should be able to stand my thankfulness-causing behavior later!” She ground herself against him. “That’s good, because I think I’m going to feel pretty thankful, too. Now let’s get back to work. The sooner we finish, the more time we’ll have.” They got back to work.

About 9:00 they surveyed the scene of construction. The mask-snorkel-fin wall had everything that had come in so far arranged on it, with space for more to come. The rack with the wet suits was mostly full, and two dozen tanks lined the low wall under the store window. Weights hung on nails driven into the shop door frame. The pegboard over the workbench showed signs of becoming organized with tools. Rick suggested that he build a group of cubbyholes with the lumber from the tank crates along another stretch of wall, to put booties, hoods, and gloves in, and Karen needed to think about what to do with the regulators when they arrived. It was starting to look like a dive shop.

“Let’s eat. We can go to my place to get cleaned up, and I saw an interesting-looking place the makanai cooking for the maiko house izle between here and there to eat at.”

“What place is it? Wouldn’t be Anchovies, by chance, would it?” She said as they headed out.

“Yes! How did you know?”

“Well, it’s on one way to get to your place, and it’s one of the two best places in town to eat. If you like local color, decent food, and good prices.” She looked at him. “And good-looking waitresses. Octavia works there.”

Rick’s shoulders drooped. “Octavia? She won’t get any ideas, will she? What’s the other place?”

“Oh she might get sassy, but she’ll be good. I think. And the other place is a little higher end, but the quiche is to die for. Momma Rita’s.” She smiled to herself. “Octavia works there, too.”

Rick rolled his eyes. “I can’t get away from that woman, and neither of us is even after the other!”

“Don’t worry; I’ll protect you.” She hugged his arm. “You have nothing to worry about. Tell you what. Let’s go get clean first, then eat on the way back to here. We can call the shower foreplay, and flirt with each other while we eat. You are okay with us tumbling tonight, aren’t you?” She batted her eyes at him.

“Hmm let me think about that-in a word yes in two words yes yes or maybe oh yes.”

“Didn’t have to think about that too much, did you?” She squeezed his arm again.

“Been thinking about it all day; already made up my mind. Watching you in that top with the strap coming down all the time drives me crazy.”

“Good.” She gave him a wicked smile. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I deliberately made the strap longer so it would slip down more.” She displayed the little adjustment buckle.

He chuckled. “Guess I’m just a sucker for beautiful devious women. Woman.”

They arrived at his place, and she used her key. Sure enough, it worked.

She shook her finger at him. “Okay, so the rule is no sex in the shower. Today. Maybe some other time if I still like you. But we can scrub each other’s back.”

“Maybe scrub fronts too?” He asked, like a kid hoping for ice cream.

She pretended to think.” Hmm. Okay.”

The showerhead was technically over a bathtub, but the tub was about half the size of a regular tub. There was just enough room for the two of them. They stood facing each other, grinning, about an inch apart, water streaming half onto the top of Karen’s head, the rest onto Rick’s chest. He squinted. “Turn around and I’ll scrub your back.” She turned around and ducked her head under the stream. He grabbed the soap and rubbed it onto her back, working from her neck down to her heels. “Okay turn around.” She did, and he worked his way up, hesitating at her crotch, then gently soaping between her legs before doing her belly, then delightedly encircling her breasts with his soapy hands, finally her neck and shoulders, then down her arms. She had her eyes closed and a relaxed smile on her face the whole time.

She spun around to rinse off. “Okay, my turn,” and she held out her hand for the soap. “I see this is exciting for you,” she teased. “Good. Turn around.” He did and she worked down his back, gave some extra scrubs to his buttocks, and when she got to his feet, said, “Turn around.” He did a 360 degree turn and she swatted him. “Funny boy. Face me.” Then she worked up his legs, but didn’t hesitate when she got to his crotch, instead giving him a vigorous and affectionate cleaning.

He twitched and grunted. “Careful. You are awfully good at what you are doing.”

She resumed her trip upward, then ducked out of the way so he could rinse off. He stepped out of the tub and she stayed in to shampoo her hair. “You’re-we’re gonna have to get some conditioner if we keep this up,” she said through soapy eyes.

“I’ll make a list-bed, conditioner. Another towel.”

She finished rinsing off. “I’m glad your towel is as big as it is.”

He had given himself a light toweling, and held out the towel for her to step into. She took it and wrapped it around her torso. “See? I need one for my hair.”

Rick looked blank for a second. “Got just the thing!” and he rushed into the room and came back with a large white T-shirt.

“Well, it’ll do, I think,” and she wrapped her hair in it. Looking up, she said, grinning, “See how modest I am?” The towel revealed lots of cleavage and barely covered her bottom.

“I love how modest you are. You should be that modest all the time,” he said, standing there naked, pointing at her with his erection. “Oops! Maybe I should put something on, too.”

She heaved a big sigh. “I suppose,” and she reached for her garments, then paused. “Do you have a clean-dry-T-shirt I could wear? I don’t want to put this filthy thing back on.

He came in wearing some shorts and carrying a neat stack of about a dozen T-shirts. “Take your pick.”

She tentatively flipped through the pile. “This is it, eh? This’ll do!” And she selected the midnight club izle a black one long enough to completely cover her shorts, so it looked like that was all she was wearing.

They headed for the café, her dirty top stuffed into one of Rick’s cargo pockets.

It was late, but Anchovie’s was nonetheless fairly busy. “They must come to see Octavia, eh?” Rick said out of the side of his mouth.

“Hah! She’s probably not even here. I see Donna, though. She looks swamped.” They seated themselves at the counter, and who should come out from the kitchen, bearing a load of dishes, but Octavia! She was wearing a thin white blouse with one button more than necessary unbuttoned.

They were both silent, to not startle her, but she noticed them out of the corner of her eye. She was professional enough not to react. Presently she came back from serving up the food. “Hi, guys! Coffee?” She passed out menus. “I recommend the quiche oh wait this is Anchovie’s never mind. I recommend the special.” She grinned, Karen rolled her eyes, and Rick leaned into Karen.

Speaking loudly to Karen, he said, “Do we trust her? Is the special any good?”

Karen said, “Hmm, I dunno.” To Octavia: “What’s is the special?”

Octavia pretended indifference. “I always recommend the ‘special’ here. Good for business.” She shrugged. “Besides, I just got here.”

Karen turned to Rick. “Wanna experiment?”

“Sounds good to me. Then I won’t have to think.” So they ordered two specials, which turned out to be breakfast. Potatoes, bacon, eggs, toast. Good price.

Rick discovered he was hungry, and was tempted to order himself another special until he saw Karen scraping her plate, so he ordered two.

Octavia delivered them and quipped, “Just how much exercise are you two getting?”

They looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Not enough.” Then burst into laughter. “I think we’re so tired, we’re punchy,” Rick added.

“Grand opening is this weekend, so we’re pretty swamped with store tasks,” said Karen.

“Be sure to bring some flyers or something. I’ll put them out. At Rita’s, too.”

They finished their second meals and headed for the store. “Oof. I probably shouldn’t have eaten all of that,” Rick ventured. “It was good, though.”

“Yes. I haven’t eaten like that since-since I met you, you beast. You’re gonna make me fat!”

“Guess we’ll just have to get more exercise,” Rick said, raising his eyebrows.

“Yup, I guess we will!” Karen let them in and Rick waited for her to turn on the bedroom light before following her.

When he entered the room she was lying on the bed on her back, feet about two feet apart, and naked. “Do me.”

Rick turned off the light, allowing the street light to filter in, making soft illumination. “Close your eyes.” He quickly stripped, then leaned over to stroke her face, starting above her eyebrows, then down her cheeks. He circled her ears and ran the backs of his fingers down her neck. When he reached her collarbones, he used his whole hands, caressing the top, then side of her breasts, making gentle circles around them, smaller and smaller, until he reached her now hard nipples.

She moaned and trembled. She experimentally reached out with her near hand and encountered his leg. She ran her hand up as far as it would go, not quite reaching his crotch. Rick was already erect, and he bent his knees to lower himself. She eagerly grabbed his member and squeezed.

Rick gasped with pleasure. He continued his caressing down her body, careful not to tickle. She bent her knees and spread her legs to give him easier access, but he caressed her thighs first, finally settling on her already moist womanhood. She still hadn’t let go of him, so he couldn’t reach down there very well with both hands, so he moved the free hand, stroking slowly up her torso to her breasts. It was an easy reach to stimulate her nipples while he gently ran his other hand over her treasure, working his way slowly into her slit, then concentrating on her clit.

She began to moan and buck her hips in time with his movement, and her head rocked back and forth; all the while squeezing and pumping his penis. “Come inside me!” She demanded.

Rick was about as close as he could get without coming, so he climbed onto the bed between her knees and fell forward onto his hands, then moved his hips toward her.

She reached down to guide him, and he pressed in, deeper and deeper, until he was buried to the hilt, then slowly withdrew. Back in, a little faster, then repeat, again and again, accelerating.

She dug her fingers into his back, lifting her hips to meet him. Faster and faster they met until she froze with him fully buried and trembled in climax, crying out an animal scream. Rick came then and thrust uncontrollably as he emptied himself into her.

She relaxed and he lowered himself to match, staying inside. She smiled at him. “Think we can sleep like this?”

“I think I would squish the midwich cuckoos izle you, but we can try it with you on top sometime.”

She sighed an exaggerated sigh. “I suppose you’re right.” Then she brightened. “Is that a promise? Me on top, I mean.”

“Sure,” he smiled. “Any time you want.”

“Okay, tomorrow then.” She grinned at him. “If you’re up to it.”

“Well, we’ll have to try and find out, won’t we?” He smiled back.

They snuggled together and fell asleep.

When Karen awoke the next morning, Rick had already left for work. “Hmm what a diligent guy,” she thought to herself.” I like that. She got up, dressed, and started to head for the print shop to pick up the grand opening flyers and banner. On impulse, she gathered up some assorted dirty clothes and stopped at Rick’s place to do some laundry. The place was as neat as ever. Of course it had hardly been used…

She stopped back to toss the things into the dryer after she had picked up the flyers and a few toiletries. She took a shower while the clothes were drying, left a flyer on the kitchenette counter, and took a change of his clothes with her. She decided to keep the long black T-shirt for herself; she had plans to amuse him with it later.

When she got back to the store, two delivery men had arrived with more stock. She apologized for making them wait, but they both insisted they didn’t mind. They both kept their eyes on her, too, enjoying the scenery. She let the strap on her top stay down, and the men apparently felt well rewarded for their short wait.

The men gone, she took off her shorts and put on the black T-shirt. Then she sighed and started opening boxes. Dive watches, depth gauges, compases, knives, lights, cameras and waterproof camera enclosures. Several boxes of regulators, including some of the new wireless ones that used a watch on the diver’s wrist for several functions. Many items went one in the display counter and the rest upstairs in back. She got sweaty and dirty organizing the inventory, but the thought of what she was wearing-or not wearing-kept her going. She was about half was done when Rick arrived.

“You’re almost as dirty as I am!” Rick exclaimed. “Musta been up in the attic, eh? It’s pretty nasty up there.”

She said, “Yup! Come look at these regulators. I’m lusting after one for myself already.”

“Lusting, eh?” He gave her a lascivious look.

She pretended not to notice the look. “Help me carry this upstairs.” She picked up a box, leaning forward so Rick got a glimpse down her shirt. He didn’t have time to look any farther than her boobs.

He took another box and followed her into the back. She headed up the stairs, and Rick followed. He always enjoyed looking at her, but from this angle he got a view he didn’t often get, and discovered her lack of shorts. He got hard almost immediately. “Are you, by chance, suggesting anything? The view is really great from down here.”

She reached the top of the stairs. “Whatever do you mean?” She said, playing innocent. “What shall we do with this pile of wet suits?” She leaned over to adjust the corner of a towel that had been spread over the pile, giving Rick a magnificent view of her behind, vulva and all.

“They look pretty comfortable as a cushion,” Rick suggested, smiling a little.

Karen turned around and sat on the pile, spreading her legs so Rick could see her from the front. “You think so? Come see for yourself.” She smiled and patted the spot next to her, still pretending to be completely oblivious of the show she was giving Rick.

Instead, he walked straight to her and pushed her onto her back. Her T-shirt rode up to her waist. “Pretty good for lying down on, I’d say,” and he kneeled between her feet, then kissed her thigh and hitched her knees onto his shoulders, his eyes locked onto her treasure.

“Mm. I’d say you are the comfortable one. I was kind of wanting a pelvic exam.” She dropped the pretense and arched her back.

“Pull your shirt up.” He watched as she did so, exposing her breasts from below. Then he ran a finger over her bare mound, slow and gentle. He could feel her shiver, and feel her moistness as he began to concentrate on her slit. He pulled his shorts down with the other hand, then began to stand up, letting her legs slide until only her heels were hooked over his shoulders. He never stopped caressing her freshly-shaved pussy, enjoying both her enjoyment and the soft feel of her skin. He touched her with his penis, and she opened her legs, causing her feet to fall down, impaling herself on his member.

“Ah! That was exciting! Stay in me!” She cautioned, and reached her arms toward him.

He took her arms and pulled her up, still impaled.

She threw her head back and began to buck, wrapping her legs around him while he held her waist. Together they pumped, harder and harder, until Rick could hold himself back no more. She followed his climax as soon as his reflexes had taken over his own thrusting, and they cried out together. Still riding him, she looked at him and grinned. “I’m really really glad you liked the show. I hope we can do reruns sometime.”

“You are my favorite show,” he said, giving her a kiss. “My only one, in fact.”

She lowered her legs, but was able to stand on the pile of wetsuits so she could keep his still hard member inside. “Y’know, this is kind of fun. I’m looking forward to being on top sometime.”

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