First Time Meeting an Older Man

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I (19M 5’7 190lb bi virgin at the time) had just moved to my very own place. A small studio near my retail job. I was experiencing loneliness for the first time, had no friends in this new town.

My mother was busy with her new boyfriend, and my father was not in the picture, so I felt lonely and pretty isolated. I had no luck with tinder, and was thinking about exploring my bi curiosity and trying something new. I finally took the plunge. I never got head before in my life, and i don’t think i would get off if it was a guy. But after years of watching porn, I had been craving to feel what it was like to suck cock and make a guy cum.

I decided that day to make up a profile. I took some pics and posted that i just wanted to make some friends. I also specified that I was a strict “oral bottom.”

I was so excited and new to this, that I just said yes to the first guy who replied. His name was user “Curved55” (not real username). Curved was a married ‘bear’ type in his 50’s. We texted numbers, and then I deleted my account and uninstalled the app.

Maybe it was the fact that I was shy and introverted, or maybe it was because I had never been on a date or even had a real kiss before, but my heart started racing at the thought of istanbul travesti meeting him.

He said I was cute. He said my ass pic made him hard. I got hard just at the thought of that. We decided he was going to come chill at my place. I told him I was a virgin and was not sure if I was ready for anything that night, so he agreed to chill “just as friends,” and see where it goes. He was going to tell me a little bit more about the town I had just moved into.

When he finally got here, I was super nervous and excited. I had never met up with a stranger before. My heart was pounding, and questions started racing through my mind.

“Is this even safe to do?”

“Will he be discrete?”

“What if my neighbors see an old man coming over, will they think this old man came here to fuck me?”

“Will they ever look at me the same way?”

I saw him get out of his car and walk towards my building, where i was waiting for him outside. We shook hands (weird) and he followed me to my studio. Curved55 was bigger than I expected. looked about 6’8 and maybe 270 lb. He was physically imposing, but put me right at ease with a hug and some jokes.

We sat down on my couch, watched some family guy, and chatted for a while. istanbul travestileri He said I had really pretty eyes. I literally blushed. He said I got soft sexy lips too. -no one had ever said anything nice to me like that. I felt ugly most of my life.

He got closer and asked if he could feel my lips. I just nodded. He started kissing me and I instinctively started hissing him back. His tongue started feeling mine and the kissing turned into slow tongue-fucking into my mouth that aroused me more than I’ve ever been before in my life.

After a few minutes of this, he moved my hand on his pants on top of his dick. I was feeling another man’s hard cock for the first time in my life. it felt warm and nice. His was definitely bigger than mine, maybe 8″, curved upward, and thick too.

Then, without warning, he got on his knees, pulled his pants down and stuck his hard dick in front of my face. Fully hard and pointing right at my mouth.

I knew what he wanted. I started licking and sucking it. His dick filled my mouth so fully, it felt amazing. It felt so right. It felt so hot that I got this stranger so hard. He started moaning and trying to finger my asshole through my pants. He slipped his hands down my pants and travesti istanbul into my boxers and felt me up. He kept saying that he couldn’t believe how young i was, and how tight my ass was. I blushed again as i was sucking. I could feel his rhythm tensing up an his finger pushing into my asshole. It hurt, but also felt amazing. He let out a loud moan, and started unloading into my mouth. shot after shot of warm cum. I tried to catch it all but it was overflowing and dripping out. That’s when he grabbed my chin with his hand and started making out with me, open mouth kissing with a mouthful of his cum while he squeezed my nipples. I moaned loudly, which let his cum drip out EVERYWHERE. My face, HIS face, my shirt, and even a few big drops on the couch.

We continued laying there kissing, as I felt like I had become a new person. I loved feeling attractive and wanted like that.

He gave me another kiss, thanked me, and left. I sat back down on the couch, in curved55’s wet spot, and started jerking off. I saw some cum curved55 left on my shirt and licked it. The taste and smell of his cum in my mouth and all over my body, sent me over the edge and I came hard. I shot so much cum into my hand that it overflew. I lapped it all up in my mouth along curved55’s cum and swallowed it all. I was in cum heaven.

The next day, my neighbor, an old lady, asked me “Is that a friend?” Trying to look less suspicious, I told her he was my uncle. And then I remembered how loud the moaning was and thought, “omg.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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