Fishing with Mr. Neighbor

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As I turned 18, my neighbor was an older single man. We always had a close relationship that remained platonic until I graduated high school and reached legal age. Although I knew he wasn’t gay, he had never dated a woman in the nine years he lived next to us. He was slightly younger than my father, in the middle of his 40s. He kept his hair shaved bald and was slightly overweight. As I came into my own sexual awareness, I wondered how he dealt with his desires. After turning 18, I became very aware of what he did to combat his lack of female companionship.

On my 18th birthday, I knocked on his door not knowing he was in the middle of an intense masturbation session. In an orgasmic daze, he answered the door with a tent in his boxers. His bulging belly hung over the boxers, his skin tan and similar to that on his bald head. Unable to speak at the sight, I simply left. For months after this, I continued to interrupt masturbation sessions. Admittedly, I often listed for the sounds of moans and groans and then went knocking at my neighbor’s beşiktaş escort door…hoping to catch a glimpse of the same tent I had seen the first time. I was always rewarded with what I sought.

I was nearly 19 when I knocked on my neighbor’s door for a planned fishing trip. Listening closely, I heard the telltale moans and groans. For the last year, we had never discussed the tent pole in his pants when he answered the door. By now, the sexual tension between us was bubbling over. Horny myself, I moved to the side of the house beneath the window with the porn on TV. Soon, I was lost in my own pleasure…moaning, groaning, begging to be fucked…I began to cum and soon was aware the noise from the TV had stopped. I looked up to the window as I came and saw my neighbor staring at me, his face contorted in pleasure.

I coughed in surprise, and my neighbor immediately moved from the window. In less than a minute, he was out the door with his fishing pole and loading gear into the truck. I had been şişli escort rubbing my pussy through my swimsuit bottoms, so I didn’t have to cover anything. I hurried over to the truck and jumped in with my own fishing pole. The drive to the lake was quiet and uneventful, both of us no doubt replaying the previous moment’s events in our mind.

When we reached the lake, my neighbor began lowering the boat into the lake. We went through our normal routine of dropping the boat and parking the truck. Before I climbed into the boat, I stripped off my swimsuit coverup. I watched my neighbor drink in my body…clearly remembering what had just happened. I noticed a bulge growing in his jean shorts as he stared at me. I leaned into him to climb into the boat. I landed leaned up next to him. Standing there for several moments, my neighbor and I looked into each other’s eyes. Feeling our bodies against each other, we felt years of sexual tension building up and aching for release.

I sat at the front of the bahçeşehir escort boat in my string bikini and lathered up with sunscreen. My neighbor began steering the boat to our normal deserted cove. All I could picture in my mind was the tent in his pants each time I caught him masturbating. We stopped in the cove, and I expected him to ask me to tie up my line. Instead, I kept my eyes close imagining the morning even as the engine stalled and stopped. When I finally turned around, my neighbor was no longer at the back of the boat. Instead, his dick was positioned squarely in front of my face…rock hard and aching to be sucked.

Instictively, I begin sucking on my neighbor’s dick. He wraps his hands around my head and pushes his cock down my throat. On his little fishing boat in the secluded cove, he drops his pants and slowly starts face fucking me. I’m moaning and groaning…slurping on my neighbor’s rock hard cock…wishing I had a tongue lapping at my pussy. Seeming to read my mind, my neighbor quickly drops me down on the floor of the boat and flips my pussy onto his lips. Me at 18…my neighbor in his 40s…his big, hard dick shoved down my throat…and my hot little box open to his tongue…we are the epitome of kinky and wrong for each other. As my neighbor laps at my pussy, I start to lose consciousness….screaming as I cum all over his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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