Fleur Ch. 02

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by BrettJ (c) 2013

At work the following Monday, Steve wasn’t too sure how he should handle things with Fleur. She had left in high spirits on Sunday morning and she teased him about his ability to cook. “Most of the guys I know can hardly make a grilled cheese sandwich,” she giggled as he made them hot fresh waffles. “You’re truly a man of many talents, Steve.” Steve realized that he had given a part of himself to Fleur, despite his mind telling him that would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. She wasn’t like some of the – let’s face it – skanks – he dealt with, Fleur had class and determination. Planning too far in advance would be foolish, because Steve still had no idea what her future plans were. He got ready to open the club and set up and a few minutes before 11, Fleur showed up. She was in a pretty skirt that showed off her great legs and was wearing thigh-high boots. They must have been new, because they were shiny and black and didn’t look as if they had ever been worn.

“Yes, they’re new,” Fleur laughed, anticipating his question. “I figured that you would notice.”

“I notice everything about you, Fleur,” Steve told the attractive dancer. “You are kind of hard to miss.”

“I intend to be, I want to be the center of attention. Eventually, I want to feature dance and earn a lot of money,” Fleur told him as she sat down. “I want to be able to live the way I like and in the manner of my own choosing. I don’t want to be beholden to anyone Steve, I’ve seen people go down that path and it isn’t for me,” Fleur told him.

Steve wondered what Fleur was trying to tell him. Was he getting the brush off already? He sure hoped not, his feelings for her were genuine because she was such a breath of fresh air to be with.

“I’d like us to keep seeing each other handsome, you’re a sweet, good-natured guy and I think you’ll make a good husband for someone some day,” Fleur told him. “I don’t think it will be me. Not now, maybe not ever. You were the best first time a girl could ever want and I want more of that, I’m not BSing you. But here’s the thing – I want to go on the road once I get better at my act. I want to travel and see other parts of the country and be a big earner. A jealous boyfriend would get in the way. If you understand, please tell me so.”

“Yeah,” Steve nodded his head. “It makes sense Fleur, you’re only 19, you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage at this age.”

Fleur smiled and with a bit of a giggle, whispered in his ear. “If you promise to keep it a secret, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m only 18, I fudged my age and no one checked. You won’t tell, will you?”

Steve shook his head and looked at Fleur with concern. “No, but you should get some kind of ID that says you’re 19 as soon as you’re able. I might know someone who can fix you up.”

Fleur stood up and kissed him. “Thanks babe, you are a great guy and I mean that. I owe you one and one day, you’ll collect big-time. In the meanwhile, why don’t you let me take you out to dinner this Saturday?”

Fleur put on a sensational show when she started and there was a huge ruckus. Steve hadn’t seen the club that busy in some time and neither had his father. Evidently, the word had gotten around that Club Paradisio had a new dancer who was all that and more. Anton walked over to Fleur on Friday night and the way he was smiling at Fleur nearly made her melt. If he had asked her to run away with him on the spot, she would have done it. She was crazy about Steve and loved him to bits, but his stepfather ignited a fire within her she could not ignore.

“I’ve seen the way those guys look at you, Fleur,” Anton smiled. “Like they’re hungry dogs and you’re the juiciest piece of steak they’ve ever seen,” he said to her.

“Gee, thanks,” Fleur said drily. “Just what a girl wants to hear, she’s being compared to a side of beef.”

Anton laughed. “You know very well what I mean, young lady. I bet if I checked, you’ve more than doubled the money you made in tips from the previous week. Our bar sales are up by 50% and we barely even had a lull today. The customers came in and they stayed for hours. We even had more than our share of women watching you. You’ve got the magic Fleur and everyone knows it. I’d be crazy to let you get away, so I’m going to do something I’ve never done before – I’m going to offer you a contract. Guaranteed money to insure you keep working here,” he said and slid over a piece of paper with an offer written on it. Fleur stopped herself from gasping because the figure written there was more money than she expected to be earning in her first year, let alone a few weeks.

All of her life, Fleur had been a smart young lady. Because of circumstances, she had learned to stay one step ahead of the curve. She looked at the contract in front of her and she looked at Anton’s face. She wanted to see if something in his expression would betray him. He was being very canny and Fleur knew she had to play a bit of a game herself.

Fleur looked down Ankara bayan escort again and back at Anton again and pushed the contract away. “I’m flattered and I’m honored, but no, thank you. I’m going to have to pass.”

Anton was stunned. He was not totally unaware of the small crush Fleur had on him, or of her little rendezvous with his stepson. That, combined with the money he offered, had led him to believe he had some aces up his sleeve. “Would you mind explaining why, Fleur?” Anton asked calmly. “I don’t think it can be the money, I’ve made a very generous offer and by the time you added in your tips, you’d earn a comfortable living.”

Fleur sat back and crossed her legs. She noticed him noticing. “That’s just the thing, Anton – I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to earn big money and be well off, one of the highest earners around. I intend to find an agent and work hard and build my reputation as a dancer. I want every club I dance in to be packed and I want them to pay a tidy sum for the privilege of having me. If I accept an exclusive offer, I’ll be limited in what I can achieve. I don’t want that because I’d resent it and grow to resent you. You’ve been wonderful to work for and given me my first big break. I intend to continue working for you – just not exclusively.”

Anton looked at Fleur with a newfound respect. Clearly, he had underestimated her. Despite her youth, Fleur was a schemer. He had to insure she would keep working for him and now he had to think on his feet. He took the contract back and took out a pen from his pocket. He scribbled a few things in the margin of the contract and slid it back across the table to Fleur.

“What’s this?”

“They call it a counter-offer, sweetheart,” Anton said with confidence. “Read it over and tell me what you think of the terms now.”

Fleur saw from the look in her employer’s face that he wasn’t kidding around this time. She looked at the numbers. He had cut the cash by 40%, but he had also cut the working terms. Now, Fleur would have to work for him two weeks out of every month and there were some other minor changes as well.

“I don’t understand, Anton, I want to be a free agent.”

“And you will be. Listen to me Fleur – consider this a good faith offer. I believe in you, Club Paradisio believes in you. You’ve got a look and moves we’ve never seen before. Think of this as your guaranteed salary – this will make sure that all of your bills are paid and that you’ll always have a regular job. Once you’re established, you can go and feature dance for one or two weeks a month, you can likely even afford to take a week off, here and there. Go on a holiday, spend time with family. I’ll sweeten the deal – if everything continues to go as it has for the next six months, I’ll find you the best agent in the business and guarantee you’ll become a star. Do we have a deal this time?” He asked, holding out his hand.

Fleur saw that most of the cards in the deck were now stacked in her favor, although Anton had held on to an Ace or two. He wasn’t being unfair and he seemed sincere about making a good deal for both of them. “We have a deal,” Fleur said, shaking his hand. She took his pen and signed the contract. Anton told her he’d have a new one drawn up with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed the next day. Fleur had never expected to make that kind of money so fast. In just a few months, she would be able to pay her rent for the entire year. She owed a lot of people thanks for her success and she intended to pay them back.

That Saturday night proved to Fleur’s chance to let her hair down. With her new contract now signed and ready to go, Fleur wanted to party. She took Steve out to dinner and asked him to go dancing. “I’m not much of a dancer,” he laughed. “That’s why I became a DJ, so I could listen to tunes and be around beautiful women and watch them dance.”

“Okay, then let’s go somewhere and you can fake it and watch me dance,” Fleur laughed. “This is my night babe and you know that if I kick up my heels on the dance floor, I’ll be even hotter in bed.”

Steve looked at Fleur and didn’t know if he’d survive a night hotter than the last one, but he was determined to give it a try. “After dancing on your feet all week, you want to go somewhere and dance some more?” He laughed. “You’re a nut, Fleur.”

“No, I’m an exhibitionist with a hot body and a very short skirt,” Fleur flirted, squeezing his knee. Their server came over with the bill and Fleur left her a very generous tip. Steve thought serving Fleur had likely been the highlight of the girl’s night. He was almost certain he had seen her in the club one day this week, mesmerized by Fleur.

The club that Fleur took them too wasn’t what he expected. The music was pleasant, a nice mix of music from the 1950’s right up until the late 80’s. “I like music I can understand,” Fleur smiled as she led them inside. Steve should have noticed that, almost all of Fleur’s sets were classic rock and roll. She led them to the Escort bayan Ankara dance floor and took over. As if frozen in time, almost everyone watched Fleur move. As she did in the club, Fleur held them all spellbound. Only one woman seemed able to move and she looked very familiar to Steve. After the first few songs, Fleur wanted a break and a drink. They found a table and sat down. A few minutes later, the woman who had been watching them dance – well, more Fleur dancing and Steve trying to look like he could keep up with her – came over to the table.

“Hi, you’re Fleur, aren’t you?” the woman asked. She was a bit shorter than Fleur, but had a sense of power and exotic beauty. “I noticed you on the dance floor and I just knew you had to be Fleur. I’m Mary Allen and I dance at Club Paradisio several times a year. I’m working there next week, as a matter of fact.”

Steve let the woman sit down, although he blanched a bit. Now he recognized Mary. The exotic beauty was a muscle and fitness model and a dancer – and the woman Anton had dated before marrying Dyan. There was always some tension when Mary worked at the club. However, as she was always a big draw, Anton continued booking her and Dyan was smart enough to know that it was good business.

“It’s amazing to meet you, some of the other girls talk about you,” Fleur smiled. “They say that I should watch you work, you know how to work the crowd.”

“I’ve heard the same about you, which is why I’m here,” Mary asked. “I was wondering if we might do some two-girl shows next week?”

“I-I know what you mean, but I’ve never done one,” Fleur confessed. A few of the other girls had suggested it, but she hadn’t taken them up on it. Fleur simply wasn’t interested in other women. “I’m flattered by your offer Mary, but I feel I have to be honest with you. I’m simply not sexually attracted to women.”

“I watched you dancing the other night and there were a lot of women besides me checking you out,” Mary told her. Fleur knew she already had a growing female fan base. “I’m not so sure you wouldn’t enjoy a woman, another woman can usually tell. However, it doesn’t matter, you can always be ‘gay for pay’.” Steve explained the term to Fleur, who nodded.

“I’m famous for my water shows and if you consented to do a few with me, you’d make some nice pocket change,” Mary went on. “The club pays me a bonus, we do four in the week – one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one for opening and one for the closing on Saturday. I’d give you a third of my bonus and split the tips with you right down the middle. With your elegant look and my exotic, powerful frame, we’d clean up. What say kiddo, want to give it a try?”

Steve whispered to Fleur “Sweetheart, before you came along, Mary was one of our top draws. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor and the crowd loves her. With the two of you onstage, you’d knock them dead. It would also make Dad very happy and you’d score some brownie points. I say you should go for it.”

As she had done with Anton, Fleur considered Steve’s words and she nodded. There was something about Mary she liked and trusted. The older beauty seemed comfortable in her own skin and completely without guile. “I’m in, but you’ll have to show me what to do,” she told Mary. “I’ve never been with a woman before and I’ll be scared.”

Mary winked at Fleur and said “Baby, I find that hard to believe. I don’t think you’ve been scared of anything in your entire life. Okay, I’ll come in a bit early on Monday and show you a few moves.” She looked over at Steve. “Is Your mom going to be around?”

Steve shrugged. “You never know with Mom. Come on Mary, you know she’s not going to do much and besides, you can bench press twice your own weight. How much trouble can she cause?” He laughed.

Mary nodded and shared in the laughter. “I’m going to order us a round of drinks and then Fleur, you and I should dance a few together, see if we can pick up each other’s rhythms. I doubt we’ll have a problem attracting a crowd.” A few drinks later and the girls were on the floor. Everyone left a wide space for the provocatively-dressed women. Despite Fleur’s protests, Mary picked up a vibe. Whether Fleur knew it or not, she liked girls. Fleur’s eyes followed her every move and she moved in a nice rhythm with Mary. Their show Monday would be a triumph.

At Steve’s apartment that evening, Fleur fucked him like she had been having sex all of her life. She took him almost as a plaything and he wondered what had gotten her so excited. The Fleur he had been with just the previous week seemed to have vanished and this new one proved to be almost insatiable. She made him cum so hard that he had to rest up a while before continuing their games.

Monday morning, Mary showed up to find Fleur already there, having coffee. To her dismay, she also found Dyan. “Are you ever going to let this drop?” She asked the woman. “You know Anton doesn’t cheat, he fell for you and I was out of the picture. It took me a while Bayan escort Ankara to get over it, but I did. I have someone else. Come on Dyan, let’s bury the hatchet.”

Dyan looked at Fleur and back at Mary. Despite all of her insecurities over the past years, she realized that she was sitting in between two of the hottest women the club had ever employed. If Anton hadn’t cheated by now, he never would. She hugged Mary and then Fleur. “I’m not saying I won’t get jealous,” she told them both. “But I’ll try to control it. After all, I’m not a sexy stripper like you two.”

“You could have been,” Fleur complimented Anton’s wife. “I bet you can move nicely if the music moves you.” Mary nodded, impressed by the way the young girl was handling Dyan. She had never seen anyone with such an instinctive knowledge of how to work people. Right there and then, Mary knew her young protégé would make her mark in the business, likely eclipsing her own success.

Mary got up on stage where the shower stall had been wheeled out and set up. She did a demo for Fleur. “You let your clothes get wet and see-thru, pick a naughty blouse, sexy lingerie and a pair of shorts that are so skimpy they’d get you arrested in 45 states,” she laughed. “With two girls, you act a little more playful, soap each other up, kiss and I’ll go down on you.” Seeing Fleur’s reaction, she smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll fake it, although …” She wagged her eyebrows “… if you ever want me to really do it, I doubt anyone will stop us.”

Fleur found her new friend totally outrageous, but she liked outrageous. A woman like Mary could keep you guessing and that worked to Fleur’s benefit. As Mary was the bigger name at the time, she went on first that day. Fleur watched her every move and saw that as good as she herself was, she had a long way to go. Mary’s fit body moved all over the stage as if she owned it. She toyed with the crowd and every minute that she was onstage, Fleur saw that compared to Mary, she had a long way to go.

When it came time for Fleur’s solo set, the crowd was keyed up and she knocked them dead. She had gotten charged up watching Mary, unaware that her new mentor was watching her as well. Mary saw Fleur’s full potential and made a few mental notes. Over time, she knew the girl would eclipse her in popularity, but that was the nature of the business.

Their first shower show consisted mostly of the two of them showering and moving around each other. Fleur had a good time and the one instance where Mary kissed her, she was surprised that it didn’t bother her. The crowd hollered and cheered and when she picked up her money later on, she was astonished. “I made $400,” she said to Mary and Steve. Mary had been right about all of it, doing a show with a girl hadn’t been so bad and she earned a LOT of money.

With each shower show, the girls earned more money. By Saturday night, Fleur had made up her mind. “Take it as far as you can,” she said to Mary. “Let’s give them a finale to the week that they’ll be talking about for years.”

Mary looked directly at Fleur, her dark eyes meeting Fleur’s eyes directly. “You’re sure about this? You know what that involves?”

Fleur nodded. “Completely, but you’ll be the one doing all of the work. I’ll fake my share, I’m not afraid of another woman touching me. Let’s go for it!”

Mary and Fleur were going to knock them dead and use any means at their disposal to do it. The two beauties put on their skimpiest lingerie and their highest stiletto heels and walked out on stage to blaring, thunderously loud music. They both worked the stage, crossing back and forth, making sure that each patron got a good look at them. Then in to the shower they went. This time, the lingerie came off a bit quicker, but the soaping and caressing went on a lot longer. Fleur’s entire body was on fire and she felt the thrill of everyone watching her. She knew Steve was likely intoxicated by her performance, he had told her he watched each one devotedly. When Mary started sliding down her body, Fleur braced herself. With a savage strength, Mary pulled Fleur’s legs apart. It took a fair bit of Fleur’s strength to remain standing because the moment Mary’s knowing tongue hit her pussy, she climaxed. Mary had taken Fleur at her word and was pushing their stage act to the limit. In any other place, Mary and Fleur might have gotten busted, but for some reason Fleur knew nothing about, the police never hassled Club Paradisio. Mary’s mouth was doing such incredible things to her and Fleur just rode them out. She wasn’t a lesbian, but nothing before had ever felt like this.

When the two women finished their act, they had been on stage for over 30 minutes. Once the money that had been thrown on the stage was collected, they had each earned nearly $750. “That’ll pay my bills for the entire month,” Fleur gushed. “How can I ever thank you?”

“Have a late meal and some drinks with me,” Mary suggested. “I’m always thirsty and hungry after a night like this.”

Fleur looked over at her “boyfriend” to see what his reaction was. They had no formal commitment, but she didn’t want to leave him in the lurch. “Go for it,” Steve said. “It’s been a long week, I’m going home and crash. We can still hang out tomorrow if you want.”

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