Floin’s Adventures of the Flesh Ch. 04

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“Why would you be away when such a noble Druid, and the daughter who seeks to wed you come to make their introductions and interview us for suitability of betrothal?” The older man’s dark eyes flashed with impatience for his son.

“Did I not alert you that a Novice maiden would seek our betrothal from her father?”

“Yes, but when you announced your plan to venture to the far off Isle of Anglesey for a month or more, I thought they would plan not to pay call until the winter solstice holiday or after the end of your next year. And I still cannot comprehend why you would need to journey to such a distant library when the academy should have all the books you require for your studies.”

“But the effect of my journey off to the finest collection of books and papers for scholarship in all of Britian had the desired result didn’t it? It has all worked out for the best, so why should you complain?”

“Aye, it did that lad.” The tone of his voice only became more irritated and exasperated. “But the result was from such haphazard thinking. Like what you have been about all your life, it seems. Your mother and I, nor any of the rest of the villagers were prepared to receive such fine people. You know it is the dirtiest and most. . .” His father struggled to conjure just the right words. “. . .least dignified time of the year for our village.”

“Aye, but the others said they were very pleased and understanding about the conditions for the industry here in tending to the crops and the herds. The maiden’s father said he would have good things to report to the High Druid Councils.”

“Don’t change the subject, son. That is not the point and you know it. We have our pride. I turned the corner of the village path past our neighbor’s house and there were the two of them waiting for me in their spotless white robe finery. And me, naked as the moment I was pushed from your grandmother’s womb and a full day’s grime about me. You’re lucky your dad has not fainted dead away with shame and embarrassment.” He turned red in the face and shook his finger at the son who knew that if he spoke another word, the old man would lose a violent temper. “Aye, very gracious they are. The man who would be your father-in-law reached out to console me, and spoke that he would not have expected anything else from me. The maiden who would be your wife curtsied about and addressed me as a noble wearing the finest silks spun in China and woven in India.”

The old man’s wrath cooled, but his disappointment was unabated. “I’ll tell you for all your manly bearing and the smarts endowed to you by the gods, I will always be wracked with doubt that you are good enough for such fine people with pleasing temper. They spoke very nice to your mother and I, and the father spoke jokes about the Druid people, that they are not so formal as we common villagers would believe. At least we had some of the best fresh brewed beer from the small early harvest for them to sample. At first the two of them were disappointed that you were not present in the village. But when I told them that you had made off two weeks earlier with expensive ink and paper to Anglesey, the maiden’s dad brightened greatly.

“‘Daughter, why did you not tell me that the fellow you seek to wed aspires to be so ambitious a scholar?'”

The old man squinted with suspicion. “The daughter smiled sweetly to her father but did not reply, as if this were a surprise to her too. Aye, this great Druid was pleased that I agreed to the betrothal, but something is not right here.” The old man lunged and reached up to grab the worn collar of Floin’s travel garb. “Now listen my boy, you will not bring dishonor to your mother or this village for all your schemes of easy advancement. In the upcoming year at that school, you will be every bit the laboring scholar that great priest thinks you are. . . ., even if it means that pretty refined maiden thinks you have gotten very boring.” The old man pushed his son away with disturbed impatience


“And who were the mad spirits who sent you to Anglesey and for what reason on their green earth?”

“Now listen my pretty, if you think the upcoming year at this dullard’s paradise will be one of worshipful study, I have much to tell you, daughter of venerable priest, that will disabuse of you such placid notions.” Floin was in no mood to argue about the improprieties of not being present to suit the expectations of so exalted a brat. What he had learned on his sojourn to the north changed his whole agenda of expectation for the shared future with this maiden of great sophistication. “I thought much on my continued novice study here over the summer. Last year, one of the instructor’s confided to me that the concordances between Greek vocabulary and the symbols used by many of our Celtic tribes were incomplete and that this has led to poor interpretation of treatises on engineering, philosophy, and magic.” Ankara bayan escort

“What concern is that of yours, . . . ” She was about to protest that Greek instruction would not begin for another year, but Floin interrupted the maiden he was promised to, to communicate his urgent message of what he thought their urgent destiny.

“That is not important, now. The instructor related to me that the only complete concordances are at the libraries in Anglesey. But what I have to tell you is what else I learned as to why the gods have led us to meet and the great obligations you will fulfill as a daughter of such noble stock.” She glanced at him as if he was losing his senses. “I spoke at length with an old blind man who is the oldest librarian of the catalog. He interviewed me and when he learned that I would likely be betrothed to you, he spoke of the dark days and challenges ahead for native Britons. He speaks with and hears many travellers. More than one has related that the great tribal chief, Caractacus was never killed by the Romans after they captured him but lives in that city still. He has even come to befriend the old lame but crafty Emperor. The Emperor believes he has many enemies, most especially in his family, and that they will eventually kill him. His successors led by his brutish great-nephew, Nero will bring many disasters on the Empire, but that also they will break all the agreements with the Celts here in the isles. The Emperor believes that if all the tribes unite, we Britons can defeat them and send them packing for good and all.” He knew she wanted to interrupt with many questions, but he suggested they separate to the dormitories and refresh themselves in the baths before meeting after the scheduled dinner and continue in an empty lecture room afterward. It was still a few days before classes started and he wanted her attentions of the next days to change drastically.

“I am told that the Emperor thought he could restore the honor and virtues of the old ways to his people and be fair and just with the peoples of the provinces but now realizes that he has failed.”

Gwyneth tittered. “You mean they have become even worse barbarians than the barbarians they have contempt for.” Yes reader, she too is a “Gwyneth”., Gwyneth, daughter of Balderic of York. The Erwynn and Gwyneth of this tale did not return for the new year to the academy, and no one knows why not.

“But the old man told me that from the accounts of the Gauls who were defeated at the hands of Julius Caesar, the Druids among them suffered terrible fates and such would be our lot if we do not resist them successfully. Everywhere here they defeat us, we can expect them to disrobe the Druids and deprive them of any trinkets of jewelry including what has been pierced into them. If the land is at a forest they will sling noosed ropes and hang them naked, one by one up from high branches ~~ even the little ones will not be spared for slavery. But if the capture is a young woman of at least her 18th year, the soldiers will be allowed first to inspect her, and if she is of their liking, she will be lashed, legs spread open, to a device of wooden boards carpentered especially for the purpose, and raped by all who have the urge to pitch their seed deep into a woman. If the capture is by a lake or large pond, they will not bother with the rope, but escort each one with enough soldiers to overpower him into the water just deep enough to drown them one at a time. They will take the mass of dead flesh and burn them in large numbers in great bonfires as quick pyres.”

He guzzled the watery mead he had brought with him from his home village. “They plan to wipe out our ways and worship. All papers and parchment with our varied symbols will be burnt. Those that are images on stone will be smashed.”

The serious youth suddenly brightened. “But there are prophecies. The old man told me of the Verses of the Oracles of the Druids in Flanders which speaks of the coming travails of Celtic peoples everywhere. I was told where they rest on the shelves and found them to be written in a mix of Celtic symbols and Greek alphabet. In Britain, they speak of a great princess warrior, of many skills, arts and magic, who will lead all the tribes against the legions of Empire. She will be aided by a lover of great cunning and manly bearing.”

Gwyneth was profoundly unconvinced. “For all your brilliance and gaming excellence, you are an impatient and impetuous commoner if you believe what I sense you are thinking. My father would never have consented to my being trained in the soldierly arts.”

Floin responded with urgency and optimism in his tone. “But I have known many here and elsewhere, great instructors in coaching these things, who could teach you. You have the bearing and already have some blessings of the battle and warrior gods I am sure. Even if I am wrong and the prophecies apply to another couple of great powers, it is Escort bayan Ankara our duty to prepare to defend our people in their certain great danger.”

The maiden of high birth was becoming convinced by this youth in the powers of his conviction and profound intention. She knew if he did not lapse into substantial misjudgement, he would be a Druid leader of great charisma. She not just lusted for him, but lusted to benefit from the charm and charisma of his great personal bearing.

“No doubt they will first move to monopolize access to a great source of our magic at the hot springs in Bath. By then, we Britons should be united and be prepared to defend it, the villages with our iron works, and prepare for assault at the main garrison in Colchester. Any subversives and spies in the south should unite the tribes’ people for surprise attacks at the enemy’s new massive trade center on the Thames, London and to drive them into the channel from safe harbor in South Hampton and Portsmouth. . . . As for ourselves, our instruction here is of little use except one class this term, ‘mushrooms and herbs for magic fortification’. We must use every opportunity to practice propitious rites and prayers to the appropriate gods and spirits to boost our own powers in sacred unity. This will mean that before the first frost taints the locality, we must blessedly merge my lingum with your yoni in acts of enthralling sensuality in the presence of a river goddess.”

“But that would mean violating our vows as Novices of the academy and my vow of Druidic betrothal.” Gwyneth was greatly seduced now, but still alarmed by the proposal that circumvented well regarded convention.

“But don’t you see, with the proper prayers and observances, the gods will forgive us our violations, and instead sanctify us with powers to their defense and worship against invaders who intend to desecrate and defile their bonds with us Britons. Besides, I have been to two sanctified libraries to learn the magic of how we can practice these mergers and with great relish, without you becoming with child.”


They were so excited that first early evening, they almost forgot their necessary prayer to the goddess of the nearby narrow and gently flowing river at a bend of a very small clearing and tall reeds, that it was unlikely they would be spotted there. They laid out their blankets for reclining and between urgent kisses and heartfelt hugs and embraces, the daughter of Druid priestliness was helped out of Novice robe so that her lover could feast his eyes on her natural state for the first time. Floin was rendered speechless with the charms he beheld, creamy smooth skin with swelled titties and her nipples very hard and pointed. Smiles of joy, she quickly reclined and spread her legs open, knees bent in a gesture of willing receptivity, showing off the dewy readiness of swollen ruddy yoni lips with glistening attendant bush. Floin at first thought her so perfect, for seconds he believed he would be merging with the river goddess herself. Impatiently, he tugged up his robe and pulled it away to reveal his nakedness to her.

Her eyes widened with wonder at his swelled and flinching manhood. Her womanhood clenched and expanded with desire. She propped up part way to reach for what she yearned to fill her and felt its great warmth and velvety surface in her exploring fingers. She guided it to her womanly opening and he reclined, positioning his hips to enter her. Her virgin barrier, already stretched by ritual preparations, broke away easily and painlessly in the invitation to grip and take possession of a hungering man horn for the first time. Within seconds their great sensual excitations caused a mutual climax and she felt the splendor of his silky seed being pitched deep into her.

Their couplings at the same locale were as frequent as their schedules and requisite secrecy would allow. After the frost, they would plan secret midnight meetings in dark corridors not too far from where fires were still lit. They diversified their lovemaking to many positions and styles. One of their favorites was to adjust themselves head to gender parts, where they could suckle each other to climax and savor the earthy flavors of each others’ flesh favored to them by the fertility gods.

Now somehow within the friendliest circle of maiden Novices the interludes of the handsome couple became known and Gwyneth would speak of bits of detail about their ribald activity in return for sworn silence among all of them. But one whom Gwyneth trusted was secretly jealous and would betray her oath. This other was a duplicitous wench who thought Gwyneth assumed a superior and regal bearing. But she never expressed her true feelings and would always fawn false friendliness and seek out little confidences from the taller woman.

At the first break of good warm spring weather less than a month before the end of their second year, the young Bayan escort Ankara couple returned to what they thought would be their same clandestine secret spot on the bank of the lazy nearby river. They quickly bathed in its frigid water and recited their prayer of gratitude and request for increased powers. It was the maiden this time who hovered overhead to take her lover’s rigid horn into her clasping yoni. The steady buildup of heat and pleasure from the passions of merged and mating flesh caused them both to explode in waves of powerful outburst. It was in the throes of the great eruptions from Floin’s loins and stones that surged through his delectably pressured horn deep into the clutching grip of womanly reception that he looked up to see the Dean and other officers of the Academy peering down at them.


Gwyneth wept deeply in her hasty retreat from the Academy following the disgrace of immediate expulsion. It was not tears of shame and contrition but self-pity for the contradiction that was her fate. The seduction and spell she fell under from the beautiful youth who was her mate for several months she felt no regrets. But that she was cast under such spells under such inappropriate circumstances in her life, causing such profound disappointment to her parents and much of her kin of her noble Druidic clan was the source of much sadness.

Her father sent her to a Priestess sorority that had one of three British communities, this one located just outside of Hull. As a novice in good standing for two years, she was able to become an ordained priestess without completing instruction at an academy, but she was still bound to the vows of her order for the remainder of her days. As a full member of the order, she had the privilege of intimate couplings with her sisters in the manner of the famed women of the Isle of Lesbos. She indulged in these relationships from time-to-time, but as the saying goes, she “carried a torch” for her lover Floin until her last breath. Her vows forbade her from ever marrying, but she could prostitute herself to raise lucre on behalf of the maintenance of Druid shrines and magical sites. That she could never muster the inclination for.

Fortunately, the community at Hull had the good sense to migrate into the great northlands of the Picts and Scots and not join the ill-fated last stand among the Druids at Anglesey, when the Romans were on the move again to take complete control of the Celts north into the interior of Britain.

Floin was immediately taken custody by local soldiers and escorted to a secret fortress and training site about 75 miles northwest. All his plans for the ensuing weeks of holiday were dashed. He had hoped that both he and Gwyneth would tour many military encampments in central and northern Britain for instruction through the summer weeks. She would accompany him on his return to the library at Anglesey and he would read to her the “Military Tactics” of Polybius.

Instead he languished in a small hut alone under constant guard for weeks on end. He feared that he had been selected as a candidate for sacrifice to the gods of war and protection. This he knew would mean that he would be taken to a sacred peat bog clad only in a sacramental robe. After the appropriate prayers and rites, he would be knocked on the head with the head of an iron hatchet, his neck would be lassoed with a small rope as if to be strangled, and his throat cut deeply, with a small cauldron ready to catch the blood of gushing flow. The movements of his death throes would be studied carefully for divination of future movement by their enemies. His naked dead body, as final offering to the gods would be dumped into the shallow bog for eternity. To enhance the proper energies for the grisly event, a maiden would be on hand to caress and fondle his man parts so that his horn would be stiff and raging with desire when its owner is struck down.

Midsummer’s Day at the summer solstice passed and his fears eased, but as the days continued and the guards still claimed ignorance for what would be his fate, he feared the worst for any upcoming festival. To one of the friendlier guards he confided his deep concerns. The guard however betrayed his confidence. He repeated it, more or less, to one of the camp commanders. The officer paid him a call a week or so later with an amused grin. “You may have been betrothed to one of the great princesses of the isles, but that still does not counter the fact that you are just a commoner. Aye, no doubt to seek the aid of the gods of war and protection there will be more than one sacrifice this year, if there has not been any already. No, a strapping lad such as yourself will be needed among the soldiers.”

He paused for a minute, smiling all the while. “They tell me you have some education about the Greeks. Do you know how in some cities they kept loyalty among the soldiers? They paired them off as mates, devoted lovers. You must know that in times of crisis we do the same here. You will be paired to a deserving soldier is my guess. They are just keeping you here until some initiation rite during a festival”.


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