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I hope you enjoy this little love story. First I’d like to thank Raney and Angel for their editorial services. Again, if you are looking for some quicky sex, you might want to look elsewhere. Please remember this is a copywrited work and all legal disclaimers apply. This story deals with breaking as many scocial and religious taboos as I could. If this will offend you, you might not want to read this story. All constructive comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.


“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…!” She screamed out her frustration once she was safely behind the door she’d just slammed. “You are so stupid! You’ve loved her for how long and never let her know? Stupid bitch…!” She berated herself, pulling at her hair.

“But No…! Two glasses of brandy and you almost let it all slip out. At her wedding shower no less. You fucking, jealous, idiot…!” She admonished herself as she passed the hall mirror.

Looking into the mirror, she dismissed the hurt look in her eyes, and tried to take stock of what she saw. She knew she wasn’t some stacked model type. She was a true plain Jane; Jane Stevens, to be exact. She wasn’t tall or short. In her opinion, she was just right to be unnoticeable. Just the way she liked it.

She has been the same five feet five inches since she was a freshman in High School. She wore the same 36 C bra and the same size ten skirts. She had the same dark brown mane of curly hair, which showed what little was left of her Jewish heritage. At 25 she didn’t look bad. Nothing spectacular, but not a hag either.

She knew she could pass for many different nationalities. Her background was so mixed; even she didn’t even know how mixed. Her skin was neither dark nor light. Jane was not fat, and would never be skinny. Her most striking feature was the innocent mischief in her golden brown eyes.

The eyes which let her go into any store and captivate the males into getting her what she wanted with a gentle pat and a “Yes Ma’am or Little Miss,” from the helpful clerks, as they treated her like their little sister. She loved doing it, knowing none of them could ever touch her heart like Reyna had, even if the other woman didn’t know it.

For ten years she had kept her secret. For ten years she kept her feelings in check. Jane thought back eleven years. She remembered the first day, she saw the shy girl, as she was introduced into her freshman Biology class.

She was pulled to the hurt, scared, young woman who wore bright long flowing garments which had to be too hot for the humid climate. She recognized the Middle-Eastern features as she waited for the girl to sit next to her in the only empty seat in the class.

The seat was empty, because the boys didn’t want to sit next to the Lesbo-bitch and the girls didn’t want to be found wanting by association. They acted like it would rub off or something.

To be honest, she didn’t know if she was really a lesbian at the time. But, she sure was interested in the attention the older teen was showing her in the shower. Nothing was really happening when they were caught after practice. They had just gotten started washing each other’s bodies when they were interrupted. It snowballed from there until the label stuck.

She heard the snickers and grunts from the shallow minded idiots in her class. She had come to hate going to biology. It was the only regular class she had to attend. She could feel her IQ drop 20 points every time she crossed the threshold. Such was life in the small bedroom community just outside of Atlanta Ga.

It wasn’t the sad girl’s fault that the nation was at war, or the fact she came from an Islamic country. It wasn’t Reyna Mounoumpor’s fault that the small minded idiots started calling her ‘Rag-Head, Camel-jockey’ or the other less than polite names they so inventively came up with. All Jane could do was fight for Reyna like no one had fought for her. And, fought she did.

It didn’t take long for them to become the best of friends. Being a girl allowed Reyna to be able to go over to Jane’s house to study and vise-a-versa. It took longer for them to really open up and trust each other. That was their biggest test.

It was the first Chanukah after they had become friends. Jane had invited Reyna over after school. She saw the instant fright and revulsion when she saw the Menorah on the dining room table. Reyna was about to bolt when Jane pulled her into her room and they had a long heart to heart talk. It was the first of many.

It was during one of these talks when Reyna admitted the reason she was sent over to live with her relatives in the USA. It was because she was considered tainted goods. Her family could no longer arrange a good marriage for her at home. What hurt the most, was that someone, she thought was a friend; had set her up.

Reyna explained, in her culture, it was common to have those kinds of things known in the small villages and communities. What she didn’t know was that her friend’s family was trying to negotiate Ankara bayan escort with the same family hers was. So her friend set it up so they could go walking one afternoon.

They met a boy and before Reyna could stop it, he had pulled down her veil and kissed her. It was witnessed, and the friend got her wish and husband. All Reyna got was a bad reputation, so her family sent her to the USA to let things die down and try again later.

Jane promised Reyna that day, she would never go out with any boy Reyna was interested in. She didn’t add that she wasn’t really interested in boys. She was still young, and she never knew, one day, maybe, there might be a guy who might catch her eye. So, she was willing to leave her options open.

It was only a matter of weeks after that, when she knew she was in love with Reyna. She knew it every time she saw her. Her heart would thud heavily in her chest every time they showered together during gym. Jane also knew she could never tell her friend how she felt. She knew she had to hide it and let her friend find love elsewhere.

She would’ve hated the next memory, as it flashed to the forefront of her thoughts, but she loved it instead. Because she found what she thought she would never find. She found Reyna’s soul, and the memory would last her a lifetime. Sighing, she remembered.

It was the time she let Reyna talk her into going to the Winter Formal dance. They had carefully picked their dates and convinced them to ask. They were brothers, but unknown to both of the girls, they were nothing alike. Thom, the older brother, was what Jane called a pussy hound. He believed in the four F system of sexual exploration.

You know, the Find them, feel them, fuck then and then forget them. He was good enough looking to get away with it for a short while and Jane had been one of his earlier victims.

Thom’s younger brother, William, on the other hand, was the perfect Gentleman. He was lucky enough to have Reyna’s family approval of his escort to the dance as long as they were properly chaperoned.

What they didn’t know, was Thom and his group of friends, had gotten a bit drunk and high before the dance. Thom asked Jane to go for a walk, and Jane lost her virginity while being held down backwards over the bleachers as Thom ranted on about how he was man enough to cure the ‘Lezzy’, until he ejaculated and left her there crying.

It was Reyna who found her and tended to her as she bled and cried. It was Reyna who understood and helped her through it during the next month. It was Reyna who held Jane again as she cried through the cramps and relief when her period finally came. It was the compassion Jane saw in her eyes. It was the lack of judgment and the acceptance Jane fell in love with. She couldn’t help herself.

Thom was spending the back stretch of fifteen years as a guest of the state for not believing, No means No, and the DNA results proved it. It didn’t matter how many times he claimed it was consensual.

Sally Jenkins, due to her upbringing, had the little girl and then gave her up for adoption so she could have a better life. Everyone knew she wasn’t ready to be a mom at fifteen. Jane testified, helping Sally gain redemption in her family’s eyes. It was Reyna, who again, held the sobbing Jane after the brutal cross-examination.

Unluckily for Thom, he was over eighteen and an adult when it happened. William, on the other hand, was able to get a full scholarship and graduate college before he married and bought his slice of the American dream. Jane had even seen him around her parent’s neighborhood from time to time with his happy growing family.

Jane shook her head against the memories. “I hope I didn’t fuck it all up being stupid. I’ll never drink around her again! It’s too dangerous.” She said to herself as she went into her bedroom to go take a cold shower.

After her shower, Jane was still bitching at herself. “It’s not like I haven’t tried to find someone else. I’ve had boyfriends and girlfriends… It’s not my fault no one can touch my heart like she does. I know I’ll never have her.” She lamented as she brushed the tears out of her eyes.

“She’s looking forward to getting married and having kids. She and I aren’t the cheating kind even if she was interested in me that way.” She tossed things around her room in irritation, jumping when the phone rang.

She knew who it was. Jane didn’t have to look at the caller ID. She always knew when Reyna called. It was part of the problem, she always knew. She hesitated for a second before the need to hear Reyna’s voice over took her.

“Hello Rey.” She answered.

“Why did you leave? I went to talk to my mother and when I came back you gone.” Reyna said in her cute accent.

“I’m Sorry Rey,” Jane said honestly, then fibbed. “I have a headache and needed to come home. You know me and strong drinks don’t mix… and well….”

“I would take care of you…! You know that.” Reyna said hurt.

“I know Rey, Escort bayan Ankara but it is your party and I didn’t want to be a wet blanket…. I mean I didn’t want to have you make a fuss.” She temporized, knowing Rey still had problems with American slang.

“You are never a fuss. Please come back. I need you here. You are my best woman, or whatever you call it. I need you….” Jane was answering as soon as she heard she was needed.

“Okay Rey, Let me get some stuff and I’ll be right back.” Jane sighed. “Just remember no more drinks for me.” She knew she could never deny Reyna anything. She would literally walk the bowels of hell for this woman who didn’t even know how much Jane loved her and most likely never would.

“Okay, I will have some coffee ready. Drive safe.” Reyna said as she disconnected.

“Damn,” Jane said as she started getting dressed again. “Keep your hands to yourself. You know they expect you to sleep with her tonight. That’s why you ran, you lily-livered coward.” She told herself as she got ready.

Jane did have a headache by the time she walked back into the party. Reyna’s mom, who had come to visit for the wedding, saw the pain in her eyes and took her into the kitchen.

“I make you tea. It will help. Coffee will only make worse.” She said in her broken English.

Reyna was reassured everything was good again between them as soon as she saw her mother’s special tea in Jane’s hand. Jane hadn’t lied to her. Their friendship, her rock, was secure. She pulled Jane back into the middle of the other women and they relaxed enough to have some fun.

Jane groaned in frustration as Reyna snuggled against her. She wanted nothing more than to turn over and make love to her best friend and never let her go. She finally went to sleep when Reyna’s mom came in and lay next to her with the rest of the women. Jane only woke once when one of the other women of the family got up to use the restroom. She sighed as she felt spooned between Reyna and her mother.

When Jane woke the next morning, she could hear the soft lilting voices, as Reyna, and one of her female relatives chatted quietly in a corner. Jane was confused for a second because she felt cuddled from behind. As she opened her eyes, she saw Reyna’s mom was looking at her. Before she could say a word, Jane felt her lips kiss hers ever so softly.

“You are good friend… a true friend, better than sister. I am glad my Reyna find you.” She said as she got up, leaving her spicy sent behind her. Jane stretched and smiled at her friend, who just smiled back as she continued her conversation.

Later in the day, Reyna was able to get Jane alone and told her. “My family is calling you my American sister. They like you a lot and wish you could be near me always.”

“I’ll always be there for you Rey! Whenever you need me, I’ll be there. I promise!” Jane told her honestly.

“I know… they know too.” Reyna told her friend. “We can always call each other. I have to move to Cleveland after I marry Rajah and live with his family. It is tradition, but at least my children will be born here. Now, let us go make bread.” She said with a bright smile.

Jane wanted to say so much, but took the hint from Rey and they made the bread for the wedding feast. She plastered on a smile and laughed when she understood the jokes and stayed as close to the one person who she thought would always hold her heart.

Her heart broke two days later when she watched Reyna marry someone she knew her friend didn’t love. It broke a little more when she watched the moving van pull away with Rey and her new husband. Jane never remembered his name, but she waved as they drove off. She was startled when Rey’s mom came up behind her, hugging her and softly telling her.

“No cry here. Come with me and we cry together in house.” Cry they did. They both knew Reyna had started a new life and they were the ones left behind. Even though she hated it, Jane knew it was time to turn the page and get on with her life.


Three long years later, Jane was getting her mail as she headed into her apartment. She was surprised to see a letter from her Ummah. It’s what she started calling Reyna’s mother right after the wedding. She knew it meant mother in Arabic, but that didn’t matter to her. It was just one way to keep the lines of communication open between Jane and Reyna.

She dropped the rest of the mail on the counter while she opened the letter. She took out the picture of Reyna and her beautiful daughter Janna.

She smiled down at what she knew was her name sake. She was sad at the hollow look on her friends face. Jane knew Reyna wasn’t happy, but there was nothing she could do about it. She punched the answering machine and listened to her mother’s voice complaining again.

“Hi Jane, its mom, your father wants you to come over this weekend for dinner. Yes, before you ask, he has some young men coming too. I know you’re busy, but don’t let your father down again. It’s Bayan escort Ankara time for you to settle down. We would like some grandkids while we’re young enough to enjoy them….”

Jane blew her bangs out of her eyes in frustration. She had learned to hate these little parties her father had started planning. She just didn’t have the heart to tell him, she wasn’t really interested in men. Oh, she tried, but most of them had fast hands or the dates ended badly. Most of the men acted like she was desperate or something.

She wondered where her dad had found this bunch. She had hoped after the last go round, he’d run out of eligible men to throw at her. Not that she was having any luck with girls either. Most days she had just accepted she was destined to die a spinster.

Add to this, the fact; she’d thrown herself into her work and her opportunities of finding a suitable date, dwindled down to nada. “What did they say in that stupid cartoon?” she muttered to herself. “Oh yeah, it’s my lot in life. It’s not a lot, but it’s my life… Or some shit like that.” She grumbled at the machine as she pushed the button to shut it up.

She sat down in her over stuffed leather recliner as her cat bounded onto her lap. She took out Ummah’s letter and started reading. She read how Rena was having a hard time adapting. Being the youngest female in the house was causing problems. Then, because she hadn’t delivered a son, her in-laws were pushing her to get pregnant again.

Jane felt bad for Reyna. In retrospect, her life wasn’t that bad. At least she had a choice. She also knew if she truly had her choice, it would still be Reyna who she’d choose. She petted her cat as she looked into the picture and wished.

The next thing she knew, the blaring of her alarm woke her up. “Damn, I did it again.” She said to herself as she tried to stretch the kinks out from sleeping in her chair. After her morning routine, she headed back to the office.

When she got to her desk, she pinned the new picture up next to the rest. She sighed, first in sadness, and then in frustration. She noticed the office skirt chaser heading her way. It wasn’t as if he was bad looking in a middle age executive kind of way. It’s just she wasn’t interested. Not like she could get the message through to Mr. God’s gift to women.

“Hi John,” She said knowing she had to talk to him. He was her boss unfortunately.

“Morning Jane, I’m trying to see who needs a ride to the retreat. I have room in my car if you want to leave yours here. It’ll save on gas and we can split the cost.” He said with a voice full of innuendo.

“Sorry John, but I have to get out of there as soon as possible. I have meetings and other things I have to attend to.” She tried to put him off.

“I know, but you need to take some time for yourself. All work and no play make Jane a dull girl. Take a day. You won’t be sorry. It’s not like your boss will hold it against you.” He said with the mandatory eyebrow wiggle.

“Is Sally coming?” Jane asked quickly. “I haven’t seen your wife the last couple of months. Maybe we can go shopping together down there.” She knew how to cool his jets, and she did like Sally. Not that she could ever figure out what she saw in her slimy husband.

“I’m not sure. She said something about something she had to do. I’ll tell her you asked about her.” He smiled insincerely as he headed off to the next desk, making his rounds of all the women in the office.

‘At least he’s an equal opportunity sleaze-ball.’ Jane thought. She couldn’t wait until she got promoted out of his section.

Since she missed breakfast, she actually took her lunch break. It was the first time in weeks. In a rare moment of weakness, she ended up going with some of the other women, from the office, to a local crowed diner. She listened, not saying much, as they chatted about men and all the nasty things they tend to do, as one of the girls bemoaned her inattentive boyfriend.

She snorted at one comment and saw the speculative look from Susan. She knew the rumor pool said Susan might be a lesbian or at least had women lovers before. But Jane never listened to rumors. She knew personally how wrong they could be. It wasn’t as if the busty redhead had problems turning the heads of both sexes. Susan was one of those natural bombshells. She just oozed sexuality.

She was five foot and eight inches of long legged perfection. She had naturally deep red hair which she kept in a sexy off the shoulder swing style. She had the alabaster skin and the cute freckles which go with the red hair. Her eyes were, to die for green, with smoldering reddish brown lashes. Jane knew Susan had the body many women coveted.

Jane unconsciously licked her lips as she watched Susan walk to the restroom. If Jane was into the casual scene, like many of the people her age were, she’d have been tempted to see if the rumor pool had it right. But in truth, Jane was looking for something more substantial.

It was because she had been watching Susan, she saw her plight first. As Jane unconsciously waited for Susan’s trip back to the table, she saw some guy hit on her in the most obvious way. Susan was trying to get back to the table, when she was corned by this guy.

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