Freeze, Asshole!!!

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“Freeze, asshole!!”

The muscular buttocks did not even pause in their rhythmic tightening and loosening as the strongly built young man continued fucking the helpless young woman he had bent over the back of the couch. He was semi crouched over her long white back and had one hand under her pelvis, his forearm muscles bunching as he abused her clitoris while his other hand alternately milked each of her elongated teats.

Languidly, he looked around and observed the woman in the shapeless overcoat standing legs akimbo pointing a nine millimeter pistol at him in one hand and a badge in another. “You’re kidding, right? Elise has had two orgasms already and she’s ready for the big one, aren’t you, girl?”

“Oooohh, baby, you’re killing me, baby, fuck me harder. That’s right, pinch my tits harder, baby, I’m ccccuuummmming, baby, baby!! Aarrghh!!”

The young man smiled at the lady holding the gun and plunged himself hard against the milky white buttocks. “Filling you, babe, take it all!!” He threw his long maned head up in the age old male attitude of insemination as he pumped his seed into what was obviously a very receptive vessel. “Love that, babe! Milk me, honey, get it all!!”

“So hot, Drago, hot, baby. Strum my clit, baby, ooh yeah.”

Breathing hard, he glanced over at the lady holding the pistol. She had dropped both hands by her sides and had stood up straight from the semi-crouching shooting position she had adopted earlier, a look of consternation on what he could see of her face. Dark, Italianate hair with a white streak covered most of the left side of her face. All he could see was her dark right eye. She wore a heavy coat, dark slacks and sensible shoes. For all he knew she could have had the body of an elf or an elephant.

Elise had collapsed over the back of the couch and sighed brokenly as he pulled his gleaming organ from the tight grasp of her steaming cunt. As the helmet came loose there was an audible sucking noise like a cow pulling a hoof from the mud as if the receptacle that it came from wanted to keep it. His heavy, slime encrusted cock flopped down against his thigh as he straightened up and regarded the woman still standing motionless by the door. Except for her right eye, that is; that widened as she took in the semi flaccid organ that had started shedding viscous tears down his hairy thigh. The eye shifted up to the young man’s face. It was not a happy face.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, ya crazy old tart. A man and a girl having a glorious fuck and next thing ya know, pow, gun in the arse,” he growled.

“Er, this is apartment 1212, right?” she muttered, glaring at the big bastard in front of her. He was tall, well over six feet, dark Baltic looks, with a shaggy mane of thick black hair and a pronounced five o’clock shadow. His chest was matted with hair that tapered down to his groin. His torso arms and legs were all well muscled. She could not keep her eye off his limp love muscle. It wasn’t huge but it was sizeable, thick with a prominent glans. He stood with his legs apart with a belligerent glare at his intruder.

“Nope, it’s actually 1112. What’s this all about, darling?”

“We’ve had a report of shots fired in 1212. Did you hear anything, er, while you were, er, um……”

“As a matter of fact I did hear some muffled bangs but thought it was doors slamming. I was a bit busy at the time as the first bang coincided with young Elise sucking me off. So, you could say I was a bit distracted. Who are you, anyway, darling?”

The woman pushed her coat back and stowed the pistol in a shoulder holster. “Lieutenant Moroni, DGPD, and you? And don’t call me darling!” she hissed.

“Drago Milanovic, at your service, darling,” he said with a cheeky grin. “Third generation naturalized gypsy and local stud. Shouldn’t you piss off upstairs and find out if something happened in 1212?”

Lieutenant Moroni turned on her heel and stormed out of the room and headed to the lift, leaving the door wide open. Drago stared after her for a moment, glanced at Elise still sprawled over the back of the couch, legs apart with her red puffy love lips spread and their combined juices dripping out of the still gaping maw of her winking cunt. Ordinarily, he’d have stroked his dick to hardness and given her another one but he was intrigued by Lieutenant Moroni and what was happening in 1212. After all, that apartment belonged to Jane Feather who’d received a dose of Drago dick mid afternoon. Hopping into some chinos, Drago felt some alarm that something had happened to the average looking Jane. He sped to the stairwell and went up the steps two at a time and stepped into the twelfth floor passage in time to see the lieutenant cautiously push the door to 1212 open, her gun held high in both hands. She then flung the door back hard and stepped inside. Drago was right behind her and she heard him. She flung around and he was suddenly staring down the barrel of her gun. “Asshole,” she growled and turned back to the apartment.

Several steps in, he izmir escort heard her mutter “shit”. On the floor was a nude Jane Feather and she was seriously dead. She had a third eye above her prominent nose, a second nipple next to her left teat and two holes just above the vee of her pubic hair. Blood puddled around her. The lieutenant moved cautiously around the apartment and checked to see if the gunnie was still about. Drago stared down at the white plump body that he knew so well.

“You knew her, Drago?”

He looked up from the body and regarded the one dark eye that he could see. “Jane was one of my regulars. We fucked just this afternoon. This is awful. Who coulda done it? I know that as a lawyer she would have made a few enemies but this is a bit extreme.”

Lieutenant Moroni regarded him. “Prove to me you didn’t do it, asshole.”

Drago spread his hands. “Hey, how could I? I was balls deep in Elise at the time. Besides I loved the woman. She was serious but she was also an enthusiastic fuck and dead grateful every time I threw her a length. I’ll certainly miss her and I’m sure her room mate will too.”

“Room mate?”

“Yeah, Lisa Blondin. She works at the Irish Rover, the bar down the street. They’ve been room mates since college.”

“And have you been intimate with Ms. Blondin as well.”

“Not likely, she bats for the other side. If she saw a real dick, she’d faint. Maybe she knows who did it.”

Lieutenant Moroni continued to stare at him with her one exposed eye. “Maybe she did it.”

“Nah, she wasn’t jealous cos she often joined us in a three some. Just as long as I kept the old pork poker holstered whenever she did. I often saw her back as she sat on Jane’s face while I gave it to her big time. She was just happy that Jane was getting off with something other than plastic and she’d scream blue murder if I so much as drooled on her. Strange, that cos she was the only woman that ever knocked me back.”

“I’m going to call this in. You go back to Elise and don’t leave town. I’ll want more information from you.”

The next day, Dee Dee Moroni paused at the door of 1112. It was slightly ajar and she could hear the moans of a woman in distress. “Damn,” she thought, “that blasted gypsy’s fucking that girl again!” She nudged the door open, and in case she was wrong, she felt for her holstered weapon. Her mouth fell open as she surveyed the obviously sexual scene in front of her. Drago was sitting in a straight backed chair being straddled by a small woman whose back was to the door. Both were naked. The woman’s well padded hips were undulating up and down on Drago’s stiff prick. By the way his elbows were situated, he had his hands full of tits and judging by the slurping noises he was making he was clearly sucking her nipples. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning out loud. She had no waist to speak of and cellulite rippled across her broad arse as she worked it up and down his rigid cock. Her hair was cut short and coloured the kind of black that came out of a bottle.

“You’re one marvelous fuck, Drago,” she moaned. “Nearly there, nearly….nearly..” Suddenly she threw her head back and screamed. “Fill me, Drago, fill me with your spunk, I cumming …..cummmming!!!! Pinch my tits hard, baby, hard, aaarrrgh.” She had buried herself to the root and Lieutenant Moroni could see his balls tightening and loosening as he pumped his juice into his partner’s obviously receptive pussy. The woman’s head slumped on his shoulder and her well fleshed body shuddered and heaved as her mini climaxes continued to slowly abate.

Dee Dee Moroni could now see Drago’s face over the woman’s shoulder. He saw her standing just outside the door and the moron actually winked at her.

“Er, Mrs. Williams, dear, we have a visitor. I did tell you to shut the door, didn’t I?” His big hands held her fleshy waist as she started up. “No, it isn’t your husband. It’s a cop investigating poor Jane’s murder. Stay right there until she shuts the door and then you can get dressed.” Dee Dee shut the door and heard the urgent scrabbling of somebody getting dressed in a hurry. Shortly thereafter, the door was wrenched open and a short, tubby woman in her sixties scurried past her and ran to the lifts.

Lieutenant Moroni pushed the door opened and entered the apartment. Drago still sat in the chair, his semi flaccid cock draped along one thigh still dribbling the remains of his emission. He grinned cheekily at her. “Damn me, woman, you sure have a way of ending a party. Perhaps if you knocked?”

“Get some clothes on would you? I have some questions I want to ask.” She watched as he hauled up a pair of shorts that were around his ankles and glared as he made an obvious show of arranging his manhood comfortably within their limited confines. “Who was that woman, anyway,” she growled”

“Um, Mrs. Williams, wife of the building’s owner. She comes around to collect the rent every week at this time. It’s a great arrangement. I pay no money but she alsancak escort collects all the same.”

“She looked somewhat older than your usual type.”

“Yeah – she’s 68 and quite a juicy fuck. Big lollopy tits and very eager with it.” His brow creased. “Whaddaya mean, usual type?”

“I thought you only went with young girls.”

“Nope, not me. I like ’em all – young nubile chicks like Elise, plain chicks like Jane and older, experienced women like Mrs. Williams. All shapes, all sizes. If they can get my prick up, and that’s never been a problem, I’ll root ’em til they scream for mercy. Can’t stand bossy bitches though. My motto? Variety is the spice of life. No chance of my dick getting bored.” He stood up and towered over her. “Anyway, what brings you here?”

Even though it was clearly quite a warm day, Lieutenant Moroni was dressed in the same bulky kit as the previous evening. She stood back and gazed up at him and tried to ignore both the sight of his rugged male torso and the sharp tang of recently ejected sperm. The one eye on show narrowed. “Step back, mister, you’re crowding me and I don’t like it.” He stepped back one pace, his hands held palm up. “I need you to tell me about Jane Feather, her friends, acquaintances, enemies. I spoke to that Blondin girl last night and she went into hysterics and is under sedation. Useless for days, according to the doctor. Let’s start with enemies – did she have any?”

“Not that I know of cos she was a real sweetheart. However, she and that bitch in 1310 did have a row after Lisa moved in with her. Ya see, Lisa had been living with the bitch for a few months and she might have become a bit jealous.”

“Am I to gather that the woman in 1310 is yet another woman that you’ve failed to excite?”

“Yeah, I guess so. As I said, I don’t get it on with bossy bitches and she is one hell of a bitch. Successful advertising exec but as butch as they come. Jerry Butler’s her name, rich, successful, knockout body and a right bitch!”

“Perhaps she’s only a bitch because you couldn’t get into her pants?”

Drago turned and walked towards the kitchenette. Dee Dee tried hard not to look at his tight, rolling buns in the skimpy shorts. He looked back over his shoulder. “Nup, I can smell a bitch a mile off and never offered. Mind you, she did have a go but I pissed her off. She’ll be home in a coupla hours. Coffee?”

Dee Dee’s mouth was dry but she mumbled a yes and crossed to the dinette table and sat down heavily placing her shoulder purse on the seat beside her. Quickly and efficiently, Drago made the coffee and plonked a steaming cup down in front of her and then sat opposite. “So, Lieutenant, how long ya bin a cop?”

Her right eye was covered by her dark hair and the white stripe stood out like a beacon. She paused taking a sip and her left eye stared at him for a moment. She carefully placed the cup down and cocked her head to one side. The sweep of hair fell further over her face as she regarded him solemnly. He took a sip from his cup and scanned what she could see of her face. He noted the full lush lips, the clear olive complexion, the glittering dark eye and the strong nose.

Finally, she muttered something he couldn’t quite hear. “Eh?” “Twenty four years, if you must know.”


Her lips pursed into a thin line. “No.”

“Why not?”

She glared at him, then sighed. She reached up and swept her hair back from the right side of her face. “This is why, bastard.”

Implacably, he looked at the damaged right side of her face. “So what happened?”

“Bullet.” She took a sip immensely relieved for some reason that he hadn’t recoiled like so many others that had glimpsed her pain.

He could see that a scar started from the corner of her eye and angled up into her scalp and straight above was the white streak of hair. The eye was clearly false and even though they had done a good job of matching the colour of the other one, the very lifelessness was a dead give away. “Must have hurt?”

“Yeah, it hurt.” Her long buried femininity shuddered awake at the concern in his voice and the fact that he was obviously not repulsed by what he saw.

“How long ago.”

“Seventeen long years ago, one dark and stormy night.” She chuckled and he glimpsed her strong white teeth.

“What’s so funny?”

“Dark and stormy night, good grief – I’m getting poetic in my old age.” Her lips pursed. “But I got the bastard who did it, got him good before I went out like a light.”

“Good for you. It’s not that bad, you know. You’d a been one hell of good lookin’ chick before that happened. Still look pretty good.” She shook her head and the hair fell back into place. “Seriously, I ain’t takin’ the piss.”

“Yeah, well coming from a cock on legs that would screw a fire place if it asked, that is no compliment, mister. I’ll just finish this coffee and go and have a word with 1310.”

Drago looked at the wall clock. “Another hour before she gets in. Speaking buca escort of cock, how long since you’ve had one?”

“I beg your pardon?” she gasped, outraged by the question and caught off guard by the suddenness of it.

“Come on, don’t be shy, Lieutenant, answer the question. How long since you’ve had some cocking? Probably 17 years is my guess.”

“And you’d be right, smartarse….and I’m in no hurry to have one.”

“I wasn’t offering, just wondering, is all. What’s your real name other than Lieutenant Moroni. I can’t keep calling you that.”

Dee Dee glared at him glad to be on non-sexual grounds, even if her panties were startlingly moist. “I’ve been called Dee Dee since I was a girl. Stands for Deanne, Donatella, old family names.”

“So, you’re one of those virgin catholic Italian types and a bullet gotcha before a bit of Italian salami.”

Her mouth opened and closed like a landed fish. “That …. is ….. no … of yours,” she ground out.

“Aw come on,” he grinned mischievously, “you can tell me cos we’re old friends now.”

Dee Dee took another sip and looked at him solemnly. “What I can tell you is that I’ve never had a conversation like this ever. And for your information, I was engaged and living with another cop for a couple of years before this happened.” She looked down into the black depths of the cup. “He pissed off to another state two months later.” She looked at Drago. “He claimed he had a promotion but I was still in hospital and I knew better. Satisfied?”

“So, no cock for 17 years, ya poor bitch!” Without waiting for a reply he turned and reached for the coffee pot and she was treated to the potent display of his back muscles, his fucking muscles. Nonchalantly, he took her cup from her hand and refilled it and then his. He looked at her, his dark smoldering eyes betraying his humour. “You can’t seriously tell me you don’t miss a bit of the old in and out, eh?” He grinned back at her glaring eye. “Whatcha got under all those bulky clothes, eh? Body like a bowling pin? Hair from toes to tits? What?”

Again she made like a landed fish. And then she laughed, loud and semi hysterically. “You are fucking incorrigible, Drago, you really are. I can see why few women resist you.”

“Yeah, well you’re resisting. Come on, how about a bit ’til the bitch upstairs comes home. Can’t think of a better way of passing the time – ‘sides, I ain’t never screwed anybody with one eye before.” Keeping both speculative eyes on her somewhat bewildered eye, he reached across and gently removed the cup from her nerveless fingers. He rose and drew her up to her feet, wary of resistance. Keeping her eye locked with his, he gently pushed the heavy coat off her shoulders and peripherally noted that the heavy sweater heaved upward as he did so. Carefully, he reached for the holstered automatic and unclipped it from the belt and placed it on the table.

“Take the sweater off.” Mesmerised by the intent look in his dark eyes, she mechanically pulled the sleeves down her arms and with one last doubting look, swiftly pulled it up and over her head but not before she heard his gasp of amazement. Drago fingers twitched convulsively as her torso was revealed. Before him were a pair of the biggest, most amazing breasts he had ever seen. Big yes, but shapely and slightly drooping under their massive weight, they sported a pair of dark two inch diameter areolae and thick, thrusting roughened nipples. What made them even more amazing was that she had a tiny waist. Her pale olive skin only heightened the beauty of what he saw.

“Man o man,” he slobbered, “they are seriously the best pair of tits I’ve seen anywhere, anytime. Gimme, gimmee!!” So saying he swooped on righty, holding its massive bulk up and latching onto the nipple like a starving baby. Feverishly, his other hand hefted and mauled the other, caressing and pinching the nipple feeling it expand as did the one in his hot sucking mouth.

Dee Dee flung the sweater away and grabbed his head moaning as the sharp tingling from her erecting nipples flashed to her rapidly moistening cunt. “Easy boy, easy. Suck any harder and you’ll get a mouth full of milk, I swear. I may be twenty years older than you but I’m still fertile.” She pulled his head up and kissed him hard, feeling him penetrate her lush lips with his tongue and sucking on it feverishly. She felt him fumble for the fastening of her slacks and brushed his questing fingers away and slipped the catch undone. Within seconds he had reached down and pushed them halfway down her thighs. Pushing himself back from her hungry kissing, he looked down and gasped again. Large womanly hips were framed by dark blue panties and there was a line of dark hair reaching from her belly button to disappear under the waistband.

Drago fell to his knees and slowly pulled the panties down to reveal her dark, hairy, curly bush already bedewed with her secretions. Thick bulging pads crimped her vagina into a thin line. It was the sexiest cunt he’d ever seen. His long tongue shot out and penetrated the bottom and with his thumbs pulling the huge outer covering back, he raked his tongue slowly up the revealed gash, his taste buds reveling in the tang of her moistness. He felt her clitoris pop, sucked it briefly then thrust his hot tongue deep into her humid void and fucked it.

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