Friend’s Wife

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Ok so some background info first is in order.

I grew up in Ohio with Steve, great guy. At 24 he has had his share of bad relationships, and then some. So when he brought this girl up from a visit to South Carolina I was expecting more of the same. Kerry was cute as can be… 19 years old, 5’7, dark brown hair, about 36D, fantastic ass and a great figure all around. Only downside is as with most gorgeous women… she was a bitch more often than not. I guess after I while he figured it was time and asked her to marry him. She accepted and on the marriage went. They rented a little place and started the husband/wife life.

I have a fiancé of my own, 5’2 blonde pleasantly plump cutie. Since their place was so close to ours they ended up hanging out with us about 90% of the time and we all got pretty used to each other. The fighting started about a month into the marriage. Basically their personalities clashed a little, combined with Steve not knowing how to handle putting someone else opinion with or before his own and acting like he was still single… going out with his friends and not calling etc… the kind of stuff that pisses wives off. Only being a student at the time, my fiancé working, and Steve off doing who knows what Kerry and I had a lot of time to talk. Being the type of person I am easy to talk to and we could talk for a long time. Well after a while she started to realize that I was treating her the way she wanted Steve to treat her. Not sure if she told him that or not but he started to get a bit jealous of the time we spent together. We told him it was just friends stuff and nothing to worry about. This was the truth… at the time.


One day in the middle of the summer I was planning to drive my fiancé up 300+ miles to visit her family for a week and since I can’t stand most of her family I was driving back the same night. I asked Steve to ride along with me for company on the ride home. Kerry wanted to come also and I said it was fine so off we went, long drive with lots of jokes and fun on the way up there. When we dropped my fiancé off and started home they were both in the back and whispering for a little bit and after all that Steve told me she wanted to fuck him in the back seat while I was driving! Well I’m a bit of a freak anyway so I said I didn’t care and have at it… so I hear zippers and shit coming undone and after a little longer the car starts bouncing up and down. With the help of the rear view mirror I had a great view. He had me beat by a few inches but obviously wasn’t great at using it. He was just sitting there and she was bouncing up and down fast and when she looked up and saw me watching two things happened, her face şişli escort registered shock, and she immediately started cumming.

On down the road after they were done and cleaned up I took the back seat and they got up front with him driving, her playing DJ. A couple hours into the drive she fell asleep looking out the window. It was dark by now and I hadn’t had time to get any before we left so with the scene of her back in the back cumming playing through my head I was hard as a rock… but no one could see. I got kind of ballsy and reached up between the seat and the side of the car and laid my hand on her shoulder. It was so dark and with her and the chair in the way I wasn’t worried about Pete seeing anything.

So I lightly started tracing my fingers along her neck. She moved a little and I stopped for a second thinking of a way to explain it if she woke up pissed. But she didn’t seem to have woken up so I continued… up and tracing along the edges of her lips. Still no movement so I went even farther, parting her lips slightly with my finger. I was shocked when I felt her open her mouth a little on her own. No wonder she hadn’t moved, she was awake! I took that as an invitation and slid my finger a little into her mouth. She closed her lips around my finger and lightly started sucking, slowly running just the tip of her tongue up the side of my finger. It was so sexy. My cock was throbbing.

“Kerry!” Steve said.

I pulled my finger out and thankfully no slurping sound came with it.

“Wake up and put a different CD in.”

So she turned and picked out a CD we all agreed on and she sat back and turned back towards the window! I put my hand back through and she moved he head slightly and flicked her tongue a few times over the end of my finger… nibbled a little on the side and then without missing a beat she was “awake” again and talking for the rest of the trip home.


A few months later some things he had done in his past came back and bit him in the ass and off Steve went to jail, and then sentenced to prison for 4 years. Kerry couldn’t keep the place on her own and ended up moving in with us for a while.

In all this time neither of us had said a word about what happened in the car, not even to each other. It was like it never happened. Until one day a few months later we were both sitting on my couch watching tv, Amy was at work. She asked me

“That night in the car when we were taking Amy home… why did you put your finger in my mouth?”

It was so out of the blue I didn’t know what to say at first… I ran through a few things quickly in my head wondering how much shit I was going to get into. Then mecidiyeköy escort I remembered how she had responded that night. So I told the truth.

“Because you are gorgeous and you have beautiful lips… Plus after the show you put on I was pretty worked up.”

She blushed such a deep red I had to smile; my comments hit the right mark.

‘Thank you.” Was all that she said.

The next day I was headed off for classes, dressed nice and looking good. I’m 6’2 and about 240 lbs solid… football player build. As I came through the kitchen and sprayed on some cologne I could have sworn I caught her checking me out, but she looked away before I could be sure. So I said “see ya later” and winked at her as I headed out. She smiled and said “bye!” I got around the block and realized I left my glasses at home. When I walked back in she asked rolling her eyes and smiling.

“What did you forget?”

“Nothing cutie just couldn’t stay away from you!”

I flashed a smile and went to my room for my sunglasses.

I picked them up and started back out and almost ran over her standing in the doorway. She looked a little uneasy… I asked her what was wrong and she said

“I have wanted to do this for a year…”

She walked up to me close, put her hands on either side of my face and kissed my lips. Just a quick peck and she started to back away before I knew what was going on.

I reached around her waist and pulled her back to me, I said

“If you have been waiting for a year you deserve better than that.”

I had one hand on the small of her back and the other around the side of her neck guiding her where I wanted her and pulled her back to my lips, softly kissing her, lightly I licked her lips and slipped my tongue in her mouth, massaging her tongue with mine and sucking on it a little, my hand worked down to her ass and I squeezed a little raising her up on her tip-toes, her tits against my chest and she moaned low… that’s what I was after! I broke the kiss and let her go. Her eyes were still closed and when she finally opened them I winked at her and said “I hope it was worth the wait” and then I was out the door and gone.

The night went on and after I got home she was on the computer and I went to my bedroom and lay down. Amy wouldn’t be home for hours and my door was shut… I popped in a porno, lost my shorts and shirt, and sat back in my boxers. My cock got hard fast and I was starting to get into it when my door opened! I clicked off the tv and as the room got dark I pulled the blanket over me and I felt Kerry climb into bed with me…

I had been sitting back against the headboard with my legs spread and was still in that position with the blanket over me. She didn’t say a word. But she got under the blanket and sat between my legs and leaned back on me. I know she felt my cock pressed between her side and my leg but she didn’t seem to care, so we sat there for a while before she reached over and gently took a hold of my cock. It sent shock waves through my entire body. Lightly her fingers danced on the underside just past the head of my cock. It felt so good I let out a quiet “mmmm” and she immediately stopped and I could feel her smile in the dark… she started to get out of the bed! I realized she returned the favor for my leaving her hanging earlier and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back, she was giggling.

“Payback is a bitch huh?” She laughed

I didn’t say anything but sat her back down the way she was and I leaned down and lightly kissed her neck, once, twice… lightly blowing along her collarbone and I could feel the goosebumps rise on her arm and leg. Her breathing sped up and I could feel her pulse quicken in her neck, against my lips, I sucked a little. And a sigh came, I smiled and reached around the front of her, taking one of her tits in my hand and squeezing it gently. I wanted more contact than that though, I let my hand fall to her hip and slipped under her shirt, fingertips lightly dragging up her side making her squirm. I guess she had removed her bra some time earlier because when I got there it was all skin. She had bigger nipples than Amy, I loved it. I ran my thumb around her nipple barely touching it still kissing her neck and extracting little whimpers. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger pinching slightly

Another moan.

Sliding down her flat stomach I reached right inside her jeans and on top of her panties… my middle finger stopping right on her clit.

“mmmmm yea..” was all she had to say.

I started slow circles around her clit with my finger, sucking gently on her neck and caressing her tits with my other hand. Her hands were clutching at my thighs and her back was arching after a few minutes, faster circles, rubbing her clit harder and nibbling a little on her earlobe she let out a loud moan and started cumming for me, nails in my thighs and writhing around, I kept my hand working on her pussy all the way through her orgasm and as soon as she could breathe right again she climbed out of the bed and went to hop in the shower. I just sat there with my cock as hard as a rock and said

“oh well.”

I waited and took it out on Amy when she got home. After 2 and a half hours of straight hard, hot fucking she laid there panting and asked.

“What got into YOU tonight?!”

So being the couple that we are, we occasionally like another to join us in bed… So I told her.

“Really? I wouldn’t have thought she would do that… Interesting” she laughed

**More to come**

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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