From Dice to Dick

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Tommy, Derek and I were sitting around the table playing 10,000, the dice game. We were obviously bored out of our minds to even be playing this at all. And after about five games I’d had enough.

One of them then broke out with the alcohol. I wasn’t exactly running to the bottles. At least, not until I saw the bottle of Apple Pucker. I’d been known to get a little wasted on that a time or two…or three…or more. And it never fails to bring out my inner freak. I hope these guys can handle it. This was going to be a new kind of game for the three of us.

After a couple rounds it was on, that all-too-familiar yearning had returned, the yearning for a big hard cock in any of my holes. But how I should approach this was beyond me.

After a few minutes of thought I decided enough time had been wasted and made my move.

I casually reached over and put my hand on Tommy’s leg, slowly moving towards his crotch. At the same time I slid my toe up Derek’s leg, heading for his cock. I felt them both squirm slightly from my touch. “I have their attention now!” I thought. And I wasn’t about to let this get away from me. I excused myself to go to the restroom, and detoured through the bedroom and grabbed some lingerie.

When I slowly sauntered back into the room wearing a black, lace teddy their jaws dropped. That was the green light I’d hoped for.

I put on some mellow music and started dancing towards them seductively. My stiletto heels clicked and clacked on the hard wood floor, echoing through the room as I did my little strip tease. By the time I was standing over them I had removed all but the silky stockings and G-string.

I bent over Derek to unfasten his pants, displaying my full round ass mere inches from Tommy’s face. It was close enough to feel his izmir escort breath on my rump.

Feeling his gentle caress on my bottom made the hair on my neck stand up. And I almost lost my balance when he spread my butt cheeks and began rimming my tight hole. What an awesome feeling that was!

Derek caught hold of my shoulders, helping me to balance, and at the same time guiding me. He had positioned me so that my mouth was right above his cock. His thick helmet grazed my lips as his erection twitched with excitement, leaving behind a trail of precum. I licked it off slowly, savoring the manly flavor. Then I opened my mouth wide, inviting his engorged shlong inside. Welcoming it, entertaining it with my skilled tongue dancing up and down the length of his shaft.

“You are one hell of a cock sucker, Roxy!” Derek praised. “I have never felt anything like it!”

A grin danced across my full mouth as I thought to myself, “Wait ’til you feel this…” Then without hesitation I went all the way down, opening my throat to him. The impressive length of Derek’s cock disappeared completely. I even felt the stubble from his shaved pubic hair poke my lips. I stayed there until I could no longer hold my breath, my vocal cords vibrating along his shaft as I moaned from the tongue lashing from Tommy.

“What an incredible mouth!” I managed to say as I came up for air. Tommy responded with a few rapid nibbles on my clit.

“I was thinking that very thing about you, Rox.” Derek said. Then holding my head with both hands, he face fucked me good. His stroke was steady and long.

Tommy fell into rhythm almost immediately, matching stroke for stroke as his tongue darted in and out. Every five or six licks he switched it up some, alternating alsancak escort from pussy to ass. I loved it! This was exactly what I had wanted, and my orgasm was coming fast.

Exploding at last with the ferocity of a volcano, my knees buckled. It was unreal the way it rippled through me, freezing me in place.

When my trembling started to subside Tommy moved to sit beside Derek. It was an invitation to please him now, and I was more than happy to oblige.

Playfully I kissed and licked his smooth cockhead until it jumped involuntarily. I wrapped my full wet lips around his rod. He was thicker than I had imagined, and I hoped it would fit in my throat.

I settled on my knees and continued to expertly suck on the man-meat in front of me. With one hand I reached for the other man’s cock, finding it still slick from my saliva.

There I was stroking and sucking away, now that’s my idea of fun! I’d stay here all day if I didn’t have to be at work in a few hours.

Before long Derek got behind me, and in one well aimed thrust he impaled me with his dick. “Oh damn, that is one tight wet cunt!” he exclaimed. And what I heard next can only be described as primitive and raw, a caveman like grunt that grew louder and faster as he rammed his wand deep up in me. The deeper he drove it, the louder he grunted and growled. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone heard it four blocks away!

He grew thicker, filling me from wall to wall as his orgasm grew near. I wanted it bad too! I needed to quench the thirst for cum I felt tonight. “Fuck me!” I said “Give me that cock! Don’t stop!” I was at the verge of an intense orgasm. Like a vise, my walls closed in on him, gripping his dick tight.

Right then he pulled out, buca escort leaving meat the edge. “Let’s try a new position. I want you to ride me, Roxy.” He barked the order at me as he settled on his back on the floor.

I wasted no time doing what I’d been told. Immediately I straddled him, filling my hole once again with him. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me against him. Now I was exposed and accessible for anal fucking as well.

Not one to hesitate, Tommy lubed up my ass and began fingering my hole right away. It was amazing! “Ready for me?” Tommy asked. I didn’t have time to answer before feeling the blunt smooth head of his cock pressed firmly against my extremely tight hole. A pain shot through as he forced himself in. I caught my breath sharply as he went deeper. He attempted to relax me by reaching around and rubbing my clit as Derek picked up the pace in my twat.

It worked; in no time at all I started wiggling and grinding.

With me pushing back harder with every move, his fat fuckstick was soon fully submerged. The intense, yet slightly painful feeling was the most incredible I’d felt in some time. And almost at once I let out a half squeal/half scream, “I-I-I’m cummmmmming! Riiight n-now! Don’t stop! Pleeeease DO NOT stop!” My juices burst through right then. It was like a dam exploded. Cum was gushing from me, splashing against them both.

It was more than either one of them could bear, and both of their cocks peaked at once. Hot jizz spilled simultaneously in both holes as I screamed in ecstasy, drowning out their satisfied moans.

We lay there for a while, none of us having the strength to move at all. “Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?” I asked, but didn’t really expect an answer.

“Couldn’t tell ya.” Tommy said.

Then Derek added, “But you can bet your sweet ass it be long until next time!”

After pondering that a moment, I asked, “And by next time, you mean round two, right?” And I began caressing both of their cocks again.

We now have a weekly scheduled dice game, but with our rules everyone’s a winner!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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