From Me, For You

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I stare up into your face as you blow your hot load all over stomach and pussy, watching your beautiful face, your beautiful features, showing signs of your orgasm and giggle to myself in pure and utter ecstasy as you collapse by my side, your breathing heavy. I take your hand in mine which is still sticky from fucking my soaking pussy. Your eyes are misty and I hear you swear and say my name as once again we relish in the fact that we’ve completely blown each others minds. My pussy is thumping from where you have fucked me hard and fast and my throat is hoarse from my screams my lips red from where I’ve bitten them as your cock has slammed hard into my cunt I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed at the chemistry between us and how we seem to move so perfectly. The fact that your tongue always makes me come and I lose total control over myself for you just because of the way you touch me.

Our bodies relax and we melt into each other. You kiss my neck affectionately and immediately the pulsing I feel in my pussy moves to my clit and I am ready for you again… I shiver with excitement and my tits turn very slightly hard.. Waiting for your fingers to stroke them and continue exciting my pussy. Instead I decide to let you recover and turn onto my stomach kissing you on your beautiful soft chest. My hands begin stroking at the soft skin between your hips, tracing up and down distracting your mind as you talk to me.

My strokes begin to get lower, stroking firmly between your legs. I can feel you beginning to get turned on as you fill your lungs and inhale softly. My hands gently cup your balls, teasing you, squeezing them gently and stroking over them, up across your soft cock.

I caress you gently for a little while, and eventually I take my teasing a little further kissing your neck and licking your earlobes gently. I move to position myself between your legs. I massage them, getting close to your cock, slowly moving my hands to massage the area around your cock, relaxing your body so I can take full control. I begin to include your cock into my slow massage, running my hands up and down its length and it begins to harden and grow under my touch until I am able to begin moving my hands up it, holding it, sliding my hands back down. My mind is thinking back to how you fucked me earlier. Hard and raw. I want to reward you, and take you to a new height of ecstasy.

I get Demetevler Escort up and stand naked beside the bed, bending over so you have a close and intimate view of my throbbing cunt and arse. I pull out a pair of handcuffs and a scarf from the drawer. I want to be in complete control of the pleasure you receive and I want to give you the dirtier side you seem to release in me. I place the items beside you and resume my position, pumping your hard hot cock up and down with one handing, stroking your sides, hips, stomach, neck and balls with the other.

Your breath is beginning to quicken and I can feel you succumbing to the idea of coming all over my tits and lips. I ask you what you want from me and you moan deeply. The sound makes my tits hard and I take both of your hands, linking them into mine. I begin to push them back above your head sliding my warm body across yours, my heavy tits sliding across your stomach and chest. I whisper in your ear ‘what do you want baby’. Before you answer my tongue finds your mouth and plunges deep into it, flicking over your lips in a suggestive manner. Our lips curl up into seductive smiles and you growl at me in desperation for my tongue and the vision of my head lowering itself deep onto your cock, sliding to the back of my throat and the vibrations of my moans.

Instead I take the handcuffs and sit back so I can torture you with my wet slit on your dick as I restrain your hands with the cuffs and take the scarf. I tie it securely around your head covering your eyes ensuring you can see nothing. You can only hear and feel and the anticipation is beginning to build inside you. You feel a little exposed and your sensations are heightening as you begin to realize you haven’t felt me touch you since I restrained you.

You lay still waiting for me to kiss your cock. Or touch your chest. Your hear movement, you reach out to find that my legs are beside your head and suddenly my cunt is on your mouth, my soaking wet, soft slit moves gently on your lips. I want you to fuck me with your tongue and instruct you to do so. I try and sound harsh, controlling but you can detect the desire in my voice, which you know so well, and so you oblige. Your tongue finds my pussy and plunges deep. I moan and grab at your hair. I move on your face. I am sitting upright, refusing to touch your cock, Otele gelen escort looking down at your face, wondering what you’re imagining behind that blindfold. My hands tug at your hair harshly and I manipulate my body so your tongue is sliding over my clit. You refuse to let me control you too much and suck gently on throbbing, swollen clit. Knowing this will always gain you full control. Instantly I begin to fall into the beginnings of orgasm. I grab your hands which are still above your head, restrained. You are desperate for me to drown you in my come. You want my sweet tasting juices in your mouth and down your chin. You imagine plunging your fingers deep into my pussy and your mind goes crazy as you realize your hands are out of control. You imagine my cunt squirting juices all over your face, arms and chest. And then my cunt is gone. Your lips are pouted expectantly, wanting my come. But I have moved, and don’t even kiss you thankfully, as usually I do…

I cannot wait any longer. I position in a 69. The thought of your cock in my mouth makes me so unbelievably hot. And so, I steady your throbbing dick in my hand and slide my mouth down the entire length, as deep as I can so it hits the back of my throat. You let out a cry followed by my name, said over and over and I fucking love it. Your body reacts to the pleasure by pushing down into the bed your muscles tensing. I resist the urge to gag on its massive size and instead relax my throat, pushing you in further, enjoy the feeling of not being able to breath from being so full of your massive size. A very impressive 9 inches. Just the thought of its size alone gets my cunt swollen. I begin moving my hand in rhythm with my mouth. My spit allows my hand to run up and down your shaft smoothly, as thought my mouth has reached the base of your cock. I massage your balls to. I build up the pleasure, reacting to your moans and swearing. I suck on your balls whilst fucking you with my hands. I nip at your thighs before plunging it deep into my throat again. I am sure you’re about to moan that you want to come, so I stop. I trace my fingers across your stomach.

You don’t know what I’ll do next and it is thrilling for you. The feeling of trust, excitement and anticipation is making your cock rock hard. I seem to have disappeared but you resist the urge to speak and instead, Balgat Escort you wait patiently. I remove your blindfold and my eyes look into yours. You can see how horny I am but say nothing. I release your handcuffs and you wonder what is going on. I lay beside you on my front, I pull at your arms and you follow my lead lying on top of me. You nuzzle into my neck and I turn my head towards you. For the first time in a while I kiss you deeply. As I so, I push my arse against your desperately hard cock. You hear the words come out of your mouth and you go crazy. ‘Fuck me in the arse baby I want to feel you there. I want to orgasm with you in my arse’. Your hand reaches down to prepare me and you slowly realize I had disappeared to ready myself so you could take full enjoyment of my tight arse hole…

You pull my hips up and position yourself on your knees. Your hard cock massages my pussy and your thumb circles my arse. You push it inside me gently and my body weakens. You kiss my lower back relaxing me and you feel ecstasy in my moans. You can’t hold back and grabbing your hips you slowly gently begin pushing into my tight arse hole. It hurts me but I need it and as you resist, not wanting to hurt me. I hold your hands firmly on my hips, easing onto you, further and deeper. The sight of it makes you lose control. Your hips begin thrusting at me, your body doubles over and you kiss passionately at my back. I am rubbing violently at my clit and I am moaning so hard, so differently to anything you’ve heard before. They are deep, throaty. I am completely lost. My tight ass is milking your cock, desperate to be filled with your come I begin massaging your balls as you fuck me, you take over rubbing my clit. We get faster, we fuck harder and I scream louder. You tell me you’re going to come so I push my arse right back getting you as deep as possible. You cry out loudly, so, so loudly that as I begin to shake and orgasm on your dick. My moans are drowned by the loudness of your own.

You collapse down on top of me. Your weight on top of me, and your hot body, slick with sweat comforts me. Keeping me warm as I begin to cool. Panting, moaning trying to catch our breath you gently pull out of me, feeling pleasure at the tightness of my arse, still wrapped around you. I squeeze your hands which have somehow become entwined with mine and kiss them. You’re saying my name in my ear, kissing my lips, cheeks and neck, but we are lost in a world of pleasure we created. You settle down on top of me, like a big warm duvet. Your come is spilling out of my arse and our breathing slows. Eventually we find that we are spooning one another, and deep sleep follows. Our bodies feel as though they are sinking. We hold each other all night long. We are in Love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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