Full House

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I would like to thank Angel Love for editing my work. Without her this would suffer the same fate as my first submission. I am sorry for those who have wasted their time in reading my first submission. I know my faults and my ignorance in writing. English is not my first language so please bear with me. Thank You for your criticism I hope you this would be better than my first work.


I still can remember that night when Jane, my former girlfriend, invited me to her pad for some drinks. When I got there, two other people had arrived, Diana and Kim. Diana definitely had one of the biggest pair of you know what on campus. With her beautiful curves I really wanted to fuck her.

Then there was Kim, an exchange student from Japan. Although lacking in the height department; sporting only around 5ft., she was still a knockout. She could not compete with Diana in bust size, but she outdid her with her beautiful, exotic, Asian looks.

And finally there was Jane who was very attractive. Her bust size could definitely compete with Kim’s and her beauty was a sight to behold. It had been three years since she dumped me but we remained friends.

Well after a few drinks, Jane suggested that we play poker. None of us were good at playing poker, but within an hour Jane was almost out of money. When things got boring. Diana decided to leave because it was quite late. Then Jane had an idea ‘We could make this game more interesting. How about we put our clothes on the line instead of money?’

Diana looked at her and said, “You’re suggesting strip poker? With the way you have been playing tonight don’t blame me if you end up naked.”

Jane insisted. So here I was in between two girls negotiating on a game of strip poker. What could I do? Even Kim who was quite naive and reluctant to play decided to give it a go. I agreed to play as well. A chance to play strip poker with three lovely ladies is quite hard to come by.

We decided that we were going to play five-card draw and the one with the lowest hand had to take of something. The game would end when three people were completely naked. Once you were naked you were dealt out of the game but must remain in the pad in the buff for the rest of the night. The winner got to keep your clothes until morning.

This would be quite a good game, as I would get to see at least two of these ladies naked, win or lose. And lose I did. After a few hands I was down to my shorts with a huge boner. Jane who had been playing poorly earlier was on a roll and had only lost her shoes, while Diana had already lost her top but still have her pants and bra on which didn’t leave much to the imagination as her bodacious tits were spilling out of their bondage. Finally Kim was just a little bit better than I as she had two articles left to remove; her bra and panties.

The next hand got things started, as either Kim or I have to show something private. Lucky for me it was Kim who had lost and had decided give up her bra.

“Kim, looks like you are about bursa escort to feel a draft,” Jane said as Kim was unclasping her bra.

I almost came once I saw her lovely breast and nipples, which were sticking out like erasers on a pencil!

“They look great.” I said to Kim.

She just replied with a smile. But luck continued to work against her as she lost once more. “Well we could stop now it you want,” I said to Kim.

She replied with a little nervousness, “A bet is a bet.. I lost my panties so I drop them.”

“Pussy Time!” shouted Diana.

“You can say that because its not you who gets to bare it all. Well anyway here goes nothing,” Kim said as she slowly pulled down her panties revealing her unshaven bush.

Her bush didn’t cover much as we could easily see how wet and excited she was. Her pubes were glistening with juices. After the quick glimpse she quickly sat down crossing her legs to protect as much dignity she might have left.

“Look’s like someone has forgotten to shave,” Jane commented about Kim’s hairy pussy. Kim just smiled at us trying to hide her embarrassment.

Next to lose was Diana; forcing her to peel out of her pants leaving her in her thong, which displayed her beautiful ass.

“You have a great ass,” I said.

“Did it arouse you that much? I could see that you have build up quite a tent down there,” she replied.

The game then relaxed a bit as Jane gave up her socks. This gave Diana and I some breathing space before joining Kim in the buff. But a frown appeared on Diana’s face as she was handed her hand that said it all.

“Damn! I never expected I’d have to go this far,” she said as she began to remove her bra. “38D and natural,” she remarked as she pinched her nipples making them more erect.

All we could do was look with awe at her tits. “At least I’m not the center of attraction anymore,” said Kim as she pointed at Diana who was very much enjoying her partial nudity.

With the way Jane had been playing I never expected I would get her naked, but I never though I’d have to bare it all in front of them either. The next hand said it all. Now I had to surrender the last strand of dignity I had; my shorts.

“Lets see what you have big boy,” said Diana with relief at not having to be the next to show it all.

“I don’t really mind the sight of pussies tonight, but what will please me is a view of your cock,” Jane said. “Showtime I guess,” I said as I slid off my shorts showing off my rigid cock to all of them.

“Looks like I won’t be lonely anymore. My pussy will sure like to meet you cock personally,” Kim joked.

Her legs partly opened giving me a slight view of her cunt which made my cock even harder.

“You’re quite big just as Jane told me,” Diana said, which definitely boosted my confidence.

“It hasn’t changed much since the last time I used it,” I blushed at Jane’s comment. I sat down and didn’t bother covering up saying to myself that it’s gonna be quite a long night.

Now bursa escort bayan it was down to two, Diana and Jane. Diana had only her thong, which didn’t cover much, while Jane was still quite fully clothed.

“From the looks of the wet spot on your thong you’ll feel more comfortable once you stripped it off,” Jane said to Diana, which she didn’t take lightly.

“Looks who’s talking as if you’re not aroused as well. At least I wear a thong while you have nothing underneath those clothes of yours.”

I never noticed it until now. Jane wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Jane’s nipples were poking through her shirt and a wet spot was also visible in her pants. But just as expected Diana lost.

“Damn! Do I really have to this?” she said in her shocked state.

“We are waiting here. Show us your pussy, Boobsie,” said Jane.

Diana did what she had to do. Her thong came off and the sight of her clean-shaven pussy, which was visibly moist, almost made me lose my senses. I wanted to get my hands on her delicious looking pussy.

“Look like it is you who ended up naked,” teased Jane as Diana just sat there unashamed of her nakedness.

“Well, I have to keep these babies now and leave you here naked for awhile,” said Jane as she left, carrying our clothes to her room.

“The night will sure be cold,” I said.

“Yes without our clothes it surely will, but at least we have each other to keep warm,” said Kim as Diana and she cuddled beside me.

“Do you mind if I touch your cock,” Diana said.

My mind debated on what to say so I just said, “Sure.”

Kim got closer and watched as Diana ran her finger across my cock. All I could do was moan as she stroked my cock then suddenly I felt a warm wet sensation around it. I looked down at my cock and saw Diana sucking it as if it was ice cream. She had her eyes closed, just running her tongue over it. I closed my eyes as well. I could feel her pulling on my cock with her wet lips. She was blowing me, and it felt so fucking good.

Kim pulled Diana away, “Hey, let me have a taste as well.”

Kim got down between my legs and started lapping my balls with her tongue. She gripped my ass and worked on my balls. I moaned as she let go and wrapped her large full lips around my cock. Like a vacuum she started to suck me off. I had to grab onto her head as she sucked greedily at my dick. Meanwhile Diana placed herself between Kim’s legs and hungrily ate her pussy. Moments later I let out a moan and shot my load in Kim’s mouth while Diana continued to tongue fuck her Asian friend until she exploded with pleasure.

With Kim resting, Diana straddled my waist and slowly pushed my wet cock into her pussy. “Watch your cock move in and out of me!” she whispered.

Fully inserted, she gave me a smile and started riding me hard. She sure is a moaner, because she started making loud noises in time with her grinding. “OH YEAH!!!!!!! OHHHHH! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!!” she moaned, as her breasts heaved up and down quickly, escort bursa jiggling in time with her rhythm.

All I knew was ecstasy and I lost myself in the pumping as I burst my load in her pussy. When I came back from my orgasm, and regained my senses; Diana was still riding me, her back arched, nipples pointing at the sky. She was moaning in earnest and seemed tensed up. Not surprisingly, Diana orgasm with a lot of noise, and collapsed onto my chest.

Kim lay beside us, eyes closed as she finger fucked herself. I couldn’t resist, and moved Diana off me. “Let me help you with that,” I said as I moved her hands away from her pussy and got on top of her.

She opened her eyes as I pushed my hard cock into her extremely wet pussy, and started bucking my hips. Within seconds I had Kim crying out my name. She arched her back and moaned like a whore “OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

Reaching climax I ejaculated thick streams of semen into her pussy. Kim didn’t last much longer and shuddered and cried out as she orgasmed under me.

It was a long night, and I fucked Diana and Kim several times before we stopped. We continually jumped situations and pairings. We even tried some anal sex. Diana, who had done it before, easily fit herself around my cock and enjoyed it as I banged her up her ass.

Later, while I was trying to rest myself, Diana and Kim even tried some lesbian sex. Kim was the first to pass out while Diana and I continued to pleasure each other for another half an hour before we too passed out from exhaustion.

I woke up first and was greeted by Jane. “You enjoyed last night’s action?” she asked.

“The best,” I replied.

“I guess you don’t like these anymore,” Jane said as removed her robe revealing her huge tits and moist pussy.

“Why wouldn’t I? My cock and your pussy have shared many nights together. How could I forget about those lovely nights,” I replied.

“So you still love me then?” she asked.

“I love you before and I love you still. Nothing has changed,” I said to her.

“Three years ago, I didn’t knew how much you meant to me, but still you were always there when I needed you. Will you accept me once more?” she whimpered as she began to cry.

She hugged me while my cock pushed against her thighs.

“Nothing has changed,” I replied as I kissed her on the lips.

We stayed like that for a while, until both Diana and Kim woke up.

“Good Morning! I see that you two have already made up,” said Kim.

“What’s happening here anyway?” I asked.

“You remember how you used to fantasize about playing strip poker with some lovely ladies and end up fucking their brains out. I just made your fantasy a reality,” Jane answered.

“So this was all a set-up?” I said.

“Sort off. Jane asked us if we could help her out, so we agreed to play strip poker to fulfill your dream. But after seeing the size of your cock I just couldn’t resist fucking you,” Kim said as she licked her lips.

“Now that you two have already resolved your differences, why don’t we start taking care of that?” Diana said as she pointed at my hard on.

“I will solve it personally,” Jane said as she led me to her bedroom for some more action.

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