Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters Chapter 2: Hot Daughter’s Futa-Mommy

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Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters

Chapter Two: Hot Daughter’s Futa-Mommy

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Autumn Holt

I swallowed as I held the syringe full of the pink liquid in my hand. The cum in my pussy slowly leaked out of me, matting my red bush. It wasn’t a man’s cum. That was a woman’s cum dripping out of me. It trickled out of me, this thick flood. It felt so naughty.

The woman who fucked me, the futa as she called herself, was at my eighteen-year-old daughter’s door about to seduce her and fuck her. Given how easily that wonderful, lavender scent Kayleen had wreathing her had relaxed me and lowered my inhibitions, it wouldn’t be hard.

I should stop her, but…

If I injected this liquid into me, I would have a clit that turned into a dick. It seemed impossible, but I had sucked on her girl-cock and fingered her pussy. She had both. Both! A true hermaphrodite. My heart pounded. I didn’t know what to do.

Part of me really, really wanted to inject this, but what would it mean if I had a dick? I was a widowed mother of two college girls. I couldn’t let myself succumb to this lust. Right? I had to stop that woman from seducing my daughter.

Kayleen was so eager for it. So ready to enjoy her barely legal flesh. She wanted to fuck my daughter after being in my pussy. It was a kink for her. She mentioned deflowering her own daughter with a strap-on.

This was so messed up.


Anabella Holt

I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. That must be Mom. She was done watching whatever loud, strange movie. It had sounded like two women killing each other. Or fucking, and that was so not my mom. She was anti-porn. My older sister, Christine, got caught with some and mom went ballistic.

I’d never seen her so mad in my life.

I stared at the math equation when a knock came from my door.

“It’s open, Mom,” I called, staring at the page. The door opened and I complained, “I just can’t get this dumb, stupid equation. Who invited algebra?”

“Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizimi,” a throaty woman said while this lovely scent of lavender, the same one I caught downstairs, filled my nose. “He is the 9th-century Muslim mathematician credited as the father of algebra. It comes from his book. Kitab al-Jabr. Though, of course, there are older examples of it.”

I frowned. “Who are yo…?” My question died on my lips as I stared at the naked woman standing in my room. She was tall and with big boobs that had a flushed quality to them. Little hickeys dotted the insides of their slopes. “Oh, my gosh, where are your clothes?”

“In the hallway and downstairs,” she said with a throaty purr. She stepped forward and I gasped as I saw what the brunette woman had thrusting out from between her thighs.

A cock.

A big, thick, wet dick.

My jaw dropped. I tried to push my chair back, but it hit my desk. She stopped before me, her dick thrusting out at me. My heart raced. I had never seen a cock in real life before. It was so big. And where were her balls? And she had a pussy. That couldn’t be right. This was insane. I should be screaming but… but…

That lavender scent was so relaxing.

I breathed it in, ignoring the other scents, that spicy and tangy musk, and focused on the lavender. My heart pounded faster. This hot itch swelled in my pussy. I wanted to just fall into a daze. A smile spread on my lips.

“Mmm, you smell good, naked lady,” I groaned. “Naked dick-lady. Why do you have a dick? Ladies don’t have a dick.”

“Futanari do,” she purred. “I’m Ms. Harland. I just moved in up the street.”

I nodded, my eyes locked on her cock. It was so wet like she’d thrust it in water, only that didn’t quite look like water. A thicker liquid. Almost like baby oil or something. I bit my lip, her tip twitching and throbbing.

“You like my girl-cock?” she asked.

I nodded again.

“Mmm, I could tell. You keep staring at it with those naughty eyes of yours.” A smile spread on her lips. “Want to touch it?”

I nodded for a third time, unable to speak now. It was so hypnotic. I breathed in that wonderful, lavender scent.

“Want to suck on it?” she cooed again. “Want to give me a blowjob. Just slide those lips over my dick and nurse on it like you did on your mother’s nipple as a babe.”

“Yes,” I croaked. I did want to suck on her cock. It was so… sexy. Like the best part of a boy on a hot lady. A MILF. She was a MILF. She had a daughter. I knew that much. She had a daughter and a cock and a pussy.

A futanari… MILF…

My head leaned forward. My black hair, gathered in pigtails, slipped off my shoulders and dangled before me. My mouth came closer and closer to her cock. She grabbed my pigtails, holding on to them but not pulling on them. Just… playing with them.

“Mmm, you are a sexy thing,” purred Ms. Harland. “I like sexy things like you. Mmm, naughty girls who make me so wet. Who makes my cunt clench. I’m going to do such naughty things to you. Oh, yes, I am.”

I kissed her cock on the tip. I shuddered as I tasted this spicy flavor. It was almost like my own pussy. I had tasted my fingers after I had rubbed myself. It was like this. Then there was this salty flavor, but it was fainter.

That spicy flavor grew as I slid my lips over her cock. The liquid coating her shaft was the source of it, I realized. That was where it came from. I still didn’t know what it was, but I sucked hard on her. I nursed on her with hunger.

She groaned, her head throwing back. Her breasts rose and fell, those heavy tits swaying together. Then she smiled down at me as I nursed on her. I sucked, enjoying the feel of her girl-cock in my mouth. She moaned as I suckled like a hungry babe.

“That tastes good, right?” she asked as I nursed on her futa-dick.

I nodded.

“That’s your mother’s pussy juices,” she purred. “When you came home, your mother was giving me a blowjob. You didn’t even notice, you naughty girl.”

My eyes widened. I should be grossed out or something about learning what I tasted, and yet I kept suckling. I couldn’t help myself. My mother’s pussy had this wonderful flavor to it. And Ms. Harland’s dick felt so good in my mouth.

My pussy clenched as I sucked again. This was like incest or something. But I didn’t care. I felt too relaxed. Too horny. The lavender filled my nose. That heady aroma. I sucked and nursed. I slid my mouth farther down her cock to taste more of my mother’s pussy.

“Mmm, you like that, don’t you?” purred Ms. Harland. “You like tasting your mother on my cock.”

I did. I really, really did.

“You’re just a slut like her,” she said. “Just a naughty whore for my big dick, aren’t you?”

I shrugged, not sure what I was. I just knew that I loved this. My body felt so hot beneath my clothes as I nursed on her. She gripped my pigtails as I sucked on her cock. Her crown rubbed into the roof of my mouth, feeling so soft. My tongue stroked around her.

The flavor of my mom’s pussy faded, but that was okay because the salty flavor swelled. It was this exciting delight. I nursed on it and groaned, loving how it grew stronger and stronger. I wanted to keep tasting it.

What would her cum be like?

Christine was a swallower. She said other girls were prudes who spat it out, but she loved it.

Would I love Ms. Harland’s?

I had to find out.

So I sucked and sucked. I moaned as I nursed on her. Drool ran down my chin as I loved her cock. She gripped my pigtails tight, her large tits swaying above me. They were big and soft. Big mommy boobs that I just wanted to nurse on. I could suckle on them and love them and have so much fun with them.

But I also had to play with her cock. I had to suck her off. I had to gulp down all her girl-cum. I nursed on the MILF’s dick with such hunger. My cheeks hollowed as I made all these naughty sounds that echoed through my room.

“Oh, god, yes!” Ms. Harland moaned.

Then she thrust her hips forward. I gasped as she rammed her clit-dick to the back of my throat. She hit my esophagus and pulled back. I groaned at the wicked feel of her doing that to me. It was such a wicked and naughty delight.

She fucked my mouth and she pumped her hips away at me. I couldn’t believe how naughty this was. More drool ran over my chin as her boobs heaved over my head. She groaned, her face twisting with delight.

She liked fucking my mouth.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s it, you naughty slut! Mmm, you’re going to make me cum so hard. And you’re going to swallow all my jizz, right?”

I squealed a yes around her cock. Of course, I would. Christine swallowed. Lame girls didn’t. I wanted to be cool like my big sis.

I sucked and sucked, wanting to have all that yummy cum fire into my mouth. I nursed on her cock with such hunger. She thrust that big dick to the back of my mouth again and again. I made as much suction as I could when she pulled back.

“Oh, Anabella, yes!” she gasped. “Ooh, you’re just the perfect delight for a futa-MILF to enjoy!”

I was so happy to hear that. I moaned around her cock. The taste of her salty precum swelled and swelled in my mouth. My tongue danced around the crown of her clit-dick. I stared at her brown bush, her curls dripping with her passion.

The tangy of her pussy swelled in my nose. A heady aroma that rose over the lavender delight. I groaned around her cock. Drool dripped down my chin as I sucked with all my might. She gasped and rammed her cock into my mouth.


Hot cum fired into my mouth. My eyes widened at my first time tasting the salty delight. I groaned, gulping it down. I swallowed that thick and creamy jizz. A lady’s jizz. This was so incredible to enjoy.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she gasped. “You little whore! Drink it!”

I did.

Her big boobs heaved over me as she fired more and more of that girl-cum into my mouth. There was so much it ran out of the corners of my mouth. I swallowed it all while her aroma swelled in my nose. That hot aroma of MILF pussy.

It was such a delight to enjoy. I savored every moment of gulping down that wonderful şişli bayan escort spunk. It was incredible. I nursed it all out. I swallowed down every last drop of it. It was amazing. My virgin pussy clenched.

“Well, well, well,” she purred as she pulled her cock out of my mouth. “Let me have a look at you. I want to see you naked.”

“Yes, Ms. Harland,” I groaned, drool and cum running down my chin. This was so amazing. Christine would be so jealous that I sucked a lady-dick and swallowed all that cum.

Just like a cool girl would.


Autumn Holt

I listened to Kayleen crying out in orgasmic bliss. The muffled sounds bled through the floor. She was molesting my eighteen-year-old daughter and what was I doing? I was sitting here on my couch debating injecting myself with this pink liquid.

Indiscretion had me frozen. The heady scent of lavender lingered in the air, but it wasn’t as strong—wasn’t as relaxing!—as it had been before. All I could think about was her doing things with my daughter.

With her girl-cock.

I glanced down at my fiery bush. My clit, hidden by my curls, throbbed. Ached. All I had to do was inject myself, and I could join the fun. Molest my daughter, too. Anabella’s cute, petite body filled my mind. Her slender figure. Her modest breasts. She bounced between childish joy and womanly desires, hovering on that line. Christine, her older sister, was far over it.

After today, Anabella would be, too.

If I just sat here and did nothing, that was wrong. So I should just inject myself and join the fun. The bedsprings creaked. I swallowed. The action must be getting more and more serious. My hand shook.

“I’m such a bad mother,” I whispered.


Anabella Holt

Clothes flew off of me.

I didn’t hold back. I tore them off. The top fluttered to the ground and my bra followed. I freed my little titties to Ms. Harland’s hungry gaze. She licked her lips, her hand stroking her futa-dick wet with my saliva.

I squirmed and then ripped off my skirt. I stepped out of it so fast, and then I was down to my panties. She whimpered, stroking her girl-cock faster. She wanted to see my pussy. she craved it. She was such a naughty, naughty MILF.

I shoved down my panties and exposed my sparse, black bush. My virgin twat quivered as I rolled the panties down my thighs. They slid over my knees and dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them, my ankle socks rubbing against them.

Should I take those off?

Before I could decide, the MILF growled and pushed me back. My legs hit the bed. I gasped as I sank down with a squeak. The mattress groaned. I quivered here, my toes curling. My heart beat so fast. This heady rush washed through me. This was all happening so fast. I couldn’t believe it. I bit my lip, whimpering.

She parted my thighs.

“That succulent pussy,” she groaned. She inhaled, this spicy musk filling the air. My pussy’s scent was so similar to Mom’s. “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Is that bad.”

“No!” she groaned and then buried her face into my pussy.

I gasped, my mattress springs creaking as I shuddered. Her lips kissed at my pussy. She didn’t hesitate to nuzzle into my virgin twat. She licked at me. Lapped at me. Her tongue swept through my pussy folds. This wonderful ache surged through my body. I groaned, my cunt clenching. The heat rushed through my body.

“Oh, Ms. Harland,” I groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, Ms. Harland!”

She fluttered her tongue up and down my pussy slit. I gasped at every spot she touched. I squirmed on my bed, whimpering. It was incredible. Better than rubbing at myself. She parted my folds and ran over my hymen.

“You even have a cherry,” she groaned.

She wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled my pussy even tighter against her lips. She flicked her tongue up and down my pussy lips. I groaned, my toes curling. This wonderful delight rushed through me.

Her tongue licked and lapped at me everywhere. The pleasure rippled through my body. I squeaked out my delight. My hands grabbed my little titties. I kneaded my breasts. They felt so good. But not as good as my pussy.

She slid her tongue up to my clit. She swirled around that little bud I had. It wasn’t a big dick like hers. How did she get it? I wanted to ask, but her tonguing felt so good I just moaned out my pleasure. My back arched into the sheets. I stared up at the ceiling.

It spun.

“Oh, my, yes!” I moaned, my toes curling. “Ms. Harland, you’re eating my pussy!”

“Such a sweet cunt,” she moaned. “Like eating my own daughter’s.”

Her own daughter. “That’s so naughty!”

“Mmm, it is.”

She slid her tongue up my slit again and caressed over my clit. My bud burst with more pleasure. I squirmed towards my orgasm. I would have a nice one. A big burst of pleasure. I groaned, trembling towards it. My toes curled. I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest.

Blood rushed hot through my veins. The pleasure built and built with her every lick and lap. I would cum so hard. I wanted to. I licked my lips, the taste of her salty cum swelling again through my mouth.

Such a yummy delight.

Her tongue caressed my clit again and again. She ran over my bud. She devoured me with such intensity. I humped my pussy against her as I gasped and moaned. My finger kneading my tits found my small nipples.

I gripped them.

Twisted them.

“Ms. Harland!” I gasped. “I’m going to cum.”

“Good,” she purred. Her tongue fluttered up and over my clit. “Do it. Shower me in your virgin cream.”

“Yes, Ms. Harland!”

Her lips sucked on my clit. I didn’t know you could do that. But it felt incredible. I whimpered and groaned, my body trembling as she nursed on me with this wicked and wanton hunger. She hurtled me towards my orgasm as she nursed on it.

My cunt clenched deep inside of me. Her fingers kneaded my rump as she kept suckling. I trembled. My eyes squeezed shut. Every muscle in my body tensed, eager for that burst of rapturous delight my orgasm would deliver.

She suckled hard.

“Ms. Harland!”

I came.

My pussy convulsed. My cunt gushed juices as the most intense delight in my life rushed through me. Waves of ecstasy washed out of my cunt. I gasped, stars bursting across my vision. I trembled against her, humping my pussy against her hungry mouth.

“Yes!” I squealed as the pleasure rushed through my body.

I bucked and squirmed from the orgasmic delight that Ms. Harland gave me. This amazing heat shot through me. My toes curled as she drank down the cream. It was so much better than masturbating. Ms. Harland was amazing.

“Mmm, I think you’re ready,” she purred, lifting her face from my cumming pussy.

Through the stars dancing across my vision, I saw her lips and chin dripping in my cream. She looked so sexy there. I smiled in delight, my body squirming on the bed. The sheets clung to my back. I bit my lower lip, my eyes traveling down her body, past those big boobies, to her throbbing cock.

It thrust out so beautifully from the folds of her pussy. She looked so sexy. I groaned, my mouth watering so much for the shaft. I would have such a wild time cumming on her girl-dick. I just knew it would be amazing.

“Take me!” I moaned.

My bedroom door opened. “No!”

Mom stood in the doorway and she sounded so mad. I squeaked and sat up. I scrambled to grab something to cover myself. My breasts jiggled. This wicked whimper burst from my lips. I opened my mouth to explain.

“You do not get to pop my daughter’s cherry.” Mom strode forward and she was naked, too.

And then my jaw really dropped.


Autumn Holt

“No side effects?” Kayleen asked calmly. The futa stared at me, her clit-dick thrusting before her. My daughter relaxed on the bed, her eyes locked on my new futa-cock. “You didn’t have convulsions or anything?”

“No,” I said. “I mean, it stung a little as it grew, but…” My eyes widened. “That’s why the ambulance was out of your house this morning.”

“I knew it only had to be purified more,” she said. “Mmm, well, I was looking forward to popping your little girl’s cherry but, I suppose, a mother does have the right to deflower her daughter.”

“You’re going to deflower me, Mom?” Anabella asked. She licked her lips. “That’s so cool. You got a futa-dick, too. That’s awesome. I sucked on Ms. Harland and drank all her cum and then she licked my pussy and now I need to be fucked!” The word spilled out of her motormouth as she squirmed on the bed.

I swallowed, staring at my daughter’s naked, nubile form. She had small breasts that quivered and pigtails that spilled around her face. She bit her lip, staring up at me with this look of lust and delight. She squirmed on the bed, her legs spread so wide.

She had a black bush around her pussy. Her lips were parted to show off her hymen covering the entrance to her pussy. She was so cute. So adorable. I shouldn’t want this, should have been a better mother than this, but that lavender sent was too much for me. I couldn’t help myself.

“Come fuck me, Mom!” she moaned. “Just slide into me and ram that cock into my pussy. I need it. I need it so bad, Mom!”

I groaned as I moved to the bed like she had a gravity that pulled me in. Her nubile, young body was irresistible. I swallowed, my new girl-cock throbbing. It had this powerful ache at the tip I couldn’t ignore. It pulsed with my heartbeat. My cunt clenched, so juicy with Kayleen’s cum.


My ass stung from Kayleen’s spank as I passed her. “Enjoy that naughty girl.”

I nodded.

“Yes, yes, enjoy me, Mom!” Anabella moaned, her blue eyes sparkling.

She was my own flesh and blood. This was insane. I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be moving to her bed. I groaned as I fell onto my knees between her thighs. Her hands shot out and grabbed my cock. She gripped me with her hands, my dick throbbing. Aching.

“Oh, yes,” she purred. “Such a big Mommy-dick to fuck me.”

This was wrong, but…

That lavender scent filled my nose. It came from my own body now. I şişli escort loved it. Reveled in it. My daughter’s hand on my Mommy-dick pulled me closer and closer to that young twat. My big breasts swayed as I leaned over her.

She stared up at me, beaming in delight. She pressed me into her hot flesh. I gasped at the feel of her. she slid my flesh up and down her slit. My cunt clenched. The heat rushed through me. I groaned, my toes curling.

“That’s it, Mom!” she purred. “Ram that futa-cock right there.” She pushed the tip of my cock against her hymen. I felt the membrane on me. “Just ram it forward.”

“Yes,” I groaned and thrust.

I felt her hymen stretching and stretching. I leaned over her further. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down. I kissed her on the lips. It was so sweet, so wrong, to kiss her.. Kayleen watched from behind as I prepared to take my daughter’s virginity.

Anabella’s eighteen-year-old cherry popped.

I groaned as my cock buried into her forbidden depths. An incestuous wave of delight swept over me. I was in my daughter. I sank deeper and deeper into her. I slid to the hilt in her. I groaned as her cunt squeezed about my cock.

She felt amazing wrapped around my dick. I shuddered, loving the way she clenched down on me. It was amazing. I groaned, her cunt gripping my futa-cock. My breasts pressed into her little mounds. I slid my arms beneath her, holding to me.

“That’s so beautiful,” Kayleen purred behind me. “A mother loving her daughter.”

It was.

My tongue danced with Anabella’s while her pussy squeezed around my clit-dick. Her twat felt heavenly. The wet heat of her soaked about my shaft and melted up to my cunt. I groaned and then I drew back.

I slid out of her snatch. Her flesh clung to me. She gripped me. This wonderful heat rushed down my shaft. I groaned at the feel of her twat wrapped around me. My cunt drank in the bliss. It fed these points in me.

That must be where my cum was stored.

I thrust into my daughter. I buried to the hilt in her. She groaned into our kiss. I moaned. Our tongues danced together. It was so incredible to enjoy her like this. Her fingernails clawed at my back. I pumped away at her. I thrust my cock into her cunt again and again. I buried into her over and over again. She was amazing.

A wonderful treat.

Our tongues danced together. I pumped my cock in and out of her twat. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. It was amazing. Fantastic. This heat rushed through my body. I shuddered, slamming into her pussy with hard strokes.

She clenched about me. She held me tight. It was wonderful. I thrust into her twat with powerful strokes. I buried into her again and again. I humped away at her. This heady thrill ran through me as I kissed her with hunger.

“That’s so beautiful,” Kayleen purred. She was right behind us. “Mmm, you’re fucking your daughter hard.”

Anabella broke our kiss. “She is, Ms. Harland!” Her pussy clenched about my thrusting clit-dick. “Her big boobies are rubbing into my little titties and she’s fucking her cock into me. She burying that wonderful dick into my cunt over and over again.”

“Yes, I am!” I groaned, fucking her hard. I buried to the hilt in her. I loved every second of it.

“Good,” Kayleen purred, and then she climbed on the bed behind us.

As I drew back my hips, her cock pressed into my butt-crack. I gasped and thrust forward into my daughter’s cunt. Her cock followed me. This time, when I pressed back, my asshole pushed on the tip of her futa-cock.

“Oh, no,” I groaned.

“Oh, yes,” she purred and thrust.

My anal ring surrendered to her cock. I had never had anything enter me back there, and yet her dick felt so slick she popped right in. I gasped as she stretched out my bowels. She penetrated into my velvety depths.

“Oh, my god,” I whimpered, clenching down around her.

“What, Mom?” asked Anabella. She grinned up at me. “Is Ms. Harland in your cunt?”

“My asshole!” I gasped.

“Oh, wow. That’s so naughty. Ooh, Ms. Harland, you’re fucking my mommy’s asshole. Pound her while she pounds me.”

“I will,” Kayleen purred. She bottomed out in my bowels, her brown bush rubbing into my butt-cheeks. “How does that sound, Autumn?”

“Wonderful,” I groaned, realizing I liked the feel of her girl-cock in my bowels. She stretched me out.

I groaned as she drew back. The velvety friction melted out of my bowels to my cunt. My pussy drank it in. I groaned, clenching my asshole around her cock, and followed her. I slid my clit-dick out of my daughter’s pussy, savoring that silky delight at the same time.

I shuddered, eyes widening as I realized the dual delights I would get to experience.

Kayleen thrust back into my asshole, driving me into my daughter’s pussy. That hot, tight, juicy snatch squeezed about me. The incestuous thrill of being in her twat mixed with the hot heat of having my asshole penetrated by my fellow MILF’s cock was intoxicating.

My bowels gripped about her dick. I held her tight as she pumped away at me. She drove into me hard. Fast. She buried that big dick into my bowels with such mighty strokes. It was incredible to feel. I whimpered, the heat rushing through me. I wiggled my hips, stirring my cunt around that wonderful cock buried into my bowels.

“Mom, Mom!” my daughter moaned. She lay beneath me, staring up at me with such lust in her eyes. “Oh, that’s it, Mom! That’s it. Just keep ramming that girl-cock into me.”

“You like that?” I asked, leaning down further. I pressed my boobs into her little titties.

“Don’t you like my pussy, Mom?” she asked then grinned at me. “Mmm, Christine’s going to be so jealous. I did something first.”

I smiled, thinking about my eldest daughter and the surprise she would get when she came home. “Yes, you did.”

I kissed my daughter on the lips. She hugged me tight, her pussy gripping my futa-cock. Her fingernails clawed at my back. Kayleen moaned as she slammed her girl-cock to the hilt in my bowels. She drove hard into me. Fast. She buried that amazing dick into my flesh. It felt incredible. I groaned, squeezing my bowels around that naughty shaft.

She slammed to the hilt in me with hard strokes. Her clit-dick stirred me up, melting heat to my pussy. It met the delight that came from my daughter’s cunt. Her wonderful snatch felt so wonderful about me. She squeezed me. Clenched so tight about me. She was amazing. I groaned, pumping away at her with all my might.

I slammed into my daughter’s cunt as our lips worked together. I buried hard into her. Fast. She trembled beneath me. Her pussy massaged about my futa-dick. The silky pleasure met the bliss caused by Kayleen’s cock plunging into my asshole.

I gripped that big dick as I pumped away at my daughter’s pussy. I loved the feel of her squeezing her hot flesh about my futa-dick. I groaned, breaking the kiss. My face scrunched up as the pleasure built and built in me. It was this amazing experience to fuck and be fucked that would heave me exploding with such delight.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” moaned my daughter. “Yes, yes, ram that girl-cock into me, Mom! I love it!”

“I love you,” I purred, rubbing my nose into hers.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom!” she gasped, her cunt clenching down around my cock.

“You two are so sexy!” Kayleen groaned, her futa-cock burying to the hilt in my asshole. She slammed deep into me. Her crotch smacked my rump. I loved every moment of this wicked menage.

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. All these wonderful delights rushed through my body. I groaned, savoring being fucked and driving my girl-dick into my daughter’s cunt. She gripped me with that silky pussy of hers. She held me tight. I loved the feel of her squeezing about my clit-dick as I buried into her.

She whimpered beneath me. She gripped me with her delicious twat. Her small tits rubbed into mine as I slammed into her cunt. I loved the depravity of this moment. Her face was twisted. I buried into her pussy and she gasped.

Her twat spasmed.


“You’re cumming?” I whimpered, realizing that’s why her pussy felt so good around me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed. “I’m cumming, Mommy!”

“Oh, god, that’s hot!” Kayleen moaned, slamming her cock to the hilt in my bowels.

That drove me all the way into my eighteen-year-old daughter’s spasming twat. Her hot flesh rippled around me. My pussy drank in these naughty sensations. The pressure deep in my cunt hit a breaking point.

I erupted.

“Anabella!” I gasped out as I basted my daughter’s forbidden twat with my mommy-seed.

My bowels writhed around Kayleen’s cock as she drew back. Rapture flooded out of my spasming cunt while ecstasy fired out of my naughty futa-dick. I pumped spurt after spurt of my futa-jizz into my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, yes, Autumn!” Kayleen moaned and joined us.

Her cock erupted as she buried to the hilt in my spasming asshole. My bowels writhed around her hot flesh as she unloaded spurt after spurt of her cum into me. She fired all that spunk into my flesh. It was amazing. This was such a wonderful delight to experience.

Stars burst across my vision. I moaned, my futa-cock throbbing. I unloaded so much spunk into her depths. It fired out of me. It was an amazing treat. Stars burst across my vision. The heat melted my mind. It blazed across my thoughts.

I loved it.

I trembled on my daughter, her pussy milking me dry while my asshole did the same to that naughty cock in my bowels. It was such a delightful treat to enjoy. I hit the peak of my pleasure and fired the last of my cum into my daughter.

“Oh, my god, yes,” I groaned, trembling on her. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s amazing. That’s just a wonderful delight to be in you, Anabella.”

My daughter smiled up at me. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Because I fuc… fudging loved it!”

“You can swear, honey,” I said, my bowels clenching down on Kayleen’s cock. She had run dry, too. “I just made love to you. I took your cherry. God, I might have knocked you up.”

“Wouldn’t that be hot, Mom?” my daughter asked, her eyes so bright.

“Mmm, it would be,” purred Kayleen as she slid out of me.

“Ooh, mecidiyeköy escort Mom, this was hot, but I bet Ms. Harland wants to try my cunt.” She squirmed beneath me. “And you… Do you want to try my butt? You seemed to like Ms. Harland fucking yours.”

“You are such an impish, little girl,” I said and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. Her pussy squeezed down around my girl-dick. “You want us in you at the same time? That’s wild.”

“I know, “she grinned. “So?”

“How can I say no to you, you naughty, little girl.”

She beamed at me.


Anabella Holt

My pussy brimmed with so much yummy cum. I squirmed around on the bed to get comfortable, eager to get fucked by my Mom and Ms. Harland. This was so naughty. I bit my lip, the jizz dripping out of me.

“Um, how do we do this?” I asked, staring up at the two women. They were both so busty and had their huge girl-cocks thrusting out before them.

“I… I don’t know,” my mom said. She furrowed her brow, her red hair swaying about her face. “I’ve never had a threesome before.”

“Lay on your side, cutie,” said Ms. Harland. “That’s probably best for this situation, though we have a few other options. This one’s intimate. We’ll be all pressed tight. You’ll be sandwiched between our breasts… How does that sound?”

“Fucking great!” I said, enjoying swearing in front of Mom.

She arched an eyebrow at me but she didn’t say anything. Which made it a-OK.

“Come fuck me with your big mommy-cocks!” I continued. “I want a mommy-dick in my pussy and in my ass.”

“This mommy-cock?” asked Mom, shaking her wet dick at me.

“Big time!”

She smiled as she lay down on her side behind me. She scooted up to me. I gasped as her breasts pressed into my back while her cock nuzzled in between my asscheeks. Her wet dick slid up and down my crack. I shuddered as she pressed down to my butthole.

I groaned as she pushed against me. My pussy clenched, her cum leaking out of me. As she drilled into my asshole, Ms. Harland stretched out before me. Her large breasts pillowed together. They were so big. I grabbed them as he scooted forward, whimpering.

Mom’s cock popped into my bowels. Ms. Harland’s hand guided her cock to my bush. I shuddered. I wasn’t a virgin any longer. She pressed into my pussy. She was so ready to fuck into me. I would have such a hard orgasm on their girl-cocks.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as Mom’s cock bottomed out in my butt. Her bush rubbed on my rump. “Now you, Ms. Harland. I want you in me!”

I felt so stuffed full already. And then Ms. Harland’s girl-cock pressed into my pussy. My eyes widened at the silky glide of her, a different sort of delight than the velvety friction in my butt. I trembled between the two women, my mom and the sexy MILF.

Ms. Harland groaned as she bottomed out in me. She filled me to the hilt. They both did. I was stuffed full of cock. It was the best feeling in the world. It was just amazing. I loved every second of this fantastic rapture.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Ooh, you’re both so big and thick. I love every second of this. You’re going to make me cum so hard!”

“Yes, we are,” Ms. Harland purred. “Ooh, your pussy is so wonderful. I’ve been wanting to get into a girl’s hot, tight twat.”

“Mmm, and your asshole is so tight and snug around my futa-dick,” Mom moaned. I grinned, loving her girl-cock buried in me.

They both drew back. I gasped at the feel of them sliding out of me. My holes drank in this wicked heat. I trembled, Mom’s hard nipples rubbing into my back while Ms. Harland’s big boobs caressed the front of me. This was so wicked and wild. I loved every second of it.

Then they thrust back into me. They both plunged their girl-dicks to the hilt in my cunt. I groaned, loving every second of it. This amazing heat washed through my body. I groaned, my mind melting beneath this wonderful onslaught of delight.

Their cocks thrust into my holes, but not at the same time. They were moving at different rates. Mom fucked my asshole nice and slow, teasing my bowels. Ms. Harland pumped away fast at my cunt, savoring my juicy, deflowered depths.

I loved them both.

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re both making me feel so good!” I whimpered. “Ooh, you’re going to make me cum so hard. I love it.”

“I bet you do,” Mommy cooed as she thrust that girl-cock into my bowels.

She fucked me with those loving strokes. At the same time, Ms. Harland thrust her cock deep and hard into my cunt. I loved every moment of their futa-dicks pistoning away at me. I groaned, my mind melting from the bliss of their shafts burying into me.

They pumped away at me. They fucked me with passion. They rammed those girl-cocks into my two holes. My pussy gripped Ms. Harland, the silky friction melting such bliss through me. My asshole drank in Mom’s thrusts, the velvety heat setting ablaze in my butt. I groaned.

“Lady-cocks are the best!” I moaned. “Ooh, ooh, I love your mommy-dicks in me.

“I love being in my little girl!” Mom panted.

“Yes!” gasped Ms. Harland. “This is amazing. Your pussy was delicious, Autumn, but your daughter… Exquisite.”

“I know,” whimpered Mom. She thrust away at me with harder strokes, driving into my bowels.

“Christine is going to be so jelly that she missed this!” I squealed.

“Jelly?” Mom groaned.

“Jealous, Mom!” I gasped. “Ooh, ram that mommy-dick into my butt!”

Mom did. She pounded my butthole as Ms. Harland enjoyed my cunt. She fucked that big clit-dick into me. I groaned, loving it. I hugged her tight, her large boobs rubbing into my chest. Their bodies were so warm around me, their boobs so big.

Mom stroked my side. She groaned, pumping away at my asshole. My bowels grew loser and loser around her girl-cock. The friction was hotter and hotter. The two delights swirled in me, a huge orgasm building.

I would have such a huge orgasm.

Just a mighty explosion of bliss. I shuddered, my mind blazing with rapture. I squeezed both my holes down on their cocks. They gasped, slamming into me. That made me feel even better. I hurtled towards that moment of cumming.

My toes curled. My face contorted.

Their cocks stimulated me. Drove me wild. I moaned and squirmed between them. My pussy and asshole melted around their big dicks. They were so sexy. So wonderful. I loved every moment of being fucked by them both.

“This is so awesome!”I gasped. “Cum in me! Fire all your mommy-jizz into my pussy and butt!”

“We will, Anabella!” Mom groaned.

“God, yes!” panted Ms. Harland. She slammed her cock deep into my cunt and then pulled back. My pussy drank in the friction.

I quivered between them. They both plunged into me at nearly the same moment, synced up in their rhythm. The delight of them both plunging into me at the same time swept over me. I gasped, bucked, and then explode.

I burst in delight. The pleasure shot through me. I groaned, my mind melting in the bliss of this wild moment. My cunt writhed and spasmed around Ms. Harland’s girl-dick while my asshole convulsed around my mother’s big cock.

Such wicked delight consumed me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, my pussy and asshole spasming. “This is amazing!”

“Oh, honey!” Mom groaned, driving her girl-cock into my bowels again and again. “Your ass is sucking at me.”

“So is that young twat,” groaned Ms. Harland. The brunette MILF’s soft boobs rubbed into my little titties. “Yes!”

She slammed to the hilt in my cunt and erupted. Her hot cum pumped into my cunt. Spurt after spurt of her jizz basted my naughty snatch. The spunk joined the cum already swimming in me. Now I had two sexy MILFs’ futa-seed in me.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I gasped as new waves of delight rushed through my body. My body squirmed between the hot MILF and my sexy mom. “This is fucking amazing!”

“It is,” Mom moaned. She slammed her girl-cock into my bowels. She gasped. “Oh, Anabella!”

Her hot cum jetted into my asshole.

I groaned savoring their futa-cocks basting my holes with cum. My body trembled, sandwiched between their big boobs. Stars burst across my vision. I whimpered and moaned, loving every second of this wonderful bliss smothering my mind.

“Anabella,” Mom moaned, my asshole milking her dick. “My sexy, little girl.”

“Mmm, such a cutie,” Ms. Harland moaned.

I quivered there, my pleasure hitting this wild peak. I hung there, my cunt and asshole milking both their cocks dry. I brimmed with their futa-cum. It soaked my holes. I shuddered, trembling between them.

“Oh my god, how did this happen?” I moaned. “How did you both get your mommy-cocks?”

“Why, want one?” asked the sexy MILF.

“Of course I fucking want one!” I exclaimed.


Jolene Harland held more than a little worry as she arrived home after a long day at college. The substance she and her mother had been working on in their basement lab had caused a severe reaction. For a few minutes, Jolene had been scared her mother had died.

“Mom!” she cried out, wanting to reassure herself that her mother was fine. “Mom, you home?”

No answer.

Her mom’s car was parked in the driveway, so where was she? The girl swallowed, this wave of fear washing through her. She slipped her backpack to the floor, full of her college supplies. The brown-haired girl pushed up her glasses.


Then she saw it on the kitchen counter, a folded note propped up like a triangle. On the outside read, “Jolene.”

Brow furrowing, she snatched it up and saw a syringe full of the pink substance that had almost killed her mother. She read the inside of the note. “It worked. I have refined it so my little reaction won’t happen to you. Inject yourself and find a sexy MILF to fuck. I’ll be at Autumn Holt’s house enjoying her and her daughters.”

A shiver ran through Jolene. The twenty-year-old girl picked up the syringe. She hiked up her skirt enough to expose her mid-thigh. She didn’t hesitate to plunge the needle into her muscle and inject herself.

She had no idea the sort of side-effect she was about to experience. All she could think about was Mrs. Morales and her three sexy daughters. That Hispanic MILF would learn the joys that sexy girls provide.

The rapture of lesbian incest.

To be continued…

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