Game, Set and Match

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I have had a long term interest in seeing my wife have sex with another man and it has always been a private fantasy which I thought would never eventuate. I have been married to my beautiful wife Elana for 20 years and we have had a very fulfilling sex life particularly earlier in our marriage. I guess that the pressures of raising a family, pursuing a successful business career and all of the other usual domestic situations has somewhat dulled our sex life and sex had become a little repetitious. At various times during our love-making we would both indulge in a sexual fantasy of my wife being with another woman and this inevitably led to very satisfying orgasms for us both. The first occasion I attempted to divert this fantasy and replace the mystery lesbian with another male the response was less than satisfactory and I decided to keep this fantasy purely for my own private arousal. Elana plays competition tennis each week and it is her escape from the wife/mother responsibilities. These tennis evenings are mixed and Elana would usually come home and relate the evenings activities and results but as I did not know any of these people I did not take a great deal of interest in the discussions.

About 3 months ago we both went to the end of year social function for this tennis group and I was finally able to put faces to the various names Elana has mentioned. The couple sitting at our table, Robert and Kaz were both members of the tennis group, we seemed to have lots in common with them and as a result had a most enjoyable evening. I could not help but notice that Robert seemed to take a very strong interest in Elana and each time she left the table his gaze would follow her.

When we got home that night I mentioned to Elana that I thought Robert was attracted to her but she dismissed this immediately telling me that he and Kaz had a very good marriage and he had never shown anything shanty town izle but an innocent interest in her. That night we made love and I tried to picture Robert fucking my wife while I looked on. I had the most sensational orgasm and I realised that this had now put a real person into my private fantasy. After using this same fantasy on a number of occasions during our love-making I broached the subject once again and told Elana that I had pictured Robert fucking her and doing all sorts of things to her. Again she dismissed this as being silly and was not at all interested in discussing it. We were recently invited to have dinner with Robert and Kaz and before we arrived at the Restaurant I told Elana to take particular notice of the way Robert looked at her.

That particular evening Elana had worn a close fitting top and a short skirt, she looked absolutely fabulous and it was obvious when we met them at the Restaurant that Robert could not take his eyes off Elana. I’m not sure but maybe it was because of our previous conversation but Elana seemed to be very nervous and uptight. My wife has unbelievably large nipples which I love to touch and suck and have always asked her to show them off. She has been embarrassed by their size and has always worn bras that did not accentuate them. During the dinner I could not help but notice that her nipples had become very erect and were clearly obvious under her top. I also noticed that Robert could not stop looking at them and I was aware that Elana knew that he was furtively staring at her nipples whenever he could.

Strangely I was not in any way attracted to Kaz despite the fact that she is a very good looking woman, although making sure she was always included in our conversation, I was more interested in watching Roberts fascination with Elana. Our small talk covered all sorts of subjects and I was shape island izle aware that Robert kept trying to introduce risque and suggestive discussions whenever he could.

The evening finished and we all said good night with a friendly kiss on the cheek. I watched Robert say good night to Elana and noticed that he purposely brushed his hand against her breast before giving her a somewhat lingering kiss on the cheek. Elana was unusually quiet on the way home and it was not until we had gone to bed that she commented on the evening and admitted that she had noticed Robert’s attention and had been turned on by it. We had fantastic sex after that with me making suggestions about what Robert would like to do to her. It normally takes me several minutes to bring Elana to orgasm when I have oral sex with her but on this night I had only lightly touched her clitoris with my tongue and she had the most incredible shuddering climax.

This was followed by the wildest fucking we had experienced for many years. The next morning I decided to not mention the events of the previous night and to wait until Elana was comfortable enough to discuss it further. The matter was not raised until the following Wednesday when it was time for Elana to go to her tennis group. I noticed that she had taken far more time in getting ready than she had done previously and also that she was wearing a tennis top I had not seen before which was very sheer and clearly revealed her nipples straining against the sports bra she wore underneath.

I also noticed that the normal ‘modest’ tennis briefs she normally wore under her tennis skirt had been replaced by a very brief and revealing pair of white transparent panties. Before leaving I made mention to her that I loved her new outfit however she dismissed this with the comment “I doubt that anybody other than you will notice”. I she hulk attorney at law izle could not wait for her to come home to find out how the evening had progressed. After coming to bed I asked her the usual questions about how she had played and what the final team results were. I then asked her if Robert had noticed her new outfit.

It was then that she told me that before she got out of her car to go into the tennis club she had deliberately rubbed her nipples to make them hard and had noticed that she was extremely wet between the legs, so much so that her juices had saturated the new panties. Immediately she entered the Club, Robert had come straight up to her and told her how fantastic she looked. She told me that he could not take his eyes off her breasts. She also told me that for the first time she had noticed the shape of his cock through his tennis shorts and how large it appeared to be. She played mixed doubles against Robert and Kaz and although nervous that Kaz might suspect something she admitted that she was highly aroused thinking about fucking Robert. She excused herself after the game and went to the ladies room where she rubbed her cunt and played with her clitoris until she came.

Again we had the most magnificent fucking session imaginable with Elana continually saying “Fuck me Robert, shove that huge cock into my cunt, I need your cock in me I want you to blow your fucking hot come into my cunt” Elana had three successive orgasms and I have to say I had never seen my wife come with such force or with such screaming. This has happened the last two nights Elana has returned from tennis and I know that she is getting to the stage where she wants us to turn our fantasy into reality. Again I do not want to rush her as I know that she is nervous about the consequences and is worried that I will not be able to handle the real thing. I know that since Robert has entered our life our sex has become so much better I. I really would love to see her being fucked by him and seeing her reaction during such a fucking. We have agreed to let things take their course and not to rush anything. Hopefully, part 2 of my story will tell how my long-held fantasy has been fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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