Getting What You Wished For Pt. 01

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Sometimes you get what you wished for…

When I was younger and just starting to learn more about my gay side I read a story of a guy getting tied and gangbanged. It really excited me and I hoped it could come true. I was 19 at the time and with no internet I had no idea how to arrange it. Then one day I was driving in south jersey on route 9 in Lakewood. I saw an adult bookstore so I decided to stop. T was actually a very nice store compared to the other I had been in. But what I noticed was a swingers board. It had a few advertisements on index cards, straight, bi, and gay. I checked at the front counter and it was set up so you could pay $5 and post for a month. Now I had rented a mailbox so this worked perfect!

The ad read such “19 year old boy looking to be abused. My ass is tight. Want to be gang raped. Any real men around?” And it had my P.O. Box number. Well about 3 weeks went by when I go a few responses. One that caught my eye had 2 Polaroid pics in it. One with 3 cocks and the other with 4. One of şişli escort the cocks was huge. All were black. Told if I was serious go to the bookstore that Thursday night and to a certain booth. One of them would set it up.

I was scared but showed up. I had a few beers. At the time he showed up late. All he said to me out loud was “You the faggot that needs to be fucked?” I turned red and before I could answer he pushed me in the booth. I went to my knees and sucked his cock. It was big but not huge. He busted a nut and after I licked his cock clean told me I had passed, be there the next night. Wait by my car and have a case of Colt 45 malt liquor with me.

The next day went slow at work but I was done by 4pm. I didn’t eat all day. I went home and gave myself 3 enemas to make sure I was clean, picked up the case of malt liquor and drove to the store. When I got there he was waiting. Told me to follow him. Got to his house in the middle of nowhere. He had a barn and we went in. We drank a few beers. Wi food I was mecdiyeköy escort buzzed. He had me strip, then tied me over a gym bench and blindfolded me. He went to the front and started to feed me his cock. As he did this I heard the door open but couldn’t see what was going on.

Then I felt it, a slap on my ass that hurt! Then a guy saying is this the faggot? I heard cans being popped and I knew more then one was there. The guy I was sucking grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat. I felt more slaps on my ass….I was scared but real excited…then I felt a tongue in my ass! Wow did that feel good. As he rimmed me he kept spitting. Then he stopped and I felt the head of his cock on my ass. Then 1,2,3 in forced it in to his balls. It hurt! I struggled but the other guy held my head and his cock silenced my screams. The guy started fucking me like I was a rag doll. After a few minutes it started to feel good and I instinctively fucked back. The guy fucking my mouth stopped and I was replaced by another guy. About 7 inches and a little thick. He gagged me when he forced it in…

I felt the guy in my ass ram it home, grunting and I could feel his load in me. Then another guy took his place. Again rammed it home but no pain. The guy who finished fucking me came around and wanted his cock cleaned. Thank God for the enemas. No shit on it. This went on for a good two hours with different guys fucking me, 7 in all. They also took turns spanking me. My ass was bruised for a week later! But then the last guy went to fuck me. He had the huge cock that was fat like a meatloaf. He had to really push to get it in. I was crying. He fucked met about 15 minutes and I never loosened up. Finally he came. As I licked his cock clean even soft could not get the head in my mouth!

Then they untied me and told me I could go. Of course at this point I could barely walk. They made fun of me, calling me their little faggot. As I dressed and went to my car the guy who arranged it told me that once a month I could come by if I wanted. He gave his phone number. I left and went home, my ass oozing cum till I woke the next morning. Then I dreamed if I should do it again…it hurt but hurt so good….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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