GF’s BFF Pt. 01

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I was a fresh off the boat foreign grad student. The first semester was tough in terms of adjusting to the new environment and being away from family and friends. What made it worst was the long distant relationship with my girlfriend back home. With thousands of miles between us, and no cheaper way to communicate (pre-social media days) the relationship didn’t last long, thereby adding to my depression. Luckily, the university had internet available 24/7, and from there started my journey into yahoo chat (Yep! I am that old). I started chatting and made some friends. I grew especially close to one of them, Millie. We exchanged phone numbers, and soon Millie and I were in a relationship. She was from out of town studying at another university. Every minute that we were not in our classes, we spent talking on the phone.

We exchanged pictures (non-nude) over the email. What I could gather from her pics was that Millie had a beautiful cleavage, but I couldn’t assess the rest of her body since, in most of her pics she would be wearing regular clothes such as jeans t-shirts etc. nothing too sexy. Some of the pics did show her tight ass and strong thighs. That was enough for my imagination to run wild. I would masturbate several times a day, thinking about her and the things I would do to her. It goes without saying that much of our conversation over the phone was sexual. The more sexual the conversation got, the more softly I would talk since I was sharing the apartment with a few other students.

The busy semester kept us from meeting up. It was a 3-hour drive from her town to mine. Finally, we both couldn’t take it any longer. It was decided that she would drive up to my place, the weekend before the Thanksgiving weekend, because she would obviously be spending the Thanksgiving holidays with her family, who lived an hour away from her university.

Finally, the day came. I had already ordered my roommates to get the hell out of the apartment after breakfast and not show up till evening. The bell rang, I checked myself in the mirror one last time and opened the door. There she was, nervous and utterly beautiful. Her long hair was let loose. There was very minimal makeup on her face. Her slender neck was adorned with a tiny heart-shaped pendant which was given to her by her grandmother. She looked gorgeous in a light-yellow shirt which showed just enough cleavage and there was the birth mark, a little to the left. The shirt was neatly tucked into a black skirt, which stopped a little above the knees. The skirt hugged her hips giving me a pretty good idea of the fantastic ass it was covering.

I quickly returned from my thoughts and invited her in. I knew that there would be the initial awkwardness since we were meeting for the first time. If I didn’t do something to get over it as soon as possible, then I would be stuck in this twilight zone. As soon as she was in, I said “Welcome,” special forces worlds toughest test izle and hugged her tightly while whispering in her ear, “I missed you so much.” I made sure that my lips touched her ears lobes gently. She smiled and managed a “me too” under her breath.

I gestured her to sit on the sofa and went into the kitchen to get some juice. She took the seat next to the sofa arm. I handed her the juice and sat next to her. I put her legs across my lap, took her shoes off and began gently massaging her feet.

“How was the drive?” I asked.

“Not too bad. I left early so, I missed the early hours traffic. Plus, I drove crazy fast.”

“You were that desperate to see me?” I asked with a naughty smile.

“You have no idea,” she said with a naughty wink and began to gently rub her feet together. Her skirt slipped a little above her knees and my hands began to move up gently massaging and touching her. My hands were between her thighs. She had well-toned thighs and of course she had waxed them a day or so ago. As my hand proceeded further, making gentle circles along her inner thighs, she closed her eyes and was biting her lips. I touched her silk panties. They were soaking wet.

As I touched her pussy lips through the panties. The pleasure was uncontrollable, she arrested my hand with her thighs. I used my other hand to unbutton her shirt…gently…one by one. She had the most perfect pair of breasts covered by a black lacey bra. The plunge bra accentuated her beautiful cleavage. The scent oozing out of her cleavage was mesmerizing. I proceeded to touch her boobs but the position we were in, made it difficult to move my left hand. I dropped the idea of using my hand and began kissing her breasts. She helped by unclasping the front-clasp bra. He beautiful breast lay exposed with an exquisite small pink nipple. My eyes widened with excitement and lust.

My lips and tongue got closer to her nipple she used both her hands to push my head into her bosom. I licked the tip of the nipple and took it in my moist mouth. She let out a very audible moan, spreading her legs a little. My hand could once again start exploring the curves and crevices between her thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet. I moved her panties a little to the side and just then, the damn phone rang. We both looked into each other’s eyes. Reluctantly, but I wanted to pick up the phone. As soon as I moved a bit, my hand was arrested again and her eyes begged me not to move. She was at the peak of excitement, where a little flick to her clit would make her come. She didn’t want me to pick up the phone but I was worried that it might be my roomies giving me a curtsey call before coming in.

“It could be my roomies coming back home. I really need to get this.” I whispered.

“Please don’t,” she managed to say. squid game izle Then continued with “They are back so early, should they?”

“They shouldn’t be but, I don’t know.” I said

I kissed her on her lips and I didn’t feel like letting go of them. Meanwhile, the damn phone kept on ringing. I broke the kiss and picked up the phone. Millie got off the sofa and while fixing her clothes mouthed “Where is the bathroom?” I gestured with my hand while speaking into the phone.

“Hello” I said, a little irritated.

“Oh Kumar. I am glad I caught you. Look, the data from the last experiment is too noisy. Can you run it again.”

“Sure. I will setup the experiment first thing Monday morning.”

“That won’t do. Something has come up, I won’t be available all week next week. I was hoping you could run it now and send the data by this evening.”

“Emmm…OK Dr.Snyder.”

He hung up.

“Son of a bitch!” I muttered as soon as I put the phone down.

“What’s the matter?” She asked coming out of the bathroom.

I put my arm around her waist, drew her close to me. With my other hand in her hair, I kissed her gently on her lips, chin, cheek, ear and said, “My professor called. He wants me to run an experiment now.”

“right now?”

“I am afraid so!”

She looked very disappointed. “How long will it take?” She asked.

“About an hour to set it up and then we can go for lunch while it is running, and it should be done by the time we come back.”

“OK” she said, still disappointed.

We drove to the University in her car. We didn’t talk till we got in the lab which, at this time of the weekend was totally deserted. I started working on setting up the experiment. To placate Millie, I got her a can of Coke and logged on to one of the computers, so she could pass time while I worked. Soon she got busy browsing and sending emails and I, in my experiment.

As my luck would have it, no successes setting up the experiment even after an hour. The equipment was constantly giving trouble. An hour turned to two by the end of which she lost her cool.

“That’s it.” She said. “I have had enough of this shit. I am hungry and late. I need to drive back.”

“But…” I began to say something but one look at her and I knew I had fucked up. I didn’t even bother finishing the sentence.

“I am sorry Millie,” is all I could say. “Come, let’s get something to eat and you can head back home,” I said extending my hand.

“Don’t bother,” was the instant reply. She went out the door and as she slammed it behind her, my fingers got caught and I let out a yelp in agony. I managed to open the door with my other hand and ran after her, clutching my injured hand. She turned around and I stopped, thinking she would come back. She looked my hand, and me.

“I said, go away. I don’t want to talk to you right star trek picard izle now.” I saw her walk away, out of the building and perhaps out of my life.

I wanted to but, didn’t have the luxury at this point, of dwelling on my sad saga. I had to fix the fucking experiment and send the fucking results to the motherfucking professor.

I went back to the lab, slammed the door shut and proceed to work on the experiment. Somehow in all this confusion I could think clearly, and this time figured out the problem and fixed it. An hour later I heard the beep of the machine coming to a stop. I looked at the computer which said, “Run Successful!” I let out a sigh of relief at the fact that at least something was going right. I attached the file to the email and was about to hit send when I heard a knock on the door. “Son of a bitch couldn’t even wait for the email…had to come down to look at the results,” I almost said it out loud. I opened the door to see Millie, crying and sobbing. She pushed the door ajar and hugged me.

“I am so sorry,” she said.

I knew it was my fault to begin with, but she hurt me bad. I didn’t want to look into her. Looking down, I just said “It’s OK,” as dryly as I could.

“No, no. Please look at me.” She said, taking my face in her hands, she started kissing me while saying, “I am sorry baby…I am so sorry baby.” She kissed me on my eyes, my forehead, my cheek and my lips. I couldn’t resist any longer. I responded. We began kissing passionately. I put my hands on her waist, as I kissed her. I realized how thin her waist was. My hands proceeded further down. I squeezed her ass with both hands. I lifted her skirt up and began squeezing her ass again. I tried to remove her wet soaking panties. She said, “No, It’s my turn now”.

She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. She went down on her knees and gently pulled down my boxers. My cock sprang up. She looked up at me. I saw a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She bit her lower lip and ran her tongue against the upper lip making sure her mouth is moist. She held my cock with one hand at the base and put the tip in her mouth, all the while looking straight into my eyes. Her left hand grabbed my ass. She worked slowly, taking more and more of it in her mouth. I immediately realized she was in the mood to tease me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I tried to hold her head and fuck her mouth, but she slapped my hand away and grabbed my balls with her left hand. Anytime I would get aggressive and push my cock deep into her mouth she squeezed my balls. She was in charge.

After sucking my cock for a while, she gave her jaws some rest and started stroking it with her hand. All through this, she didn’t take her gaze off me. When I could take it no longer, I held her with a tuft of her hair and started fucking her mouth. I don’t know why, but the memory of her humiliating me an hour ago, came flooding back. I guess she saw the expression on my face change. She wanted me to have my revenge. She wanted me to take charge. I held her hair and proceeded to fuck her mouth, pushing my cock deep into her throat and holding it there for as long as I felt like. Finally, I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and on her face. She smiled and we both realized we were even.

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