Gina Ch. 10

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My birthday finally arrived, and as usual I planned on spending the evening with Gina. She had called me earlier and instructed me to come over at her place at 6:00PM.

I was horny as hell when I arrived at Gina’s house. My dick was rock hard as I stepped through her front door, and I had to pull myself together to keep myself from fucking her right there in the hallway.

“Happy birthday, handsome,” she said and kissed me. Her hands were already unbuttoning my jeans. She was as horny as I was.

“Thanks,” I replied and squeezed her tits.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. It’s in my bedroom, but before you get to see it I want to see you naked. I’ve been thinking about you the whole day, and I need to see your cock now.” She kept undressing me while she talked.

When I was naked she dropped to her knees in front of me and took my hard dick into her mouth. She still had her clothes on, but I planned for that to change soon. I grabbed her hair, and guided her head on and off my cock. I was gentle, because I didn’t want to cum too soon.

“Thanks,” she said and got back on her feet again. “I just needed to taste you before I give you your present. Are you ready for your surprise?”

“Yes,” I whispered in reply.

“Good. You’ll love it.”

Gina grabbed my dick and pulled me up the stairs. I was wondering what she had planned for me now. I had a few ideas of what it might be, but none of them were right.

Gina put her hands over my eyes as we got close to her bedroom, and she held them there while I entered her room. When she removed her hands I gasped in surprise. Lying on her bed was a woman. She was about 30 years old, about my height and a bit plump. She was naked. There was something familiar about her.

“You remember Susan, don’t you Tommy?” Gina asked me. It was the waitress from the restaurant we had visited the first day I fucked Gina. Susan’s eyes were filled with lust. She was apparently just as horny as me and Gina. “This is your birthday-present. You can use her just as you feel like, except for one thing. You can not fuck her pussy. You can lick her clit and finger her pussy, but if you need to put your dick inside her you can use her mouth or ass.”

Susan licked her lips as Gina lay down the rules for the night. She turned over and crawled on hands and knees over to the edge of the bed. Gina grabbed my dick and guided it into Susan’s waiting mouth. Susan quickly showed me that she was just as skilled as Gina was with her mouth. She licked up and down my shaft as she massaged my balls with her left hand. Her right hand gripped the base of my cock, and she stroked my dick as she sucked it.

“I want to see you fuck her face. I want to see what it looks like when you fuck mine.” Gina had whispered that into my ear, but it was apparently loud enough for Susan to hear. Susan took her mouth off of my dick and turned over on her back. Her head was outside the mattress, and she leaned her head back so that I could slide my cock right into her throat.

I was looking at Susan’s large tits and reached down to squeeze them. I pinched her nipples and bent down to lick them.

“Her bra-size is 44DD. I checked her bra while she undressed and got ready for you. Not quite as big as my tits, but still pretty big.”

Susan was moaning as I massaged her tits. “You can do that while you fuck my face,” she said. She impatiently started licking my balls. Gina grabbed the base of my cock, and her hand got a few laps form Susan’s eager tongue, as she guided my cock to Susan’s mouth. When the head of my cock had entered Susan’s mouth, Gina got down on her knees behind me. She placed each hand on my buttocks and pushed. This caused my dick to push its way down Susan’s throat. I was wondering how she could manage to hold her breath for so long when Gina spread my asscheeks and started licking my anus. All concern for Susan disappeared balçova escort at that moment. Having my dick sucked and my ass licked at the same time was heavenly.

Gina must have thought it was time for Susan to get some air, because she started moving her head back and forth. I wanted her to keep her tongue in my ass, so my ass followed her movements. This caused me to slowly fuck Susan’s throat.

We kept this up for a few minutes. My hands were on Susan’s tits, Gina’s hands on my ass, her tongue on my anus and my cock down Susan’s throat. Suddenly Susan turned over on her stomach at a moment when my cock was fully out of her mouth. She grabbed my dick and stroked me against her face. Her big eyes were looking up at me as she licked my balls. Then she put my dick into her mouth again and I resumed fucking her face.

Susan’s hands suddenly reached between my legs and she grabbed Gina’s tits. With a firm grip on each nipple she started pulling Gina’s tits towards her, then pushing her away. Susan was now in control of the speed I fucked her face with. When she pulled Gina’s tits towards her Gina’s tongue stabbed at my anus, which caused me to slide my dick into Susan’s throat. Then she pushed Gina away, which caused me to withdraw from her mouth.

After a while I decided I wanted to do something else. I took a step back and turned to tell Gina what I wanted now. As I did so Gina threw herself at me and her mouth engulfed my dick. I was caught by surprise and took a step back; still with Gina’s tongue dancing on my cock. Now I was within reach of Susan’s mouth, and she stabbed her tongue at my ass. I laughed and grabbed Gina’s hair to pull her off.

“Get up on the bed,” I told Gina. “I want to fuck your pussy.”

“What about your present,” Gina replied.

“She can watch. It’s only fair that you get my first load, isn’t it?”

“Yes, you have a point there,” she conceded.

Susan got down from the bed and gave room for Gina. Gina crawled up in the bed and lay down on her back. She spread her legs and I got between them. She was soaking, even though I hadn’t touched her yet.

“I don’t think I’m going to last long this time,” I told her.

“That’s okay. You’ll be coming a lot today. One quickie doesn’t matter that much. Just fuck me good and hard while she watches.”

I pushed my dick into her pussy and Gina closed her eyes. I started fucking her slowly, but soon increased my pace. I had become oblivious of Susan as I fucked Gina. I didn’t notice what she was doing until she was beside Gina, putting her hands inside a pair of handcuffs. Susan fastened the cuffs to the head of the bed. Gina’s hands were now fastened above her head, and when I turned to look at her feet I could tell that Susan had tied them to the foot of the bed with a couple of silken scarves. Gina was completely vulnerable now. Susan reached into a bag that stood beside the bed and pulled out another scarf made of silk. She used that scarf to blindfold Gina, and then she climbed off the bed again.

I kept fucking Gina while she lay fastened to her bed. Her tits jiggled and her head trashed from side to side, but except that she couldn’t move. She was moaning loud as she had a small orgasm. It was not one of the huge ones, but it was enough to send me over the edge. I shot my sperm inside her wet pussy, watching her open mouth as I did so. It looked as if she wanted my cock inside her mouth, and when I had finished my orgasm I fulfilled her unspoken request. I crawled up her body, my limp cock leaving a trail of cum as I slid up her tummy and tits, until I slipped my cock inside her mouth. She licked me clean, then I got off the bed.

Gina was still blindfolded and tied to the bed. I suddenly had an idea. I put my finger to my lips, indicating that Susan should be quiet. I took another scarf and tied her red hair in karşıyaka escort a ponytail. Then I pulled her by her hair to the bed and pushed her between Gina’s legs. Since Susan’s hair was tied in a ponytail lying on her back, Gina couldn’t tell who of us that was between her legs, since Susan’s hair and tits didn’t touch her legs. Susan gave me a big grin and lowered her mouth on Gina’s pussy.

“Yes, Tommy. That’s it. Make me cum now.”

Susan and I smiled to each other, but none of us said a word.

“Lick my pussy, Tommy.” Then she stiffened. “Tommy? Is that you?”

Susan moved her head away from Gina’s pussy. Gina had never told me that she was attracted to girls, and I didn’t want to ruin this by asking her at that moment. “Yes,” I lied. “It’s me, babe.” Then Susan resumed licking Gina’s pussy. I went behind Susan. Her ass was in the air and I spread her legs a little. I started licking her from behind, and my tongue licked from her clit to her anus.

“I’m about to cum now,” Gina said while Susan lapped my cum from her pussy.

I removed my tongue from Susan and walked up beside the bed.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Gina yelled. “I’m cumming now. I’m cumming!” At that moment I removed her blindfold, showing her who was licking her. Susan was looking up at her with a wicked look in her eyes.

“Oooh, I’m cumming. Lick my pussy, bitch!” She didn’t seem surprised at all to see that Susan was the one licking her pussy. I went behind Susan again and resumed licking her pussy and ass.

When Gina’s orgasm had subsided we released her. She gave me a playful slap on the chest as she stood up and called me “a very naughty boy”. She told us that she was attracted to women sometimes, but hadn’t experienced lesbian sex the last five years.

We ate after that, and when we got back to Gina’s bedroom I had a look in Susan’s bag. I saw a double-headed jelly-dildo and pulled it out. Gina and Susan grinned at each other.

I had them get in a 69-position on the bed, and told them to concentrate on licking each others asses. They happily obliged and I crawled on all fours around them on the bed to get a good look at what they both were doing. Sometimes I helped one of them lick the other’s asshole, and sometimes I pushed my dick into their mouths.

When I was convinced that their asses was good and wet I had them get on their hands and knees, facing the opposite direction, with their asses close enough to touch. I gave them the double-headed dildo and told them to put it inside their pussies, while I stood at their sides, watching. I grabbed the middle of the dildo and moved it right and left, fucking their pussies for a while, before I pulled it out. Then I put both ends of the dildo, now wet with their pussyjuices, inside their asses.

“Push your asses against each other now,” I told them. “Fuck each other hard. See who can make the other one cum.” They both grinned at me and then started slamming their asses against the other.

The room was filled with the sound of ass slapping against ass, and their moans, which often were muffled by my dick as I went form one mouth to the other.

Gina came first and her wordless scream must have been heard through the whole neighbourhood. She gripped the sheets and her eyes rolled backwards before she collapsed on the mattress. The dildo slid from her ass and she rolled over on her back. Susan crawled on top of her and they started making out. Their huge tits were pressed against each other and their pussies were touching. Susan still had the dildo sticking out of her ass.

They had their legs spread a little, and I moved in between them. I pushed my hard cock between their pussies, and they moaned in unison as my cock slid against both clits at once. I grabbed the dildo sticking out of Susan’s ass and pushed it in and out of her asshole as I started moving çeşme escort my dick. They continued kissing as I fucked them like that. We kept this up until Susan came. She cried even louder than Gina and trashed violently on the bed. She was still cumming when Gina rolled her off of her and went down on her pussy. This caused her cum again as Gina licked her clit and I kept fucking her ass with the dildo.

Tears were rolling down her face when Susan’s orgasm finally ended, but she smiled at us, so we knew they were “happy tears”.

“It’s time to fuck my ass, birthday-boy,” Gina said and winked at me. She got up on her feet and bent over the bed. Her hands reached back and she spread her buttocks.

Susan had risen from the bed too, and got to Gina’s ass before I got there. She got down on her knees and licked Gina’s anus a few seconds. “She tastes good,” she told me and got back on her feet. “Fuck her ass good, stud,” she said and walked over to her bag.

I pushed my dick inside Gina’s ass in one thrust. When I was fully inside her ass Gina stood up and I fucked her ass standing from behind. I glanced at Susan after I’d fucked her for a while and saw that she had put on a strap-on. She climbed up on the bed and stood in front of us, her fake cock level with Gina’s face. She gripped Gina’s hair and guided her mouth onto the dildo.

“Suck my cock,” she told Gina.

I grabbed Gina’s tits as she sucked the dildo, and when it was wet with Gina’s saliva, Susan got down on the floor again. She pushed the dildo right inside Gina’s pussy in one hard, fast thrust, and I could feel the fake cock through the wall between her ass and pussy. Whenever I pulled my cock out of Gina’s ass, Susan would push her dildo into Gina’s pussy, and then pull it out again as I pushed into her ass.

They were kissing as I massaged Gina’s tits. Suddenly Gina’s ass started contracting and I knew she had her orgasm. She was moaning into Susan’s mouth as she came.

Gina pushed us away even before her orgasm subsided and told me it was time to fuck Susan’s ass. Susan removed her strap-on and pulled her asscheeks apart. I pushed my cock inside Susan’s ass and started fucking her ass from behind as I squeezed her tits.

Gina put on the strap-on and watched us for a while. She stepped in front of Susan and got down on her knees. She licked Susan’s pussy for a while before she crawled on her hands and knees behind me and licked my anus for a few minutes.

“Do you remember what I told you before we went to the beach about a month ago,” she asked me as she got up on her feet again.

“No,” I replied.

“I said I sometimes wish I had a cock, so I could fuck your ass. And now I’ve got one.” She was whispering in my ear now. It took me a few seconds to realize what she was saying, but by then it was too late. Her strap-on, slick with her own pussyjuice stabbed at my ass, and before I knew it was already inside my tight asshole. From the second the dildo entered my ass I started cumming. It was the strongest orgasm I’d ever had. Susan was slamming her ass against my dick while Gina fucked me mercilessly in the ass. Susan started cumming again while my orgasm still raced through my body. It felt like I’d been cumming for ten minutes now. Susan sunk to her knees, and I followed her, sinking down in mine. This caused Gina’s fake cock to slip from my ass.

My cock slipped from Susan’s ass and I decided to do something I’d never done before. This was a day for doing new things. I’d had my first threesome, watched two girls having sex for the first time and had my ass fucked for the first time. I thought it was time to taste my sperm for the first time, and leaned down to lick Susan’s cumfilled ass.

Gina walked in front of Susan as I licked Susan’s ass. She gripped Susan’s hair and thrust the fake dick inside her mouth. Gina’s eyes locked with mine as Susan was sucking the dildo that had just been in my ass, and I was licking Susan’s ass that I had just filled with my cum.

Gina winked at me. “Happy birthday,” she said and smiled.

“This is the best birthday ever,” I replied, and resumed licking Susan’s ass.

(to be continued…)

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