Girl on the Run – Again

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(Donna’s turn to reveal how her new relationship is growing and how much she is willing to give Kevin. About the Erotic Coupling category, I agree the last part of this could have been slotted as fetish and this one maybe edging towards BDSM and both could have been Mature Romance. But it is in its essence an erotic coupling, a coming together of two people whose sexual appetite’s are not completely vanilla, their first sexual moment was out side on a deck, does that make the story exhibitionism? Forget the category and enjoy the story or not. Donna and I are enjoying the rehearsals.)

I was a little stunned to find myself waking up in Kevin’s bed wrapped in his arms. Sure I knew he had a thing for me and I always liked him too, but I thought he was a little old for me and, well, yeah…I had a boyfriend. Key word “had.” I didn’t tell Kevin that day by the creek that we already broke up. I didn’t want to jump into anything and do a rebound, but Kevin was very persistent and well, I honestly kind of hoped it would turn into more than a friendship eventually. But he really surprised me by being so bold, telling me I had to go out with him then buying me those sexy shoes! He even had the audacity to take me to his house and cook me a steak without even asking if I eat red meat! But his confidence was a big turn on. With my ex, he would ask where I wanted to eat and then get all moody and well…I loved it that Kevin had a plan he seemed so masculine and confident. I loved his take-charge personality and it brought out my feminine side. He even carried me to bed!

But first it was the foot massage that did me in. I conceded to just relax and enjoy it, but Kevin was so slow and sexy and patient. I kept expecting him to make a move but I swear it seemed like he might indulge my feet all night long! And it was the best foot attention I had ever had in my life, by far. He went on and on until I couldn’t take it and I pounced on him, but then he turned the tables and started eating my pussy with same patience he showed my feet. I used to think when I saw women with older men it was because the guy had money or something, but now I know the secret. Older guys don’t rush. In fact, I had never had an orgasm from oral sex before that night. I really didn’t think it was possible. I always assumed that it was just, me. Now I know I had never had such a patient lover.

When I woke up with Kevin I was thinking about that and how lucky I was that he was such a good man, I had no idea he would be so amazing in bed. I decided to wake him up with a nice slow blowjob and return the favor. I am not really all that altruistic. The truth is I love sucking cock and I especially love Kevin’s cock. He has a nice size cock and I love the taste, the power, feeling sexy and the fact that I can turn him on so much with my mouth. I love to worship his cock, the cock that has given me so much pleasure in such a short time. My favorite thing to do is drop to my knees while he is standing and pull his pants down. Something about being on my knees shows that I am there to serve him and I love it. Kevin takes my hair and makes it into a ponytail and gently guides my head, or he just plays with my hair or touches my face, but the best part is the way he talks while his dick is in his mouth. He never talks dirty, just encourages me and tells me I am beautiful or how good it feels. I think I might love him, but it is too soon to say so. Instead I show him with my mouth.

Ever since that evening (and the following morning) that started on Kevin’s deck my relationship with Kevin grew. He’d actually did a good job of keeping his promise to adore and massage my feet, yet he didn’t overdo it and I never took it for granted. One day at breakfast I said.

“Kevin, I have to confess that until that night on your deck, I have never before felt so loved. You were so patient with me and yet so forceful without being demanding. The way you just sort of made love to my feet and didn’t seem to want anything more turned me on. I had resolved to just remain friends with you but OH my god what you did with my feet. I literally jumped you.”

“Donna, I’ve wanted you since I met you. I wanted you in any way I could have you. That night I took possession of your feet and yes a bit of your legs too. If I had known how those feet, were such sexual turns on for you?”

“Well now you know and also that I am a wanton woman who can’t seem to get enough of you. I love how patient a lover you are and how strong my response is to that patience. I really enjoyed how you never rushed the night, how you slowly built my arousal, how you made me the aggressor”

“Well let’s head to the club and turn that aggression into a good workout”

We ran much more often together then we managed to spend a few nights a week together at either his place or mine. I felt we were developing a deep respect if not love for one another. Our morning post run coffees and or breakfasts were now more regular and expected then they had been and I found myself looking forward to see Kevin more each day.

This past star trek strange new worlds izle Saturday night, we managed to come very close to the level of orgasmic bliss we shared the first night and like that night I woke Kevin up the next morning by taking his cock and eventually his cum in my mouth.

While I am sure there is some psychological rationale for my oral fixation, Kevin sure isn’t complaining. It is ironic because while I lust over giving oral sex, receiving it has never been something I demanded because until Kevin, I never came from being licked down there. Now that I know how good it can be I could see a sixty-nine with Kevin as being a good release for both of us, he gets to taste my pussy and I still get his cock.

After a particularly satisfying night and a delicious serving of Kevin’s seed safely in my belly I looked up at Kevin (I also loved to lightly kiss and lick a spent cock) and said.

“Thank you Kevin, I love tasting you first thing in the morning, it’s such a treat to start my day.”

Kevin laughed and said.

“I’ve never had a woman so enthused to do that and you won’t ever hear me complain. I love watching you and love how well you pleasure me with your mouth. Tell me Donna, if you had to choose only one, would you prefer me to make love to your feet or would you rather suck my cock?”

“Kevin that is not a choice I want to ever have to make. I could never go without either and be happy. Are you tired of my feet?”

I wiggled my toes in his face as I said that, my face still near his cock my feet were close to his face. He leaned over and licked the sole of my foot causing me to shiver.

“Kevin put that tongue away unless you plan to keep that up.”

I laughed. Then I said.

“We seem to be pretty compatible and unless you’re just being overly nice, you do seem to enjoy my feet. I’d love to be as considerate and loving as you’ve been, is there anything I can offer, anything you really enjoy, besides my amazing blow jobs, that is?”

We both laughed and then Kevin said.

“OK I will open up to you but I want to do it while you’re riding that cock, you might be more agreeable when your happy, and I know how happy my cock can make you.”

Kevin had been stroking my pussy all this time, did I forget to mention that? When I rolled about and sat on his cock facing him, he slid in easily, my wet cunt accepting his length and god it felt good. Kevin had shown me in our short time together that a nice slow fuck can be so damn good but I wasn’t in the mood for that. I began to rapidly bounce up and down, and gasping I said.

“You feel so damn good, now spill it. Tell me you desire. Oh god I just want to fuck you into the bed.”

Then Kevin told me what he wanted and since I was now cuming I wasn’t exactly sure I heard him correctly or maybe I hoped I hadn’t. As he released himself inside me and my orgasm abated a bit I asked him to repeat what he’s said.

“I want to restrain you and lie with my face between your legs and lick you for as long as I like.”

I had heard him right and I said.

“I’ve never been tied up and I’m not sure I can handle that, at least not yet.”

That was the partly true. I had that done to me earlier in my life by a boyfriend and not only had he hurt me a little bit, while I was unable to move he took some pictures and talked about calling his friend over to share. He never called anyone and he allowed me to see him delete the pictures, but ever since I have very resistant to being tied up and used sexually. It’s not that I felt Kevin would do what my immature former lover did it was just something that scared me.

“Sorry, I want you to be restrained and unable to stop me, I want to be able to lick you as long as I like knowing that you can’t close your legs, can’t push me away with your hands. It takes away your responsibility and leaves you free to just take it and enjoy the orgasms I can give you. Perhaps if you had a bit more trust in me?”

Damn, what to do. While I did trust Kevin, he’s been a running mate and breakfast companion for over a year. I knew he liked me, I knew he had a desire to see more of me but he always respected that I was involved with someone. In reality, he was such a gentleman, so attentive and not pushy. If ever there were someone I would trust to tie me up it would be Kevin but that memory, that cold fear of being used froze me. I was not at all turned on by this and needed some time to think. I slid off his now deflated cock and said.

“Kevin I need to give this some thought, can I think about the whole restraint thing and let you know?”

“I know that it may seem uncomfortable but I want you to recall that night on the deck, how I controlled you, aroused you to the point where you took the reigns and took us beyond the foot massage. Then you let me slowly enjoy your pussy and bring you to orgasm. If you recall how hard you came, then think about how much harder you might have cum, had you been unable to ‘jump star wars andor izle me’?”

“Yes that was amazing and yes I can see how being restrained might enhance our sex, it’s just something I need to resolve in my head. I promise I will think about it and if I can I will try it.”

I could see the disappointment in his eyes, but I needed to be true to myself. I tired to make the rest of the morning ‘normal’ I went running with Kevin and then went home. Kevin was going to be busy that night so I was alone and thought about his fantasy. I admit I slept poorly that night dreaming about what he wanted and seeing myself tied up and that man from my past snapping photos with his camera. I decided I needed to run so I dressed and went to the club, as I drove towards the club I passed the place I would normally have met Kevin for breakfast and I realized that we didn’t plan to meet today like we normally did. I cursed myself for not setting that up before we parted yesterday and then looked into the café and there was Kevin talking to Victoria.

I think I had a panic attack right then and there. Victoria is a gorgeous tall brunette with big boobs. She was closer in age to Kevin then I was and the two of them were laughing and having a good time. Damn it. Was I already losing Kevin to Victoria? Maybe she was kinkier and more to his taste? Slamming my car door I took off running at a speed I knew would drain me and leave me stranded somewhere, but I didn’t care I was too pissed and didn’t trust myself to act cool in front of them I just wanted to get away fast.

I had barely reached the stream when I just had to stop. I sat of the bank and removed my shoes and socks and put my burning feet into the cool water. I took my water bottle and slowly sipped and started to think this situation out logically. Kevin and I talked yesterday and while I did not jump up and say yes, I did not say no, either. I was making too much out of seeing him with Victoria, she was nice and I liked her too. I don’t know how long I sat there before I heard Kevin say.

“Now what has that damned boyfriend done this time.”

I know he was expecting a laugh, as this was how we basically began our now doomed relationship. I just looked at the water not sure how to handle this conversation.

“Hey Girl, what’s wrong, what did I do? Did I freak you out about asking to tie you up? We really don’t have to do that! I am more then happy with our sex life as well as just about every second I spend with you.”

I decided I owed him the truth. Did he just say he enjoyed every second with me?

“Kevin, I want to be open with you. I have been tied up before and it didn’t work out so good for me. I’ve been thinking about this all night and all morning. Nothing bad really ended up happening but the guy mentioned some things he felt like doing, and it scared me to be so helpless. Then I thought back to the night on the deck where I held back and how amazing that turned out to be.”

“So let’s move on and not worry about it. I know you will allow me to go down on you, so its not like I am being closed off is it?”

“No you’ll never be closed off and I want to do this. I want a compromise though, if it still meets your fantasy, OK?”

“Donna I am all about you. I agree no matter what.”

“That is so not fair, at least listen to me and see if it works for you, then you can agree.”

I had to stifle a laugh as I said that, god he is so damn nice I wanted to rip off his clothes and fuck him right here.

“Ok what is you deal, Girl?”

As he starts to rub my bare feet, I thought, Girl, he called me Girl. He has a pet name for me? The man is a keeper.

“OK here is what I want in exchange for the ropes and chains you have in mind. I get to suck your cock before I am tied up, then you lick me, eat me and make me happy. But whenever your cock is hard you have to feed it to me so I can suck you off, or fuck my face whatever. I want mine if you’re getting yours.”

“Hey I don’t recall any love for my dogs?”

He lifts he foot as he said ‘dogs’. I guess that a man’s euphemism for foot.

“Well you never asked but if you want me to love on your ‘dogs’ as you call them, you’d best go see those Asian women for a pedicure or two, I only do pretty feet and so do you.”

“Deal, you suck my cock when its hard and I enjoy your pussy to my hearts content, or you scream at me, whichever comes last.”

I lightly punched him in the arm then we ran the rest of the route. Over the run we decided to enact his fantasy that Friday night so we could enjoy Saturday and maybe Sunday too thinking of new ways to play with each other. As we left the club Kevin said he’s give me a package on Friday morning that he would like me to wear to dinner. He didn’t say anything else and I decided to allow myself to be surprised.

In less then a day I felt I was losing this man and then felt a whole lot closer to him too. I would admit to him later how scared I was about being bound, but not till after.

Friday star wars visions izle morning after our run Kevin walked me to his car and opened the back door, reached in and gave me a big silver box with a red bow tied around it.

“I don’t want you to open that here in front of me, I’d prefer you to open it at home. What’s inside I want to be a part of our night. You can follow or not, the important part is that you be ready for dinner when I come to pick you up at 6. I am sure this will be the last really good meal either of us will take time for this weekend.”

“You seem pretty sure of yourself Mister! I hope you don’t think I’m one of those easy girls, I need a little romance you know!

I saw his expression blossom into a big grin and I leaned in to kiss him.

“Looks like you understand me Mister. See you at 6 and don’t keep me waiting!”

When I got home I opened the package and gasped when I felt my pussy spasm. He’d gone and bought me a pair of shoes that were so damn sexy, heck they were sex. They were red, really red and had a four inch heel, but what made them pure sex was the ribbons that tied over my foot leaving my toes exposed and then the ribbon that would encase my lower leg and tie in the back. I was so engrossed in examining; well trying the sexy things on that at first I did not notice the other package.

With one shoe on I reached into the box and pulled out a bag from Victoria’s Secret and inside, oh my, inside was pure sexy lace. A lace matching red panty and bra set that excited me as much as the shoes. I knew right then that I had to make a change to our evening plans, so I removed the shoe and set them and the lingerie on the table and went shopping.

No I did not go looking for a dress, I went to the grocery store. There was no way I was wearing those shoes and that lingerie and suffering through dinner in a public place. If Kevin thought he could cook and set up an evening, I was about to show him that I could too. I remembered his saying we might not want to take time to eat the rest of the weekend so I elected to make lasagna. While I make a nice one, it was more for the ease eating the leftovers that cinched the decision. I too knew where I was going to spend my weekend the only change was no way was I going to leave the house at all.

Having put the lasagna together and popping it the oven it was time to get myself ready. A bath was first, with lavender scented bath oil and a long soak. I made sure all my girlie parts were clean and tidy. Left the bath to turn off the oven and let the lasagna enjoy the slow cooling of the oven, then before showering I ran my hands over my pubic mound and across my pussy. I was fairly smooth but I wanted perfect so I grabbed a razor and carefully, very carefully removed any trace of stubble. I really ought to try waxing. Satisfied I stepped into the shower. For any of you who might be confused, after sitting so long in water that now has it fill of what you wanted off your body, a shower to rinse is necessary.

I did the rest of those girlie things, like make up and hair and a little perfume in just the right places to draw my man where I wanted him then I slipped on the lacy lingerie. As I fastened the front clasp to the push up bra, I stood back and looked in the mirror. Yes my guy knew how to shop. I sat on the edge of my bed and slipped on the shoes, taking my time to get the ribbon ties perfect then I looked at the complete package and shivered. The shoes made my feet and legs look perfect, the lace panty hugged my bottom drew your eye to that now moist and sensual area while the bra, yes the bra made my little A cup tits look edible.

I rummage in my closet for a Kimono I had bought years ago. It was the perfect cover because it was very long and served to cover not only the lacey lingerie, but also the shoes. It was made of black silk and embroidered with cherry blossoms where my nipples would be and all around the hem. I wanted to be able to “reveal” myself to my man. I set the table and opened a bottle of Chianti that the wine steward at the store suggested would go well with the lasagna. I am not a big drinker in fact I’d not had anything since that night on the deck. I’d bought the wine, because he had and I felt the need to have a little something to help when the ropes or whatever came out.

At six Kevin knocked and seemed a bit confused by my “dress”, he stared at the Kimono I wore and assumed I was not dressed and ready. Well I was not dressed as he expected but I was pretty ready. I asked him to come in while I finished getting ready. Sensing that a little bit of his dominating nature was sure to follow, I knew I needed to be quick, but sexy when I revealed my plans.

“I love what you bought me and I knew I would not be able to put all this on and make it through some restaurant dinner, so I…”

I untied the sash and let the Kimono fall from my shoulders.

“…thought that since you wanted to eat…”

I looked down at my lace panty.

“…we could eat in.”

When I looked up his arms were wrapping around my waist and pulling in to him. His lips were pressed into mine and he kissed, oh how he kissed me. He broke the kiss and leaned back to allow his eyes to linger over my body. I felt a thrill seeing him do this, seeing how pleased he was. I girl never tires of seeing lust and desire in her man’s eyes. Remembering our need to eat ‘food’ I pulled him to the table and sat him down.

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