Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 67

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Big Ass

Miss White and Jodie were sitting quietly, sipping Champagne and gazing out at the lights of Las Vegas, when they heard a faint knock at the door to the suite — it seemed to be coming from a great distance, though it wasn’t really that far away. Jodie instinctively started to rise, but Miss White held her arm and told her to sit.

Jodie fell back into her seat with a little frown on her face. Miss White had been sweet and solicitous the whole night, and while it was lovely in a way, Jodie was happy and comfortable in her submissive role. Being spoiled like this was a new sensation and a little disorienting for her.

When Miss White opened the door she wasn’t sure, at first, if this was the same girl from the card. She was actually prettier in person — maybe the lighting on the photo had been bad, or maybe the printing of the card was low-quality. Dark roots were visible under the platinum blond of her hair, and she was petite — a full six inches shorter than Miss White even in heels — and chewing gum like every hooker in every movie ever made.

“Crystal?” said Miss White.

The girl at the door shrugged. “Who else?”

Miss White invited her in and as they walked down the short hallway toward the main part of the suite, Crystal asked, “So where’s the birthday boy?”

Just then they turned the corner into the living room, where Jodie sat looking angelic in her baby-blue dress. “Actually, it’s her special day,” said Miss White.

Crystal smiled for the first time. “Well,” she said, “well, well. You Ankara escort should have said something. There’s a discount for girls.”

“Is that so?” asked Miss White.

“Yeah,” answered Crystal, shrugging again. “It’s a nice change of pace.” With that she unbuttoned the bulky overcoat she was wearing and Miss White helped her out of it. Underneath she was wearing a skimpy red tube top and a very short sliver skirt — making her look a little cheap, Miss White thought, but definitely sexy. She had a big tattoo of an octopus on one shoulder, and a cobra on the opposite thigh.

Miss White hung up the coat and returned with a tissue in her hand, which she held out in front of Crystal’s mouth. Crystal grimaced but compliantly spit her gum into the tissue, which Miss White tossed into the trash. After handing Crystal a glass of Champagne, Miss White picked up her own and sat down, and for a while no one said anything.

It was Crystal who finally spoke up. Looking over at Jodie, she said, “So, um… what can I do for you?”

Jodie felt Miss White’s eyes on her as well as Crystal’s, and froze. She had grown accustomed to Miss White making all the decisions for both of them, and hardly knew what she herself wanted anymore. Not that long ago, she had been a frustrated, closeted lesbian sneaking around taking pictures of the goings-on at Alpha Beta Delta. A lot had changed since then, but she was completely unprepared for the situation she now found herself in.

There was a long, awkward pause and Miss White was Ankara escort bayan tempted to step in; she had a few ideas. But she wanted to make Jodie think for herself, so she stayed silent. Finally Jodie screwed up her courage and said, “I’d like to see you naked.”

Crystal grinned and sat down her glass. Moving slowly and teasingly, she stripped off her top, tossing it in Jodie’s general direction. Her breasts were small but high and taut, with nipples the color and shape of pencil erasers. She unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, then slid off her thong, revealing a perfectly manicured triangle pubic hair that was dyed platinum to match the hair on her head. Miss White nodded approvingly; she appreciated that kind of attention to detail.

Having this lovely nude creature at her command emboldened Jodie. “Come sit on my lap,” she ordered, and Crystal walked over and plopped herself down. They kissed and kept on kissing, slow and wet and lingering, as Jodie’s hands began to explore Crystal’s body — squeezing her breasts, gliding down her belly, cupping her ass, and finally exploring between her legs.

Miss White was enjoying the view, but saw an imminent danger of Crystal’s pussy juice dripping all over Jodie’s new dress. She hated to be materialistic, but the dress had been quite expensive.

Moving quickly but gracefully, Miss White took Crystal gently by the arm and stood her up. Then she had Jodie stand as well. Miss White reached behind to unzip the dress, and then she and Crystal helped Jodie Escort Ankara out of it. Jodie was braless underneath, her nipples standing up tall and proud, skin a little goosepimply.

Miss White hung up the dress, gently pushed Jodie back down into her chair, and returned to her own seat. “As you were,” she said.

But Crystal was getting into the swing of things now and had ideas of her own. She dropped to her knees and wriggled forward between Jodie’s knees, leaning over to lick one nipple, then gently bite it, then suck it into her mouth. She opened her mouth wide to engulf as much of the breast as she could, then let it go and repeated the process with the other one.

Jodie leaned back in her chair, mouth slightly agape, beginning to moan softly. Miss White reached down to unbutton her own skirt and slid it off, folding it and sitting it down carefully on the nearby table. She began to touch herself, at first just playing with her inner thighs, as Crystal’s tongue traced down Jodie’s sternum.

Arriving at Jodie’s navel, Crystal spent quite a bit of time there, kissing and licking as she began to smell the telltale scent drifting up from below. Finally Crystal sat up, put one hand on each of Jodie’s knees, and spread her legs. After planting a kiss on the Jodie’s pubis through the fabric of her panties, breathing in a deep lungful of female arousal, Crystal looked her straight in the eye and asked, “Want me to eat your pussy, birthday girl?”

Jodie nodded eagerly and Crystal reached down to pull the crotch of her panties aside. Miss White had done similarly and was now fingering herself as she watched Crystal lap gently at Jodie’s folds, then stick her tongue deep inside. Jodie gasped and opened wide, settling in to enjoy her treat.

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