Going Where We Had Never Gone Before

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My wife Mary, has the best-looking body I’ve ever seen. She is 5’6″ tall, with long dark hair, very slim and a round, tight ass. Her best asset however, are her spectacular boobs. She sports a set of 35 D’s, with large pale areolas and thick nipples. She loves showing them off, too. She is forever wearing low cut tops and V-neck dresses, which never fail to get me hard. She can also be very jealous at times.

We are both fans of Star Trek and always went to the local convention. At the one we were attending, there were the usual assortment of kids and adults in attendance wearing outlandish costumes as well as the standard Trek uniforms. There was a costume contest, later in the evening. I had no idea it would spark a night of raging passion.

My wife was wearing a top that tied in the front. It really daring and, displayed the curves of her chest to their fullest advantage. She was receiving many stares and was really enjoying the attention, from the men and women.

We sat on an aisle up close, to watch the costume contest. There was the usual display of well made, but trite costumes from the various episodes. Then, a young woman was announced, as “The Princess of Risa”. When she entered the spotlight, there was an audible gasp from the crowd. Her costume got my blood going, at least. She was wearing a green jewel in her navel, a filmy shawl and that was all.

What a body. She had firm round tits, which must have been C-cup’s, with small areolas and firm nipples. She had a tight flat belly and was showing off her clipped and trimmed pussy hair, which was styled like a Star Trek emblem. As she walked down the aisle, near our seats, she noticed Mary’s jugs. She smiled at both of us, and then continued on by.

Mary noticed that I could not keep my eyes off of this girl and suddenly stormed out of the room. I quickly followed and caught up with her in the parking lot. She yelled at me for quite a while, saying that if I wanted to look at tits, I could look at hers. With that she ripped open her top and out flowed her ripe boobs.

I told her that I loved her, and her esenyurt escort tits. That managed to calm her down, a bit. I kissed her and began to fondle her breasts. Mary moaned that she needed me to fuck her right there. We were in the parking garage, but there was no one else around. I spotted a place where it was secluded, and pointed her towards it. While we walked over there, her big tits bounced freely in the breeze.

She ripped at my pants and opened the fly. She pulled out my dick and told me to fuck her right there. I pulled up her short skirt. Seeing that she had on no panties, I began to rub my dick along her cunt. She began to gyrate and moved to get me inside her.

I told her to turn around and face the wall. She splayed her legs wide open and I entered her from behind. I could easily reach her tits and clit, as I pounded her love box. I fingered her clit until she was ready to climax, then pounded her with my rod. White-hot jism poured out my dick and into her tunnel.

When I was through squirting, she pulled away and licked my spent dick clean. She apologized for making a scene and said that she loved me. Afterwards, we redressed, with Mary tying her top tighter to show off more of her cleavage, and headed off to a semi private party that we had been invited to. The “Princess,” was there, too.

She had quite a crowd of guys hovering around her, but when she saw my wife and I, she left them and walked up to us. My wife’s anger began to boil again, but when the girl said that she wished that she had a great set of boobs like hers, she began to calm down. Mary is very proud of her chest.

The girl said her name was Suzy and suggested that we get together later to get “better aquatinted.” Mary liked the idea, so Suzy gave us her room number and we set a time to come by. Mary moved close to me, rubbed my cock through my pants. She purred that she now liked the girl and wanted to get closer to her, too. I kissed her hard and we continued to enjoy the rest of the party.

Later, as the party began to break up, istanbul escort we went to Suzy’s room. When we arrived at the door, she invited us in and told us to get comfortable. We walked in and sat on the edge of her bed. Suzy came over and stood in front of Mary. She dropped the filmy shawl she’d been wearing, to the floor. She reached out and lightly touched Mary’s breasts with her fingers. She untied and opened up Mary’s top, fully exposing her beautiful boobs.

She commented on the fact that they were very firm and very white. She traced the outline of the large, pale areola with a finger and tweaked the rapidly growing nipple. Mary’s breathing was growing shorter while Suzy cupped and caressed her jugs. Suzy took one of Mary’s hands and placed it on her breast, near the nipple. Mary began to rub the smooth skin of our new friend’s chest. She lightly kneaded the nipple and sighed, as it grew harder in her fingers.

Suzy lowered her head and began to suckle on Mary’s tits, eliciting deep moans from my wife. While they were engaged, I got up and removed my shirt and pants. My cock was harder than it has ever been. Both girls noticed and smiled. Suzy reached over with a free hand and gave my cock a squeeze.

“We’ll get to you in a little bit,” she said, smiling. “Just watch, for now.”

Mary was in heaven. She had never been with a woman before, and I had been her first male lover. Lust and pleasure was over whelming my wife and she was giving in to it.

Suzy was enjoying herself on my wife’s ample chest, then she told her to stand up and Mary did. Suzy slid off Mary’s skirt. Mary had a bald pussy and Suzy licked her way down her flat stomach. She spread Mary’s legs and began to lick her pussy like it was an ice cream cone. Mary gasped when Suzy’s tongue split open the folds of her bald cunt. She began to writhe in passion while Suzy talented mouth devoured her pussy.

Mary, still standing, crouched lower and lower, trying to get more of Suzy’s tongue into her snatch. Then with a loud cry, Mary came. She gushed pussy beylikdüzü escort juice all over Suzy’s face.

Suzy told Mary to lie down on the bed and rest, which she did. She told me to lie next to Mary and I did as I was told. My cock stuck straight up like a flagpole and Suzy zeroed in on it.

While Mary watched, Suzy swallowed my rod deep into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the shaft and under the head. The feeling was almost more than I could take, but she told me not to cum yet. She told Mary to join her and start licking my balls.

Mary rolled over, moved down, and began to lap at my balls. Suzy moved up and placed her pussy over my mouth. My tongue darted in and out of her sweet honey pot. Mary moved to my cock and inserted it in her mouth. She doesn’t really like to eat me, but that night she was very hungry for cock.

I managed to bring off Suzy with my tongue and was rewarded with a face full of her juices. She climbed off of me and told Mary to mount me. Mary seemed to be in a trance. Anything Suzy said to do, she did. She climbed on, facing me and Suzy guided my rod into her steaming pussy.

Mary sank down to the hilt and began to grind her hips. I reached up and mauled and sucked her beautiful tits. After riding me for a while, Suzy told Mary to turn around. Mary turned around and faced my feet. Again, Suzy held my cock while Mary slid down on it.

This time, as Mary moved up and down, Suzy spread my legs and got between them. She began to lick my balls and Mary’s cunt. Mary exploded and nearly broke my dick with her gyrations. She came with loud screams, and then slid off my prick.

Suzy tried to hop on top of me, but I rolled her over on to her back and spread her legs wide. I teased her cunt lips with the head of my cock, and then quickly thrust into her. She told me to fuck her hard and fast and I complied, with my balls bouncing off her ass. Mary had recovered and was feasting on Suzy’s boobs; while I was pistoning her fur trimmed pussy. Mary moved a hand down to Suzy’s box and began to squeeze her clit. Suzy rocketed off, squeezing my cock with her cunt. I fired a hot load of cum deep into her nest.

As my dick grew limp, I rolled off and between the girls. They cuddled up in my arms, fully content. After resting a while, we began all over again. We did not see much of the convention the next day, but we sure did have fun with our new friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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