Golden Chains in Sherazad Chapter 5

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This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Finally onto the nasty stuff, Kailya’s punishment may be extreme for some, I did try and avoid any blood letting (M/f, nc, inter, oral, anal, rape, humil, bdsm, tort)

Secondly this is an adult story, if you are younger than eighteen DO NOT READ!!!

If you liked it drop me an email if not, fuck off.

Chapter 5 : In Kalah’s Shadow

Chandra galloped down the dark trade road, a cold sweat covered her brow. She had managed to surprise the guards at the slave camp entrance but knew she only had a narrow lead. The colonel spurred the black Kalashite mare on. She had transferred her night eyes talent to the horse allowing them both to see dimly under the moonless night sky. A few hours had passed and dawn would soon break, then it would be a tense two day ride to the portal and then freedom. A cold wind blew down the valley and the princess thanked her mother’s foresight for the warm makeshift coat. Thinking about her mother just brought the tears back, angrily she shook her head. This was no time for emotion, she was at war, there were casualties of war but a large part of her screamed to return and fight her way out with her mother. Chandra cleared her head, her mother had fought hard for her freedom, she owed it to her to escape and return with an army to liberate her.

She cursed the slow Kalashite horse for the hundredth time. The horses of the east were a more rugged and sturdy bred to survive the continents harsh conditions but they were also much slower than the western horses. The princess also cursed Farouk fuming at how easily she had fallen into his trap, he had planned the whole thing!

She glanced over her shoulder again and fought back a wave of panic, there was a lone rider barely visible through her night eyes but Chandra automatically knew who it was, Farouk was chasing her.

Chandra spurred her horse on breaking into a full gallop, she looked behind, instead of falling back, Farouk was gaining on her! Desperately the adept used all her talents as a cavalry maiden to break away, it worked at first and Chandra laughed triumphantly into the cold wind as the Kalashite began to fall away.

Farouk cursed Shar’s black dice, the general was a warrior not a cavalryman and though he too could transfer night eyes to a horse he had little more talent with a horse. The large adept grinned and reached for the golden amulet around his neck, promising himself to thank his more fore thinking brother. He slowly thought the incantation, holding the medallion tightly.

Something was wrong, Chandra could feel it, she glanced over her shoulder, Farouk was gaining fast! Her horse was slowing down, a strong green glow emanated from a line of small gems the princess in her hurry had failed to notice on the horse’s saddle. Animal control runes, they had enspelled the horse, but how?

Fighting back her panic Chandra looked around, there was a forest just on the other side of the plain, desperately she pulled the horse off the trade path, trying to coax the creature into action. It was a lost battle, almost placidly, no matter how much Chandra tried to spur the horse on the animal simply stopped and started eating some grass.

The Galadrian princess jumped off the stationary horse, her feet landing on the cold wet grass, red rays of sunlight reflected off the morning dew. Chandra sprinted, the forest was still far away but if she could reach it, she might be able to evade the Kalashite. Her bare fleet flew over the ground as fear gripped her legs.

“Come Ryhed you son of a donkey, faster or no mares for you, ride, my lioness still wants to play.” The warrior spurred his stallion on.

Chandra heard the thundering hooves grow louder and louder, she threw herself into a dead sprint but deep down knew it was useless, the forest line loomed before her mockingly when suddenly something landed around her arms, pulling her off her feet.

Farouk laughed as he expertly lassoed his slave, his father would be pleased.

The slave was wriggling around on the wet grass and he had to remind his growing hard on of Kalah’s law.

“Stay away from me you beast! I will never be your slave!”

Chandra screamed at him as she fought, the magical lasso had pinned her hands to her sides, she futilely tried to kick the Kalashite as he bent down.

Farouk growled and slapped the adept hard. Chandra felt like she had been hit by a golem.

“Enough defiance slave, you have already fallen under Kalah’s shadow, do not make you punishment more severe. I have had enough!” the large warrior flipped his stunned prize over he then pulled her hands so they were parallel with her shoulder blades and began wrapping another piece of rope tightly around her pale arms.

Chandra cried out as her forearms were bound tightly and painfully behind her back, she had to push back her shoulders to relieve the uncomfortable bondage.

Her enslaver finished binding her elbows together, he pulled her head back by her brown hair, Chandra cried out and Farouk slipped a large red ball gag into her mouth. The princess struggled as he tied the gag behind her head. As a final touch he pushed a black hood over her head and pull her roughly to her feet.

Farouk suddenly brought his hand down slapping her tight right ass cheek, Chandra muffled cries making his dick twitch. He spanked her ass a few times, enjoying her protests before reaching down and touching her pussy, the slave froze instantly. Farouk groaned as an image of the high priestess preaching the laws of Kalah rudely interrupted his play. He hauled the captive princess to her feet and snapped a leash onto her collar. Helpless Chandra fumed in the darkness as she was led back to the horses.

“Just one feel.”

Farouk pushed her against the horse and slipped a hand up her makeshift coat.

“Nice tits slut.” He sucked on her neck and played with her well sized breasts, the warrior pulled on her nipples making Chandra squeal.

“You are going to scream for me tonight you arrogant bitch and by the morning I will have you begging to fuck your master’s cock.” Farouk bumped his now large erection against Chandra’s leg, the princess shook her head suddenly very afraid. He smiled before lifting her up onto the horse and lashing her hands to the pommel.


Kailya’s head jerked as she woke up, it was dark, she was standing the Galadrian queen panicked and soon realized her hands were tied with rope above her head, her arms spread wide in a star position. A lancing pain shot through her mouth, some kind of rubbery ball was pushed into her mouth, forcing her lips wide open and she could feel a river of her saliva running down her naked breasts. Her calves also ached and she reasoned Khalim had pushed her feet back into her golden high heels. A blind fold of some kind covered her eyes, she could hear sounds of men at work, the Kalashites talking in their desert tounge. The sound of hammering came from the campsite. Kailya tried to move her feet but iron manacles kept her feet wide apart. There was sound, somebody entered the tent. Kailya cried out in protest as a bucket of cold water was thrown over her naked body. A young woman sniggered, another older voice chastised her, Kailya automatically felt her blood attune her ears to their speech,

“Just focus on your task Shalisha” the voice scolded,

“But Miringko did you hear her squeal, Nahid is right these white infidels are so weak.”.

“Begin or I will inform Nahid you are not performing your duties”.

“Yes Miringko.” The young girl whimpered.

Rough hands rubbed sponges over her body, cleaning her with cold soapy water.

“She must be ready for tonight, bring the Bislahkah nectar.”

“Frigid bitch most probably will need a river of nectar to become warm for master, why is he bothering?”

The young voice ran some kind of pottery over Kailya’s shivering breasts.

“Better to cut the traitors hands off and throw her onto Copper Street.”

Kailya gulped but kept her head high.

“Quiet child, master will discipline her tonight, do not worry he will soon tire of her white skin. Now anoint her cunt.”

The Galadrian slave complained in her gag as some thick oily substance was rubbed over her pussy lips, two nimble fingers entered her pussy, Kailya thrashed but there was little she could do.

“Ohhh, she doesn’t like that, do you think master will let us punish her later, I would love to whip those fat pale udders, look at her nipples.”

The young voice flicked Kailya’s cold hardened nipples.

“Leave her be, there is not to be a mark on her. “

“Now slave.” The older voice spoke to Kailya, she had a strange accent, not a westerner, the woman removed the gag from Kailya’s mouth, the Galadrian cough and spluttered as saliva dripped past her aching jaws.

“Lift you head.” The woman ordered.

Kailya ignored her until she felt the woman twist one of her nipples, the Galadrian bit her lip at the sharp pain but lifted her head.

“She a disobedient cow Miringko, lets have some fun.”.

“Only master or Nahid may punish her, but if she’s disobeys again.” The older woman caressed Kailya’s other nipple.

The Galadrian queen fumed as she felt the other slaves prepare her makeup and paint her lips.

“Excellent, is she ready?”

Kailya recognized Khalim’s strong voice, she lifted her head defiantly, the sacrifice would be worth it if Chandra managed to escape.

“Yes master, anointed and awaiting your whip.”,

“Good leave us.”.

“But master, ow!”

“Yes master, thank you master, come child now.”

“Remove her blind fold Ashara, I want to look into her sinful eyes.”.

Kailya blinked as her blind fold was removed, the djinni smirked and shook her head mockingly.

“I am going to make you pay for that mud prison slut, just wait.”.

“Ashara come back.”

Khalim stood in front of her, he was wearing a black and red silk robe and black riding boots. His eyes no longer held any of that gentle softness she had seen when they had played king’s champion, now they were hard brown fires.

“This is how you show me respect?” he started as calmly as possible.

Kailya lifted her chin.

“I am a prisoner of war and expect to be treated like one.”.

Khalim stepped in and slapped her,

“You are a slave, a treacherous infidel slave sorely needing a lesson in respect from her master. You thought you could deceive me? You thought wrong.”

The Galadrian queen looked him in the eyes and said nothing.

Khalim calmed down and walked away,

“I hoped, I prayed that Kalah would show you the wisdom of submitting to me but now I know the truth, your heart is closed to the Goddess.”.

“Your goddess.”.

“The Goddess, I was willing to put you on silken pillows, to let you slowly learn the joys of worshipping Kalah, to learn the joys of worshipping me.”.


“But now I know I was wrong, it is like my brother told me, you infidels need to feel the whip and chain to learn respect, if you wish me to treat you like an animal then so be it.”.

Kailya gulped but said nothing, her defiant eyes staring back at him.

“You most probably expect this having sacrificed your freedom for your daughter’s.”.

Kailya tried to calm her trembles, was it in vain? She prayed that Nustress had heard her hearts pleas.

“You should worry less about your daughter’s safety and more for your own. My brother returns with his slave as we speak. You and your daughter have stepped into Kalah’s shadow and must be punished.”.

“No wait, please don’t hurt my baby, please.” Kailya broke down, Khalim turned and walked out leaving the Queen to cry alone.

Kailya didn’t wait long, the hammering continued and then abruptly stopped, it was about midday when she heard the sound of horses outside. Two large black guards wearing red masks entered the tent, she had heard the other slaves talk about them, Kalah’s temple guard.

Silently they attached a golden chain to her collar, freed her feet from the manacles and untied her hands before retying them behind her back. They pulled on the chain leading her outside.

The entire camp was assembled, the Galadrian slaves were kneeling in a large half circle, at the centre two wooden posts held up a wooden beam, four lengths of rope hung from the beam, Kailya shivered in fear, she held her head high, this was the price she would pay for her failure. She rationalized from Khalim conversation they were not going to execute her, she gulped as her eyes met the red priestesses.

“Bring them forward.” şişli bayan escort The priestess intoned, Kailya felt relief and agony as Farouk rode his horse into the circle, Chandra’s collar was tied to his saddle, her chest heaving, her body covered in sweat, she must have been running for miles. The large warrior untied the rope and tugged her towards the post. It broke Kailya’s heart as she saw fear fill her daughter’s eyes, the Galadrian tried to stuggle, Farouk walked over and grabbed her hair pulling her forcefully towards the posts, he threw her down and the red guards strung her up.

Khalim’s angry eyes were boring into her, Kailya felt the guards pull her chain towards the posts, she calmed herself down, she had to be strong for Chandra.

Her hands were pushed into the rope loops and the Kalashite’s pulled, Kailya’s arms were painfully stretched wide. They then tied rope to her ankles and drove pegs into the ground.

The priestess in her blood red robe stood in front of them, Kailya’s eyes swept over the Galadrian’s the members of her court, some nobles she considered friends, Tessa’s big brown eyes, she managed a reassuring smile.

“These despicable whores have acted apon their sinful thoughts and tried to escape, there is no escape, if you try, Kalah teaches a slave must be punished and severely, woe be the slave who steps into Kalah’s shadow. Read out the charges.”.

Another veiled priestess produced a book,

“Golden slave one, Attempting to escape, twenty lashes, striking a faithful, ten lashes by three, total fifty lashes.”.

“I’m not scared of you, go to hell.” Chandra spat at the priestesses, Farouk laughed at his slave defiance, the red guard were not known for being gentle with the slave whip.

The older priestesses eyes blazed,

“Use Kalah’s Kiss, I want to hear this slave beg for mercy.” There was a mixture of cheers and groans as a group of soldiers surrounded a priestess, Kailya shivered in horror as she realized they were placing bets of some king, a few of the Dutchy slave’s paled and bowed their heads in pray.

“Brother is Kalah’s Kiss necessary.”

Farouk gripped his brother’s shoulder,

“She must learn respect, yes?”

“You are right, but the Kiss.”

“Will teach them a lesson, they must know pain brother to give respect.”

The older priestess walked up to the hanging princess,

“You pathetic infidels have never heard of Kalah’s Kiss?” she laughed coldly,

“The slave whip is enchanted, the leather punishes the body but Kalah’s holy magic will rip your infidel soul to shreds please scream, Kalah enjoys the unfaithful screaming.”.


The young priestess turned to Kailya,

“Attempting to escape twenty lashes, she then struck her master.” There was suddenly a hush, the older priestess walked up to Kailya and slapped her.

“”Ungrateful harlot! You are not worthy of Kalah’s love!” she lifted her veil and spat in the Queen’s face. “Fetch a labour flog.” The crowed cheered,

Chandra remembered the vicious knotted whips the red guard had used on the male soldiers.

“No, please not the flog, she is not an adept, please she will not survive” she pleaded.

“Silence slave or you will join her punishment.”.

Khalim cursed, his struggle this morning had obviously been evident but he had said nothing of her striking him. Her turned on Ashara, his djinni smiled.

“I felt duty bound to tell the priestesses that she hit you, now the cow will scream nicely”. The djinni smiled nastily.

Khalim cursed he wanted Kailya punished but not with the flog.

“Priestess, a humble servant of Kalah would like to speak.”.

The high priestess turned and folded her arms,

“Kalah is listening.”

“It’s true my slave did, full of her sin strike me but she committed this sin so that her daughter could try and escape. Kalah teaches us that a love of a mother for her children is sacred, her master humbly requests leniency.”

A few of the guards booed,

“Whip her cunt!” a kneeling slave called out

“Cut off her hands!” a woman yelled.

The priestess raised her hand, the voices quieted down.

“Very well, I expect you will punish your slave thoroughly tonight for this act of mercy. Now, fifty lashes with Kalah’s Kiss.”.

“Of course priestess, Kalah be praised.” Khalim’s eyes met Kailya’s, she could see the hurt and pain it was swiftly replaced with anger and he turned his back on her walking away.

Kailya fought her emotions, too stubborn to allow herself to beg him further mercy, he had saved her from the flog but she could tell he was deeply hurt by her escape attempt.

The soldiers laughed and jeered, Kailya noticed more money was exchanging hands, she felt sick, they were betting on how many whip strikes before they broke down.

“Very well begin, watch carefully slaves, this is what happens to those who step into Kalah’s shadow.”.


“It’s alright Chandra, I am here, it’s going to be alright.” Kailya tried to reassure her daughter.

The red guard unfurled two blood red slaves whips, the Galandrian queen could see runes tattooed into the leather. The men took positions behind the slaves.

Kailya took a deep breath and held her head high.

“One” the high priestess called out, the queen heard the whip whistle through the air and cried out as her back ignited in agony. The pain was incredible, the leather strips stung, the magic inside them sent jolts of energy through her body.

“Two” Kailya screamed again and again.

It only took five strikes before she broke down,

“Please no, Ahhhhhh!” she screamed as the cruel leather bit into her back, it now felt like somebody was pouring liquid metal all over her body, she writhed in agony wailing again and again.

Her daughter lasted a little longer, after another ten strikes she began to join her mother’s screams.

“Please, have mercy!” Kailya begged, the priestess smiled from behind her see through veil and continued counting.

Her dignity and pride forgotten Kailya pleaded, begged and implored but the Kalahsite’s just laughed.

The torture seemed to last forever, the Galadrian mother lost count, her voice dry from screaming, she hung limply in the bonds, her head down babbling incoherently.

“Praise be to Kalah and let this be a lesson to each and every one of you slaves, there is no escape from Kalah’s law. Get these pieces of filth out of my sight.”


The red guards dragged the half conscious golden slave to her master’s tent, wordlessly they strung Kailya’s hands above her head and spread her legs. The queen was in too much agony to resist as they stuffed the painful red ball gag back into her mouth.

She was still in shock when the priestess healed her wounds, the pain was gone, but the terrible memory still stayed with her, Khalim’s hard eyes boring into her, she stifled her tears, refusing to cry before these fiends.

The young priestess finished and suddenly reached forward her perfectly manicured fingernails running down Kailya’s side.

The Galadrian queen bristled as the young priestess playfully ran her hands along her stomach, standing behind her, Kailya groaned despite herself as the dexterous fingers touched her pussy. She was shocked at how wet she was, it must be that nectar, some kind of aphrodisiac!

“Hmmm, nice and wet fucktoy, nectar of Bislahkah works well on filthy infidel holes. A pity your master has brought you, we red sisters like to break older women.” The young girl nibble Kailya’s ear.

The Galadrian shivered in disgust, these easterners were a debased breed.

“Your master is going to punish your unholy hide tonight slave, please scream loudly and beg, we love to hear infidel’s beg. It will be your first beating of many painslave, I pray to Kalah you last longer than a year.”.

The priestess slapped the slave’s white ass before turning off the light crystals, leaving Kailya alone in the darkness.

Finally alone Kailya felt tears rolling down her cheeks, the rape of her kingdom, the enslaving of her precious daughters and finally her failed escape. She finally stopped her tears falling, she had to survive, whatever happened she had to, Gemma, her beautiful innocent daughter needed her to free her, she had to be strong, no matter what Khalim did to her.

The black mage ate with his brother, his eyes regularly checking the entrance to his tent, his hard cock begging for attention, his fingers tapped on the table.

“Not yet brother, we must wait.”.

Khalim flexed his hands, it was usually his brother who was the impatient one, except when it came to slave discipline, Farouk was a master slave trainer.

“They are alone, bound and gagged in the darkness awaiting our punishment, we must wait until the fear has set in, they will be at their weakness.”.

“Is this…”

“Necessary? Yes my brother, you are soft with your slaves, Kalah has blessed you with a good heart but an escaped slave must be punished.”

“You are of course right my brother, it’s just I wished so much more than a painslave.”.

Farouk put his knife and fork down and cleaned his hands in a bowl the table slave offered him.

“I can always ask the priestess to punish her in your place.”.

Khalim raised a hand,

“No, thank you brother, if she must be beaten, I will take this responsibility on myself.”

Farouk nodded and spread his hands.

“Perhaps she will learn fast, just don’t forgive her too soon, she must learn to respect you. I really don’t care if my slave submits to me, either way I will enjoy my slave, I have been waiting a long time for this.”

Khalim nodded before standing he slowly walked towards his tent.

“Djinni come here.” Farouk ordered.

“My brother is a gentle soul, make sure it is brutal, I want to hear her screams.”

Ashara smiled and bowed,

“Of course master’s brother, I know how to infuriate master.”.

“Good, she must suffer for her lack of respect.”.

“With pleasure.” The djinni purred before trailing her master.

Khalim stopped outside his tent and offered Kalah a short pray. He steeled himself before walking inside.

Kailya’s closed her eyes as the light crystals turned on. She calmed herself down, Khalim looked at her with contempt, she shivered at the anger simmering in his eyes, he wordlessly walked into the next room.

Some time passed before he returned, gone was the silk robes and slippers. He had taken his shirt off and wore a pair of black leather pants. Kailya cursed her weakness as her eyes quickly confirmed he was even more muscular than she had imagined.

“So my slave thinks she can just run away?” he started his eyes hard brown orbs.

He slowly walked forward, “After all I have done for you? I offer to treat you like a honoured slave so that you could slowly learn to love Kalah and how to worship me and this is how you repay me?”.

He was standing very close to her now, he reached forward and removed the ball gag.

Kailya coughed and spluttered before she found her composure, her eyes filled with fire and she stared back defiantly.

“Never, I will never worship you, you monster!” Kailya gave into her rage and spat at him.

Ashara softly laughed from the back, perhaps she wouldn’t have to do anything to enrage her master.

Khalim wiped his face clean before grabbing Kailya by the throat,

“I see slave, very well, I was reluctant to punish you but I see my brother is right, you infidels only learn through pain, if you want me to treat you like a painslave, well then I will grant you your wish.”.

His calm steady words frightened Kailya more than anything she had suffered so far, he was really going to beat her?

The black adept walked over to a table and picked up a cane.

“Very well let us begin, is everything ready djinni?”

“Yes master.” Ashara purred, her pussy was already wet in anticipation.

The mage cast a simple spell and the rope tying Kailya’s wrists to the ceiling and to the floor, fell away, she fell to her knees and rubbed her sore calves.

“Do your worst, you will never break me!” Kailya looked up, her eyes full of rage.

Khalim just smiled and walked behind her.

“Kalah teaches that infidels are full of impurity and their sin must be beaten from their bodies, less it spreads. I will full your holes with my holy cum slave, but I will beat the sin from your body. First you must confess to your sins. Slave, crawl to the mirror.”.

There was a large mirror on the other side of the room, Kailya shivered as she heard Khalim’s words, was this the same man she had fallen in love with? Her stubbornness took hold and she sat back on her knees.

The şişli escort cane switched through the air and Kailya cried out as Khalim caned her lower back.

“I said crawl to the mirror slave!” he screamed, Kailya wailed as the cane came down again.

After four stinging strike her hands quickly began crawling, every second fearing the dreaded cane. Thankfully it never came again and she stopped in front of the mirror.

“Good, very good slave, you learn fast, obey your master, submit to his will, surrender yourself body and soul and I may show mercy.”

Kailya glared up at him in the mirror, Khalim smiled again.

“Hands on the frame and spread your legs wider, that’s it nice and wide.”.

The mirror had two handle holds, Kailya shuddered wondering how many slave Khalim had raped before. The holds made her lean slightly forward on her knees, her ass exposed.

Her master took a second to admire the view, the Galadrian queen had a beautiful white ass, wide and plump, his lips dried as his eyes travelled down to her tight ass hole and her wet pussy, his disliked the use of nectar, preferring to conquer his slaves with his own skills, but Kalah’s laws demanded the aphrodisiac. His cock of course didn’t care how its bitch became wet and was already straining inside the leather pants.

He ran a hand along her alabaster ass cheeks and squeezed the smooth skin.

“Have you ever seen such a perfect ass Ashara? , Kalah be praised, it just begs to be punished.”.

Kailya gulped and prepared herself, she had been caned by Jarzia and whipped by the guards but she was beginning to suspect her suffering had just begun.

“Now slave confession is very simple, I will help you by showing words on the mirror, you will acknowledge you sin and repeat them allowed. Let us begin.”.

“What is your name?”

Small words, in focus appeard on the mirror in front of Kailya, her stubborn pride clasped her mouth firmly closed, never! She was a Galadrian noble and a mother of three, she would never debase herself for this fiend.

The black hand came out of nowhere, Khalim lifed his hand up and spanked her wide right ass cheek with all his might.

Kailya’s eyes shot open and she gasped in pain, he was going to spank her, like she was some diliquent teenage shirking her studies! The pain and humiliation outraged the Galadrian queen, he couldn’t treat her like this, she was a noble not some commoner.

“I asked you a question slave!” Khalim pulled back, spanking her left cheek.

Kailya gasped again, this wasn’t happening to her, this was some terrible nightmare.

The hand came down again and again, Kailya was soon crying, the tears running down her face, the fire in her ass was spreading and finally her body betrayed her.

“Please no more, please don’t spank me, it hurts.”

“I didn’t hear you slave, what is your name?” her ass had turned from pale white to pink and was quickly turning red.

“I have no name master, I am a slave.” Kailya finally said, she hung her head sobbing.

Khalim smiled and stroked her now hot ass, he ran his hand down, good she was a little wet, with some practice he was sure he could make her orgasm, that would teach the stuck up bitch.

“Continue.” He ordered.

“I was a stuck up bitch but now I am master’s slave. His fu, no!” Kailya cried out.

Khalim put his full force behind the blow making Kailya wail in pain, the merciless hand came down again and again until she could take no more.

“His fucktoy, please no more, please master mercy.” She blubbered.


“His slave to do with as he wants, I am worthless, only good for fucking. I live only to serve his cock, please no, please I will do whatever you want!” Kailya wailed as she read the filthy words.

Khalim grabbed her hair, his face close to hers.

“Say that again, why do you live?”

Kailya looked at him , her tears rolling down her face,

“I, I live only to serve your cock.”.

“Don’t you ever forget it. Now continue.” He commanded.

“I am sorry to master for deceiving him and beg, oh please master no please.”. Kailya cried out terrified as the next few words made her shiver with terror.

The hand came down again and again the helpless slave wailed into the mirror, her hands firmly gripping the hand holds as Khalim spanked her ass again and again, alternating between ass cheeks, his wide hand tanning her ass a deep red.

“Please no more, please I beg you!” she wailed.

“I beg master to punish me, please master have mercy, I will be a good slave please.” , she babbled desperate to escape the humiliating punishment.


“I was an arrogant frigid bitch who teased my superiors cock, please punish me, I offer my body use me as you will.” Kailya sobbed as she finished the demeaning words, her tears flowed as she broke down.

“Stop crying now! You cry when I allow it.” The mages voiced snapped.

Kailya stopped crying and looked up at him fearfully.

“Very good, you will read your confession to me every night and pray I am as merciful as tonight.”

The Galadrian Queen heard loud screams from a nearby tent, desperate wails, pleadings.

“Ah my brother is a master, your arrogant bitch daughter is learning her place, like you are, what is your name slave?”

Kailya hung her head,

“I have no name, I am master’s slave.”.

“Excellent, now slave your master is ready to fuck your filthy hide, what do you say?”

Kailya looked into the mirror,

“Please master rape your worthless slave, punish her for daring to escape her master.”.

“Thank Kalah I am merciful slave, an escaping slave’s cunt is usually brutalised by her master, I am no such monster. What do you say?”

“Thank you master for showing this slave mercy.”.

Khalim knelt next to the mirror and pulled down his pants.

Kailya’s eyes widened, the Kalshite was massive, a huge ten inch black dick jutted proudly from his waist, even General Majid wasn’t that large, it had to be at least three fingers wide!

“I, ah, please it’s too big!” Kailya pleaded.

Khalim smiled at his slave’s shock.

“A slave has no opinion, she is always a wanton whore begging to be used. Lets us begin, reach forward and kiss the head then hold the handles again.”.

Kailya saw his eyes harden again,

“I am waiting slave.”

Scared and terrified but at the same very aroused, The Galadrain reached forward and kissed the wide head, she stifled a moan and demanded her body behave itself, it took all her will power to stop her lips sliding around the large python.

Khalim watched the struggle and stroked her hair, he hated having to use nectar but it was useful to bring his slave’s true desires to the surface.

He took his dick and softly slapped her cheeks with it, she looked up at him, humiliated. Khalim walked around and admired her deep red ass, he unceremoniously spread her pussy lips and rammed his hard dick deep inside her pussy.

Kailya gasped as the massive battering ram opened up her cunt, she gasped and then found herself groaning, her nipples were hard, an incredible fire had been lit the moment she had caught sight of his hard cock and her pussy was already melting.

“Kalah be praised, yes, fuck that’s tight and hot! Oh yes slave, you are a keeper!” he praised as he pulled somewhat out, smiling as her juices made his ebony shaft slick before slamming deep inside her.

“You like that? I haven’t even started yet bitch, now be a good little whore and scream you orgasm out.” He grunted as he began to slowly pump his ten inch monster in and out of her tight hole.

Kailya was cooing like a dove, she tried desperately to fight it but knew it was hopeless, the aphrodisiac was going to make her cum and there was nothing she could do about it. She had already debased herself for her hated master, screaming in orgasm was just a small step down a very slippery slope. As she felt the first incredible waves wash over her Kailya wondered what would become of her? Her thoughts disappeared in a maelstrom of ecstasy.

“Fuck yes, oh goddess yes!!! I’m going to cum!!!!” she squealed as Khalim pistoned his cock deep inside her.

“That’s it’s fucking slut, you like that? Take it, all of it you dirty whore!” he grunted between thrusts.

The unbelievable heat between her legs coupled with Khalim’s degrading insults threw Kailya over the edge, her pussy muscles contracted around her hated but blessed invader and her juices squirted as the Galadrian queen surrendered to the earth shattering orgasm.

Khalim savoured every wail, every squeal, he looked down and knew he had finally found his First Slave.

The black adept slowed down waiting for her orgasm to subside, he wanted to bring another out before he filled her womb.

“Very nice slut, umm, you muscles are nice and strong, that’s it grip your master.” He began to build pace again, slowly pistoning the large cock in and out of his slave.

Kailya already in heat from her last orgasm felt her body respond, her hips seeking his large serpent, months of forced celibacy, the pressure of her throne and her sudden enslavement had left her body craving sex from a large strong man ravaging her body.

“Oh yes there we go, you are a hot fucktoy, good I will use you every night, now I am going to fill you up with my cum, do you want my hot black seed? Come on beg for it!” he taunted his slave as he reached down and played with her large breasts.

“Give it to me, please master give it to me, ohhh, I hate you!” she wailed.

Khalim smiled and increased his pace roughly fucking the sex craved slave.

Kailya did not fight her second orgasm, her back arched as she fell into ecstasy’s heady embrace.

Her master roared and gripped her hips slamming his hot member home before exploding deep inside her.

“Ugh hot fucking slut! Take your master cum bitch, ugh all of it.” Khalim panted as he ground his large cock inside her, rubbing his hips against her ass.

Kailya groaned unintelligibly as she felt a warm river of seed fill her up.

The adept continued pumping before slapping her ass and pulling out, he brought his slick dick around to her face.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you master for using this useless slave.” Kailya automatically reached out and licked her juices off the shaft. She couldn’t believe she had acted so wanton, so out of control. Her angry eyes glared at him, it was the aphrodisiac they had given her.

Her anger turned to rage, Kailya considered grabbing his despicable cock and squeezing the arrogant smile off his face but decided for something far simpler, Khalim was content with her service and Ashara had left the room. She slowly wove threads with her hands as she serviced the cock with her mouth. A nearby towel responded and slowly crept up on the relaxing mage. Kailya suddenly raised her hands and the towel leapt into the air wrapping itself around the surprised adepts face.

“Go to hell, I will never be your sex slave!”

Kailya ran for the door, yes she was naked and she doubted she would be able to rescue Chandra but an army of Krovians would make these disgusting Kalashites pay. She made it to the entrance to the large tent when electricity erupted from her collar. The Galadrian screamed, falling to the floor and writhing in agony as the magical collar shocked her again and again.

Khalim sighed but smiled, she still had some fight in her, he would have to completely break her down before he could trust her again, he had been wise to enchant her collar this time. The black adept removed the towel and slowly walked over to the older woman.

“I see slave, I show you mercy during your confession and only apply my hand and this is the thanks I get?”

“Please, it hurts, please make it stop.” Kailya pleaded between shocks.

“I am sorry slave but it appears your screaming has just begun tonight.”.

“Ashara return to me.” He snapped before waving his hand, Kailya coughed and gasped for air.

The djinni appeared in the corner of the room.

“Unfortunately my slave failed my second test.”.

“You must punish her master, she tried to deceive you.”.

“Yes you are right, string her up and lay out my flogs.”.

“Already prepared master.” Ashara rubbed her hands along his chest, she loved it when somebody else was being beaten.

Khalim grabbed the djinni by her brown pony and kissed her red lips forcing his tounge into her mouth. Ashara answered the kiss before he pushed her away,

“Never pretend to understand me djinni now string her up.” Khalim snapped.

Ashara grabbed the stunned slave by the hair dragging her across the floor.

Kailya bitterly fought but could mecidiyeköy escort only bring herself to sob as she realised, there would be no escape. She rolled onto her hands and knees and miserably followed the djinni.

“Now you are going to get it fucking bitch!”

The djinni slapped Kailya before hauling her to her feet. The Galadrian knew it was useless fighting the magical creature, bands of force gripped her wrists lifting them over her head, the rope animated and again Kailya’s hands were tied wide above her head. Rope attached themselves to her ankles pulling tight, Kailya gritted as her strong thighs were pulled apart, her calves stretched as she struggled to balance on her golden high heels. Ashara grabbed her by the hair and forced the queen’s long blonde hair into a tight pony tail, she then looped rope around the hair and tied it tightly to one of the rings in the floor, the end result, Kailya could not bow her head.

“I hoped you would learn from your first lesson slave, but it appears I must completely break you down before you will listen to reason.”.

“Go to hell, I will never worship you, do you worst.” Kailya spat back.

Khalim smiled as he picked up his leather flogs, he found the one he was looking for and turned around.

Kailya gulped and paled, a leather strip, as wide as Khalim’s hand and two feet long was attached to a whip handle. Khalim snapped the leather flog in the air. He didn’t say anything, just simply stepped forward and swung the flog, the leather strip catching Kailya sqaurely on the right breast.

The shocked mother screamed loudly as the incredible pain ripped through her.

“Fucking self righteous bitch! You dare raise spell to me! That’s it scream louder!” Khalim swung the flog again and again, tanning the queen’s large breasts.

The pain was unlike anything Kailya had ever felt before, short of child birth, she wailed and pleaded as the young black man swung the cruel flog again and again.

“Please aaaah, please master please I beg you stop” she wailed and screamed as the rain of blows continued.

Khalim moved on flogging her thighs and calves, her back, he slowly worked her pale skin over striping her beautiful body., his ears deaf to her screams. He returned to face her, tears were again streaming down her face.

“Please!” she begged.

“Does it hurt slave?”

“Yes master, please it hurts.”

Khalim stepped up to her and spat in her face,

“You think that hurts? Try treachery.” He roared before swinging the flog against her tender breasts again and again.

Kailya thought she would die from the blinding pain, eventually she passed out.

Khalim stopped, his chest was heaving, small beads of sweat lined his forehead. His slave was hanging limply in her bonds, her eyes rolled in their sockets. He picked up a bucket of cold water and threw it at her.

The Galadrian gasped and spluttered as the freezing cold water roused her.

“Did I give you permission to faint slave?” he grabbed her head.

“Please, please no more, I’ll do anything, I’ll be a good slave, please don’t beat me again master.” Kailya babbled, her body on fire.

“Slave if you ever cast a spell without my permission I will follow Kalah’s law and cut off your hands. Do I make myself clear?”, he pronounced the words slowly.

His older slave gulped and shook her head the little her tied pony allowed her.

“Who are you?”

“I am master’s slave, I only live to serve his cock.” She answered quickly.

Khalim waved his hands and the queen fell to the floor. Her master admired his work, wide bands of red welts covered her back and her large breasts, her nipples swollen from the abuse.

He extended his foot and Kailya automatically kissed it, pleading repeatedly for mercy.

The mage was hard again, not surprising he thought, such a beautiful woman worshipping his feet.

“Now crawl to the bench.” He snapped a leash onto her collar and tugged.

Kailya quickly scanned the room and located the bench, it was a low wooden bench with leather straps hanging off it. With growing dread she crawled across the carpeted floor wondering what he would do next.

“Up on the bench, yes kneel like the animal you are and look into the mirror.”

At the top of the bench was a small mirror attached to a vertical wooden board.

Kailya climbed onto the wooden bench, she noticed it was padded.

Khalim checked on his slave, her ass was at the correct height, parallel with his waist. He began strapping her calves down to the bench, he then wrapped two straps around her knees, one forward, one back, preventing any movement. He locked her wrists into leather restraints chained to the table. He then pulled a wide leather girdle down from its waiting chain and wrapped it around her waist before pulling it tight. Confident she would be unable to move her waist he walked around to the front and tightly wrapped her golden chain to a ring on the bench beneath her. A final chain ran from the back of her collar to the chain securing her waist girdle preventing her moving her head in any way.

“What are you going to do to me?” Kailya asked fearfully.

Khalim snarled and viciously spanked her red ass causing the Galadrian to cry out.

“Firstly a pain slave never speaks unless spoken to, secondly,” he raised his hand and spanked her other red ass cheek, “You will call me master at all times.” He raised his hand again, Kailya shook her head fighting the tears back.

“Now read your words in the mirror.”

“Master your humble slave seeks your forgiveness for allowing her sinful thoughts to speak. She begs for her master to punish her.” The slave broke down as she read the last line.

Khalim grabbed her jaw and stuffed the large red gag into her mouth, Kailya wailed in fear.

Her master turned around and walked over to his desk, still naked, he sat down and picked up a book and started reading.

The Galadrian slave wept as she was left in the painful position, after some time an agonizing scream erupted from one of the nearby tents, like a woman was being killed or worse. Kailya gulped she knew that voice, the tears began streaming again, it was Chandra, Farouk was killing her little baby.

Khalim looked up and smiled, he walked over to Kailya and stroked her back.

“Again you should be more worried about your own fate than your daughters. Do not be concerned, my brother is a master slave trainer, his fucking slut will wish she was dead but she will survive. Do you want to know what he is doing to her?”

The blonde woman paused unsure if she really wanted to know, the cries died down to pathetic grunts, she heard the occasional whip crack followed by a scream.

Khalim leaned in and licked his slaves ear, he could see her shivering in fear.

“He’s fucking her ass, like I am going to do know. Jarzia informs me you are a virgin? Too proud and haughty to let a man up your asshole?”.

Kailya paled and shook her head the little she could, Khalim soaked in her terror, he had to do this, he had to teach her he was the master, she had to learn respect he told himself.

Her silent pleadings became wilder as he ran a hand down, stopping to fondle her hanging breast before stroking her spanked buttocks. Unhurried Khalim walked around, Kailya’s big blue eyes following him in the mirror pleading. He reached down and spread her wide ass cheeks sighing at her tight pink asshole.

Ashara smiled at Kailya’s fearful face

“Welcome to a world of pain, master loves fucking a bitch’s tight ass, you are going to be sore for weeks, pity he chose to gag you, I would love to her your stuck up ass beg for mercy.” She licked her neck before sucking hard.

“Now slave, I suggest you relax your asshole, it will hurt less but do not worry, soon I will have you begging for ass fucks and cumming like a cheap whore.” He smiled at her angry face.

Ashara smeared thick oil over Khalim’s hard cock before pouring some so it ran down Kailya’s ass crack. Khalim reached forward and used his thumb to rub her asshole.

He let the slaves fear set in before pressing his head against the tight hole, she was clenching tightly so he opened his hand and Ashara brought over his leather flog.

The leather snapped through the air, catching Kailya on her side and wrapping around to strike her left breast, she screamed in the gag and then screamed louder as Khalim too the opportunity to push his wide black dick into her ass.

“A slave always is ready to welcome her master up her ass, I expect you to learn quickly fucktoy or you will suffer.” He pushed another inch into the tight hole.

Kailya was consumed with incredible pain, it felt like Khalim was ramming a firewood log up her asshole, she screamed again and again as he pushed inch after torturous inch into her anus.

“Kalah be praised, tighter than a temple slave, um, goddess, I am going to fuck you ass every night slave, perfect, fight me as much as you want bitch, it’s going in, all of it.”.

Kailya looked up into the mirror, tears streaming down her face as the Kalashite slowly penetrated her, eventually she had no choice, he was right there was nothing she could do to stop him, the belt around her waist prevented her dropping her ass and the chains prevented her moving her legs in anyway. Defeated, she forced her muscles to relax.

“That’s better whore.” Khalim leant forward and cupped her breasts as he ass muscles pulled him deeper inside.

“Can you feel that? I am completely up your ass slave, Goddess that’s a perfect ass. Soon slave you will be the perfect fucktoy.”.

Kailya could only cry as he began to pull out and then push forward, stretching her muscles, slowly building up pace.

Ashara stroked Khalim’s hard ass, her nipples hard, desperately wishing she could play with herself.

“Please master.” She finally whimpered.

Khalim pulled her over and kissed her again,

“Djinni whore! You may play with yourself.”

He pushed her away and began really fucking his white slave’s ass.

Ashara no longer cared, she dropped her silk wrap around dress and quickly rubbed her brown pussy, moaning loudly as her master broke his new slave in.

“Can you feel that! Take it slut, whore, bitch.” He swore at Kailya spanking her sore ass as he plouged in and out of the tight hole.

After what seemed like eternity Khalim could take no more of the incredibly tight and hot hole. He noticed Kailya’s hip begin to rock back, her eyes were closed and her nipples hard, she was softly moaning in the gag. Excellent, he had hoped she was sensitive, the thought of his slave forced to orgasm took him over, he panted a prayer of thanks to Kalah before gripping her ass firmly roughly pistoning the ravaged hole. Khalim groaned loudly and hilted his black serpent firing hot streams of cum deep inside his slave.

Kailya cried as she felt Khalim’s hot seed spurt up her asshole, how could he do such a thing? It was disgusting, perverted but what worried the Queen the most, she had started to enjoy it.

The black adept reached down and played with her large tits as he finished delivering his load.

“Great fuck slave but I expect better from you tomorrow.” He stared into her pained eyes before pulling out.

Kailya gritted her teeth as her asshole spasmed before closing the hole tight.

“Open you ass slave, I want to watch my cum leak out.”

Kailya looked up at him shocked, he was debased, a depraved monster!

“Slave your master gave you an order.” His brown eyes bored into her, demanding her obedience.

A quick war of wills was easily won by the black mage, Kailya knew already that fighting her new master only brought pain, she sobbed but relaxed her ass muscles, feeling the river of cum ooze out of her abused asshole.

Khalim reached down and scooped some onto his hand, he walked over and rubbed it all over the shocked queen’s face.

“This is the only thing you are good for, you live to serve my cock now slave.”.

He pulled the ball gag out.

“Say it!” he demanded.

“I, I, this is the only thing I am good for, I live to serve your cock.” She whimpered and burst into fresh tears.”.

“And what do you say?”

“Thank you master for using your worthless slave.” She said broken.

“Excellent, Djinni inform the priestess I will keep this slave and then lay out my evening work.”

Khalim slapped her face with his flaccid cock and put on a black silk dressing gown before sitting down at his table and began studying.

Ashara pulled a cum covered finger from her spent pussy and rubbed it on the matriarchs ass,

“You should anger master more often, hmm he hasn’t let me cum in months.”

The Djinni laughed before sauntering off.

Kailya wept as she was discarded like a boring toy, the sounds of her daughter screams brought fresh tears as she waited for her master’s return.

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