Golf Pro Delights Ch. 03

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Rick arrived at the golf course around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to tour the course with the club’s ground keeper, Jack Goings. It had begun raining in the early evening the day before and continued all through the night. Jack thought the grounds were too wet for golfers and carts, suggesting to Rick that he close the course for play. At 7:00 a.m., old John Fitzsimmons and a few of his diehard golfing buddies walked into the pro shop for their regular Saturday morning tee time. They always arrived early and usually sat around telling old golf stories and drinking coffee. Rick always liked listening to the stories these men told every Saturday morning. He knew some of the stories by heart and smiled each time as the story got more embellished than the last time it was told. After a while Rick didn’t know what the truth was or not but all the same, the stories always brought laughter from everyone.

Their main topic today was the weather and how it was turning colder in the northeast. Pete McDonald always had a story and today was no exception. He told the story of when John Fitzsimmons planned to play every month during the long winter months. He played with him on a bright sunny in January on one of those days when the temperature rose to a whopping 45 degrees. The men always said that when the temperature was above 40 degrees, the sun was out and the wind wasn’t blowing, it was great golfing weather. Pete told with exaggerated gestures how he and John teed off on the sixth tee, a short 389 yard par four. John hit his ball onto a frozen pond running the length of the fairway. When they arrived at the point where his ball sailed onto the frozen pond, they saw it sitting in the middle of the pond. John decided to trek out onto the ice and retrieve his ball, taking with him a seven iron. As he approached the ball he decided to hit it rather than take a penalty stroke. Taking a smooth swing, one that he learned from his Dad in Ireland, he hit the ball onto the green twenty feet past the pin. The group roared as Pete told how John took one step after hitting a great shot and slipped, falling onto his rump. The laughter grew louder as he recounted how when John neared the shore, the ice cracked and John went knee deep into the murky dark water. Even though Pete had told this story a number of times in the past, it always brought about a good hearty laugh from the group.

The men quieted down as another story was being retold in all its glory. After a few more stories, the men lamented that the weather was only the beginning of fall and the good golfing days were at a premium. They decided they were not going to play today, so the decision was made to leave and head for the local restaurant for breakfast, coffee, and more conversation. They invited Rick to join them but he declined telling them he had to finish the inventory he had started yesterday. Rick told the staff that had shown up for work, to go home since the course would be closed all day.

Rick was counting his inventory of Foot-Joy shoes when he heard thunder in the western sky. He thought of the day a few weeks earlier when he, Lydia, and Sandie played golf and made love under the shelter during a similar rainstorm. He looked out the large picture window which gave him a view of the first tee box. As he watched the raindrops in the puddle on the first tee, his mind drifted back to Lydia and Sandie. He still saw the vivid images in his mind of the two women hovering over him under the shelter. Sandie riding his cock and Lydia his face as the three of them enjoyed each others sexual delights. His cock stirred in his pants as the vivid images danced in his brain. He thought about them often, wishing he could taste their sweetness again.

The two women had not mentioned the incident to him when they came out to play with their husbands. Rick noticed that Lydia seemed distant as if the encounter had never happened. Sandie at least said hello to him and didn’t act as though he had the plague. He had wondered over the weeks if they were pissed at him for making the putt on the last hole to beat them. It seemed as though since that time, they would not give him the time of day.

Their husbands became regular players, often getting into the Saturday morning games he held for the members. Patrick, Sandie’s husband had short red hair that rivaled Lydia’s fine color. He was a bit taller than his wife and had a stocky build. He had told Rick that he played high school football for a small town in western Iowa. Rick noticed his large biceps and figured he lifted weights in his spare time.

Lydia’s husband, Jason, on the other hand was tall and had a short almost crew cut type haircut. He was slender like Lydia, with long legs. Rick noticed his long fingers one day when he gave him a lesson on how to grip the club. He wondered how Lydia liked having her pussy invaded with his long digits. He cussed at himself for thinking about such a thing but ever since that day, his thoughts rarely strayed from the two women.

Two weeks after beşiktaş escort the sex session, the four of them played in club tournament. Afterwards, they were in the dining room eating dinner, talking about the day, when Rick approached their table. He asked how they liked the tournament.

“We had a great time out on the course. It was even better since we took second place” Patrick said flashing a wide smile.

“I don’t know what you did to our wives a few weeks ago but they played exceptionally well today” Justin interjected.

Rick felt his face turn red as visions of the two vixens instantly filled his head. In a micro second, thoughts poured through his head. “Shit am I caught or what? Do they know about me fucking their wives? Is he testing me?”

He looked around the table in that instant, trying to size up the situation. Patrick and Justin were smiling, waiting for his response. The two women smirked at his uneasiness, delighting in his uneasiness and wondering how he was going to get himself out of this mess.

“I don’t think I had anything to do with their success. I think they did it all on their own” Rick said trying to think a million miles a minute like a trapped rat in a corner.

“Oh, you’re so modest Mr. Johnson. If it wasn’t for all the time you spent with us on the course for our last lesson, I don’t think we could have improved our game. Don’t you agree, Lydia?” Sandie said laughing.

“You can bet your last dollar on that” Lydia said catching onto Sandie’s hidden meanings. The way you gave of your time was so invaluable. And the instruction about feeling the club in your hand was absolutely the best tip for me.”

Rick was starting to sweat, feeling as though he wanted to run and hide from the beating he thought he was sure to get from their husbands. As his mind frantically searched for a way out of this little game the women were playing, he heard Justin’s voice cut through the fog.

“Well whatever you did, you sure changed the way these women look at golf. They seem to talk about it all the time and I’ve even caught them talking about you and how much fun they had taking lessons from you.”

Now it was the two women’s turn to look at each other and wonder what the fuck was going on. Rick could see the amazement in their eyes and he knew they had not told their husbands about their little playtime a few weeks back. He knew now was his chance to get away form them into some safer area of the dining room.

“Listen, I have to get the awards ready. Thank you so much for all the compliments. I’m glad I was able to be of service to you and your wives” he said backing away from the table.

Lydia watched Rick turn and approach another table as he made his way to the front of the room. She leaned close to Sandie and whispered “we’d better watch what we say when our hubby’s are around. And by the way, I still haven’t forgotten what Mr. Pro did to us on the last green.”

Sandie looked into her friend’s eyes and saw the burning lust and the desire to get revenge on Rick. She whispered back “just calm down Lydia! We’ll get our chance sooner or later to get make amends with Mr. Pro.”

Patrick was about to interrupt their conversation and ask what they were whispering about when he heard Rick’s voice over the speakers announcing it was time for the awards.

Rick called the names of the individual awards and when he announced Lydia’s name as winner of closest to the pin on number three; he saw her jump out of her seat and walk toward him. As he handed her a certificate for merchandise in the pro shop, she leaned close and said “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your little stunt on eighteen. Your time is coming.”

She turned and lifted her arms upward in a victory salute as she walked back to her table. Rick was left wondering what she had in mind as his eyes feasted on her swaying asscheeks. It all happened in a few seconds and the smiles still on their faces did not give anyone in the room an impression that something was amiss.

When it was time to hand out the team awards, Rick felt a bit awkward as he watched the two women approach him after he had called out their team for winning second place. He shook both their hands, handing the trophy to Sandie and watched as they turned to head back to their table when he heard Justin’s voice yell.

“Hey!!!!! We want your picture with the Pro” he yelled across the room.

The two women turned on their heels and slid next to Rick turning back to Lydia’s husband who stood six feet from them with a camera. Rick put his arms around each women’s waist feeling them each push against him a bit harder. Each of their hands snaked around his waist. Lydia’s hand moved downward slightly teasing his lower back. As they looked at the camera lens, they heard Justin and Patrick yelling for them to smile.

Through clenched teeth, he heard Sandie say “I can’t wait until you can give me some more private lessons.”

Rick şişli escort felt her turn slightly pushing her breast closest to him into his side. In the blink on an eye it was over. The picture taken, the laugher in the room and both women now heading away from him swinging their hips a bit more than they normally would, know he was watching.

Now as he watched the raindrops hit the puddles on the rain soaked tee box, his thoughts turned to Sandie’s large breasts swaying in front of him and kissing Lydia’s pointy nipples, wishing he could hold and kiss their soft flesh again. He knew he was only dreaming, since it seemed to him that these women treated him as a one night stand and enjoyed teasing him with their sexual come-ons. As he relived the incident, he wondered about his sexual performance and if somehow he let them down. He knew he didn’t last as long as he had in the past with other lovers, but who would have lasted long with these two women teasing him all summer and then fucking his brains out under a shelter on the golf course. He caught his reflection in the window and smiled as the warm erotic scenes ran through his thoughts. He heard thunder rolling in the distance as the ringing phone pierced through the pro shop air. He wondered who could be calling at 8:00 a.m. on a rainy Saturday morning. Answering it on the fourth ring, he heard Lydia’s unmistakable voice on the other end.

“Hello Mr. Johnson. This is Lydia calling.”

“Why hello Lydia. How are you doing today?”

“I’m doing just fine, thank you. Can you tell me if the course will be open today?”

“We closed the course about an hour ago” he replied wondering why she would be interested since the two of them never played in bad weather.

“Sandie and I just finished our Saturday morning workout with another friend. We were telling her how horrible our golf game has been since your tournament two weeks ago. She is an avid golfer at a country club where she lives and wanted to play golf today with us before our benefit outing on Monday.”

“Well I’m sorry but the course is just too wet to allow anyone to play golf today. “Where are you playing golf on Monday?” he asked hoping it wasn’t the same benefit he was planning to play.

“We’re playing over at Blackberry Haven. Our husbands signed us up to play so we wouldn’t be bored while they were away. I guess it’s some type of scramble where they let you play with one of the area golf pros. By the way, did they ask you to play?” she asked as her interest picked up.

“Yes they did and I decided that I would play. It’s always good to help out at charity events when you can” he said remembering in a flash the scenes under the shelter with her and Sandie.

“Mmmmm maybe we’ll be paired together again” she said with a hint of laughter in her voice.

“We could but I don’t think so because they only called me yesterday when another pro cancelled. I think they already had the pairings made up because they told me I was playing with three men from south of here.”

“I wish there was some way we could play today. We told our friend Jen how fantastic you are at giving lessons and she was looking forward to meeting you” Lydia said with a distinct sexual tone added to her voice.

Rick’s thoughts went into overdrive thinking about this mysterious woman. What did she look like? Were they thinking about a repeat performance? He caught himself before he got lost in his fantasy, remembering the words Lydia had spoken to him about getting even.

“Maybe someday, the three of you can come out to the club and we can play together” he said hoping she caught the hint of sexual innuendoes.

“Jen is only in town until Tuesday before she has to go back home.”

“Sounds like she would be an interesting person to meet someday. Does she play golf well?”

“Ohhh yes she plays very well and she is a very interesting person to get to know” she replied in a low voice.

Rick heard the sound of the other women in the background, wondering where this conversation was headed. Just as he was about to speak he heard Sandie’s voice in the background.

“Let me talk to him Lydia.”

“Hello Rick. This is Sandie. How are you on this miserable wet day?”

“I’m doing pretty well. I’m just finishing here and heading home for the day” he said thinking he had just made a mistake.

“Well listen. Ever since your tournament, my putting game has gone sour and I think I need to get some private lessons. I was wondering if you could come to Lydia’s house today and show me some putting techniques. Lydia has this big exercise room where we could putt around.” she said as the other women chuckled in the background.

“I don’t usually give lessons at someone’s house” he replied, knowing he wanted her to argue and force the issue.

“Oh PLEASE!!!!! I need your advice before we play in a charity golf outing on Monday” she pleaded with huskiness in her voice.

There was silence on the other bahçeşehir escort end of the phone as Rick’s brain accelerated through all the erotic images he could imagine. “What about their husbands? With all this rain they were sure to be home. Were they just teasing him again as they did at the golf outing?

Trying to act nonchalant, Rick replied “What about your husbands? Aren’t they home today? I don’t think any golf courses are open in the area because of this weather” he said wondering what was going on.

“Our husbands are out of town until Monday, so they won’t mind if we have a few lessons even if they are indoors” Sandie commented laughing.

Rick heard the unfamiliar voice in the background, “Yea I’m sure your husbands won’t mind you try to improve your game.”

Laughter filled the earpiece as listened to the women. He was in a real quandary. He thought about his options in a flash and knew he should decline their offer but the thought of holding their bodies again eventually won out over the thought of spending this dreary day alone in his apartment. He knew he shouldn’t say it but he had to know if he was somehow walking into a trap set by Lydia.

“Sandie? What about Lydia? Is she still upset about me making that putt in front of your husbands? She sure seems to be still upset.”

There was a pause on the other end and the few seconds she took to reply seemed like forever.

“No, she’s not upset. She likes to put on a big act in front of people. Do you want me to call her back over and ask her?”

“Hmmmm no that’s alright” he said thinking more now about these lovely ladies and their friend.

“Good. Then we’ll see you shortly” she said in a now unmistakable low sexy voice.

“I need to finish a few things around here and then I can close the shop” he said trying to sound business-like and not too anxious even though his heart was beating rapidly.

“Mmmmm that sounds delicious. I mean, good. Let me give you directions to Lydia’s house” Sandie said.

Rick wrote down the directions but his mind was already racing with thoughts of these lovely ladies writhing in bed with him. After reading the directions back to her, he looked at his watch and told her he would be at Lydia’s house around 9:30a.m.

“We’ll be waiting” she whispered into the phone.

Rick was about to answer when he heard the click of her receiver in his ear. Putting the phone back into its cradle, he saw the phone shaking in his trembling hand.

“I didn’t know I was so damn nervous” he thought as he turned to complete his inventory.

Sandie informed the other two women that Mr. Golf Pro would be here in a little over an hour. They all smiled as their little plan seemed to be coming together without a hitch. She looked at Lydia and Jen standing in the exercise room still wearing their workout clothes. She licked her lips and felt a pang of desire for the two women who were standing so close.

“So what were you and Mr. Johnson talking about concerning the charity golf outing” Sandie asked Lydia as they walked up stairs to change.

“It turns out he will be playing on Monday too. I asked him if we could play together but he said he was already assigned to a team” Lydia replied.

“Why don’t we call the golf course and ask that we be assigned to his team. Besides the other teams won’t know who their pro is until they show up on Monday” quipped Jen.

“What a great idea” Sandie and Lydia said together, laughing at thinking about it at the same time.

Jen found the phone in the bedroom and punched in the numbers Lydia read off. As she talked to the pro shop, telling him of their desire to play with Rick, she watched Lydia and Sandie begin removing their clothing. Her hand instinctively went to her breast, slowly moving over them, feeling her nipples react to her touch. She discussed with the young person on the other line that it was ok to change the parings and besides he was their golf pro who gave them lessons. Lydia and Sandie laughed as they listened to Jen trying to convince them to change their assignments. Jen watched their totally naked bodies move together in an embrace. Her body reacted to the sight of her two friends kissing and rubbing their tits against the other’s body. She wished the kid on the other end of the line would hurry up when she heard Lydia tell Sandie that they might as well get started on their shower. Watching them enter the bathroom, she smiled at them as they motioned her to join them in the shower. After what seemed an eternity, Jen finally convinced the pro shop to change the pairings, telling them to not mention anything to the pro because they wanted to surprise him. Hanging the phone in its cradle, she quickly removed her clothes and headed for the shower.

The two women welcomed Jen into the large shower with big grins on their faces. Placing her between them, they each grabbed a bar of soap and began applying it to her soft skin. Jen closed her eyes, feeling their hands roam over her back and chest, then down to her stomach. She reached out, finding Sandie’s breasts which were slippery from the soap. She spread her legs slightly when Lydia’s hand rubbed her ass before sliding between her legs. Her body swayed to their soft touch, moving against Sandie’s body in front of her and Lydia’s body behind her.

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