Good Mommy, Bad Mommy Pt. 02

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All characters are over 18 and are products of the author’s dirty imagination.

Author’s Note: If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, for the love of all that is good in the Universe, go do that. We’re starting here just before Part 1 ended.


Ray let go of my hands and stood up. He quickly went to his nightstand and picked up the drink I’d meant for his father. He drained a double 18-year-old Scotch like it was Gatorade.


He was too busy coughing to answer me. His eyes were tearing up and he thumped his chest with his fist. That defused my anger. It struck me funny.

“I didn’t know you were a scotch man, Ray,” I teased.

“Holy crap — people drink that?” he gasped when he’d stopped coughing. “That’s vile!”

I wasn’t going to give him grief over this. It’s not like I waited until I was 21 to have a drink; besides, he’d had a bad enough time recently.

“You ok?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

I took my wine glass and sipped it. “Mmm, smooth,” I said with a smile.

Ray gave me a rueful grin. “It wasn’t very smooth of me. Should I apologize for that, mom?”

I shook my head no. “It’s not every day a boy finds out about his mom’s fetish, but don’t make a habit of drinking, you hear me?”

Ray shuddered. “I won’t, don’t worry. I just thought it would help to lower my inhibitions. So, you’ve known guys who were pretty big?”

I just nodded.

“Have you ever known anyone, mom, who was TOO big?”

I paused. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share this much of myself with Ray. “Sweetheart, that’s maybe not a good question for a son to ask his mom.”

“I’m sorry, mom. I just think maybe I might be too big. Linda told me she’d been with a really big guy before me, but even she couldn’t… you know.”

I took a breath. “Sweetheart, I really wish you wouldn’t worry about it so much. I understand your concern, but one day, when you’ve found someone, you’ll realize -“

Ray interrupted suddenly. “Could you tell me if it’s too big, mom?”

Even in my intoxicated state, I realized what he was asking. “Sweetheart, no. What you’re asking is… it’s just not something -“

“Never mind, then. Forget about it, mom. I won’t bother you again. I think I’m going to sleep now. Good night, mom.” He went to his door and opened it wide, waiting expectantly with a hurt look on his face.

“Ray, sweetheart, I just-“

“Yeah, I know. You told me. Good night.”

I walked into the hall, my mind racing. Ray closed and locked his door behind me. This, I decided, was no time for a bath. I only wanted this day to end.


I lay in bed in that uncomfortable period when you’re coming off your drunk but your head still isn’t quite right. I’d lain there for over two hours without sleeping, repeatedly telling myself that I made the right decision, that there was no way I could help Ray any more than I’d tried to.

Damnit, Trina, my internal good mother chastised me for my doubts. Damnit, what do you think you could’ve done? He wanted you to look at his cock, for Christ’s sake! Good mothers don’t look at their son’s cocks like they’re some kind of… of… porn actor. He’ll get over being mad once he realizes what it was he was asking of you.

The people-pleaser within made her own argument. It’s not like he was asking you to touch it or to do anything to it. Your son is hurting and needs help. Just a look. And so what? You’ve seen plenty of big cocks in porn these past 19 years; they didn’t drive you to commit some unspeakable act, did they? Good mothers help their children, Trina.

There was another part of me, though. The part of me that wondered just HOW big Ray’s cock actually was. Just a look. Help your son, satisfy your curiosity, that voice said.

I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. Before an answer came, the call of nature arrived. A night of drinking causes certain needs; right now, my bladder was screaming for relief.

I felt Miller roll over and sit up. He stumbled blearily to the ensuite bathroom, then closed and locked the door.

“Piss blocker,” I said with a grin as I swung my legs out of bed. I’d use the hallway bathroom. I stepped into the hall and saw Ray heading into that bathroom. “Shit!” I said with a grin. “The family that pees together, I guess.” I chuckled at my own joke and stood, shifting from one leg to the other. I heard the ensuite toilet flush and went back into the bedroom to wait for Miller to be finished. A second flush and I realized Miller was courtesy flushing, a sure sign he wasn’t standing up in there. I hoped he’d use air freshener. I went back into the hallway.

Ray hadn’t closed the door all the way; he and his father were polar opposites when it came to bathroom etiquette. I could hear the sound of urine hitting the water. I don’t know if I was aware of moving until I realized my hand was on the bathroom door, pushing it open. The toilet was along the wall to the right, and Ray was standing there, a yellow stream arcing into Magosa Escort the toilet bowl. He stood in profile to me, one hand on the wall above the toilet, the other holding his cock. His hand and wrist blocked my view, but the deep tone of his urine splashing into the bowl left no doubt in my mind it was streaming from a good-sized cock.

I must’ve made a sound of some sort. Ray turned his head quickly toward me and instinctively turned the front of his body away from me; our eyes met. Seeing I was looking, he slowly turned back toward me, perhaps thinking I’d changed my mind.

Staring into his eyes, I said “I wanted to make sure you were ok, sweetheart. I’m sorry you’re upset, but you have to know…” My voice trailed off. I’d glanced down at Ray’s waist, and he let go of his cock while I was looking, then took it in his far hand. I could see the length of his thick shaft clearly. His stream finishing, he turned more toward me.

I looked up into his eyes, determined to maintain control, but my eyes betrayed me, returning to the sight of my son’s amazingly large cock. He wrapped his hand around the shaft as I looked on and slowly squeezed, pulling upward from the base. I was mesmerized by the sight; my son casually exposed himself to me and I saw his cock grow. Already, I could see, he had about 11 inches in length, which was impressive; but I had never seen a thicker cock in my life. Was it as big around as my wrist, I wondered? It appeared to be all of that, and more.

“I have to know what?” Ray asked as he stood before me, slowly masturbating his cock.

I shook my head to clear it. Damn, why had I drunk so much earlier? “Um, that… um, well, that I need to use the toilet, too, Ray.”

He smiled as, with his free hand, he flushed the toilet and walked toward me, his hand gliding over that thick, delicious-looking piece of man meat, stroking it as he looked deep into my eyes. I gasped, watching him as he walked toward me. With only a step or two between us, he pulled up his boxers, tucking his mostly hard cock against his leg, turned to the sink, and began to wash his hands. “I’ll be done in a minute, mom. Unless you need to go really bad…” he shrugged. “I’ll try not to watch.”

Wait a second, Trina, I told myself. Is he toying with you? Is your own son using what he knows about your fetish to get under your skin? I was irritated, confused, and yes, damnit, I was aroused. I told myself the sight of a cock like that was something primal. I, as a civilized person, and a good mother, couldn’t help a base reaction to something like that. It didn’t mean anything.

“Thank you, Ray.” I slid passed him, turned before the toilet, skimmed down my sleep shorts and panties, and sat down. Ray’s eyes were on me the whole time as he washed his hands carefully. My own stream splashed into the water; I wondered just what in the hell I was doing. I didn’t remember making any sort of a decision. I just hadn’t wanted Ray to get the upper hand in this… whatever it was.

Ray dried his hands and hung up the towel. Without looking back, he said “Good night, mom,” and walked down the hall.

I was left shivering, my body now reacting to the past two minutes with a stress release. What the hell did you just do, Trina?


I walked to Ray’s bedroom. The door was open and he was sitting on the edge of his bed. I slipped in and closed his door. “Ray,” I began, “I’m a horrible mother.”

I got on my knees before him and tugged the elastic over his massive cock, which flopped out, bobbing lazily. I looked my son in the eyes and brought my mouth to the head of his cock. I kissed the tip and my son shivered.

“Don’t say anything,” I instructed him, then opened my mouth as wide as I could.

An Olympic marathoner who doesn’t run for 10 years cannot possibly be expected to perform as he did when he was in peak condition. My son’s cock was going to tax me to the extent of my abilities; it had been too long, far too long. I was unsure if I’d be able to suck him off, but I was damn sure going to try.

My lips spread as I sank down on Ray’s bulbous cockhead. I felt like a wine bottle having the cork shoved back into it, I was so full. I moved my lips and tongue, trying to adjust to having this behemoth in my mouth. I told myself to relax, and I began to move slowly, just an inch or two at a time, trying to remember how to suck a big dick. I looked up at my son who was staring in astonishment as I sucked his cock. The pleasure and desire in his eyes made me want to do all I could for him; the taste of his clean, young skin, so smooth over that solid shaft, made me want to have my mouth and throat filled with every inch of that 18-year-old cock.

Happily, for the most part, I found, it’s like riding a bike… or a biker, for that matter. You just don’t forget how. I wrapped both of my hands around the base of his thick shaft, squeezing, stroking as I bobbed my head in a slow rhythm. It wasn’t Ray’s first Kıbrıs Escort blowjob, but I was going to make sure it was the one he’d remember forever.

I breathed through my nose as best I could; with the size of my son’s cock, there was really no airway in my mouth. I moved steadily, really sucking hard as I moved toward the tip of Ray’s cock, swirling my tongue against his glans before rapidly moving forward to take even more of this son-cock into my mom-mouth. I relaxed my throat when the head of his cock pressed deep. I could feel the pressure as his cock caused my throat to swell. I knew the outline of his cock would be visible as he plunged into his mother’s mouth.

Ray was just 18, and I was a skilled cocksucker. It only took a couple of minutes until he wordlessly grunted, panting. I felt his thick cock swell even more and tasted the first jet of my son’s cum on a backstroke. I held his cockhead between my lips as my son shot again… again… again… and again, swallowing each copious jet as he gave it to me, then deepthroating him, holding him all the way inside of my mouth as the spasms running through him subsided, his body relaxing.

I moved back, sucking and licking his shaft and cockhead, making sure he was perfectly clean. It suddenly hit me that yes, I had, by sucking the biggest cock I’d ever seen, just given my only child head. I was hornier than I’d been in nearly 20 years.

Wordlessly, Ray slid his arms under my armpits and lifted me to my feet in front of him. His hands went to the waist of my shorts and began clumsily to pull them down.

“Wait, wait, Ray. No,” I breathed, speaking in opposition to every nerve in my body. “No, we can’t, Ray.”

He looked up at me then. “Because it would be wrong to have sex with your son after you’ve sucked his cock,” he said sarcastically. He tugged once, hard, and my willpower went with my panties.

My son lay me on my back, my feet up on the edge of his bed, my legs spread wide. He eyed my pussy, which was running with my desire. “Have you ever had a cock this big, mom?”

I shook my head. “I’ve never seen such a thick cock, sweetheart.”

“Do you think you can take it?”

I smiled seductively. “Put that fucking thing inside of me and let’s find out.”

Ray was only partially hard, having cum just moments ago, but he maintained enough of an erection to work the head of his cock between my swollen lips and into my slick, hot tunnel. The head of his cock forced me wide, as though a racquetball was being shoved inside me. He knelt between my spread legs, upright, watching me as he filled my pussy. I tried to look at him, but the pleasure his cock caused had my eyes fluttering, then screwing tightly closed. He moved slowly, maybe sensing that he was about all I could possibly take, maybe wanting to prolong the sensation of having his shaft gripped by his mother’s tight pussy — and what pussy wouldn’t feel tight to that monster?

I slid my hands beneath my thighs and pulled them up and back, spreading myself as wide as I could. Ray worked into me inch by inch, stretching me… filling me. I lay there and submitted myself to my son’s cocksmanship. He hadn’t yet reached as deep as he could when I began coming. Wave upon wave, thrust after thrust, my son’s big, beautiful cock worked in and out of my long-neglected vagina. I groaned each time he drove into me; I whimpered as he withdrew, as if afraid he wouldn’t come back. My body began spasming, my muscles contracting as orgasmic pleasure ripped through my being.

“Fuck me… fuck me with that gorgeous cock, Ray. Fuck your mommy,” I urged.

I wasn’t in love with my son. I didn’t have romantic feelings toward him. I was lonely and so horny; Ray had what I needed, and I had the pussy that could take it. We moved together like animals, rutting; we wanted the pleasure. We craved the release. Ray became fully hard in minutes. The feeling of his shaft, hard as iron, plumbing the taboo depths of my cunt caused me to contract, my vaginal walls tightening and releasing as he sped up, fucking me faster, harder. Our bodies slapped together as he shoved about a foot of cock inside me. I was moaning now, unable to form words. His cock was just too fucking good!

As Ray pistoned his hips, driving that good cock into me, I pulled my legs back to the sides of my head and wrapped my hands around his neck. I pulled his head to my breast. “Bite my nipple,” I urged. He bit through my top. I released his neck and pulled my shirt up to my neck. “Fucking bite me, Ray,” I begged, “make me cum. Make mommy cum again, sweetheart.”

He clamped his teeth down on my erect nipple… oh, damn, so hard! I shrieked, not even caring if we woke Ray’s father. I rocked my pelvis, thrusting upward to meet him as his breathing came faster, shallower.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!” Ray grunted, his body growing tense. “Oh fuck goddamn!” He slammed forward into me, releasing his seed into my womb as he jerked convulsively, throwing Lefkoşa Escort his head back as he moved forward. We came together, my son and I, as the feeling of his semen spraying inside of me took me over the edge yet again.

I lay on my back on my son’s bed, gasping for breath when it struck me. I had just committed incest. Twice. I sucked my own son’s cock. I swallowed his load. I’d spread my legs for him so he could pound my pussy with that magnificent tool. He’d cum inside me-

Oh, shit! I pushed against his chest.

“Ray, get off of me. Get off!” He lazily withdrew his still-hard cock, inch by inch pulling out with a sucking sound as it created a vaginal vacuum, a void that had so perfectly been full of life.

I sat up, covering myself with my arms. My son had shot off inside me! Like father, like son.

Ray flopped onto his bed on his back. “That was fucking incredible,” he said in a satisfied voice.

How could he be so cavalier?

“Ray, this can never… and I mean never… happen again. We don’t even speak of it. It never happened; do you understand me?”

Ray rolled onto his side and looked at me. “Why not, mom?”

“Why not? Ray, what we did… what I did… it’s just so wrong. I’m sorry, Ray. I’m so, so sorry.”

I grabbed my clothing and left his room without another word. I couldn’t go to my room. I may not have felt much for my husband, but I had absolutely, irrevocably smashed everything our marriage stood for. I spent the night under a blanket in a chair in the family room, oscillating between tears and self-recrimination. I didn’t sleep a wink.


The following morning, Miller was up, oblivious to what had happened just down the hall while he slept. I made his breakfast; it wasn’t up to my normal quality, as I was rather distracted.

I waited to go in to work as long as possible, but never saw Ray. I was too ashamed, too afraid, to wake him. I slunk away to my job like a coward.

I went through the morning on auto-pilot. Between thoughts of going to prison as a sex offender and the still-arousing memories of the first amazing fuck I’d had in nearly two decades, I was less than useless. I called the clients I was scheduled to see and rescheduled. I had to talk to my son, no matter how afraid I was.


I pulled up to the house just about 48 hours after the unscheduled stop that had set all of this in motion. I trudged up the walkway, dreading what was ahead, feeling as though my entire life was falling apart.

I closed the door behind me and heard a familiar female voice.

“Oh god yes, Ray! Fuck me! Fuck me, baby! Give me that fucking cock!”

In shock, I turned the corner into the dining room. Dee was bent over our dining table, facing me, eyes closed, her blonde cheerleader hair a mess around her pretty face while my son fucked her from behind.

Ray saw me first. “Oh, shit, Dee. We’re busted,” he grinned, pulling out of her.

“Huh? What?” Dee looked around, then saw me. “Oh, shit.” She laughed then, a bitter, brittle sound to my ears.

I couldn’t understand what I was seeing. “Wh- what?” I sputtered.

Ray walked around the table toward me, his big cock leading the way as it bounced. I saw every detail: the thick veins running up and down his shaft, which was coated in 18-year-old pussy juice, the drop of precum as it fell to the floor and the look of amusement on his face. “Here, mom,” he said, pulling out a chair. “Sit down before you fall down.” I sat in stunned silence.

“You know, mom, I really appreciate that, as adults, we can talk about anything. Now, I’m sure you have about a thousand questions, but if you’ll sit quietly, I’m sure we can bring you up to speed.”

He sat across from me; his naked playmate sat next to him, her perky teen titties rubbing against his arm as she cuddled up to him, smiling adoringly.

“Mom, I want you to meet Dee — my girlfriend.” Dee looked at me excitedly and nodded. “Now, I know this is all hitting you pretty hard, so I’ll make it quick. A few months ago, Dee needed some tutoring help. Well, you know how much I’ve always liked her, so of course, I agreed. Well, one day, while we were studying at her house, Dee said… what was it you said, honey?”

Dee smiled, happy to pick up the narrative. “I said, ‘you know Ray, it looks like you’ve got a really big dick in those pants. I want to see it’.”

“Right,” Ray continued. “And I said ‘sure, if I can see your tits’. You know, it only seemed fair.”

“Oh, totally fair,” Dee nodded. “We both loved what we saw, so… and I hope this isn’t uncomfortable for you, Mrs. Longwood… I took Ray’s virginity that day. You see, you’re not the only one who loves huge cocks, Mrs. Longwood.”

“She’s right, mom,” Ray agreed. “And then she told me the funniest story! It was about this woman who, I guess everyone knew but me, used to be a major cock hound. The bigger, the better. She was all about the Big D.” Ray leaned across to me and whispered, “It’s you, mom. Slut of the town in your day, they say. Imagine my surprise!”

“So, I said ‘it’s a good thing your mom doesn’t know about your cock, Ray.’ We had a good laugh, but then wondered what would actually happen; like, how big a slut are you? Would you fuck your own son?”

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