Good Neighbors Ch. 133

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I did pick out a dress. She was putting it on while I put on my suit. It took a bit to get everything done before we hopped into my car and drove to our favorite restaurant. It was when we arrived that I noticed a certain car was in the parking lot. There was a part of me hoping that Aubrey wouldn’t see me. It’s not that I don’t like Aubrey. Aubrey was my late wife’s roommate during college and one of her best friends. She is also my assistant at work and my tenant for lack of a better term. After the last incident when my neighbor and I came over to help her guy friend with an injury he sustained at her hands, I figured she needed time to live her own life without me meddling.

We were escorted to our table. They chose a table in a more private place in the restaurant. My neighbor didn’t like being in the center of the place only because she liked having privacy while we ate. We were starting with our drinks. She chose a glass of wine while I just took water. She gave me that approving look when I said that. She had been getting on me about drinking more water. We chose our entrees and were waiting for the food when the inevitable happened.

“Leo, what are you doing here?” Aubrey asked.

I looked at her. She was smiling and holding the arm of Wesley, one of my tech guys. He was the one who needed the first aid before. I stood and hugged Aubrey before shaking Wesley’s hand. My neighbor followed suit albeit hugging both. We smiled as we shared a little small talk before Aubrey excused herself with Wesley. As they started to walk away, urfa escort Aubrey looked over.

“Don’t forget the New Year’s Eve party at the office, Leo. Make sure to check your email.”

I nodded before I looked at my neighbor. She had that skeptical look on her face.

“I didn’t think your business partner would pull that off.”

“Matt’s pretty stubborn. Would you like to go with me to the party?”

“Just promise me we will get to kiss at midnight, and I am yours.”

I smiled back.

“I’m planning on kissing you more than that.”

She winked at me.

“You better, sweetie.”

We enjoyed a meal and paid the check before heading out into the cold air. It was a clear night. As we started towards home, I noticed the billboard advertising a local light display. I looked over at my neighbor and asked if she wanted to go. She was down for it. We drove to the entrance to the park and waited in a small line before we reached the little stand where they sold tickets. I bought ours and followed the cars as we rode around the park. There were many different lights displays they had shown in the park. We turned on the local radio station playing Christmas music as we rode around to enhance the spirit.

As we exited the park, I asked my neighbor about if there was anything else she wanted to do. She answered by snuggling against me and whispering that she wanted me to unwrap her out of her dress. I got the hint and drove us home safely before following her into the house. As we closed urfa escort bayan the door and took off our coats, she looked at me and smiled before leaning in for a kiss.

My first move while kissing her was pushing her gently against the wall while removing me suit jacket. I then pressed her hands against the wall to pin her while kissing her deeper. I could feel her melting for me before I released her hands to start undoing my tie. She reached behind her and started to undo the zipper on her dress before I took the tie off my neck and slipped it on her neck. I leaned in for another kiss before she whispered.

“Room please, Leo.”

We both hurried into the bedroom where she let the dress fall revealing her choice of undergarments. She then walked over to me and helped me unbutton my dress shirt and undo my pants before I was in my red boxer briefs and my t-shirt. As we fell to the bed, I started to devour her neck around my tie while her hands were working on moving my shirt to get to my skin. I pulled my shirt off as she unclasped her bra. It was one of those that hooked together in the front.

We started making love in earnest. Her breasts were already begging for attention from my lips and I took advantage by playing with one while focusing my hand on her pussy. Her hand pulled me against her breast.

“Bite please,” she whispered breathlessly.

I did so to the reward of her moaning. Her pussy was already hot. I slid in two fingers and started to massage her while biting on the other escort urfa nipple. I rose to get a better position. She was a bit faster pulling my underwear down and teasing the head of my cock with her tongue. It was my tur to moan. I grabbed the tie and pulled, choking her a bit while she took me partially in her mouth. I could feel her moan through my cock.

We were both already primed. I pulled her off my cock and leaned down to kiss her before I guided her onto her hands and knees. Her head was on the bed, so her butt was facing me. I pulled down her soaked panties and started to tease her pussy a little with my fingers before I replaced my fingers with my cock. I grabbed the tie again to guide her upwards as I filled her to the hilt. I started getting into fucking her as hard as I could and showing her how much I needed her.

We collapsed on the bed after a bit. She slipped on top of me and took my cock inside her pussy while she rode me. I love watching her facial expressions while she does this because I love seeing her enjoying my cock and being with me. I pulled the tie again and choked her a little as she rode me.

“I need you,” she whispered.

She fell on top of me to kiss me before she raised herself over me to keep taking my cock. As she did this, she started to talk.

“I need this every chance I get, Leo.”

“Me too.”

“I never want you to leave my side except for work.”

“I won’t”

“I need you in my life forever.”

‘You got it.”

“Promise me you’ll stay with me forever.”

“I promise.”

It was at that moment my cock exploded inside her. She smiled before laying down on top of me, her head resting on my chest. My arms went immediately to hold her. It was one of those moments where we didn’t need words. We had each other and that was exactly what was needed.

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