Group Connections

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My computer desk looks like a battlefield; empty 20 ounce bottles of Diet Coke and Diet 7-Up lay half empty, like wounded soldiers attesting to my battle with boredom. There are unopened letters, Chinese takeout boxes, and even my prized pair of red chopsticks.

It’s very apparent that I live at my computer.

I’m surfing the web, trying in vain to find something I haven’t already come across online to entertain me. As usual, I’m alone, bored out of my mind, lonely and horny.

The generic blue of the screen reflects off my face in the dark, and the contended purr of the processor and fans mimic the purr of the cat curled up at my feet. My mind wanders to the prospect of my own pussy purring happily after hours of great sex.

Suddenly re-inspired in my search for something to do, I decided the best possible thing to “do” would be myself. I run off to my bedroom, and grope under the bed for my trusty goodie bag. I unzip the bag and survey my stockpile, looking for tonight’s weapons of choice. I can already feel the heat between my legs starting to intensify in anticipation. Groping through the bag, I find a medium sized blue marbled rubber dildo, slightly curved and extremely stiff. I lay it aside lovingly, along with a bottle of Aqua Lube. I can already feel the beginnings of wetness inside me, and I contemplate leaving the lube. It stays out though, as I dig deeper. I grab onto the familiar diamond shaped squishiness of my butt plug, my favorite, but definitely not my only, anal toy. Into the pile it goes. I grab aimlessly at one of the several vibrators, and come up with the familiar bullet shape, this time a long thin purple one. I do a quick battery check, and feel the soft numbing sensation in my palm. Check and check. I lay it in the growing stack of accoutrements.

I’m getting impatient to get started, and I feel the familiar tugging of the muscles in my vagina flexing, the physical equivalent of whining for attention. My nipples stiffen underneath my thin white tank top, and I’m reminded of what I’m forgetting. Impatiently, I lean back on my heels, digging them into the swollen flesh between my legs hoping for some relief as I dive into the bag again. Pawing around to the very bottom of the bag, I find the last of my treasures for tonight; a pair of seemingly harmless wooden clothes pins. I gather up my collection, pressing the arsenal of oddly shaped tools into my breasts once again hoping in vain for at least a slight decline in the uncomfortable longing and march dutifully back to my desk. Pushing aside the collection of junk, I plop my armload onto the desk, and after some brief arranging I’m ready. I slip my fingers into the elastic of my loose-fitting flannel pajama bottoms, and slip them quickly off my full hips and into a pile on the floor. Stepping out of the tangled material, I can’t help but slide my fingers down over my cotton covered clit, now throbbing and aching. I rub myself slowly, just enough to turn the pain pack into tension, and plop down in my chair. The cold leather bites at my bare ass, and I quietly curse myself for wasting a g-string from my sparse supply of sexy underwear on a night at home.

Sliding my chair back up to the keyboard, I grab the mouse and open a new browser window, which displays my favorite search engine, Google. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted the insane amount of free pornography listed, in addition to following an endless stream of graphic banner ads and pop ups for ‘The Best Cum Shots On the Net!’ and ‘Nasty Sluts Take it in the Ass, LIVE!’, I still type in my favorite masturbation fodder, “group sex”.

I scan the list of links in bold blue, squinting against the harsh white light. After opening a few links to the same damned thing, threesomes with triple E fake boobs and more make-up smeared on small cocks than I wear in a week my excitement level has dropped to almost nil, and the once enticing array of toys now looks like a testament to my lack of a social life rather than an inviting adventure.

Downtrodden but not defeated, I type ‘gang bang amateur’ in the search field, figuring between the more graphic description along with the correct spelling I might actually find something new, exciting, and interesting. Finally, halfway down the third results page, I find a link to someone’s personal webpage. Figuring the flood of pop up ads can be no worse on a free web host than on any porn site, I click the link.

The opening page has a picture of a cute couple, average looking, average build, cuddling under a tree. The biography is long and drawn out, as they always are, so I scan the text and after finding ‘We have an open relationship’ and ‘often invite couples and groups into our sex life’ along with things like ‘bisexual’ ‘anal’ ‘multiple penetration’ and ‘exhibition’ I’m getting the wonderful warm avrupa yakası escort sensations between my legs again, and my nipples are painfully erect against the rough poly-cotton fabric of my tank top.

I click the ‘Enter Our Site’ link, and am informed by a glaring red text that I must enter my name, a short bio, my e-mail and a messenger contact in order to enter the site. Oh lord, more junk mail. But the pulsing of my clit and the pounding of my pulse make it obvious that SPAM is not a priority.

As a reward, I’m greeted by a graphic gallery. There’s an introductory shot of the group’s girls; most are pretty at best, but I much prefer an average woman to a silicone filled Barbie. They’re all sans make-up and sans clothes, all different shapes and sizes. The average age is 23-28, so all the breasts are perky and full. Some are shaven, some are trimmed, some are au natural, but all of them are thrilled to be with one another. I’m already feeling the moisture inside me seep into my panties as I click through the individual shots of the guys. Finally, a sex group that isn’t full of gigantic, hairy, ugly old men with lots of money and small dicks. The guys are the same ages as their female counterparts, of average to strong build, and the line of erect cocks proves that none of them are ‘below average’ when it comes to the equipment.

I click on, and absentmindedly slip my left breast out of the top of my tank top. I lick my fingers and pinch the nipple lightly as I click through pictures of the party getting started. There are a few shots of the girls playing with one another, and I focus on a stunning brunette eating out a mousy little bleach bottle blonde. The blonde is spread eagle on an armchair, lovingly admiring the brunette between her legs. Her fingers are at her nipples, pinching them outward into deep reddish pink points between her fingers. Tweaking my own nipple roughly, I maximize the picture and my imagination plays out the full scene. I prop one of my legs up on the desk, and reach down to massage myself. I play my fingers over my slit, imagining the brunette sliding her tongue along the folds of the blonde’s flesh. I push the thin black cotton harder against my clit, rubbing roughly and spreading the wetness of my pussy in imitation of the brunette’s hot saliva. Aching for more I grudgingly pull my hand away, grabbing for the mouse and cursing my 56k connection.

I click back to the gallery, and find a pale skinned, lusciously curvy black haired woman sucking the tiny nipples of a petite girl with hair streaked purple and a labia piercing. Behind the black haired girl, a tanned, wiry blonde guy is pushing his large cock into her, the soft light curves of her ass glistening with her cum and sweat against his rough stabs. She, in turn, is thrusting a rather large dildo into the neatly shaved girl with purple hair, who appears to be literally squealing with delight. I feel my cunt tighten and drip at the sight of one of my most imagined combinations and decide it’s time to start with the heavy artillery.

I maximize the picture and push the g-string to one side of my swollen, tender and bare lips. I grab my own blue dildo and, spreading my lips with two fingers, push the tip inside myself. My muscles contract roughly against the foreign object, sending a flood of my own juices down over my hand and the rubber cock. Forcing my hips up out of the chair, I thrust myself onto the dildo. Shuddering from the excitement, I work the toy in rough pushes in and out of my aching hole, imaging the tanned man poised behind me, forcing his huge pole in and out of me. My oral fixation kicks in, and I find myself sucking harshly on my lower lip. I allow my eyes to close and imagine the girl’s tiny breasts encircled by my mouth, her small frame shaking with pleasure and arching up against my lips. The pounding in my pussy is excruciatingly hard, but I still want for more.

Pushing the dildo deep inside myself, imagining one last hard thrust and grunt, and wanting to feel the hot trickle of a man’s ejaculation running down my thigh, I force my eyes open. Leaving the toy in place, I gingerly wipe my hand against my thigh, leaving a thin, shiny trail of moisture. Once again with my fingers on the mouse, I click back to the gallery.

I find a picture of the girl from the front page on all fours, full to the brim with cock. Though her mouth is busy deep-throating her doting partner as he holds her long hair back from her face, her eyes are smiling up at him with pure pleasure. The tanned blonde man from the previous picture is straddling her from behind, pushed tightly against her full, round ass. I fleetingly wonder if there are assigned roles, and he’s been dubbed the ‘man in back’. Below the loving wife a fair skinned redhead has istanbul escort her lips puckered tightly against the gently dangling breasts of the woman above her. I can just see the edges of dark brown nipples dimpling under the pressure of the redhead’s teeth above her soft, wet lips. Her hand is stretched down to fondle the woman’s clit, while her hips are pushed up firmly into the darker flesh above her. Her pale thin hips are unmistakably criss-crossed with the black straps of a strap-on harness, no doubt burying another fake cock deep inside the beautiful brown haired, dark skinned wife.

I sigh in anticipation and double-click the picture to full size. With the scene now covering my screen, I’m sure this image will finish me off. I’m dripping fluid down my ass into what will soon be a puddle between my legs. Where to start? I spread a bit of my own lubrication over my asshole, and then reach for the Aqua Lube. I pop the top open with one hand and let the thick sticky liquid drip down onto the sensitive skin. As I spread the lube over my ass I can feel the first quick clenching muscle pangs of orgasm deep inside me. Grabbing the butt plug, I coat the soft surface with lube and place the tip against my tightly clenched asshole. Forcing myself to relax I tilt my hips upward and slowly push it into my ass. The pain of the first penetration is startling as always, but once the plug is in place the exquisite pressure re-excites my vaginal muscles, and my clit begins pounding again from the stimulation inside me. The sensitive nerves at the surface are massaged gently by the base of the plug, and I can’t help but squirm and writhe in my chair with want.

But, this is too good a possibility for a mind blowing orgasm to allow myself to indulge in short sighted pleasure. Breathing deeply and slowly to calm myself, I reach for the only innocent item in my collection. The hard wood of the clothes pins has been worn smooth inside the clamp and the spring has lost some force from repeated use, making them just perfect. I gingerly clamp one to my already exposed left nipple, and flick the end lightly with my fingers. I can feel the nerves shooting a rush of adrenaline down my spine into my already painfully aroused cunt. A loud moan escapes from me and I quickly pull my right breast out of my tank top. My full, round, taught tits glow almost iridescently in the light of the monitor. I love the way they look like this, hoisted up and pinned together between the thin straps on my shoulders. I crane my neck forward and nip at my own erect nipple. Sighing hard and sitting up, I pin my right nipple and nearly fly out of the chair from the intense sensation.

Diverting my attention briefly from the task at hand, I control my breathing and clench my hands against the arms of my high backed office chair. I watch my chest rise and fall rhythmically, the clothes pins sticking out like some strange sexual antenna, letting the world know I’m ready for a peel-me-off-the-ceiling orgasm. Closing my eyes, I concentrate on relaxing my instinctively tightening vagina. I’m almost meditative, regaining strength and stamina for what I’m sure will prove to be one of the best self-sex sessions of my life. Now calmer and less sensitive, I open my eyes for one last glance at the picture, and then let my imagination run wild.

In my mind, the dark haired woman disappears and I’m in her place. Her husband’s cock is now that of my lover; warm, hard, and pulsing deep in my mouth. I let my tongue slip up and down the length of this imaginary cock, sucking it roughly into my mouth and almost feeling the tickle of the neatly trimmed pubic hair against my lips. The warmth of his body pressed to my face is almost intoxicating. I imagine reaching up and lightly fondling his balls, every now and then letting my tongue cross my lower lip to wet the thin flesh. I swallow hard against the smooth head of his cock and suck down against him, drawing his hot load closer and closer to my hungry mouth. I let my fingers wander down to my ass, and grip the edge of the butt plug between my fingers. It’s now the hard member of a man behind me, straddling my thighs and gripping my hips with force and determination. He is at first slow and deliberate, pushing into me until his thighs meet the slick surface of my ass. He drags his finger along the line where his cock meets my ass, spreading his pre-cum and lubricant over the tight opening. Once he is sure I’m primed, he begins to push in and out of me harder and faster, sending my mouth bobbing forcefully against the base of my lover’s dick. In a hot back and forth, I feel his head slip in and out of me as my lover’s throbbing erection slips in and out of my throat.

Flicking against the ends of the clothes pins, I see the redhead’s teeth clamp down on my pert nipples, and feel her mecidiyeköy escort tongue slide over the tip pinched between her teeth. Her lips are tender and soft, caressing the outer edges of my nipple, working the cool flesh into an ever warming frenzy. She alternates teasingly between them, playing her fingers lightly over one nipple as her hot mouth grips and massages the other. She rocks back and forth as my tits bob before her in sync with the oral and anal engagement going on above her. Every now and then she bites hard into the soft flesh, sending me nearly into convulsions and muffled moaning, which only entices my lover more.

I begin to push and pull the dildo in and out of my slippery, tight cunt with force. The redhead is pounding her hips into mine now, mashing the strap-on into me and grinding the walls of my pussy into the cock of the man behind me. She thrusts powerfully into me, all the while grasping and kneading my breasts with mouth and hand.

Nearly over the edge, I grope blindly for the vibrator and turn it on, sliding it against my now almost protruding clitoris. The redhead is rapidly working the slender fingers of her free hand against me. Intermittently she pauses and pushes her hips up to dig her false erection into me before resuming the racing pace her fingers dance over my hot spot. Alternately, she massages her own clit. I can feel the warm squish of her fluids and mine when her hips rise up to meet mine.

Almost overwhelmed with sensation, I alternate working the toys inside and against myself. I can feel the raging hard-on of my lover pulsing hotly in my mouth, as he nears climax. The man behind me pounds mercilessly into me, gripping my hips more and more tightly as he too gets ready to explode. The redhead arches her hips into me more and more quickly. Her teeth dig into my soft flesh as she bites harshly against one nipple, and pinches and rolls the other between her fingers. I feel her other hand switching between her clit and mine, sharing out sticky sweetness.

I arch my back, pressing my shoulders into my chair and panting heavily. As I feel my pussy tighten down for the last time and the warmth of my cum spilling out of me, I imagine the combined orgasm of my fantasy mates. My lover moans deeply and shoves his cock into my mouth. I can feel the ooze of his ejaculation down my throat, taste the salty bitterness on my tongue. The man behind me plunges into me, pressing his thighs tightly against my ass. He grunts roughly and grabs at my hips as he reaches orgasm, writhing against me and panting. The redhead beneath me latches onto my breast, sucking down and biting my sore nipples. She thrusts her hips up one last time, trapping her hand between us, stroking furiously at my swollen clit and moaning against my skin. Locked together, I can feel exhaustion setting in, as well as the trembling tiredness of my companions.

Slowly bringing myself back to reality, I’m faced with the consequences of this extended, exquisite torture. Every muscle in my body aches; my vaginal muscles continue to contract spasmodically while my thighs tremble, my pulse races, and I feel completely spent. I’m covered with sweat and the liquid remnants of my experience. As I whimper through the last, now painful waves of lessening intensity I begin to contemplate the idea of clean up. My body feels too heavy to move, and every inch of skin is flaming with the slightest touch. I’ve lost the vibrator under the desk, and fortunately I don’t hear the faint buzzing that would require me searching for it to turn it off. I wince as I release my nipples from the clothes pins. Setting them aside, I gently lift the top of my tank top back up over my breasts, stretching it away from my skin to avoid as much as possible the sting of the fabric rubbing across the raw flesh. I grope for the hand towel I know is lost somewhere on my desk. Finding it, I begin the slow, painstaking process of removing devices that now feel more like medieval methods of punishment than objects of pleasure.

Now undone, I stand up and nearly pass out from the rush of blood from my lower regions flooding back through my system. A dripping mess, I collect my things and trudge to the bathroom to wash myself and my ‘helpers’ for the night.

I return to my desk, now sans underwear, and slip my pajama pants back on. I tiredly clean up the mess left on my chair, and plop myself down to bookmark the page.

As I get ready to close Internet Explorer, disconnect, and call it a night an instant messenger window pops up on my screen. I contemplate clicking ‘ignore’…the last thing I need is one more horny 17 year old boy trying to be smooth.

But I know the user name. I can hardly believe it. Her screen name was under some of the pictures on the site. This was the girl who, unbeknownst to her, just spent the last hour and a half fucking me. Figuratively, of course.

My redheaded companion just stepped out of my dream and into a tangible existence, even if it was only online.

I swallowed hard, suddenly rejuvenated as adrenaline forced its way through my body, and clicked ‘accept’.

~To Be Continued~

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