Gude week Part 1

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Big Tits

Guide week

by anon y mouse

This story was inspired by a friend who is unwell at the moment GET WELL SOON

Richard heard the door but as he had his leg in plaster he could not get up to answer.

“It’s open” he shouted

“Sorry sir” said the young female voice “Just asking if there are any jobs needed for Guide week”

“Come in” Richard replied “I am sure I can find something”

The young girl stepped into the house. She was aware that her training told her not too as you never knew who was there. She left the door wide in case she needed a quick exit.Reaching the hallway she heard the voice beckon her into the living room

“Sorry honey cannot get up too quickly” said Richard “I injured my foot see”

The girl looked at the plastered foot and saw the man was indeed telling the truth. She explained that her mission was to raise funds for the local Guide Troupe by doing odd jobs for people.

“Well I am the lucky one” said Richard “I have not washed the pots yet”

“Sir I can do that all you offer is a rate for the job and we agree terms”

“$3 is ok” said Richard

“Yes sir most acceptable”

“You will find everything you need” said Richard

The girl thanked him and went about her task. She was dutiful in her work, if he liked the result there may be more as he was incapacitated. She hummed a tune as she washed the pots, there was not many. From the state of the house she guessed he lived alone, there were no signs of a female here or the kitchen would be tidier.

“Everything ok?” called Richard

“Yes sir nearly done”

“I have the money ready here” Richard told her

“Thank you sir”

The work having been done the girl went into the room and Richard proffered her the money.

“Is there any other work sir”

“Well yes” said Richard “But I hardly think it is your type of work”

“Just say sir let me judge”

“Very well as I am incapacitated I have been unable to go upstairs and I have a bedroom to clear and dirty laundry interested”

“Sir that may take a while if I may would you consider I bring in help”

“Certainly” Richard replied “Just let me know how much it will cost”

The girl went upstairs and viewed the room it was in shambles bed unmade Ankara escort and clothes everywhere. She went back down to negotiate a rate.

“Sir I am sorry but that will take ages and I would expect no less than $20”

Price agreed the girl was on her mobile to a friend

“Julie” the girl started “Are you free to help me clean a bedroom”

“Sure” said Julie “When?”

“I’m there now” said the girl

“Ok gimme the address be right over”

The girl informed Richard all was settled and would start when her friend arrived

“Fine” said Richard “But may I know your name”

“It is Millicent sir but call me Milly”

“Well Milly I am Richard pleased to know you”

“Thank you sir”

While Milly waited Richard offered her some lemonade and they sat talking. Richard explained how he stupidly tripped on the stair. He also told her he was ex army he now lived alone, and was working as a psychiatric nurse. Milly told him she was 15 lived with her mother, father had left them and she was a pack leader in the Ranger Guides.
It took 20 minutes for Julie to arrive and Milly let her in.

She was introduced to Richard and then the girls went upstairs to start the task. Milly could see that this would not be easy and she wished she had held out for more money, the whole room resembled a waste tip. She had however been taught by the Guides that life was not always easy and the motto was be prepared.

The shelves needed a tidy and Milly set about sorting the vast array of military that was strewn around. For ex military she thought this guy is one hell of a sloppy man. In her room at home though not the tidiest her mother would scream if she was to leave her room in this state.

Julie had a similar encounter down on the floor, it appeared at least 3 days of laundry and the smell was unbearable. Julie opened the window for fresh air. Within 30 minutes they had tidied the shelves and the floor was now free from clutter. The clothes had been placed on the bed. Milly went downstairs to ask what they should do with them.

Richard told her where the laundry basket was and apologised for the mess and smell. He was normally a tidy person but an event in his life had changed his mood to sadness. H would not specify what and Milly went upstairs Ankara escort bayan to fetch the clothes. Julie meanwhile had been busy with broom and the place looked a whole lot neater.

There was a corner of the room with a chest of drawers and it looked like it needed a clean around there too, but she was unable to move it herself and needed Milly to help. The two girls grabbed a corner each and soon had the unit moved sufficiently to clean. There was a shock on their faces when they saw a magazine that had fallen down the back, and was now lying there in full view.

Milly picked it up, sat on the bed and flicked through the pages. As she looked page after page was filled with photographs of naked women in a variety of poses; quite a lot of them were exposing their pussies. Milly showed Julie what she was looking at, both now sat on the bed in complete shock.

Further pages revealed stories, as Milly read some they contained graphic detail of sexual acts. Milly was so shocked she threw the book down.

“That is disgusting” Milly told Julie

“That is nothing” Julie remarked “My dad has videos”

“OMG” said Milly

“Yes and they show men doing it”

“You mean”

“Aha yes the whole thing”

“Urghhhhhh” said Milly

“And there are bits where girls are with girls”

Milly was so shocked at her friends descriptive of these videos. But at the same time she felt a tingle in her pussy.

“Have you ever you know” said Milly “Done anything”

“I do play with myself when I watch them” Julie answered

Milly had never done anything like that, she was taught it was a sin to do such things and surprised her friend did such lewd acts.

“Milly?” Julie asked “Do you want to see how I do it?”

Milly was not sure, but Julie did not wait for an answer she hoisted her skirt and pulled aside her panties and shoved a finger inside her pussy. Milly sat there transfixed as her friend continued and was now writhing and pushing deeper and moaning.

When she had finished, Milly saw the girl had wetness on her pussy. Julie one last time put her fingers in her pussy drew up some of the wetness and licked her fingers clean.

“Wow” said Milly “That was amazing how did you learn to do that?”

“From the videos” Escort Ankara explained Julie “If you want i can teach you now”

Milly was unsure, they had come to clean the room and get paid. The room was clean, no further reason to stay unless Richard had other jobs, and besides they were collecting money for the Guides.

Julie explained the room had been done in quick time; Richard would have no idea of how long they needed and it would not take long. Millie agreed and did as her friend had earlier, with talking and encouragement from Julie it was not long before Milly had her first experience of an orgasm.

“That was sensational” said Milly

“My pleasure” said Julie “And if you want we can do other things?”

Julie explained the other things and Milly was in agreement they should try. Now there was the matter of putting back the chest of drawers and the job was complete.

The two descended the stairs and went into the room to tell Richard.

“Thank you girls” Richard told them “That has been a big help now i have the money and more lemonade if you wish”

Milly took the money and really wanted to leave to get to Julies to continue her education; but politeness was part of the scouting movement as she was thirsty. The three sat drinking lemonade, and chatting.

Richard explained he had recently split from his girlfriend and apologised once more for the mess. H explained he had gotten into a drunken stupor after she left and being drunk he fell down the stairs. He was on the mend and the cast would be off tomorrow.

Julie was the one who bought up the subject

“That why you have that magazine?” She asked

Richard was a little sheepish and did not know what to say

“It is ok” continued Julie “My daddy has videos and he’s got mom”

“Yes I admit” said Richard “It has been a lonely time and that is my solace”

The air went silent as the three continued the lemonade.

“Now girls” said Richard “If you have finished I do not need anything more today but may I ask you to call tomorrow I have need of you helping me on the bus to go get my caste removed.”

Richard explained he was going to go alone but he thought the girls could help support him and he would pay for their help. It was agreed and the two left and promised to call and would gladly help him.

With that they left Richard and skipped out the door.

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………..

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