Gym Sauna Therapy Leads To More

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I joined SuperPump during business school. It wasn’t fancy. It didn’t have the latest and greatest equipment. It was not a place to see or be seen. It was a relic of a time when gyms were gyms; when family owned, single location operations didn’t have to worry about a corporate mega gym coming to town and drawing away all their customers. I have no idea how the owner, Steve, kept the place going, but the cheap monthly dues had to be one reason. The dues were what drew me to SuperPump in the first place, and now nearly there years later, I was still here.

It wasn’t about the money anymore. Since joining SuperPump I had graduated from business school and taken a job as an analyst at a major investment banking shop a few blocks away. The money was great but the hours were grueling, which is where SuperPump saved me again. Steve keeps SuperPump open until midnight and if you’re friends with Steve like I am, he’ll keep it open as long as you need.

Last night I arrived just as Steve was turning off the “Open” sign and locking up. He saw me running across the street and broke into a big smile when a frantically knocked on the glass. I begged for him to let me in, “Just this once!” I pleaded, knowing there was no chance he’d turn me away. Steve played along and with mock exasperation said, “Okay, I guess. Just this once.”

He opened the door and we bro-hugged.

“As always I owe you man! Thanks so much.”

“No problem man. Which atrophying muscle group are you going to pretend to workout tonight,” he joked.

“Gluts baby! Just because I don’t need them anymore, doesn’t mean I want to lose them!” I said over my shoulder as I headed for the locker room to change.

“Don’t need them?!” Steve feigned surprise. “How dare you! Glutes are the foundation…”

“…that every SuperPumper needs,” I cut off his favorite motto. “Yeah, yeah, heard it twice before.”

After exchanging my business suit for a pair of basketball shorts and a cutoff t-shirt, I headed for the squat rack. Back when I played baseball in high school, squats, deadlifts, and other glute intensive exercises were an essential part of developing lower body power. Working the glutes hard in high school had the pleasant side effect of giving me an ass that women still complement me about to this day. I may no longer need them for throwing and hitting baseballs, but that doesn’t mean I want the complements to stop.

My physical appearance has always been a hit with women and, despite the impending approach of my 30th birthday, I wanted to keep things that way. I was 6’1″, 170 lbs., and thanks to SuperPump my muscle groups actually looked better than ever. My chest, arms, and back were well defined and for the first time since high school my six pack had returned with a vengeance. Although I was single, it was a rare weekend that didn’t feature a one-night stand with some hot chick I met out somewhere, and I worked hard to make sure I looked great naked.

After finishing my last set of squats I moved over to the Olympic weight mats for some deadlifts. By now Steve knew my routine and had already loaded weights on the bar. I was in the bulk phase of my workout schedule, so tonight I was gearing up to do 6 reps at a weight I’d never rapped before. This turned out to be a mistake. The first set went great, but on the last rep of the second set, I felt a twinge in my right hamstring.

I dropped the weight immediately and limped around the mat trying to walk off the pain.

“Damn it!” I said, shaking my head.

“Pulled something?”

“Yeah, I think so. Fuck that’s going to set me back a while. Hamstrings take forever!”

“Not necessarily,” Steve said. “If you treat it early and often with stretching, massage and temperature treatment it can bounce back quicker than you’d think.”

“I don’t know man, seems like wishful thinking. Besides, who has time to do all that? Massage? Temperature treatment?”

“If you can workout every night at midnight. You can rehab every night at midnight. SuperPump has everything you need. We can start tonight.”

“You sure about this?”

“Yes, head straight to the sauna. I’ll join you there in a minute. Let’s try to get at that hammy before it cools off.”

I shrugged and headed for the locker room. I was skeptical but didn’t want to be rude to the old man. I guess I shouldn’t say “old man.” The phrase certainly didn’t do him justice. Steve was roughly 6′, 185 lbs., had a full head of closely cut white hair, and was built like a Mac truck. Barrel chested with chiseled arms and legs, even at 62, his lifting power put me to shame.

Once in the locker room I stripped down and found myself in a dilemma. Normally I’d go into the sauna naked with a towel around my waist. But with Steve joining me, was that appropriate? I decided to keep my basketball shorts on, peeled off my shirt, and entered to sauna to wait for Steve.

Not long after, Steve entered the sauna wearing only a towel. It was the first time I’d seen him with his shirt off and gaziemir escort I couldn’t help but stare. Perfectly built shoulders and pecs covered in whips of gray hair gave way to a set of abs that was down right remarkable for a man of his age.

Steve must have noticed me staring because he quickly said, “Sorry about the towel! I hope this is okay. My workout clothes are already in the wash and besides it would be sacrilegious to wear clothes in here.”

I glanced down at my shorts and we both laughed.

“But whatever you’re comfortable with my man. It’s no problem.”

“I’ll be right back,” I said. I hobbled out of the sauna, quickly stripped down, and found a towel to wrap around my waste.

I re-entered the sauna, and Steve said “Good call. More comfortable and it’ll make the massage easier. Go ahead and lay on your back right here,” he said motioning to the lowest bench.

“You’ve probably done vertical hamstring stretches before, but I’m going to incorporate some light massage to see if we can isolate the muscle pull and loosen it up.”

He grabbed my right ankle and began to lift my foot. As he did so, my leg started to pull my towel up, so I stopped him immediately.

“I’m not sure this is the best stretch for me to be wearing a towel. Unless you want to get flashed”

Steve chuckled and said, “Well I’m sure I’ve seen it all before, but that’s okay, let’s just adjust things. Unwrap you towel and just lay it vertically between your legs. That way we can lift your legs without moving the towel. I’ll turn around to give you some privacy.”

I was feeling a little silly about my prudishness but nonetheless I waited for Steve to turn around and then quickly arranged my towel as he suggested.

“Perfect,” said Steve. “Let’s try this again.”

Steve lifted my right leg and began gently kneading my calf muscles near my Achilles before slowly moving down my leg. Each time he moved his hands lower he adjusted my leg to maximize the amount of stretch it was under. By the time he reached my injured hamstring, we’d been in the sauna for almost 10 minutes and we were both dripping with sweat.

Throughout this process I’d kept my eyes closed to better focus on keeping my body as relaxed as possible. As I felt the pain begin to dissipate I lifted my head and opened my eyes to tell Steve that whatever he was doing was working. But when I opened eyes I saw that Steve, in order to keep his balance while exerting force on my leg, had braced himself by keeping his left leg on the floor and his right leg on the bench I was laying on. This stance caused Steve’s towel to open enough to expose the largest flaccid penis I’d ever seen outside of a porno. Rimmed by light gray pubic hair, his impressive girth was matched by an equally impressive set of round low hanging balls. The entire package glistened with sweat.

After staring for what I was sure was too long a time, I shut my eyes and put my head back down. I didn’t want to embarrass Steve, plus what was I doing staring at his dick anyway? I was 100% straight. Sure I’d occasionally fantasized about sex with a man, even going so far as jacking-off with guys on my webcam, and checking out the “Casual Encounters” section on Craigslist. But that was only when I was alone and at my horniest and I’d never gotten close to actually trying something with another guy.

I closed my eyes to refocus on the massage, and tried to reassure myself that Steve hadn’t caught me staring. But as I lay there, I couldn’t get the image of his thick, glistening cock out of my mind.

“Okay,” Steve broke the silence and caused me to open my eyes with a start. I raised my head to look at Steve. As Steve spoke I struggled to maintain eye-contact as the shape of his dangling manhood was easily visible in my peripheral vision. In a moment of terror I felt my own manhood begin to swell with blood.

“You’re doing great so far, but you’ll notice that a lot of the tightness has moved out of your hamstrings and into your glute. If I can at that area it’ll go a long way towards speeding up your recovery but I’ll have to get a little up close and personal to do it.”

How can he be so nonchalant with his junk just hanging out like that? He had to know he was completely exposed, didn’t he? Why is my dick getting hard? It’s starting to lift my towel! Shit! Shit! Shit!

“Steve?” Shit, I hadn’t been listening, what did he say?

“Uh, sure, yeah, everything has been great so far, whatever you think,” I stammered. “Uh what’s the temp at now?”

I waited for Steve to look at the temp gauge, and as soon as he turned his head, I rearranged myself so that my dick now lay on my stomach. Tent-pitching crisis averted.

Steve turned back and gave me a quizzical smile, “The temp is fine. Do you need me to adjust it?”

“Uh no, just curious, thanks.”

Steve told me to lie back down and relax as best I could. He began massaging my leg again but this time his hands were much lower. So low karabağlar escort that the fingers of his right hand were now under my towel and pressing against my taint and grazing my scrotum. Between this sensation and the image of his cock, my dick was now fully erect and throbbing against my abs. Thank goodness for the towel.

“Doing okay Mike?”

“Yeah, totally,” I lied. Under ordinary circumstances, I probably would have had a problem with another man’s fingers buried in my crack, but I was feeling so self-conscious about my hard on, I didn’t think twice about stopping what Steve was doing.

“Okay, now comes the real down and dirty part. I apologize in advance but it’s the only way I can get enough grip down here.”

At this point I felt one of this fingers moving in small circles against my asshole.

“Can you feel my finger on your asshole?” Could I feel it? Are you kidding me?

“Uh huh,” I grunted.

“On the count of three I need you to press out with your asshole like you’re taking a shit.”

“Uh, okay.”

“One, two, three.” As soon as I pressed my ass out, Steve pressed his finger inside of me. I was not expected this and gasped audibly.

“Good, still doing okay?”

“Uh, yeah sure,” I said. This was not the first time I’d had a finger up my ass. I’d had a few girlfriends stick a finger up there during a blowjob, and I’d even done it myself a few times while jacking off. But still, this is not how I thought my night would go. And why the fuck wouldn’t my hard-on go down?

With his finger buried in my ass, Steve was able to drive this right thumb deeply into my glute. I felt sharp pain with each knot he worked on, but relief quickly replaced the pain. Before long I didn’t even notice Steve’s finger in my ass.

“Okay Mike, almost done, but the last thing I need to do is lift your hips up a bit so I can finish with the upper glutes. Rather than run out into the locker room lets just use our towels to prop you up and get it over with.”

Before I could protest or even realize what was happening, Steve ripped off my towel. There I was, completely naked with a raging erection completely exposed to the owner of my gym. Speechless and horrified, I looked to see Steve’s reaction but he acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He folded his towel with mine, slid the towels under my hips, and resumed the massage.

I looked wide-eyed at Steve, prepared to apologize, but he never looked up from the area he was massaging. I watched as he brought his index finger to his lips and coated it with saliva, and brought it back down to my asshole. I pressed my ass out in anticipation and Steve’s finger slid easily inside.

Steve met my eyes and smiled. “You’re a quick learner,” he said. He continued to drive his thumbs into my muscles but now I sensed something had changed. He had a different look in his eyes and for the first time I felt an odd tension in the room. And then I noticed that Steve’s magnificent flaccid penis was no longer flaccid. He was at half-mast and rising quickly, growing and thickening more by the second.

Steve maintained eye contact while he asked questions about my hamstring and gave advice about future treatment, all the while seemingly ignoring the fact that we were alone in a sauna, our nude bodies glistening with sweat, and we were both rock hard.

Steve stopped massaging my leg and then rotated his finger inside my ass. I felt him begin to apply a gentle pressure to my prostate with a slow rhythmic taping motion. I let out a moan before I could stop myself, which caused Steve to break into a big grin.

“The massage is over, but I’d love to keep hanging out if you’re up for it,” he asked without breaking rhythm inside my ass.

“Yes, sure,” I said breathlessly as my hips began to squirm.

Steve smiled and then without warning, leaned down and ran his tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock. I guess I should have known this was where things were headed but it shocked me nonetheless. Steve repeated his licks several times before taking my dick in is left hand and beginning to stroke it. He stopped pressing against my prostate, and instead began moving his finger in and out ever so slowly.

His hand glided easily up and down my cock and it felt amazing. Being uncircumcised made his job easy and Steve was quick to notice it.

“You have a beautiful cock Mike. I love that you’re uncut. And your balls are great, you’ve got some real low hangers there.” I glanced down at Steve’s cock while he jacked me. It was pointing straight up now, and fully erect it had to be at least 8 inches long with impressive girth. I’d never had any complaints about my own 6 inches of meat, and I’d had women complement its girth, but it was still tough not to feel dwarfed by Steve.

Steve leaned down again, this time to take the head of my cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head, sucking it as he continued to pump my shaft with his hand. Everything kemalpaşa escort he was doing felt incredible and, almost involuntarily, I began to buck my hips to fuck his mouth.

I was already breathing heavily but my heavy breathing turned to moans when his index finger resumed its rhythmic tapping against my prostate. I could feel my orgasm building quickly and Steve must have sensed it as well because he pulled his head off my cock, slowed his stroking, and slid his finger out of my ass.

“It’s getting a little warm in here don’t you think,” he smiled. “How about we head into the locker room. Don’t worry, the place is locked and everyone is long gone.”

I nodded, feeling a bit dazed by the heat and the pleasure I had just been feeling. He extended a hand to help me up and we left the sauna, the cool air of the locker room causing goose bumps to appear on our sweat-covered bodies. In a night filled with surprises, I’ll never forget how erotic it felt to be strolling naked through the locker room, our hard cocks bouncing with each step, two completely masculine men looking for a place to have sex.

Steve turned down one of the locker rows and laid a towel on the wooden bench, and placed his wadded up gym clothes at the far end. Between the cool air and the break in activity I was beginning to emerge from my lust filled daze. What the hell was I doing? What the hell had I already done?

Perhaps sensing my trepidation, Steve put his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face him.

“Steve am I right to think this is you first time doing anything with a man,” he said.

I swallowed nervously and nodded.

“Nothing has changed tonight and nothing will change. This is fun. We’re just two friends having a good time. It took too long for me to learn that sexual pleasure doesn’t require labels or rules. No matter what happens tonight you’ll still walk out of here the same guy. You’ll just have realized there are lots of fun ways to get your rocks off,” he smiled and gave my shoulders a squeeze.

“I’m not gay.”

Steve chuckled and grabbed my cock, stroking it gently. “I’m not either Mike. But pleasure is pleasure. Fun is fun.”

Even while my cock stiffened in his hand I felt the need reaffirm my straightness. “No kissing or hugging just sex stuff.”

Steve grinned. “Just sex stuff.”

With that reassurance I finally did what I’d wanted to do ever since I saw Steve’s cock. I dropped to my knees and took Steve’s manhood into my mouth. By then Steve had been leaking precum for a while and the taste coated my tongue as I swirled it around his head. The taste, smell, and feeling of hard meat filling my mouth was intoxicating. I tried taking him as deeply as possible but could only go half-way down before gagging.

I moved my lips back to his head and used both of my hands to fist his cock while I sucked the head. I heard Steve breathing become heavy and a few groans escaped his lips. I knew he was getting close and I began sucked with more urgency. I wanted to make this man cum in my mouth.

But then I felt Steve’s hand on my face slowing the pace of my sucking. “You’re a natural at this Mike, but let’s slow down for a sec.”

He cradled my chin in his hand, holding my head stationary as he slowly fucked my mouth while I looked up into his eyes.

“I’m going to leave it up to you Mike, do you want me to cum in your mouth, or would like me to work on that hammy some more,” he said with a wink.

I pulled off his dick, taking it in my hand instead, and smiled up at him. “I think my hammy could definitely use some extra work.”

Steve helped me up and motioned for me to lie on the bench. He positioned my ass so that it was at the very edge of the bench and told me pull my knees towards my chest. With my anus now completely exposed, he dropped to a knee and brought his tongue to my hole. After a few gentle swirls he lost all patience and began eating my ass with abandon. I moaned as his tongue dug deeply into my hole, tongue fucking it with a frenzied enthusiasm. He kept at it for several minutes, and it was some of the most intense pleasure I’d ever felt. He then moved his mouth up to my balls and cock, replacing his tongue with a finger that slid easily inside me. Once again the combination of his lips on my cock and his finger against my prostate almost brought me over the edge, but before it was too late he pulled back.

He slid his index finger out and replaced it with his index and middle fingers. He ground his fingers into my ass, moving them in a circular motion, letting me become accustomed to this new size. He then slowly and gently began reapplying pressure to my prostate. As he continued to apply this rhythmic pressure, my asshole began to relax in direct relation to the intensity of the pleasure I felt. Soon the vice like resistance of my virgin anus melted away and I felt only pleasure.

While he fucked my ass with his fingers, my swollen cock began leaking clear precum in amounts I’d never seen before. Each time his fingers pressed against my prostate more fluid would leak out, until it began to pool in the crevices of my abs and run down the sides of my stomach. I groaned loudly and almost involuntarily as I lost myself in this new pleasure. A pleasure so intense that it was both blissful and unbearable.

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