Haitian Love Stories Ch. 01

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Whenever security guard Jean-Paul “J.P” Olivier went around the La Cite Collegiale campus for his evening patrols, he would often run into Nadine Bastien, the six-foot-tall, big-booty Haitian cleaning lady. A few times he tried to chat her up, but she played coy, and rebuffed his advances. Jean-Paul thought that Nadine was just another tease, the kind of sister who revs up a brother’s engine but won’t change his oil. He put her out of mind, and focused on his usual freaks, who happen to be women of all races. The other night, Nadine spotted Jean-Paul getting dropped off at work by a blonde-haired white chick named Isabel.

Like a lot of black women nowadays, Nadine only pays attention to a brother if he’s dating a woman of another race. Why do black women do this to black men, seriously? The next time Jean-Paul ran into Nadine, perhaps as a result of seeing him with Isabel and feeling jealous, she came onto him quite strongly. Like a bitch in heat, in fact. Never one to look a gift horse on the mouth, Jean-Paul responded to Nadine’s flirtations, and they exchanged numbers. He hasn’t fucked a black woman in a while, and Nadine looked like the type to help him make up for lost time.

Earlier that evening, Nadine Bastien went into the school library with her cleaning cart, intent on keeping things tidy even though the school had been closed for a while due to Covid. Hard-working security guard Jean-Paul had an entire campus to patrol but somehow, he ended up in the library. It’s almost as if Nadine secreted some kind of pheromone which the horny Haitian brother followed like a good bloodhound. Nah, Jean-Paul saw Nadine’s big ass walk into the library and went to check things out.

“Ou gen yon bel bonda, you’ve got a nice ass,” Jean-Paul Olivier said as he caressed Nadine Bastien’s thick black ass. The six-foot-tall, curvaceous Haitian woman purred like a kitten and pressed her big derriere against her lover’s groin. In a quiet corner of the bostancı escort La Cite Collegiale library, the two of them were getting their freak on. It was a cold night in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, but for these two, things were most definitely heating up.

“Hmm, want to see it up close?” Nadine said as she turned around, and Jean-Paul nodded, then kissed her passionately. Jean-Paul hadn’t been part of the school security team for long, but he noticed the big-booty Haitian cleaning lady since his first day on the job. Nadine has the kind of ass that legendary porn stars like Cherokee D’Ass and Nina Rotti would envy. Jean-Paul really wanted a piece of Nadine’s ass, and tonight, it looks like it was finally going to happen…

“Damn right,” Jean-Paul replied, and he pulled Nadine into his arms and began feeling up that curvaceous body of hers. Nadine grinned as Jean-Paul grabbed her booty and gave it a firm squeeze. Jean-Paul propped her up on a thick wooden table, and Nadine looked him up and down. The Haitian brother is tall, dark-skinned, strongly built and mighty fine, and Nadine wanted some of that. Lots of Haitian guys exclusively chase white women, and Nadine isn’t feeling that. Haitian men need to stick to Haitian women, and Nadine is happy to remind Jean-Paul of how good Haitian pussy can be…

“If you want it, come and get it, I’m ready for you,” Nadine said as she spread her thick dark thighs invitingly, after sliding her cargo pants down to her ankles. Jean-Paul looked at Nadine, this tall, thick Haitian mama with the curvy body, big tits and thick thighs, and grinned wolfishly. The Haitian brother got on his knees and brought his face to the lady’s crotch, then inhaled her scent. Nadine smiled as Jean-Paul buried his face between her thighs, and began eating her pussy…

There is a certain art to eating Haitian pussy, which smells and tastes like no other pussy on earth. Jean-Paul has büyükçekmece escort been with Nigerian women, Irish women, Italian women, Chinese women, and Colombian women, but he has never forgotten the smell and taste of Haitian women. Nadine groaned as Jean-Paul sucked on her clitoris and fingered her snatch, stimulating her quite nicely. She caressed the back of his smooth shaved head, her way of encouraging him to continue.

“Ou gen bon gou, you taste good,” Jean-Paul told Nadine, as he continued to lather her pussy with his tongue. Nadine moaned softly and rubbed her erect nipples, loving what Jean-Paul was doing to her. The Haitian brother looked sexy in his security guard uniform and had a nice ass, but a lot of guys who look good aren’t necessarily good in the sack. Nadine was pleased to discover that Jean-Paul’s tongue game was as fine as the rest of him. Of course, the fun was just beginning…

Nadine found herself on all fours, face down and big Haitian ass up, as Jean-Paul checked out what she was working with. Haitian women have never lacked in the booty department but lately, perhaps due to increased competition with females of other communities for available handsome and hard-working Haitian men, Haitian women are developing super-sized booty. Jean-Paul playfully smacked Nadine’s big ass, causing the tall Haitian Amazon to yelp, and then laugh.

“Sispan gaspiye tan mwen, don’t waste my time,” Nadine said, quite haughtily in fact, and she acted like she was going to walk away, but Jean-Paul gripped her big ass and held her in place. Jean-Paul worked his fingers into Nadine’s holes, first inspecting her wet pussy, and then sliding his finger up her butt hole. Nadine groaned but did not protest as Jean-Paul inspected her asshole. Perhaps another time, Jean-Paul thought, and he eased his dick out of his pants, and showed Nadine what he was working with…

“Mwen vle ou souse bwa mwen, çekmeköy escort I want you to suck my dick,” Jean-Paul told Nadine, and she turned around and gasped upon seeing his dick. Mother nature designed the Haitian man to do two things, fuck anything on two legs, and fight. Nadine licked her lips and reached for Jean-Paul’s long and thick dark dick with both hands, gently pulling back the foreskin. With a slick grin on her lovely face, Nadine began sucking Jean-Paul’s dick.

“Hmm, tres delicieux,” Nadine paused to say as she sucked Jean-Paul’s dick, and massaged his big dark balls. In no time at all, she had the Haitian brother harder than a rock. Jean-Paul grinned at Nadine, as if to tell her she’d done a good job. He put her back on all fours, smacked her big ass and then eased his stiff dick into her pussy. Nadine let out a happy sigh as Jean-Paul slid his dick inside of her. Haitian dicks belong inside Haitian pussies and inside Haitian female butt holes, it’s what mother nature intended. Following mother nature’s invectives, Jean-Paul began fucking Nadine like his life depended on it…

“Hmm, bouboun ou sere, your pussy is tight,” Jean-Paul said as he gripped Nadine’s hips and slammed his dick into her like there was no tomorrow. Nadine is a tall woman with a big ass, and she’s used to having men wrapped around her finger. Well, Jean-Paul doesn’t play that shit. The Haitian stud conquers that which he desires, and that is simply that. Nadine squealed in delight as Jean-Paul fucked her roughly, smacking her ass and even pulling on her hair as he banged her. The two of them fucked and sucked for a good while, totally melting into each other.

After all was said and done, security guard Jean-Paul Olivier walked out of the La Cite Collegiale library with a smile on his face. As for Nadine Bastien, the tall, curvaceous Haitian cleaning lady went to the bathroom to wash her pussy, which felt like it was on fire after she got dicked down good and proper by J.P. himself. Nadine composed herself, adjusted her work clothes, and then finished her work before going home. In a day or two, Nadine intends to invite Jean-Paul to her apartment in Orleans for a repeat. Good dick is too much of a good thing for this horny Haitian sister to pass up…

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