Haley’s Older Man

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This is dedicated to a reader named Jessica who gave me the idea for this submission.


Booches was one of the most popular campus hangouts being only three blocks away from the large public university. It was a quiet bar where businessmen, students and professors felt equally at home. The food menu was scant consisting of little more than burgers but the owner always seemed to make everyone feel welcome and he was silent about who met who and did what with whom.

Haley liked hanging out at Booches as most of the people were polite. The exception was when classes let out and the placed filled up with her fellow classmates. She had turned 21 three months earlier and become a regular here as she didn’t like the loud music and the want to be studs at the other bars.

But, alas, the five and a half foot tall brunette found that even at this cozy place these guys would impose on her quiet time. For the most part she would brush them off but about three weeks earlier she decided to take a chance on one who was better looking than most and could at least speak in complete sentences.

This 21 year old Don Juan took her back to her place and they began necking. He was doing rather well as he pulled off her shirt and bra kissing her 36C tits. Haley found herself enjoying his style but then he reached for the snap of her jeans. Quickly he unfastened her pants and ripped them and her panties from her body and pushed her onto the bed. That wasn’t so bad and neither was watching him strip off his clothes revealing his tightly formed body.

But, as soon as he was nude he jumped on top of her with no foreplay. Hell, her hand hadn’t even got to touch his prick and he hadn’t even caressed her cunt. He was so eager to get another notch on his belt that he rammed his hard cock right into her vagina. The guy’s cock felt good inside of her and she began to meet him with her hips.

Haley was really getting into it just as he groan and announce that he came. Then the jackass simply pulled out of her and went to the bathroom leaving her to finish herself off. When he came back he didn’t even offer to eat her cunt he simply got dressed and left.

At least, more experienced guys usually would have more staying power and the more considerate ones would have tried to keep fucking until she came too and if they couldn’t stay hard they would find some other way of getting her off, it was only fair. So here she was early on a Wednesday evening trying to put that guy out of her mind sipping on her beer when a couple of groups of students burst through the door.

Haley tried to put up her force field to keep them away but, as usual, it didn’t work. Tonight she expected even more than usual as she was wearing a short skirt showing off her long smooth legs. In a matter of seconds here came the first skinny guy who asked, “Can I buy you a drink beautiful?” “How do I know if you can buy me a drink?” she answered sarcastically and then looked away. As she avoided her would be suitor she saw the man two stools away. He was smiling obviously tickled by what she had told the young man. Now, if she could just attract this kind of man she would be much happier.

He appeared to be in his late forties not much taller than her at about 5’8″ medium build with brown hair salted with lots of white and silver streaks. Her dreamy thoughts of older men were abruptly interrupted by a somewhat handsome student who confidently came up and asked, “Hey babe, what is your sign?”

“No trespassing,” Haley answered amazed that this line was still being used as she looked away from him. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a real hunk walking toward her and decided to at least listen to what he had to say.

“Hey sweet cheeks would you like to dance?” This pissed Haley off as there wasn’t a dance floor and the guy didn’t know her well enough to call her that.

“Hey jerk do you see a fucking dance floor here? And how the fuck do you know whether my cheeks are sweet or not? Why don’t you go play with yourself because you aren’t playing with me?” The guy sulked away with his tail between his legs. Haley felt kind of bad for being so mean but she had heard every line these guys had pitched at her over and over again.

After a few more guys made their attempts Haley decided it was time to leave and come back when it was quieter. Just then she saw a hand put another beer in front of her and turned to see that it was being offered by the silver fox. A strange nervousness came over the girl as she sat there in anticipation. He spoke softly, “With my compliments for doing the best job of fending off unwanted guys I’ve ever seen.”

She thought about some snappy come back for this older man but something about him was very attractive. Besides, after offering her the beer he sat there politely almost ignoring her; he wasn’t after the hard sell or maybe no sale at all. It was as if he would be glad if she almanbahis adres responded positively but it would be no loss if she wasn’t interested. So Haley did the safe thing and just said, “Thank you.”

Admiring his self control as he sat there saying nothing for several minutes as she sipped on the beer. Haley caught him stealing glimpses of her legs and boobs as discretely as he could. To her surprise he also was studying her face. The sexual tension between them was building. One of them had to speak soon.

“That was amazing the way you dispatched of all of those young boys,” he said complimenting her and stating the obvious distinction between him and the guys she had thrown on the scrap heap. He smiled brightly at her causing a grin to come to her face. Turning toward him slightly she didn’t realize that this caused her skirt to edge up an inch or so on her lusciously smooth thigh.

“Well, I am just so sick of guys with one liners and if you give them a chance they turn out to be duds.”

Well, all I know is that if I was your father and I heard what you said to that guy who called you sweet cheeks I’d take you over my knee,” Rich couldn’t help himself as the sexy girl wearing pigtails seemed to be getting a little bratty with some of the young men who had come up to her. Besides he wanted to see how she would react to his own brash comment. To her surprise Haley was intrigued about this older man taking her over his knee and felt a little tingle deep inside.

“So what, you would give me a spanking, huh?”

“If you were my daughter I sure would; by the way I’m Rich.” He held out his hand to give this voluptuous creature a handshake.

“I’m Haley, but I’m not your daughter so you’d have to catch this little girl first,” she replied almost purring as she shook his hand and threw back her head laughing causing her twin pigtails to bob up and down. Now there flirting began full speed ahead. After another beer Haley found Rich’s hand resting on her lower thigh.

Rich was feeling pretty good about things as the young lady was leaning close to him letting him inhale her intoxicating perfume. A moment of disappointment washed over him as Haley finished her drink and excused herself to go to the ladies room. Rich wondered if she were coming back or if she would make tracks for the door.

The power of her bladder had gotten the best of her and Haley just had to pee but she was afraid to leave him as he might exit while she was taking care of nature’s call. Haley jogged to and from the bathroom and was relieved there was no line. Seeing him still sitting there she intentionally rubbed her chest up against him as she scooted past his side to climb back up on the bar stool.

Rich knew that he didn’t want her to get away without getting to know her better. Wasting no time as soon as she was seated his hand returned to her bare thigh, but a little higher than it had been. Beginning to caress her soft skin he asked, “So, what do you think about going out with older men?”

Here it was her moment of decision. She could back out easily but decided to plunge ahead. Her favorite experiences had always been with older guys. She was on fire as she hadn’t been with anyone since the asshole three weeks earlier. Rubbing her knee up against his She leaned over and gave him a soft very brief kiss on the lips, “Does that answer your question?”

Sitting back she let her skirt ride up higher on her legs exposing a tiny patch of the black panties she was wearing. She was careful to make sure that it was only visible to him. Rich saw it and his erection formed a large tent in his trousers as he uttered, “Haley, you are being a bad girl showing off in public like that.”

“So, what are you going to do about it; give me a spanking like you are my daddy?” She turned to face him and he was practically drooling. Quickly she reached for his lap and gave his member a tight squeeze and once again kissed him. This time the kiss was longer and very passionate. Their lips parting they stared into one another’s eyes.

“Oh God, I’d love to do far more than that sweet baby,” he said hopefully. Haley turned back to the bar and called for their bills and guzzled the last of her beer down. Seeing this Rich followed suit and they slammed their empty glasses down on the bar together.

“Ok, big boy come with me and we’ll see if you are all bark and no bite. Eagerly Rich followed her out the door and around the corner to her small apartment that was on the second floor above some downtown shops. As they walked they made the usual small talk. Haley said she was a junior in Journalism while Rich was a History professor.

Making the climb up the narrow stairs Haley fumbled with the key as the older man admired her plumb ass. He thought it wasn’t too big but certainly big enough to bury his face into. Haley let him in and quickly slammed the Dorr behind them. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hungry almanbahis adresi kiss.

“Rich, make love to me. Please be my daddy; I’ve always wanted a sweet daddy to take care of my naughty little body.” She figured from their earlier conversation that this would turn him on and besides it was true. That is exactly why she had worn the pigtails she wanted a sexy older man to make her his baby girl, or at least try it out.

“Fuck yes, so, let’s get my baby girl ready for bed and get these clothes off of you.” He pulled her blouse over her head and quickly threw her bra aside. Haley was excited and could feel all of her juices flowing. Looking down at the now huge bulge in his pants she reached down and grabbed it in both hands.

“Daddy Rich’s big cock is happy to see his baby girl. Can I suck it for you daddy?” Even through the material her hands felt great and Rich could only nod approval at her question. Her nimble fingers opened up his trousers amazingly fast and in seconds she had them and his briefs pushed to his knees.

Her mouth was like a moist vacuum cleaner as she sucked his entire eight inches into her suddenly slutty throat. Somehow she knew this man wouldn’t disappoint her and she would cum several times before the night was over. Rich wrapped a hand around each of her pigtails as she kneeled in front of him with her lips sliding up and down his length.

Slurping and sucking for everything Haley could feel the crotch of her panties getting wet. Rich was using her pigtails like handles and held on tightly as she continued her oral assault. When he was about to cum he yanked her by the hair toward his balls and emptied his jism deep into her throat.

Licking her lips Haley made sure that she got every single drop as she rose back to her feet. As Rich kissed her exploring her mouth with his tongue she worked busily unbuttoning his shirt. Coming up for air he asked, “So, baby girl where is the bedroom. I still owe you that spanking for your rudeness at Booches.”

“Like I told you, you’ve got to catch me first,” she shot back laughing as she ran toward the bedroom. She got a big head start as Rich’s pants were still down around his knees and he had to kick them along with his shoes and underwear off before he could follow her. He took note of where the girl had gone and was a minute behind her.

Getting to her room Haley stripped off her skirt and shoes and waited anxiously for the silver stud. As Rich entered he saw her standing there in nothing but the black panties with her back to him playing with her pigtails. Looking over her shoulder she cooed, “Hi big daddy I see you found me, do you like what you see?”

Oh yes baby very much but that doesn’t change anything young lady,” he spoke sweetly, almost reassuringly, letting her know that he was just having fun with her. Gliding over to her bed he sat down and reached out for her pulling her close. Gently he caressed her body reveling in her soft sexy curves.

Then grabbing the waistband of the underwear he smoothly pulled them over her hips and let them drop to the floor as she stepped out of them. Pausing for a moment he admired her thick patch of pubic hair; it was very thick but by no means wild. He wanted to bury his face in it right then but knew he had promises to keep.

Ordinarily Haley would have felt like a piece of meat on display but his touch was so gentle and he said nothing; no lude comments like the young guys would have made. She shivered as he cupped the bottoms of her breasts with his hands and worked his fingers to the nipples. He rubbed the erect nipples between his fingertips squeezing and twisting just hard enough to give her supreme pleasure.

Then sliding his hands down her sides he gently tugged on her causing her to turn around in his hands. Before him he saw a pair of glorious cheeks that formed a perfect heart shape. Leaning down he flicked his tongue out and gave it a lick and scolded, “ummm, you do have sweet cheeks, the guy was right you gave him hell for no reason. So, now daddy needs to take care of you.”

He motioned to his lap and Haley obediently laid across it. As she got into just the right position her soft ass wiggled sensually at him as her hips rubbed against his manhood. Placing his hands on her rump he pulled the mounds apart revealing the deep crack which was lined with a tiny bit of peach fuzz leading down to her tight puckering hole.

He ran his finger up and down the deep canyon stopping at the little rosebud. Lightly he circled the hole with his index finger before pushing against the opening until she squirmed as he pushed until he was in up to his fingernail. As Haley let out a small yelp Rich pulled out and gave her ass the first smack right in the middle of her soft flesh.

Haley had never had a sexual spanking before. She felt a little weird with her ass sprawled across the virtual stranger’s lap but she couldn’t argue with the tingle in her clit or the wetness almanbahis adres of her twat. She turned her head trying to look up at him cooing, “Daddy, that feels nice.”

“Do you want some more,” he asked as he smacked her rump a little harder this time. The girl jumped slightly at the harder swat.

“oh yes, spank your naughty slut,” she pleaded. If Rich was surprised at the young girl calling herself that he wasn’t half as surprised as Haley was at herself. He took his time spanking her and didn’t do it as hard as he usually would have as there was something too sweet about this girl to really lay into her.

After about 15 swats Rich noticed her ass was turning a pretty shade of pink so softly he began caressing it realizing that the main event was not the spanking; it was just a way for them to get into bed together. So softly he began caressing her slightly sore cheeks to make her feel all better.

As he rubbed her legs seemed to fall further and further apart until he could see the pink of her cunt lips. There was no resisting this and soon his hand fell between her legs and played with the edges of her hot pink lips. Soft moans escaped Haley’s mouth as Rich was driving her crazy. Needing to feel more of his touching she spread her legs even wider to give him better access to her pussy.

His fingers moved from the edges of her labia slowly into her inner folds and worked down toward the bed and found her nub of a clit. When Rich touched it Haley felt something like an electric shock ran through her body. Her lover swirled his finger around the tiny button eliciting moans and groans from this sultry girl. She couldn’t help but move her crotch against his hand.

Carefully Rich helped her roll over so her doe-like eyes were looking straight up at him. Running his fingers through her thick forest of pubic hair he was happy that he had realized that taking it slow like this was much more sexy than slam bam thank you ma’am sex could ever be.

It wasn’t that he was any kind of a saint but discovered as he got older it took longer for his member to recuperate after a hand job or blow job. By playing and teasing his mate not only did both of them enjoy it much more but his cock would be ready when called upon to splash a load into his playmates pussy. Now, Haley was giving him the full view of her pussy as her legs were parted in a perfect “V”.

Usually by now her partners were on top of her trying to poke their dicks inside her. This time was different though, because this time Haley wanted Rich to get on top and slide himself inside of her; she was hungry for him. She thought that was about to happen when he lifted her hips off his lap and slid out from underneath her.

Instead, he laid down beside her and took her in his arms hugging her tightly. His cock was poking her in the stomach as she felt his hot breath on her ear; followed quickly by his tongue. Starting at her small ear he kissed his way down her face to her neck before reaching her slim shoulder. This was driving her nuts but she said nothing as he seemed to be in control and she was enjoying it too much.

Rich next scooped up one of her lovely orbs in each hand playing with them as he kissed from tit to tit. Flicking the nipple with his tongue and then sucking half of the meat into his mouth. In ecstasy, Haley ground her boobies in his face breathing heavier an heavier. Her hand slipped onto his cock which was as hard as it was when she saw it a half an hour earlier. This felt too good and she couldn’t stop herself from cumming.

Sensing how into the passion she was Rich slipped his mouth off her titties and down her belly to her thick patch of hair, inhaling deeply as he got close. Laying sideways to allow her to play some more with his cock he reached both hands to her cunt. While he used one to tease her clit the other explored her vaginal opening and butt hole. Gently he flicked the clit with his fingers gradually getting a bit rougher until he pinched it.

His other hand caressed all over the outer walls of the hole before he stuck one and then two fingers inside of her. He was amazed at how wet her honey pot was as his finger fucking caused a slurping sound with each thrust. Now overpowered by what his fingers were feeling he cupped her ass cheeks in both hands and brought her cunt up to his face.

Completely unrestrained he dove in nipping, licking and sucking; wanting to get every drop of her sweet young honey. Feverishly the older man tongued her entire cunt as she bucked and ground his face. Haley was losing track of how many orgasms she was having. It was the best cunt lapping she had ever had and got even better when she felt a finger dig into her asshole.

This time Rich didn’t stop at his fingernail but jabbed in all of the way to the second knuckle. So many loads of Haley’s cum flowed from her that Rich was having trouble getting it all but enjoyed every bit of it. She couldn’t wait and begged loudly, “Rich, fuck me; please fuck me right now; I need this inside of me!”

“You got it, oh my fucking God, yes,” he roared back in approval as he was about to ask her the same question. Quickly Haley got comfortable on her back and spreading her legs brought her heels up to her hips.

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