Happy Homecoming

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“I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” she wrote. “I’ll have a few surprises waiting when you get home.” He smiled to himself as he logged off the computer. He was looking forward to getting home and getting back to Naked Saturdays and whatever surprises she had in mind. She was good with surprises. Ever since the first one — a set of bondage restraints nicely packaged in a little silver box all tied up with ribbons left in his cubicle — only a few weeks after they met, he knew whatever she had in mind, it would be fun.

It had been a long four months away and she had kept him rigid at his computer with her erotic email fantasies. He knew when he met her that she was probably a little kinky, (and after the first surprise… maybe a lot kinky) but while he was gone he discovered she was an accomplished writer of all sorts of erotica and she started sending him stories by request. Masturbation, public sex, threesomes, lesbian sex, oral sex, hot, dirty, urgent sex… he learned a lot about what she liked and how and he couldn’t wait to get back home and put that knowledge to use.

He threw the last of his toiletries into his carry on and headed to the airport, glad to be on his way home but not looking forward to the long flights ahead of him. He thought of the discussions they’d had about traveling together and how she wanted to sit next to him on a long flight and tease him mercilessly until he couldn’t stand it anymore before sucking his cock at 40,000 feet somewhere over the Atlantic. Oh what he wouldn’t give for one of those sheltered little pods in first class where she could easily slip down in front of him and the other passengers wouldn’t see her head bobbing in his lap as she coaxed the hot cum from his balls with her tongue…

He had promised to return the favor and find a secluded spot in an empty gate at the airport, standing behind her and pretending to look out at the panoramic view of the tarmac below as he carefully lifted the back of her dress and slid inside her, holding her against the window, making her feel even the slightest movements of his cock as he rocked his body to hers, slowly fucking her from behind.

Oh yes. He couldn’t wait to get home.

Sitting at his gate waiting to board, he held his bag in his lap to disguise the obvious bulge in his pants as he thought about what his surprise might be. In the stories and emails she sent him, she described hot scenes… how she liked to get herself all worked up in the shower, soaping herself up and sliding her hands over her body… enjoying the feel of her wet skin and the slickness of the soap, massaging her breasts and reaching down to stroke her clit, bringing herself to orgasm with her fingers. And how she’d slide naked in between her crisp sheets and fuck herself with her favorite vibrator, cumming over and over again as she fantasized about him. Or how she would have liked to have wandered into his room in Iraq by mistake only to spend the night (and most of the morning) with his hard cock inside of her, fucking her every possible way before letting her sneak back to her own room for a few hours’ sleep before work.

He fantasized about spending the night with her and a friend, fucking her hard and pulling his throbbing cock out of her tight pussy just in time to cum all over her stomach and watching her friend lick it off slowly and then kiss her deeply, letting her taste it. He couldn’t get the image out of his head and once again he wracked his brain thinking of any women he knew that might be up for that kind of fun that he could introduce her too and wondering if she had anyone in mind herself.

As the loudspeaker announced his flight was ready to board, he tried to compose himself and managed to get his erection to calm down a little before he had to stand up when his row was called. Finding his seat, he settled in and put on his headphones. Slowly the rest of the passengers took their seats and by the time they closed the cabin door, the seats next to him and around his row were still blissfully empty. the sandman izle Relishing his good fortune and relative privacy, he waited until they reached cruising altitude and dimmed the cabin lights before he reached into the seat pocket and took out his book. He took out the pages he had folded inside and re-read the story she had sent, chapter by chapter, getting harder and harder with each paragraph. Unable to resist, he lightly stroked his cock through his pants, feeling a small damp spot where the pre-cum had moistened the tip.

He thought about her note just a few days ago, when she mentioned the new toys she’d purchased. He told her how hot he thought it would be to watch her play and he cursed the total lack of privacy around the phones the whole time he had been gone. He had wanted to call and listen at least, since he couldn’t watch.

Little did he know, she had been fantasizing about many of the same things…

The anticipation of the last week had nearly killed her. She had gotten used to her Satisfying Saturdays as she called them. The routine they had settled into before he left – drinks on Friday followed by lots of hot sex all night and into Saturday morning — was anything but…well… ‘routine’ and she had become addicted. Despite her exhaustive travel schedule, long hours at work, and other efforts to keep herself busy, she sorely missed the feeling of his body pressed to hers and his rigid cock filling her. She missed the feel of his hands and mouth on her body. She missed the dirty things he’d whisper in her ear in a bar, surrounded by friends and coworkers who didn’t know what they were up to… and the even dirtier things he said later as he held her down and drove himself deeper and deeper into her.

Four months was a long time to be without a fix, and she was forced to satisfy herself with toys and lots of erotic email chats. (They were some great toys, but there was still nothing like the feeling of his bare skin against hers, the weight of his body as he held her where he wanted her and fucked her brains out.) As the end of his assignment neared, her excitement and anticipation grew. For the last few days she couldn’t stop thinking about having him back in her bed again… and in her body.

After a particularly bad day at work, she decided she needed to relax and relieve some stress and she decided to spend some time and money on quality retail therapy — buying new sex toys online. Despite the office frustrations, she was constantly horny in anticipation of his return and she even splurged on two day shipping, unwilling to wait any longer. (Oh if only the week would hurry up or if HE could just come back via next day air!)

When she arrived home and found the box on her doorstep, she started to get wet immediately. It was like Christmas, only better — more orgasms and no relatives! Hurrying inside, she tore open the box and smiled, knowing it was going to be a good night.

She quickly showered and went about setting the mood. She silenced her phone, lit a candle for just enough light, and selected one of her favorite ‘in the mood’ playlists from her iPod in the stereo. Untucking the sheets, she slipped the nylon strap under her mattress and adjusted the tethers at each corner. She carefully cut open the plastic packaging and washed her new toys, laying them on the bed within arms reach.

Wearing only her favorite loose black satin robe, she lay on the bed, positioning herself and securing the straps around her ankles. Pulling the straps, she adjusted the length until they had just the right amount of tension. When she was satisfied, she carefully reached over to secure her left hand as well. Feeling the tension of her bonds, her excitement grew and her nipples stood out against the smooth satin as she surveyed her new toys and tried to decide what she wanted to try first.

Wondering if it would live up to the hype, she decided to try the new rabbit-style vibrator. Closing her eyes, she slowly the snow girl izle slid the toy up and down her slit, imaging him watching, urging her along. She was so turned on she didn’t even reach for her lube as she slid the vibrator inside and turned it on the lowest setting. Enjoying the smooth sensation, she turned it up and turned on the second vibrator that rested directly against her clit. Almost instantly she felt her orgasm start to explode and her body tensed against the straps that held her. She cried out and in seconds she was scrambling to turn it off as she just couldn’t take it anymore. That was obviously not a toy for beginners! As the spasms subsided, she slowly withdrew it, relishing the feel of the soft, smooth silicone sliding out. She nearly came again just from the feeling. Placing it on her nightstand, she lay back and relaxed, letting her body calm down, waiting for her breathing to return to normal.

When she thought she was calm enough not to cum as soon as she started, she reached for her next toy. It was a small, egg-shaped vibrator designed to be inserted, with a small looped rubberized cord to remove it. At least, it looked like just a cord. In reality, it was a wireless antenna. The small remote looked almost like a keychain with a single button and a tiny red LED indicator. She recalled a comment he made months ago about how much he’d enjoy a toy like that — one that would be invisible under clothes, that he could control in any number of outside situations. While she knew such a thing was impossible at work, the idea had intrigued her and the more she thought of all of the other possibilities, the more turned on she got.

She smiled as she placed the smooth little egg inside her. It was a different size and shape than she was used to and she took a minute to get used to the feeling. With only one button, instructions weren’t really necessary and she took a deep breath to relax and pressed the button. There were ten different settings of various speeds intensities, and patterns and she tried them all, one at a time, beginning with the very lowest occasional vibration. Her body writhing and pulling at her restraints, she came twice before she even got to the last option and hurriedly kept pressing the button until it stopped. Releasing her grip on the remote, she had no choice but to lie with the egg still in place while her body trembled with the aftershocks of her orgasms. She was utterly unable to master the motor skills required to do anything else.

Lying there with her eyes closed and her heart pounding, she thought about how much fun she was going to have with this particular toy when he got home. She thought of getting ready to go out and sliding it inside her just before she left and giving him the remote. He’d have to do a few test runs to see what she could take, but once he had proven his skill and judgment, she was confident she would thoroughly enjoy his teasing. She decided she would need to come up with some kind of signal if there were other people around to let him know that she couldn’t take anymore. She was pretty sure that without a pre-arranged exit strategy, she might well get so turned on she would just climb into his lap in the middle of the bar or wherever they were and she had always hoped she’d be slightly more discreet than that.

“Dear god though!” she said aloud to no one, “It was a fantastic purchase. I can’t wait until he gets home and I can test his remote skills!”

Still smiling and enjoying the sensation of having it inside her, she relaxed and just rested. She had never had so many intense orgasms in such a short amount of time. All of the new sensations were a bit overwhelming. Sure that it must just be her body still coming down, she ignored the first tiny vibration she felt. It wasn’t until the second, slightly stronger one that she opened her eyes.

Standing over her, holding the remote, was Mark. Ecstatic, she tried to grab him and pull him toward her but failed as the spencer sisters izle she remembered her restraints. While she had been out of it, he managed to secure her other hand as well and she was able to move only slightly in any direction.

“Where did you come from?!?!” she squealed.

“Shhh. No talking,” he replied as he pressed the button again and increased the sensation.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned as he bent down and licked her nipple.

Obviously he had been watching her for some time and had been paying attention as he quickly skipped through a few settings and settled on one that had given her a terrific orgasm earlier. He climbed onto the bed with her, kissing her deeply as she started slipping over the edge again.

“Oh god! Turn it off! I can’t take any more!” she pleaded.

“How about this?” he asked as he clicked back to the lowest occasional setting.

“Mmmhmmm… thanks” she whispered, still jumping at even that barest of stimulation.

“If you think you can move without kicking me, I’ll untie your legs,” he said.

“Mmmmmm… in another minute,” she cautioned. “I can’t make that guarantee at the moment.”

He paused and then unfastened the velcro at each ankle. “Now roll over,” he commanded. “Just let your wrists cross.”

Unable to resist even his voice, she complied and felt him refastening her ankles and loosening the straps a bit.

“Now we’re going to have some fun,” he whispered.

“Oh?” she asked dreamily. “And what was going on up until now then?”

“Fore play,” he answered. “Now bend your knees.”

Smiling, she did as he asked. Reaching into her nightstand drawer, he found her stash of condoms and lube.

“We haven’t used them in months and you’re starting again now?” she asked.

“We haven’t done this before,” he replied, putting on a condom and applying a generous amount of the lube. “I’m going to go slow. If you need me to go even slower, let me know.”

He positioned his hard cock against her asshole and began to apply steady pressure, encouraging her to relax. Little by little, he worked his way in, his cock slowly disappearing into her hot, tight ass. To help her relax and not focus on the unfamiliar pressure, he turned the intensity of the vibe up a notch. Steeling himself not to cum yet, he continued slowly sliding his cock into her virgin ass.

“Ooooo…” she sighed.

“Good oooo or go slower oooo?” he asked.


He backed off just a little and changed the setting on the vibe, going back to one of her favorites. Clenching his teeth, he stopped moving entirely as he felt her orgasm building. Just as she began to tumble over the edge, he pushed, sinking balls-deep into her ass. As she bucked and moaned and pulled against the straps that held her in place, he began to thrust into her, faster and faster, pumping her ass with his throbbing cock. Between the vibration of the toy and the spasms of her whole body and all her pelvic muscles, he couldn’t hold out for long and he grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him as he thrust hard and deep into her, losing control as he came.

Clicking off the vibe at her pleading, he slowly and carefully pulled out and disappeared into the bathroom to dispose of the condom and clean up a bit. He came back with a warm wash cloth and wiped the sweat from her body as he undid the restraints.

“Wow,” she whispered. “That was pretty unforgettable.”

“Yeah. I never would have lasted that long if I hadn’t already cum on the plane and once while I was standing there watching you.” he smiled.

“Enjoyed the show for a while, did you?” she asked.

“You bet!”

“How on earth did you get in?” she asked. “I didn’t even expect you back for two more days! …Not that I’m complaining at all!!!”

“I managed to catch an earlier flight. I thought I’d surprise you. I called, but you didn’t answer your phone so I just came by and your door wasn’t locked.”

She grinned sheepishly. “Hmmm. Yeah, I guess I was kind of excited when I saw the box and I guess I forgot to lock the door behind me …and I turned off my ringers.”

“Well I’m glad you did. I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.” he whispered, kissing her lightly.

“Well if you think that was something, wait till you see what else I got!”

….to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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