Happy Subterfuge

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I don’t know if this is the best category, but the only one I could find that might apply. If you don’t like bisexual women, don’t read on.


Who says fantasies don’t come true? Well actually, I had something that happened to me that was so too-good-to-be-true that I hadn’t even actually fantasized about it before — although I would have if I had ever thought of it.

I guess before you’ll believe it, I have to tell you a little about me. I’m a constantly horny 21 year old little bisexual (only 110 pounds soaking wet), with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, average sized tits, and way, way above average libido. I don’t go to clubs too often, but when I do I really enjoy myself. I love dancing and flirting.

So anyway, I went to this club where the action was pretty hot and heavy. I was scoping out the all the guests, both those with and without dongs. I kept noticing this really beautiful sexy girl sitting in a lounge area, not dancing too much. I mean she really had beautiful facial features; the few times she stood up she looked to be about 5 inches taller than I was. She had a nice feminine skirt and blouse, the skirt just below the knee, but a long sleeve blouse and stockings. Too much makeup, I thought, someone that good looking doesn’t need it; and why cover up such a beautiful body, especially when it is warm outside? But what the hell, to each their own.

What really attracted me to her were her plump juicy lips, and really big blue eyes. She also had nice blond hair — although it was so neat, it might have been a wig, I really couldn’t tell for sure. Her tits were small, but I like women with small tits.

It took me a long time before I could approach her for two reasons; lots of guys were hitting on her, and lots of guys were hitting on me. Some of the guys buying me drinks and dancing with me were OK, but no one I was especially attracted to. While I like really feminine women, I like big guys with big muscles but with sensitive personalities, and none fit the bill. The object of my attention seemed to be playing hard to get with the constant stream of guys approaching her. “Maybe she likes women?” I hoped.

Well, finally there was a break in the action for both of izmir escort us, so I went over and sat next to her, pretending I was wiped out from dancing — I did have a little glow. I introduced myself as Jen — she said her name was Pat. She had a hoarse voice, which she assured me wasn’t because of illness, just because she had been talking too much over the last few days. She sold real estate, and had lots of clients looking to buy foreclosed houses, and even had been the auctioneer at a couple of bankruptcy sales recently. She said she was 23.

We seemed to really hit it off, and sat close together so we could talk over the din of the crowd and music. Very early on the conversation moved to sex. She said she liked only women — no shock to me; I told her I liked both guys, as long as they were considerate, and girls. She put her hand on my bare knee, and penetrated my brain and psyche with stares from her gorgeous big blue eyes. They sent a shiver up my spine! Despite her excess makeup and hoarse voice, Pat was the best looking and sexiest person I had ever seen.

She could tell what effect she was having on me. She kept moving her hand further up my leg each time she touched me. He hand was so soft and feminine. Pretty soon she left her hand on my leg, and under my dress moved up to my totally wet panties. Pat laughed and asked if I had peed my pants — she had a really nice sense of humor too. Not being known for subtly, I said “Actually you’re making me so hot and horny I’m surprised I haven’t already orgasmed. I’m a squirter!”

She stopped laughing and got the biggest, most devious, smile on her face I had ever seen, and started fingering me through my panties. Then words that were music to my ears: “Well I guess then you might say yes if I asked to fuck you?” she said. I kissed her lightly on her big juicy lips; then she smashed my lips with hers for a few seconds, virtually engulfing my whole mouth. Yum!

Since I might want to pick up guys at this club in the future, I thought it best we took our action elsewhere, so I invited her back to my place. I told the friends I came with I was getting a ride home, and Pat and I went to her car. After one alsancak escort smash mouth, inserted-tongue kiss before we got in the car, Pat said — “No touching until we get to your place; I’m not that great a driver and really need to concentrate.”

Strange — I would have loved to finger fuck her on the way home — but OK I thought, as horny as I am, I can wait a little longer; I’m only 5 minutes away.

When we got to my apartment, we made up for lost time. As luck would have it, my roommate was gone for the weekend, so we could fuck anywhere we wanted.

Pat had my clothes off in no time, and I really was dripping wet! Goddamn I wanted her badly, to get my tongue in her cunt, and her juicy lips sucking my cunt!

I took off her blouse and bra — it was the tiniest little bra, an A- cup – but her tits were cute, and her skin soft. I was surprised she had big arms, not what I expected for someone who looked so feminine and with such soft skin (“she must work out” I thought). When I took her skirt off, despite trying to put my tongue through the back of her head and the delirium I was experiencing from the way she was finger fucking me, I noticed she had large spandex panties on. Even in my foggy mental state I thought that was odd, but then again she wasn’t your average woman, so “what the hell?”

But it was way more than “What the Hell?” when I pulled down the front of those unique spandex panties. Out popped what had to be a 7 inch long and thick rock hard cock, obviously unnoticed only because of the tight spandex panties! I broke our French kiss and stared at the snake. Not only was it big, it was really nice looking, with a beautiful full head and symmetrical shaft.

When I looked back at Pat’s face I saw a big grin as he removed his wig exposing medium length light brown hair. I must have had a really dumbfounded look on my face, because he said — in a no longer hoarse, clearly male, voice – “I know what you’re thinking; I’m not a cross dresser. When I want the best action I pretend to be a woman because from my experience bisexual women are the best lovers in the world, and that is the only way to be sure I’m getting one. And buca escort you’re the most beautiful, sexy, fuckable bi I’ve ever snared.”

He quickly pulled his unique underwear down the rest of the way, and started kissing me with even more passion, and grinding his cock against my bare cunt.

I guess I must be one of the most truly bisexual people in the world because I wanted to fuck Pat as much as a man as I did as a woman. My mind instantly moved from getting pussy to getting cock, and the thrill of the surprise turned me on even more than usual. Holy shit was I ready to fuck!

I normally like long foreplay. Not that night! I wanted that divine cock in me NOW. I was already almost ready to cum.

I broke our kiss and said “Wait one second,” dashed away from his arms, retrieved a towel from the bathroom, and laid it on the couch. I lay down on it and started virtually yelling “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me NOW. Get your cock in me immediately!” Pat looked perplexed as to why I interrupted our action to get a towel. He found out!

Pat had his hog in me within seconds after I started screaming “Fuck me”. Despite the fact that my cunt is really tight, I was so wet his tool slid right in; and he knew how to use it. He instantly started banging me like a drum. I don’t know which of us was more excited. I draped my legs over his shoulders and he lifted up my ass. He was deeper inside me than any guy ever had been, and he was reciprocating like a piston in a 200 mph sports car.

I came within about 2 minutes, and what a gusher it was! Like I had already told Pat, I’m a squirter. Normally I’m a squirt gun. Tonight I was a super-soaker, screaming as each ounce sprayed out. He really seemed to love me coming so hard and the nectar leaking out onto the well-placed towel.

Pat continued pounding the shit out of me right through my climax, intensifying it. Despite his passion, he wasn’t ready to cum yet. He thundered me through two more screaming over-the-top climaxes [I squirted so much that I was sure I was as dry as the Sahara], before he came. If creaming me could have re-hydrated me, I would have been fine he ejaculated so much cum into me.

Even after he came, he continued slow pumping for another 10 minutes until he finally became flaccid, and literally “popped” out of me. We lay there together for a half hour massaging each other’s parts, giggling, and moaning.

Not the evening I expected; but the best dick fuck I’ve ever had.

I’ll be alternating fucking pussy and fucking Pat from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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