Hazy Nights

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V: [Image file]

V: Honest opinion?

Me: First of all

Me: Wow

Me: Secondly

Me: When did you join a gym?

V: It’s been a month

V: I’m gonna try and stick to it this time

Me: Not that we had any complaints earlier but damn

Me: This is from just a month of working out?

V: Hehehe yeah

V: I’ve been going hard at it

V: Glad to see progress

Me: Oh you’ll be hearing more about this from me

Me: And my lawyer


Me: Cuz that butt is illegal

V: So much cheese

V: It’s fine, I’ll take it :-*


One month later



V: [image file]

V: [image file]

V: [image file]

Me: Alright alright I get it

Me: You’re hot

V: Elaborate

Me: Welllll

Me: Everything is looking perkier

Me: Tummy is toned

Me: Arms are sculpted

Me: Face is gorgeous as ever

V: Oh I didn’t think you were gonna go past the ass

Me: Had to

Me: Cuz you did as well

Me: Wouldn’t have done justice to your efforts otherwise

Me: I’m proud of you

V: Aww thanks!

V: :-* :-* :-* :-*

V: When are you coming back?

V: I wanna see your cute butt too

Me: Maybe in a couple of weeks

V: Maybe?

Me: I’ll keep you updated 😀

V: Make sure you do

V: [image file]

Me: Uh huh

V: [image file]

V: [image file]

Me: Message received loud and clear

Me: Now stop before I get caught drooling



Twenty seconds to go

Alternating waves ran down the parallel lengths of the battle rope. My arms were getting numb with the hot flush of lactic acid.

Fifteen seconds

I switched to slamming both ends in tandem. After three sets of forty seconds of waves, my arms were just not cooperating anymore.

Ten seconds

My shoulders protested, as they had every right to. Today’s had been a longer than usual workout. I gritted my teeth and glanced at her in the mirror. She was looking my way.


Breathe and get it over with.




I slammed the battle ropes on the ground with an emphatic grunt. Doubled up, I panted for about ten seconds before commencing box breathing. I straightened up as I sucked in a big gulp of air, held it for a few beats and exhaled. Then I turned around and started walking towards the bag shelves. She was in the middle of doing squat jumps. I drank some water before packing my towel and water bottle in my backpack. I turned to see her walking towards the water fountain. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other, like we had done a dozen times before. I slung my bag over my shoulder and took a step towards the exit-

You put it off the last time. And the time before that.

I paused.

Shoot your shot!

I turned around. She was starting to walk back towards the free-weights section.


My legs felt like lead. My heart rate, which had only started to slow down, ratcheted back up. I didn’t know what I was going to say, or even what I was supposed to say. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. She was just about to turn the corner when I caught up to her.


She turned around. Her face lit up with a disarming smile when she saw it was me.

Words flowed out of me surprisingly easily.


We planned to catch up over a pizza and drinks that weekend. Summer was waning but it was still a warm evening. I had wandered into the restaurant through one of the side entrances, and found her waiting outside the main door. She looked dazzling in her dress. Yes, it threw me off but I quickly retained my composure. We hugged and went back in.

Conversation flowed smoothly. The food was great (thank god she didn’t order pizza with pineapples), and cocktails were refreshing. I had to excuse myself to the restroom after the second round of drinks. I walked in and tapped my phone to wake it up. It had been buzzing intermittently for the past hour. There were a couple of texts from mum, a few emails, news updates, social media notifications. I almost missed the messages from Vanisha.



V: [image file]

V: [image file]

Me: I’m in a public restroom and shouldn’t be getting this excited

V: There you are

V: the undeclared war izle I’ve been messaging for ages

Me: You have my attention now

V: Good

V: Show me

Me: Show you what?

V: The effect I have on you

Me: Maybe later


I zipped my fly over my semi-hard cock and went back out. Dusk had fell and the patio was now lit up with fairy lights. She looked over at me and I realised I had never seen her with her hair loose like this. I wanted to run my fingers through it.

Conversation turned from the mundane to something philosophical. First dates, if this was one, had never taken such turns in the past. Over the next half hour we debated consciousness and simulations. Some of her arguments left me scratching my head. She laughed at that, and ordered another round of cocktails. By the time I was able to form a coherent argument again, she excused herself to the women’s. I wanted to look something up to make my case, so I took out my phone. There were some more messages from Vanisha.



Me: Maybe later

V: [image file]

V: [image file]

Me: This is really distracting

V: I’m sure it is

V: As if you’re actually busy

Me: …

V: Lol

V: Wait

V: Are you on a date?

Me: No comment


V: Who’s the lucky girl?

Me: I’m not answering that

V: But you are though

V: Someone I’d know?

Me: I don’t think so

V: How’s it going so far?

Me: Do you really wanna know?

V: Yesh

Me: Well enough that I can’t be thinking about the side profile of your butt

V: Oh now I’m definitely curious

V: And more than a little jealous

V: [image file]

Me: Vee

V: Yes?

Me: Not now


I watched her walk back to our table, but the image of Vee pulling her gym shorts down one hip was burnt in my mind’s eye. From my brief glance at the latest image she’d sent me, it didn’t look like she was wearing anything underneath.

I was distracted for the next couple of minutes, and she noticed. Her suggestion to pay the bill and go for a walk seemed good. Once outside, we took a meandering stroll through the suburb. I said I liked looking into people’s houses while walking by them, and she said she did the same. We talked about fantasising about other people’s lives, how someone passing you by on the street could be a million different things until you stopped to ask them what they did, the difference between traveling and journeying (I didn’t think there was a difference, but I wanted to listen to her talk). We took a shortcut through a park and she realised we were close to where she stayed. She said if we walked to her place I could take a look at a brilliant travelogue she thought I should read.

We met one of her flatmates on their way out. Her room was small, tidy, warmly lit. A small bookshelf populated with books. She said she hadn’t read most of them, not out of disinterest but you know. I found one by an author I liked. That one she had read. She settled on the bed and I on a chair as we began to discuss that genre. She told me I could put my feet up on the bed if I wanted. I made a corny joke. She giggled and brushed her hair back behind her ear. I told her she looked way different from how she did in the gym, in a good way. She said I looked the same. I rolled my eyes. She threw her head back with a peal of laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh along with her. Then she straightened up and said she hoped that wasn’t offensive. I said I was laughing, wasn’t I? I followed it up with a reference to my droopy eyes. She said it made me look more mature. I said and my shaved head didn’t? Another round of mirth followed.

After we quietened down, I sighed and leaned forward on my chair. I should probably get going, I said. Probably, she said in a questioning tone.

Did she have anything else in mind?

Did I want to watch a short video interview of this author on their upcoming book?

Sure I didn’t mind.

Why don’t I get up on the bed so we could watch it on her laptop?

Her hair kept falling across her face and she kept brushing it back. The heart notes of her perfume faintly wafted in my nostrils. I told her it reminded me of being back in a particular south Indian coastal town, where women wore flowers in their hair and the men smeared scented ash on their chests. She said she’d never been there before. I told her maybe she should. The video was just six minutes long.

I said I was hoping it’d be longer. the watcher izle

She said she could queue up another one.

Yeah she could, or we could do this.

Her lips were rosy, and tasted like cherries. Her hair flowed like a river of silky between my fingers. Her palms cupped my jaw and she shivered when I kissed hers. She broke off and told me to stay where I was, and went into the bathroom. I pulled my phone and wallet out of my pockets to place them at the foot of the bed. More messages showed on the lock screen.

I shouldn’t, but I did.



Me: Not now

V: Oh no you don’t

V: [image file]

V: I know you’re going to see this before the night is over

You just can’t keep away

V: [image file]


V: Blue ticks don’t lie

Me: Why are you doing this?

V: Did you want me to stop?

V: [image file]

V: All you have to do is put your phone down

Me: I will

V: When you find yourself getting hard

V: It’s because I’m in your head


The sound of the flush brought me back.

She stepped out of the bathroom, looking radiant. Crossing the room, she flicked the lights off but left the table lamp on. From a drawer beside the bed she pulled out a small box, which she passed to me. There are a couple of roll-ups and a lighter inside. She hoped I didn’t mind. I lit one up as she opened the windows and closed the bedroom door. I inhaled and held, let the smoke permeate the walls of my lungs. A familiar song began to play, the sound coming from somewhere in the room. She came back over and settled on the floor, crossing her legs underneath. I slid down from the mattress next to her and passed the joint. She asked me something before she put it to her lips.

I watched her pucker her lips and blow the smoke out while I tried to formulate an answer. She passed back to me. I inhaled again. Thinking, thinking, thinking. She laughed. Said I didn’t have to answer it if I didn’t want to. I told her it wasn’t like that, that I was trying to find the right words. She held out her hand for the joint and started, almost mercifully, talking about this one long walk she’d taken on a beach while high. The embers slithered down the length of the burning bush as she talked, then became quiet, then talked some more, and became quiet again. Her lips rose and dipped like ocean waves. She told me I hadn’t spoken a word in ages. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I frowned and tried again. I mouthed the lyrics to the song that was playing but could barely whisper.

The glow reached the filter and she stubbed it out, before getting up and disappearing around the corner of the bed. I closed my eyes and waited for her to get back. I was starting to worry I’d never see her again when I felt something rub my arm. She was squatting in front of me, holding out a cup. I wrapped my hands around hers on the rim of the cup and drank. She said something and giggled. I smiled back. I held on to her with both hands, even after I’d drained the cup of its contents – suddenly very afraid of going back to the solitary darkness. She rubbed my cheek and gently put the cup down. Encircling my wrist with her fingers, she told me it was okay, although I never saw her lips move. Her hand left my cheek and grabbed the other wrist, and she slowly lowered both my hands to my sides. She brought her forehead to mine and told me again that it was okay.

She hiked her dress up her thighs and straddled my outstretched legs. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me. Small pecks at first which turned into deep, deep oral embraces. I was falling forwards, flying straight into sky which was in front of me. I sped up till the stars became planets and the planets became comets and the comets became rings of ice and dust. When she drew back I saw a million light-years of the universe recede back to her lips.

My hands found her knees and stroked the taut velvet of her skin. Her calves and the back of her thigh met in a deep cleft which, when I let my fingers trail across them, made her quake and sigh hurricanes in my ear. She laughed and moaned and trembled as my hands traced the half-moons of her ass – first over, then under her dress. I saw the fabric ripple and rage as my fingers roamed the dark chasms and caves under the hem. Her mouth blazed a trail of fire from the corners of my lips to my jaw and down the side of my neck. Her hand whipped down to grab mine as it brushed over her belly. Clasping it tightly through the thin cotton, she panted and giggled into my collar bone, telling me to first wait and then go slow. But she hit the brakes again as my fingertips the watchful eye izle travelled half an angstrom up the knobbled flesh.

I saw my hand as if in x-ray vision as it swept around under her dress to her back, and traversed up the shallow vertical canyon over her spine. The discs strained against the skin as if aching for my touch, each with its own note as my splayed fingers caressed past them. She reached back with one hand under her dress to meet mine. Together our digits made short work of the clasp, and when she shrugged the straps off her shoulders, her unconstrained mounds pressed more insistently through the fabric. My mouth, magnetised, latched on one warm breast. I felt the skin pulse and perspire even through the cotton.

I felt the warmth of a hundred suns emanating from light-years away between her legs. A deep, aching, convecting warmth that lit a fire in my belly. I sighed, my warm breath grazing over the tumescent nub. Her hands frenziedly grabbed the back of my skull, simultaneously pulling and pushing my head away from that aroused bundle of nerves. She had risen up a little and I felt the taut strings of muscle in her thighs shift and stretch. Her body crackled with electricity, not all of it her own. This was something else. And I suddenly realised how hungry I was.

Our lips met in another tempestuous tumble through time and space as I rocked myself forwards, bending my knees, planting my feet on the floor and pushing my butt off the carpet. We were moaning but the sound echoed as if we were inside a cave. The hem of her dress lay bunched above her belly-button as my hands continued roaming her body underneath it. I walked her back towards the window-sill until her back was pressed up against the sliding glass. She fumbled behind her to push herself up, then perched her butt on the sill and leaned back. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I hurried to pull my polo off. I pulled the straps of her dress down her shoulders and she shrugged her arms out of them. She started to slide her dress all the way down but I stopped her. I told her I never wanted her to take it off.

The bulge in my trousers rubbed against her thigh. I saw the hungry look on her face and wondered how much of it was a reflection of my own. My pants came off in a second, followed by my boxers. I stroked its straining length up and down her puffy mound, by now glowing with heat under her panties. She pulled the damp gusset aside. Curls of soft hair surrounded her swollen labia like trees lining the banks of the amazon. I placed the flat of my palm over the tumescence and I saw bolts of lightning shoot out from where I touched it. Her musk filled my nostrils and I had to grip her thigh to keep myself from exploding there and then.

My member was steaming, aching, groaning with tension by now. I guided the hooded tip to her entrance and felt myself melting as I pushed in. There was no other way to describe it. Her sex was a fluid furnace and I was wax. Her skin was the most wonderful cashmere and her breaths were gusting monsoon winds on my face. I grabbed the dress which lay crumpled and circling her midsection, and used it as leverage to push all the way inside her. Our lips met in a warm rush as I began thrusting into her.

Her legs let go of my waist and hung off the sill. I snaked a hand up her torso to a pert tit, squeezing and pinching the nipple between my digits. She moaned and bit her lip, her hand reaching up to cover mine. She pressed her forehead to mine and when she reared back, her mouth gaped open. Her eyes were pools of black. I didn’t realise what was happening until I felt her convulse around my shaft and her fingers gripped mine tightly over her breast. I kept thrusting into her until she placed a quivering palm over my groin and arrested my frenzied bucking.

She then pushed herself off the sill and planted her lips firmly on mine. Her dress slithered down her legs and she stepped out of it. Sounds of our thrashing tongues, interspersed with heavy breathing, filled the room. She pressed my hips back gently with her hands till I got the message and picked her up, heading to the bed. I set her down, and when our mouths broke apart she pulled me down next to her on the mattress. She quickly got on top and straddled my thighs, for the second time that night, but facing away from me. Her ass hovered over my groin for an unending minute as she positioned the head of my cock on her entrance. She sank down at an angle to my torso, burying me in her all the way. When she pulled my thigh towards her I understood what she was trying to do.

I watched the dimples above her ass undulate in and out of existence as she rose and fell, rubbing her charged nub on my girthy quads. She rode me like I was a horse and my crotch the saddle. From my point of view I could only make out the side of her face, the corner of her mouth, lips slightly agape. My groans mirrored hers, a breathy solution of exertion and arousal. She placed the flat of her palm on my belly and levered her hips that way. After a while her edges and outlines blurred – which was funny because I could see right through her body. She was just energy – light, heat, sound, electricity, plasma, radio, infrared, ultraviolet. She could be whoever, whatever, whenever.

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