He Shoots, She Scores

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My fingers tremble as I hook the lace around the eye of my skate. The arena is cold but it’s not the chill I feel in my fingers. The dressing room is empty and there is not a soul in the arena, except for them of course. The musky smell of male sweat is all around me in the room. A sudden boom from outside rattles me as a puck is shot against the boards just outside. They are waiting. Another tremble courses though me as I finish tying up my skate. My legs find the strength to rise and I manage to walk over to the mirror hanging in front of the tiny sink. The image I see is hazy, probably from years of condensate and dust. I gaze at the woman before me. The little blue outfit with it’s tiny flowing skirt and tight bodice should really be on a young girl, but it seems to fit well with the fantasy I have created. The body it barely covers is slim and toned even though it has been years since I skated. My eyes stare back at me with a combination of bewilderment (What the hell am I doing here??!) and hooded need. Another BOOM makes me jump. Sounds like they are getting impatient. One last look and a deep breath, I spin and walk out the door.

The cold hits me and I can feel my nipples respond. Great, now if those boys out there had any doubt that I wanted this, my body isn’t going to lie. My ears pick up the sound of steel blades cutting into cold ice. All of my senses are on overload. I sneak a glance through the glass to see them circling one half of the rink. God, they are big, these boys. What is it about hockey players that makes them look so huge and manly? Circling like lions do when moving in on a gazelle. I can feel the wetness between my legs as I coax them to head to the door. BOOM, another rifle shot. When I reach for the handle of the door that will bring me fully into their izmir escort world, I hesitate for a moment. What the hell am I doing?? I am 10 years older than most of those 20-something guys. I only know one, my current lover; the one who was kind enough to find some buddies willing to go along with this. I’m in a hockey arena at 3 am with him and 4 big rough players. What the hell is wrong with me??! You are fulfilling a fantasy that you have always wanted says the voice inside my head. The need takes over and the muscles in my arm snap open the door and I step onto the ice.

Memory in my legs from countless hours of skating practice in my teens saves me from falling and making an ass out of myself. My skates glide smoothly over the ice to the goal at the opposite end, away from them. The pucks stop hitting the boards as an eerie quiet envelopes behind me. They are watching. As I near the goal, I swing behind it and pick up speed. I avoid looking but my peripheral vision betrays me. They are lined up at the blue line, leaning on their sticks, waiting. My lover has told them the can’t come to me until I stop at the goal. My legs pump long strokes as I circle my end of the ice. There is a chill between my thighs, the wetness is causing it. How can I feel so cold and so hot at the same time? The ache inside is getting stronger as I head toward the crease of the net. I can see the leather straps placed on the top of the goal that will be used to bind me. This fantasy has been well planned. My heart is pounding when my skates pass the red semi circle and I stop with a spray of snow in front of the goal. Both hands take a firm grip on the cold steel and I am grateful for something to keep me from falling down on weak knees. The silence is shattered by the sound of sticks hitting alsancak escort the ice as they drop them and begin to head toward me. My hold on the crossbar is tight and I can feel the dampness begin to run down my legs. They are coming hard, skating fast. It seems to take forever but my mind knows that it was within seconds that they are beside and behind me. God, they are so big. I feel those leather gloves on my forearms as they hold me while one removes his in order to make use of the straps. I can barely see his face through the mask of the helmet he wears but when he finishes tying my wrists to the crossbar, I see that familiar twinkle in my lovers brown eyes. He gazes at me for a second then turns and nods to one of his buddies. I feel rough gloves lifing my skirt. I modified my outfit so that it could be opened at the crotch with velcro. The material is wet and a moan escapes my lips when my ears pick up the sound of pants dropping and jocks being moved aside. My back arches involuntarily in anticipation when strong hands grab my hips and I feel a cock slide upwards between my slippery thighs and inside. I push back to make him enter me deeper and other arms lift my legs till my skates are no longer touching the ice. Moans escape me as his thrusting gets harder and harder. That sweet feeling of being filled and rammed builds me to orgasm quickly. Clenching and riding each wave, as my cum drips out of me. I am only remotely aware that the thrusting has stopped with a male groan from behind. I open my eyes. My lover is beside me, watching my face intently. I guess he will be the last to take me as one cock is replaced by another. This one is smaller and takes no time in spewing its precious juice in me. I start to struggle to get my feet back on the ice. buca escort My lover signals to the others and I am release from bondage.

My knees are weak when I drop to the cold ice. I hear myself groan to them that I want to suck. I look up to see one of them swing in front of me. He drops his pants and my fingers claw at the jock he wears. He seems to tower over me as I pull at his gear till my hands feel hard, warm flesh. My mouth finds him and I hungrily slide him past my lips and into my warm throat. A large gloved hand rests on my head as he pulls my face closer. Sucking hard, I can feel him swell and hear his moans while my own ache begins again. He is big and I relax my throat to open fully to him. My tongue and mouth feel every contour and shape of him as my pussy sends a message to my brain, feeling jealous and needy. When the first taste of his cum fills my mouth, I suck harder till I have pulled from him every last drop. I have barely finished drinking when he pulls out and another takes his place. Feeling small on my knees before them, my ache screams at me to beg to be fucked but with my mouth full again, I can only moan. I can’t feel the cold on my knees when warm juice once again feeds me.

They have all moved aside and I am quivering and panting on my knees. Strong arms lift me high and my lover is carrying me. He heads into the corner and I feel him turn and push me up against the glass. My arms grab for the top of the boards as he drops his gear. With my legs and skates wrapped around his back, I feel that familiar girth slide in me. With a gasp, I scream at him to take me harder. Is this what they get a penalty for roughing?? I’d gladly take the two minutes. He has removed his helmet and he kisses me. My fingers curl into his dark hair and he fucks my mouth with his tongue while his cock thrusts into me, probing for my sweet spot. The pressure builds till I can’t hold back any longer; I cum, hard, wet, forceful. He fills me with his own juice and smiles down at me. He whispers in my ear “He shoots….” and I laugh and say “She scores!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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